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Reporting back from Chiapas, Mexico

In April, Digital Democracy traveled to Chiapas, Mexico to work with indigenous communities facing eviction threats. We conducted interviews and technology trainings to build their capacity to advocate for their human rights.

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Reporting back from Chiapas, Mexico

  1. Reporting back fromChiapas, Mexico 1
  2. Where did we go? 8 days in Chiapas state5 days on site in the community
  3. Who went? Our teamFour collaborators with expertise in: - video - photography - mapping - communications - community development- local/regional politics and history
  4. Why? Our goals: 1. Work with community to better understand current threat 2. Provide them with tools &training they need to face this threat
  5. What did we do?ACTIVITIES
  6. 1. Community interviews
  7. 2. Testimonials
  8. 3. Community drawings & maps
  9. 4. Photography workshop 9
  10. 5. Video workshop 10
  11. 6. Satellite phone training 11
  12. 7. Battery/solarcharger training
  13. What did we accomplish? OUTPUTS 13
  14. Community overview on theuse of photography & video 14
  15. 20 women trained in photography & video 15
  16. 255 photostaken by trainees 16
  17. Community’s first satellite phone call placed to legal counsel
  18. 2 hours of video taken by villagers 10 hours of footagetaken for advocacy film 18
  19. 13 drawings & community mapscreated by 15 villagers
  20. What did we leave behind?3 Flip video cameras donated by Witness 3 digital cameras 1 satellite phone with service 1 solar panel charger + extra batteries 20
  21. What’s next?Indigenous communities remain under threat of eviction in Chiapas, Mexico. Our local partners are using their new skills & tech tools to advocate for dialogue with the government.They continue to create media, and hope to conduct in-depth mapping of their community later this year.
  22. Thank you for joining us on this virtual tour of our work in Chiapas. Stay tuned for updates from the community.