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  1. 1. Film EducationPresentationEd BraySunday, 16 December 12
  2. 2. The Brief And MyResponse• The brief states I need to make positiveposters• My campaign needs to:• Encourage young people to respect theUK film, TV and video industry.• Encourage young people to make theright decision.Sunday, 16 December 12
  3. 3. Research Into PastCampaignsDownloading pirated films isstealing, its just as serious asstealing a dvd from in the shop,Stealing a t.v, a car!Its very clear what the point is. A verystrong message gets put across toyou. How its filmed its like you arebeing watched from CCTV or thatyou are in first person on a thiefwhich makes it feel real and like youare doing wrong.Its a very negative advert. Its a bitover the top, saying its just as bad tosteal a dvd as it is to steal a car, Its abit to over the top that you dont takeit seriously.Getting knock off films is making youlook bad, that your a cheep personwho looks bad.It has a strong message andassociates people who get pirateDVDs with a type person you don’twant to be. Everyone is lookingdown at you. Embarrassing you fordownloading a film.Its not very serious, its more of ajoke, people wont take it seriouslyand wont care.Without us they can’t make themovies, by buying them we make itpossible for them to make themoviesIts a positive advert, its a nicechange and makes you look atpiracy in a different way, They aresaying thank you for making itpossible to make the films and thatthey couldnt do it with out us.Its a little bit confusing at the startand take a little while to get to thepoint.Recording music at home from theradio is killing the sales in music,Every time you make a copy ofmusic, you are killing the musicindustry.Its clear,its bringing up the idea ofdeath, that you’re killing the musicindustry.The poster is eye catching, very boldand blunt to the point.The point that it represents death thateach time you record a song, you killthe music industry, its too over thetop.People are mocking it, There are lotsof parody versions.Because its just a poster, it limits towhere it can be shown.Sunday, 16 December 12
  4. 4. My ScheduleMonday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday FridayWeek 1 Read the briefResponse to briefResearchwhat is copyrightHomeworkWeek 2 Researchother postersThe clientsResearchmake QuestionerResearch:qualitative researchquantitive researchWeek 3 Thumbnail sketches design poster rough draftWeek 4 final draft Planningpreparation forpresentationMake presentationfor pitchWeek 5 Pitch:9.45peer feedbackWeek 6 improve designs improve designspeer feedbackWhere will i see mypostersWeek 7 Improve designs finish and tidyeverything upDeadlineSunday, 16 December 12
  5. 5. My Research• For my research I have made aquestionnaire.• Here is the link for it:•• /s/JXW7TRTSunday, 16 December 12
  6. 6. Research• I am going to put my results from myquestionnaire in pie charts like this one:Sunday, 16 December 12
  7. 7. Research into the clientSunday, 16 December 12
  8. 8. Research into the clientSunday, 16 December 12
  9. 9. Research into otherposters/design/campaignsSunday, 16 December 12
  10. 10. Research into equipmentneeded• Laptop• Programs - photoshop, illustrator,pages, keynoteSunday, 16 December 12
  11. 11. Drafts And Initial WorkSunday, 16 December 12
  12. 12. James Bond DraftSunday, 16 December 12
  13. 13. Mr Bean DraftSunday, 16 December 12
  14. 14. Feedback - Mr Bean• Great image, maybe add a backgroundso it stands out, like a dark green orblue.• I like how its in Opies style, and its MrBean so people will be drawn to it, butdoes need a background of some sort.• I like how the font fits with thecharacter and illustration, and it’s MrBean so it’s a famous face!Sunday, 16 December 12
  15. 15. Feedback - James Bond• Its really clever typography, love it• I like how the title of the bond film goeswith the “fall”. It’s really catchy.• I like that it’s really clever with the titleand how it flows with the lines and theslogan, it also has a really good designand looks really good.Sunday, 16 December 12
  16. 16. Blue Or Green?Sunday, 16 December 12
  17. 17. Black or White?Sunday, 16 December 12
  18. 18. Further Work On MyFinal DesignSunday, 16 December 12
  19. 19. Further Work On MyFinal DesignSunday, 16 December 12
  20. 20. My Final DesignSunday, 16 December 12
  21. 21. My Final DesignSunday, 16 December 12
  22. 22. Mock up of where i envisagethe posters to be• Social network sites• On TV/films• On the side of a bus• On advert boards at train/bus stations• In schools/colleges• In librariesSunday, 16 December 12
  23. 23. Mock up of where i envisagethe posters to beSunday, 16 December 12
  24. 24. Thank youIf you have any questions, please ask them!Sunday, 16 December 12