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  1. 1. ABOUT US We are four best friends! We are called Ania, Gabriela, Marta and Ola. Marta and Ola are twin sisters. We are 14 years old. We go to the same class. We go to additional Spanish lessons.
  2. 2. ANIA Hi My name is Ania and I hate it. My friends call me... oh, they don't. It's just ME. I was born in 1996 in Otwock, but I live in Jablonna, a village nearly Warsaw. I like this place because it's peaceful and noiseless... I've got dark eyes and hair. I prefer black clothes. I have older than me sister and brother. My sister is 17 years old now and my brother is nineteen. They often make me annoyed. I think everything makes me annoyed, but world ain't at half as bad as it sometimes seems...!
  3. 3. GABRIELA I was born on 4th May 1996.I live in Jabłonna near Warsaw. I have brown eyes and hair. I'm slim and tall. I am very optimistic person. Laughing is my passion : D I have two older sisters. They love me very much. I hope :D In the future I would like to go on a trip to France. I love France ; )
  4. 4. MARTA Hi everyone I was born in Bielsk Podlaski but I live in the Jabłonna. It’s a small town near Warsaw. I’m blonde and I have blue eyes. I’m tall and slim. I have two sister. My twin sister is Ola .My little sister Ania is 7 years old and she’s love dancing. My parents are called Jan and Bożena . Like most girls I like shopping . I love buying bags and tops. I laugh every day ,I just love it. My dream is to go to the USA and London.
  5. 5. OLA I live in Jabłonna (small city near Warsaw) in a cosy house with a big garden with my parents, my 2 sisters and a cat.In my free time I like meeting with my friends, shopping and dancing. Marta, my twin sister is very nice. My dream is a journey to Italy.
  6. 6. Ania listens to: Metal Rock Grunge Screamo Metalcore …and much more. Her favourite band is Slipknot.
  7. 7. Gabriela listens to: Rock Pop rock Her favourite band is Green Day
  8. 8. Marta listens to: Rock Pop rock Her favouritebandisEvanescence.
  9. 9. Ola listens to: oPop oAlternative Rock Her favourite band is Paramore.
  10. 10. We like: Volleyball Handball Basketball Football Gymanstic
  11. 11. PIGI
  12. 12. NUKO
  13. 13. MAX
  14. 14. IN THE FUTURE…  Ania wants to become assassin.  Gabi wants to become cook.  Marta wants to become actress.  Ola wants to become lawyer.