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America Votes 2016: Vote from Abroad


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America Votes 2016
U.S citizens: are you registered to vote? Are you sure?

No matter how long you've lived abroad, it's your right to vote in U.S. Federal elections.

New rules require citizens living abroad to request a ballot for every federal election.

Do not delay: request a ballot now!

Go to
Complete the form, print & sign it
Mail it to the address indicated for your state

and when you receive the ballot, VOTE RIGHT AWAY & return it as instructed. Absentee ballots for Americans.

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America Votes 2016: Vote from Abroad

  1. 1. AmericaVotes2016 U.S.citizens:Registered tovote?Areyousure? Nomatterhowlongyou'velivedabroad,it’s yourrighttovoteinU.S.Federalelections. Newrulesrequirecitizenslivingabroadto rrequestaballotforeveryfederalelection. DON’TDELAY:REQUESTaBALLOTNOW Completetheform,print&signit Mailittotheaddressindicated foryourstate Whenyoureceivetheballot➜ VOTERIGHTAWAY &&returnitasinstructed