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SAFEFI - Plataforma de Seguridad - Boton de PAnico


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SAFEFI Flyer en Español - Boton de Panico, Sistema de Nube para manejo de incidentes, API para SAFEFI y creación de aplicaciones para terceros.

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SAFEFI - Plataforma de Seguridad - Boton de PAnico

  1. 1. Saving Lives and Connecting People COMMAND CENTER Specially designed software that gives you a viewing portal onany device and access to customize receivers •SAFE-Fl ZONE The fastest and smartest app on the market enables users to initiate an alert with only a few clicks of a power button' •MOBILE APP A customizable geolocation that enables an organization to transfer safety data instantly when someone initiates an alert within their perimeters Office: 5613064996 Email: Mobile: 5618694446 Web: Address: 751 Park of Commerce Dr Suite 126, Boca Raton, FL 33487
  2. 2. ProductsandServices Safe-Fiisamobileemergency communicationssystemwhichallowsan individualtoautomaticallysendadistress signaltoapersonalcontact,safetyor securityand/or911anytimetheuserfeels indanger.Theappalsoallowsusersto sendGPSlocationandcriticalhealth ininformation(i.e.,allergies,diabetic)toan emergencycontactviaphonecall,email, SMSandpushnotification. PerhapsthemostvaluablefeatureoftheSafe-Fisystem istheability torouteauser’sdistresssignaltoaspecificemergencycontact dependingontheuser’slocation.Forexample,Safe-Ficansendall distresssignalstriggeredwithintheboundariesofacollegecampus tothecampuspolicedepartment.Butwhenastudentofthesame collegesendsadistresssignalwhilejoggingoffcampus,Safe-Fican contact911and/orthestudent’sparentorfriend.