Estoril Echo 3 : EAHIL2010 Newsletter


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This is the first digitized version of the Echo , the newsletter of the EAHIL published DURING conferences available in Slideshare.
Plan is to get all previous version up here as complete as possible.

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Estoril Echo 3 : EAHIL2010 Newsletter

  1. 1. Estoril Echo 3 User statistics – if it moves count it! Library Tour at the Mafra Palace-Convent This very lively session on user statistics, attracted an Over 200 participants took the opportunity to enjoy a audience which grew in numbers as more and more very well organised library tour at the Mafra Palace- delegates flocked in! There were several key themes Convent. Built between from the presentations: 1717-1730, the Mafra Understand your users, clients or customers. This Convent is the most is essential whichever system you used to gather important monument of any data. „Users‟ are not a problem – without the Portuguese Baroque them we would not exist. The customer is king! style comprising a royal Get qualitative and quantitative data. Pure palace, Franciscan convent statistics only tell you one part of the picture. You basilica and a very significant 18th century library. We need stories and case studies to really present the were able to visit the picture of the impact of your services. In any infirmary which was service evaluation, look at the benefits bundle interesting as all the from the customer perspective. Don‟t focus on patient cubicles faced the the service features. altar, in order to receive Ignore customer service at your peril. In the age Mass on a daily basis. of disparate organisations and remote access, it is Some participants felt clear that our customers need our human that this was a better hospital than current facilities in interface more than ever before. The value of well their countries. trained and helpful library staff is a common The tour ended in result from library surveys. the sunny court- yard with a glass Work with suppliers of products to get them to of wine or soft provide you with the information and usage data drink, savouries YOU need. Don‟t simply accept what suppliers and cakes, and tell you that they can provide. Remember we are there was enough the paying customers, and we can and should time to share demand more from the contracts we sign up to. experiences and continue networking and to Negotiate discounts and work in consortia consolidate friendships.. agreements to get maximum results for all. Green EAHIL I would really recommend all librarians at the This is the first “green” conference bag that is made conference to look carefully at all these presentations out of recycled material. as soon as they are on the EAHIL Web site. We all So EAHIL has reflected face tough economic times which look to be getting current trends of going worse. So we need as much information from green. (and it‟s a very statistics and feedback as we can so that we can all useful shopping bag as survive. well – many bags have Sue Thomas, Health Promotion Library already been „recycled‟ by Cardiff Wales UK. other participants- don‟t Web 2.0 Taskforce leave yours lying around !) The Web 2.0 Taskforce will have a meeting over lunch on Friday 18 June 2010. The Taskforce Opinion of EAHIL in Estoril 2010 welcomes new members – so if you would like to “At EAHIL in Estoril we learnt how to navigate contribute to the development of Web 2.0 for the seas of knowledge by the seaside” EAHIL, look out for Guus van der Brekel and join us Janet Harrison for a working lunch. Marshall Dozier
  2. 2. Estoril Echo 3 MESH SIG Meeting Report From Russia with Thanks We are very honoured to be invited to the 12th The meeting of the MeSH special group took place in EAHIL Conference. It was possible thanks to our co- the yellow room at 9 a.m. on Thursday, moderated by operation with the Oslo University of Science and Gun Brit Knutsson from the Karolinska Institute, Technology, and which we appreciate so much! It is Sweden, assisted by Maurella della Setta, Italy. There the first time we have participated in such a were 11 participants representing Sweden, Italy, significant event as this conference. We are Norway, Germany, the Czech Republic, The immensely grateful to EAHIL for such an Netherlands and Romania. The preliminary opportunity to gain new and vital experience and new introductions were followed by and an update of the contacts which will be very beneficial for our library MeSH translations and related activities by every work. As it was said at the presentation of Professor participant were given. The various issues raised in Alexandre Quintanilha the best way to be healthy is to each particular case represented the starting points for combine work and leisure. We are going to follow his a lively discussion and exchange of opinions. Among advice, a Portugal fairytale atmosphere, its breath- the issues were: funding of the translation process taking views, magnificent sandy beaches and and, in contrast, the policies used to “sell” or give architectural treasures cannott leave us indifferent. away the translated version to other libraries and The magic of this charming place will always be in our institutions; the efficacy of the NLM MeSH hearts. Starko Elina, Scientific Library of translation tool; what is translated, i.e. subheadings, Petrozavodsk State University scope notes, output formats of the translation, Erratum technical tools for integration of the thesaurus and, To correct a error in the statistical data given in Estoril last, but not least, providing external links for the Echo 1 – we are please to report that the Russian initiation of wider semantic integration. The MeSH delegation is represented by 5 people, not two as reported. group have reinforced their aim to actively promote Poster Presentations MeSH as a standard tool for indexing and The judges were impressed with the range of topics information retrieval, by encouraging translation and and the quality of multilingual projects, emphasizing the benefits that Poster presentations. this may represent for the communities they serve. It is always The group discussion list will be more intensely used encouraging to see the and a report on the activities will be sent to each of diversity of research the JEAHIL issues. Ioana Robu and develop-ment taking place in healthcare libraries. Dutch Information Professional of the Year Thanks to everyone EAHIL colleagues have long appreciated the skills of who has taken the Guus van der Brekel, and now his time to share their work with colleagues. contribution to the profession has been recognised by his compatriots EAHIL 2011 Workshop. in this prestigious award from the Association of Information The LOC look forward Professionals in the Netherlands. to seeing you in Istanbul, On Thursday 17 June, it was Turkey next year! announced that Guus had won the Publieksprijs 2010 for Information Professional of the Year. A well- deserved prize: Many congratulations to Guus!
  3. 3. Estoril Echo 3 Some reflections on yesterday at EAHIL of the issues faced by African health librarians in The morning was thought provoking. It provided a general and in Mozambique in particular. While the sharp focus, firstly on the issue of continuing change new technologies are changing things still in many in our profession, and secondly on important places electricity supply is unstable, bandwidth poor international perspectives of which we need to be and the internet expensive. Thus there is huge gap ever more aware in today‟s global society. between Europe and Africa in terms of availability of health information. In Africa it is very limited and Health librarians have embraced the new inadequate especially for health workers in rural areas. technologies and espoused the cause of lifelong Trained librarians, especially those experienced in learning but for some of us in our fifties (or even health information are a precocious resource in older!) who have been at the forefront of change, it Africa. Flatiel concluded by paying tribute to his was good to be challenged. Thank you Karen Buset colleague and friend, the President of AHILA Vimbai for showing me at least that PowerPoint, email and Hungwe, who died in a road accident a few days word, which are still the mainstays of my life, are old before EAHIL. Vimbai was hugely admired for his thinking. You explained it so clearly and persuasively! leadership qualities and professionalism. He had great It helped shake me from the old certainties and gifts and was a warm human being who achieved a understand the need to move on, to be more curious great deal for AHILA in a short time. Working for and investigate to see how I could join in on exciting AHILA‟s continuing development is the best tribute new ways of working with others especially the his many colleagues and friends can pay him. younger generation. Shane Godbolt, Partnerships in Health Information, UK Thank you too to Liz Brewster, who spoke for me and I am sure many of others about the need to Farewell message rebalance the way we look at „evidence‟. She We hope these have been perfect days to learn and presented a lively, well argued and cogent case for the think about best practices and also to discuss about new role of qualitative research methodologies in trends in the Health LIS profession. Spaces, places, providing relevant and valid knowledge on research technologies, user environments, the future of questions. As one of the audience, also a researcher libraries… we hope health librarians took this commented it was the clearest explanation and opportunity to exchange experiences, and synergies and rationale he had heard. Research needs to be a prism add new ideas to their daily work.These were also looking at different facets of evidence to provide a wonderful days for embracing old friends and meet new rounded picture in which service users are included, people. It was an honor for us to receive you in our and most importantly respected, as providing valid home and show you the warmness of our people. perspectives in shaping and improving services, Thank you all for these unforgettable moments and designed to meet their needs. have a safe journey home! Isobel Andrade and Margarida Meira Moving on we had an excellent and informative session on the WHO enabled cooperative forum on health information in Portuguese speaking countries, Estoril Echo Team which appropriately involved speakers from the 3 Sally and Aileen wish to thank the organising continents Europe, South America and Africa. I‟m committee for the facilities offered and the excellent sure I was not alone in being surprised at the number help offered to assist with the production of the Estoril of countries where Portuguese is spoken and its Echo Newsletter. Thank you to all who contributed importance as an international language. items and articles for the Newsletter. Flatiel Vilanculos, Secretary General of AHILA, from This is a voluntary production which we hope adds the WHO Library in Mozambique spoke powerfully value to this, and any future, conference.