On the Way to Wellness


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Here is a presentation on my Wellness Goal for Wellness Choices Fall 2011

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On the Way to Wellness

  1. 1. By Eden J. Berube Third Year Health Promotion MajorWellness Choices for a Healthy Active Lifestyle PE-2850-F3
  2. 2. What is my SMART Goal really about? My SMART goal has to have incorporated these key five factors: S: My SMART goal has to be SPECIFIC M: My SMART goal has to be MEASUREABLE A: My SMART goal has to be ATTAINABLE R: My SMART goal has to be REALISTIC T: My SMART goal has to be TIMELY
  3. 3. The SpecificsIn July 2011, I was diagnosed with Polyarteritis Nodosa (alsoknown as PAN). At the time of the diagnosis, I was very sickand had had for the past 2 months stopped exercisingregularly due to my body’s complications. After the diagnosis,the treatments and procedures were so complicated that I hadput off my exercising regime until my body could handledaily exercise. Up until about September, I had gone to thegym a few times per week which was different than myprevious habit of six days per week. My endurance andtolerance for running 30-60 minutes a day had droppeddramatically, and my goal is to work up to running 60minutes at 6 miles per hour at least 6 days per week within1month like I had in the past.
  4. 4. Taking on Serious MeasuresMy SMART goal must be Measureable. So, here are the specific steps anddirections I will take when it comes to making sure my SMART goal isMeasureable:I will divide the amount of time I wish to build my endurance to (60minutes) into quarters, and then divide the month into quarters and dealwith each quarter separately. For the first week of the month, I will run for15 minutes per day. During week 2, I will run for 30 minutes per day.During week 3, I will run for 45 minutes per day, and for week 4 I will runfor 60 minutes per day to train my body at that level.However, I realize that my body may not be able to make it at an immediate 6miles per hour. So, for Week 1, I will start running at 5.4 miles per hour.Every day during that week, I will go .1 mile faster every day when running,which will lead me to be able to run at 6 mph on the last day of that week.For week 2, I will do the same. However, by then my body will have had adecent amount of training and my running from there out will start at 6mph.
  5. 5. Attain to Maintain My SMART goal is definitely attainable. I only take evening and online courses, so to help me stay on track, I will pick a time every day that I devote myself to working on my goal. Every day at 10:00 a.m., I will head down to the Cardio Theatre at PSU. I also have a back up space to run in case the Cardio Theatre is closed. If it is, I will use the Fitness Room at the HUB. I am also notifying my closest friend about my goal so she can help keep me on track if needed.The two imagesdisplay PSU’sFitness Facilities,located in theHartman UnionBuilding. I willbe using thesefacilities to attainmy goal!
  6. 6. Let’s Really be RealisticMy SMART goal is very realistic. Now that Ihave the proper medicine that I need to controlmy PAN, my body definitely is in shape tocontinue my running. Also, I have been able torun at 6 mph for 60 minutes in the past, sothere is no reason why I can not do that now!
  7. 7. Time to be Timely!I believe that 1 month is a good amount of time to accomplishmy goal because it is easy to measure out, like I have done inquarters. So, by November 16, 2011 I will be able to run for 60minutes at 6 miles per hour at least 6 days per week! After Ireach this goal, I will continue to keep up my endurance andrun daily.
  8. 8. Setbacks to be Aware of• Due to the fact that the medication I am on attacks my immune system, there are some days where I may be too sick to run. If this happens, I will just continue on with the plan the day that I am able to run again.• PAN is an auto-immune disease, so there may be days where my body spontaneously attacks itself and my ankles are not in good condition to run (throughout the time when the PAN was at its worst, my ankles swelled up to about 5 times their regular size, making it difficult to function• I may have to visit Dartmouth Hitchcock Hospital unexpectedly, which could interfere with my running time.• Due to the fact that PAN attacks the blood vessels that lead to my major organs, my heart may be in danger if the running overstresses it; which would mean I would have to give myself a break.• My lungs have popped capillaries, so on some days breathing might be difficult and running may just be to much for my body.
  9. 9. To-Do ListThere are some very important things that I must do every day to ensure that my body is at its best; so I am able to run. This includes: -Drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day -Getting enough fresh fruits, vegetables, and protein -Try to get between 6-8 hours of sleep every night -Listening to my body! If I feel that I am not able to run on a certain day, I shouldrest. It is best to take one day of rest, rather than overworking myself and needing to take an additional few days off because I didn’t listen to my body.
  10. 10. I did it! Today I proudly ran for 60 minutes at 6 miles per hour! I did experience a few set backs throughout my experience. These setbacks were:10/20: I had to go to Dartmouth unexpectedly, and was gone all day; whichcut into my running time10/30: I caught a virus and was to ill to run11/06: My ankles were to sore to run Despite these setbacks, I did complete my SMART goal and am very proud of myself!
  11. 11. Polyarteritis NodosaHere are a few pictures of Polyarteritus Nodosa and a few of the symptomsthat I experience. Please note that the images shown are not of me, but ofother individuals with PAN. The bruises that Spring 2011 is when my PAN was The bruises on myappear on my legs starting to elevate to its worst- every body range fromare also happening day I had ankles identical and a lot black and blue to to my organs of times worse than the above image red speckles
  12. 12. Polyarteritus Nodosa Here is a short clip on Polyarteritis Nodosa:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udGvshRMVkg
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