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EMT Corporate profile Europe

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EMT Corporate profile Europe

  1. 1. ElectionMall Technologies Inc. Europe operationswhere everyday is a campaign Company Profile
  2. 2. Content Letter from the CEO Company profile: “Everything for your campaign in one place” Company key dates and milestones Campaign Cloud™, Powered by Microsoft® Proud to be a member: European Association of Political and other international memberships European success story: ElectionMall and the Digital Revolution in Ireland Providing technology for the largest political family in Europe Contact
  3. 3. Ravi Singh, CEO & FounderLetter from the CEOI believe that the Internet is the "great political equalizer", allowing every citizen to have an equal voice in theelectoral process. It has created unprecedented ways to reach voters that are novel, productive, and costeffective.Therefore, I started this company with one computer and a vision to increase political participation. I neverimagined ElectionMall.com would service 800 plus campaigns. We live on a principle that whether you are a localor a presidential candidate, you deserve the technology to win.ElectionMall Technologies is designed to be a “one-stop-shop,” where you can pick and choose the things youneed to have an EDGE in your campaign. Many times, people reinvent the wheel. I encourage you to takeadvantage of the items presented below.Our platform is unique and proprietary, because it has been built over the last 10 years not as a businessapplication, or a non-profit application, but as a campaign application. ElectionMall.com focuses on providingtechnology solutions that generate votes, awareness and funding.Since 1999, ElectionMall.com has pioneered concepts in politics online. ElectionMall.com’s management teamhas been pro¬filed in Business Week Magazine, USA Today, CNN or Washington Post. Our team is made up ofpassionate young professionals who have combined expertise in political science, technology and new media.At ElectionMall.com we believe technology alone does not win a campaign but technology used for strategydoes. ElectionMall.com knows that there is no magic software, and that the message and the messenger wincampaigns. Our team is here to provide the infrastructure, communication, and organization to support andimplement your strategy.We are also aware that every country and every campaign is unique, so we tailor and customise our productsaccordingly taking into consideration the digital landscape of the environment we work in. ElectionMall providesthe EDGE of Best Practices, and a clear road map of what has worked and what hasn’t worked, with thetechnological know-how for your team to think out of the box and implement their wish-list.On behalf of the entire 60 plus member team, we are excited about the opportunity to further enhanceDemocracy 2.0 in Europe. As CEO, I guarantee that our products and the dedication of my team will exceed yourexpectations, and will give you the EDGE you need to win.Thank you Ravi Singh CEO ElectionMall.com
  4. 4. “Everything for your campaign in one place”Company ProfileThe ElectionMall Technologies vision is to be a world class leader in providingtechnology solutions for elections and business knowledge for candidates,parties, campaign staff and consultants. At the same time, ElectionMallTechnologies provides citizens and voters the opportunity to make their voiceheard and engage more effectively in the electoral process.ElectionMall Technologies is the first store for Internet policy. In the past,parties used to run their campaigns using door-to-door techniques and mediachannels such as radio and TV. Nowadays, the campaign is moving on the ElectionMall Technologies quickInternet: websites are becoming the new visiting card for parties, new media is facts:helping spread the political message across and social networks are engaging Our offices:voters from the grassroots. • Washington DC (USA) • Brussels (Belgium)What can ElectionMall do for your campaign? • Dublin (Ireland) • New Delhi (India)1. Define the digital strategy of your campaign: • Bogotá (Colombia) • Based on digital market intelligence of your country (Internet Our staff:penetration, most popular websites, leading social networks, etc.) • Taking into consideration voter Internet behaviour • Project Managers • Web Developers • Compliant with electoral and party law in your country • Creative Designers • Video Production Managers • Communications Managers2. Build and maintain your website: • Campaign Relations Managers • Design • Program Some of our business principles: • Maintain brand • Dedication to clients • Integration with social networks • Integrity • Video and media capabilities • Speed • Non-partisan • Industry leadership3. Communicate your campaign message and programme using: • Social networks 63 requests for international patents • New media4. Promote your party and candidates using: • Outreach services to secure and buy media (TV, radio, newspaper &Internet) • Software tools to design and send out bulk emails
  5. 5. Company key dates and milestonesElectionMall in Europe ElectionMall around the world: 2000 Company founded2008 2003• CEO Ravi Singh is invited by Microsoft and Burson-Marsteller to speak to • Receives funding from Microsoftmembers of the European Parliament about the role of online campaigning in Executive George Spixthe upcoming 2009 European Parliament elections • Re-launching of ElectionMall.com• ElectionMall opens its first European of¬fice in Brussels with over 21 unique sites for• Our CEO speaks at the Campaign Managers Meeting of the European innovative online products.People’s Party (EPP) 2004 Creates ElectionMall.tv, a unique2009 hosting solution for the 2004 US presidential debates• ElectionMall provides technology to candidates running in the EuropeanParliament elections 2005• ElectionMall and its partner Burson-Marsteller help launch Opening of the first international offi¬ce in Monterrey, Mexicowww.VoteWatch.eu, the first website monitoring the voting patterns ofmembers of the European Parliament 2007• ElectionMall provides technology to two presidential candidates in Ukraine Launching of beta social network website to brand, manage grassroots and facilitate social2010 networking behaviour• Ravi Singh is the keynote speaker at the EPP’s Youth Conference in Paris 2008• ElectionMall re-launches www.EPP.eu, the website of the European The company provides services toPeople’s Party over 500 campaigns during the• Ravi speaks to centre-right political strategists from Europe at the EPP 2008 US Election CycleCampaign Managers Meeting in Malta 2010 • Ravi Singh serves as technology2011 advisor to President Juan Manuel Santos during the 2010• ElectionMall works as technological advisor for elected Prime Minister Enda Presidential Election in ColombiaKenny during the general Irish elections• ElectionMall opens eDemocracy Research and Development Lab in Dublin, • Announces the opening of an eDemocracy Lab for Latin AmericaIreland in Bogota, Colombia• ElectionMall re-launches www.thinkingeurope.eu, the website of the Centrefor European Studies, the official think tank of the EPP • ElectionMall works as technological advisor for presidential candidate Jose Serra in Brazil
  6. 6. Campaign Cloud™, Powered by Microsoft®What is Campaign Cloud™?ElectionMall’s Campaign Cloud™, powered by Microsoft®, is the ultimate technology solution for campaigns ofall sizes and budgets. It offers a single log-in dashboard with an integrated suite of tools accessible from anycomputer with a high-speed internet connection. Campaign Cloud™ helps candidates, parties, campaignstaff, consultants and political organizations. In 2010, ElectionMall and Microsoft® joined forces to bring the latest technology advances in the field of cloud computing to election campaigns. Cloud computing is the latest and most powerful approach to services and applications that manage and store data. In Europe, cloud computing applications are an important part of EU’s Digital Agenda, Europes strategy for a flourishing digital economy by 2020. Benefits of cloud computing: • Low infrastructure investment costs • Easy access • Pay as you go system • Short deployment time • Simple development and maintenance • Easy to scale upHow can Campaign Cloud™ help you?The Campaign Cloud™ Account includes:• Web presence with easy-to-use tools to updated content• Complete fundraising software• Built-in calendar to track events and meetings• User permission access levels based on staff position• Social network manager for planning and executing campaigns on Twitter, Facebook, etc.• Web-based versions of Microsoft’s applications like Word and Excel
  7. 7. European Association of Political ConsultantsProud to be a member ElectionMall is also a member of the following organisations:The European Association of Political Consultants (EAPC) was founded in1996 and is the premier professional association of Political Consultants andPublic Affair Professionals in Europe. The EAPC is a platform for exchangingideas between campaign professionals and is committed to supporting thedevelopment of democratic structures in Europe. At the annual meetings Each year, the AAPC acknowledges the best in the(EAPC Conference and Master Class), the latest trends and techniques in campaigns and elections industrypolitical campaigning are discussed, as well as the development of democracy through the Pollie Awards. So far, ElectionMall has won:in Europe. 2007: • Gold Pollie Award for Statewide Organization Website • Bronze Pollie Award for Statewide Public Affairs Website 2008 • Gold Pollie Award for International Fundraising Campaign Website • Bronze Pollie Award for International Campaign Website 2011 • Gold Pollie for International Internet Campaign for President Juan Manuel Santos • Gold Pollie for Best Use of an Online Game • Gold Pollie for most creative fundraising event for Adam Kisinger Money Bomb Widget 2004 Ravi Singh attends the IAPC annual conference in Vancouver, Canada and becomes one of the youngest members of the organisationElectionMall has been a member of the EAPC since 2005 and is a regular 2007 Ravi Singh attends the IAPCguest of the EAPC’s annual conferences in various locations in Europe. annual conference in Bali, Indonesia and he is named to the Board of Directors, the youngest board member in the history of the organisation
  8. 8. ElectionMall and the Digital Revolution in IrelandEuropean success storyThe Irish elections on 25 February this year made global news. It was not onlythe most important election in Ireland’s history, but also the first generalelection where the Internet played a central role.ElectionMall is proud to have provided the technology needed to achieve thehistorical win of Fine Gael.ElectionMall and the Digital Campaign of Fine Gael quick facts:• Brand new party website allowing high levels of interaction with visitors andonline policy discussions• “Take Action Web Pages”, Facebook and Twitter accounts created for 104candidates• Google and Microsoft ad campaigns to help drive online engagement• Powerful software allowing communication with over 5,000 supporters in asingle mail shotElection results, records and firsts:• A record of 76 out of 104 seats won by Fine Gael, prompting them into thelargest party in the Dáil since its formation 78 years ago• Over 250,000 visitors to the website, a 600% increase in visits and more than40,000 comments left on the site• Fine Gael’s YouTube channel became the most popular political partychannel in Ireland; sixth-highest ranking channel in the country and 3,000%traffic growth• Historic live streaming of a public debate with 30,000 viewers to the Fine Gaelwebsite• First time video ads were used for political campaigns in Ireland and the world
  9. 9. Providing technology for the largest political family in EuropeLargest political familyIn 2010, ElectionMall helped re-launch the website of the European People’sParty, the largest and most influential European-level political party of thecentre right. The new website includes state of the art architecture and tools,including:• Integrated dashboards connecting the website with the websites of themember parties and the profiles of heads of state and government• Interactive map allowing the easy identification of EPP members by country• Integration of major social and professional networks easily accessible fromthe home page• Secured and user friendly donation page• Own TV platform regularly updated with videos of EPP’s activity ElectionMall is “Thinking Europe”: technology to help think tank research Following the successful collaboration of ElectionMall with the European People’s Party, this year ElectionMall re-launched the website of the Centre for European Studies, the official think tank of the EPP. New technology features include: • Option to download, view online and comment on all publications • Dashboards connecting the website with the websites of the 19 member foundations • Exclusive page for social networks, photos and videos of events
  10. 10. More InformationContactCompany headquarters: Europe Operations:1101 Pennsylvania Ave., NW Dublin office:Evening Star Building6th Floor Regus House, Harcourt CentreWashington, DC 20004 Harcourt RoadTelephone: +1 202 387 2608 Dublin 2, IrelandToll Free: 1-888-932-2946 Telephone: +35 (0) 14 773 450 Fax: +35 (0) 14 029 590 ElectionMall.com Contact person: Beatriz Avalos Manager of European Communications Blog.ElectionMall.com Mobile: +353 (0) 85 7455 164 Email: bea@electionmall.com @ElectionMall_EU Brussels office: Facebook.com/ElectionMall.Europe Square de Meeus - 37 - 4ème étage Bruxelles 1000 Youtube/ElectionMall Belgique Telephone: +32 (0)2 791 75 00 Flickr.com/photos/ElectionMall_Technologies Fax: +32 (0)2 791 79 00Copyright© 2011 ElectionMall Inc.. All rights reserved. ElectionMall Inc. ("EMT") furnishes this document and the software described in this document under the applicable agreement between the reader of this document ("You") and EMT ("Agreement"). You may use this documentand/or software only in accordance with the terms of the Agreement. Except as expressly set forth in the Agreement, the information contained in this document is subject to change without notice and therefore should not interpreted in any way as a guarantee orwarranty by EMT. EMT assumes no responsibility or liability for any errors that may appear in this document. The copyrighted software that accompanies this document is licensed to You for use only in strict accordance with the Agreement. You should read theAgreement carefully before using the software. Except as permitted by the Agreement, You may not reproduce any part of this document, store this document in a retrieval system, or transmit this document, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, recording,or otherwise, without the prior written consent of EMT.Restricted Rights LegendsFor Government or defense agenciesUse, duplication, or disclosure by the Government or defense agencies is subject to restrictions as set forth the Rights in Technical Data and Computer Software clause at DFARS 252.227-7013 and in similar clauses in the FAR and NASA FAR Supplement.For civilian agenciesUse, reproduction, or disclosure is subject to restrictions set forth in subparagraphs (a) through (d) of the Commercial Computer Software Restricted Rights clause at 52.227-19 and the limitations set forth in ElectionMall Inc.s standard commercial agreement for thissoftware. Unpublished rights reserved under the copyright laws of the United States.TrademarksEMT, the EMT logo, CampaignGuru, eyardsigns and ElectionYellowPages are registered trademarks of ElectionMall Inc. in the U.S. and other countries. DonationPages, GOTV Manager, CampaignCloud, Campaign Ad Engine, Take Action Web Page, ElectionEmail, EuropaEmail, CMS Dot Com Manager, and FundraisingByNet are trademarks and/or service marks of ElectionMall Inc. All other brands and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. where everyday is a campaign