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  1. 1. paprika, cayenne Asturian "chorizo" One of the peculiarities of Asturian "chorizo" is the great amount of pork fat in its composition and, as this fat is in pan responsible for distributing its aroma and flavour to the meat. the result is a product with a typical savour. Preparation is as follows: The pork and pork fat is minced and mixed together with salt, pepper. oregano and garlic. The mixture is stuffed into the intestines and smoked. The curing period depends on the thickness of the "chorizo" and the use to which it will be dedicated (fried. boiled. "in cider". consumed raw, ... ). WEIGHT 300gr Price: 4€ ——I-———I————I————I———-I———-I-——-I————I-———I—— —-I-——-¢———-¢-—
  2. 2. Cheese: Ahumado de Drla __| -___. ___-| ___. Q___. .-__-I-__-q-___| -___| __ _-| ___-Q. __-g. _ A type of cheese that i srnnkud with on}. wood and that clijnys in high Icvcl of pncstigc among g.1~'trono| n_v cnlltttsiasts. Pusturised cuw mill. is used mixed with cream fmm sheep milk. It is prcwsr. -d [hr 24 hnur< and then xullcd in hrinc. Alter airing. it is lcli to mature Irom one 10 two months. ‘lhcn. it is‘ smoked. INGREDIENTS (‘ow milk. Cieuni [mm sheep milL natural rennet and salt FEATURES Type: Scmisuft Shape: Cylindricztl. with rounded edges and sidcs Weight: There are hzmicully two sizes: the small variety weiglis hclwccn 500 and X0!) grams‘; and the larger type hctwccn 1.5 and 2 kilugmtns. Rind: Hanl and Hut, cy| imlriL'ul and dun—cn| nurtd Paste: Fimi cnnsi. ~tcnr_v and prcxcntw snmc small hnlcs, YClIuWLh~‘hllL' in colour Aroma: Snmky Flavour: Smooth. with a typical ~n1ok_vurnn1:i which remains for some litm: un the palate WEIGHT: 500 GR PRICE: 6 EUROS
  3. 3. Cheese: Cabrales __. -___. ___-| ___. Q___. .-__-. -__-| -___| -___j__ _-| ___-Q. __-Q-_ Destlunalloii of Orlgln. Thu ix the but kiuimi cheinc pimtixed in t‘lL| lI; I . » well '. I the mic vtith IJIC highest pimluctiiuri leel. the mint L'lll| L| l’lIEl ziiul the iiimt iixetl iii ivieiuriiiy tliflcrciit lI. lIL‘. II | the tint . -~. turi: in 'lIE€E in he imzinleil it [)El_)'Yl£I| llIf| 0| Oiiiztii. It all begin» with the milk th. it lI. : heeri iiiilltetl the night lvelnie iiml Ili; it tt. i~ been left tn «cult Ill . i tiexli ; lIlII| t])l)CrL‘. The cunls . ui: cut u-are-fully lKIl| l!ItUl|1plL'L‘tIl 1 In Ieuhiu Uttlllllkllbx imil as regular gt» | iIsIllt and then the_ are Ietit tn settle. Almost all the cu: s~ tvlictt I5 putticd nut . iiid the "; iiiiiu~' imu-duii ll)<! |1ll. )€HlIllIClI tilled v. itli Ll liuisc iiiitl lI_| .'lllI| |.1s. Tl)L‘_ are Ictt In iliuiii fut um: or tun (l; I_H ; iitil than sulllfdi Salt ls [VlEll| J met the upper late and then wine time I ullimed lii-i it In he well . Al. ‘M. VllI£l lIL‘f0IL‘ tiiiiiuiy thi: pnxtixt met to ilu the : IIl| L' mi the uitici t'; iei: . Fiiuill) the L’l| <K€ me taken tn the niiiiiii Lellei tor luu to thiee weeks. M. ittiiing I ct-itirileteil uitli it xpell in ; i L‘u: ' llll tun iimntlu. :it le. i~t, lrmii tlu thite ut the with lN(iRF. l)lENTS Rim um. llllL'| ).IIil1 _L'l>. Il milk. with illlll eilt. Prim-illiuiii Rwlicfiniti tuiigi FF. -TllRF. S Type, Isuttiiliiirtl with blue [l; .L»lL‘ Shape. ("_lii>diiu. :l with c| e;til_ fl. iI Id€ lit the pint they Ll¥l to he '~11lp[k‘d in iiiuplu lc. ic~. Tud; t_ the)‘ . m: picsciticil in-. ip1.~. -il iii lIIC|2lIl~IlLl t'iul mil: the ~h; ipc ut the | e.n ex piiiiteil on it, Ill ii-. 'ci>iil: iiiue uitli [llU‘| VIHl1| Il the Repruliiting Cuiiiiiiitlee Welulll t'; iii. ili| e. limit 1 to 5 l. ilngr; iiiiiiie«. Rind. Stilt, stick}. limwii with 1Il‘. Ll| _|. '_‘y lll )‘Cll1ttl1t. tti. ‘;l. AIM’ tctid . lllL'". Paste SlI'k_‘ uitli dilteieiit clegrees ul L'()lIb‘I'1I tleiieriiliiiiz mi the degree i-I l€fllI¢l| .IlI0l| til the L"IL‘€! (‘uiiiitiicl witliuut hiilex Brilliant l| II_V ultite with hlunla-grccii . [HIJk. . WEIGHT: 200 GR PRICE’ 3.5 EUROS
  4. 4. Cheese: Deral __| -___| -__-. ___. Q___. Q___-I-__-| -___| -___| __ __| ___-Q___-g__ Blue ishccsc. highly appreciated by cnthusizils of this type of cheese. It can be calcn as an aperitif or after mcals. Once the milk curtllcs. it is cut into pieces or at size between 2 and 3 ceiitiinetres in order to be iiitmducetl ittlu pl; LsllL‘ moulds. llht)ul applying pressure. when: it i'cm. 'iins for some hours draining whey. Than salt is added. finally. thr: chccar: is lh'JlllI’Cll for a miniinum of two months in chambers. The: picccs arc pierced by :3 needle in nrdcr to facilitate the giuwth of pciiieillium. The surface is Ihcn cleaned and the chccsc is wrapped in fl‘lClllll'¢d paper and labelled. INGREI)IF. .lTS Raw cow milk. Animal mnncl. sheep butter and salt WEIGHT: 600 GR PRICE: 6 EUROS
  5. 5. S C n mm um . ... i. ws. ..; ... ..m gumuiw mm o. .m . .k e. nc. u.n o 0U husodol tmnhmbc. .. S 3C. TT8 . immw. .8wfiH. .:. midm. Pu C bwmude. mEW awrouhsw FS. DcD. T.a P FAB/ ADA
  6. 6. i A hard biscuit, simple. prepzued with butter. sugar, eggs, flour and lemon rind. decorated ,9‘ -' ~ *‘ V with plaits Typical -‘ " ’_; ~ ' 3 dessert of Luanco and , lb _ , . Candz’1s, thc two sca- _ . _,, x «Q W ‘ ' . _. faring villages that '. - _ - _ V A ‘ _. ‘,___‘; .:j. '~‘ dispute the origin of these tasty biscuits. SMALL BOX: 6 UD PRICE: 4 EUROS
  7. 7. Suspiros are made with cooked butter (the secret lies in the quality of the butter) mixed with sugar. egg and flour. Suspirios are different depending on the area where they are prepared. The most famous are those from Pajancs. which began to be prepared at the beginning of the century. .0 n a d n U m a m S a M b e . w m . _. m 0 H ——l————l————I————l———-I———-I-——-I————I-———I—— —-o-——-u———-¢-— lhick, but which must not be hard. . WEIGHT: 500 GR PRICE: 5 EUROS
  8. 8. “mm murihur-nu -nus ‘u1v‘io1I'Iui‘ 1I| | glam: llilllli, ‘ '-I»'1}nxar_ol'¥: I|L~. ‘II: unnum-r ‘~. j '. 'l_il‘-aw gr-, w=-mlrl Ti‘-mi‘'nII: -‘_! arifk~n. n(’~r-11-iror mnrihursn nu item“. Ii}: luv I. uu-ran 0)? inn ‘“. nk, ““. _(? ’,r l‘ur- muar pnunlhr 9)‘ . ‘ fl. ‘fil'‘-I»‘. e A -'‘-f-; [i -rsfuu 3:9-auuvlqii Iflujk gflllufl ‘ g< Isnmt-n1 «mu: -u1|‘Iu : |), l'9fill: t‘lIl| Il‘: U:-‘r or : uI. Ii’? -.u‘t - : - 'A‘l§l¢, 'l1 ‘i’ ‘gmlltjl ‘I = ~=u«jr: . -.5 :3: Bf’
  9. 9. d mm 1 a f. .. .m m ms. mm mm vnmrb . .1 I am. MSW; s Wonvwcmcfmnfio tu. ..xuuo8GR 9CI. ... Il-CS-avou U -waQnVmm! o"“wE gnu . l.. l.I. . ma. .mmm. wmm15. d. m.n. ... .mb. mm. nva, ..H2 . U.. D0SS. lnWH. . uafiauc E p. m10d. fl0"CGC C. .n. lSU. .nC. .n| | . w.n. m.. .m. .umtER RwPmAwcmWP Dice Duddina
  10. 10. X}: /isndicllas '. '/ stumims l/ ' ' . «.; ;_. ' ‘Err Traditional Carnival dessert. similar to sweet cakes. stuffed with walnut. sugar and anisette (and less frequently with a sweet cream). Some authors believe that the name comes from a distortion of "cosadielles" (guessing game of the type "l spy. ..") because the stuffing was a surprise. PRlCE(ON1i BOX): 5 EUROS
  11. 11. l _ 1 31' ”” . 5' « l " V’ F . ¢.~- ' ] ‘ 4 WEIGHT: 80 GR PRICE: 6 EUROS Sea Urchins, known in Asturias as "oricio", are an extremely tasteful product with a flavour of "sea spray". It is usually eaten boiled in salty water and accompanied by cider.
  12. 12. Seormoti fish Daste This pie is accompanied by asparagus and mayonnaise. It can be prepared with other types of fish. but scorpion fish is the most appropriate thanks to its pleasant flavour. The "cabrafio" or "tifiosu" (scorpion fish), once boiled. is cut up and the spines are removed. It is then mixed with tomato sauce, cream, beaten eggs and poured into a mould. It is finally cooked in the oven. WEIGHT: 125 GR PRICE: 2 EUROS
  13. 13. -I————I————u————n———-0-——-Q-— SPANISH TYPICAL OLIVES WEIGHT. 150 GR PRICE: 2 EUROS I-2: A 1‘ e i l u n a s Carbonetl __| -___g-__-. ___. Q___. q.__-
  15. 15. Technical Characteristics: 100°/ oCotton Size: S, M, L PRICE: 22 EUROS T- SHIRT I -I-——-I-——-I-——-I-——--— —-I-——-o-——-¢--
  16. 16. Characteristics: Rubber Key—ring PRICE: 5 EUROS . __ I -. a not , .. . .. n h C e .1 KEY-RINGS
  17. 17. PRICE: 2.5 EUROS BALL-PEN