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Janice mirikitani presentation


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Janice mirikitani presentation

  1. 1. Janice Mirikitani
  2. 2. Background • Born 1941 in Stockton, California. • 3rd Generation Japanese-American. • Interned during WW II at a Japanese Internment Camp. • BA Degree from UCLA • Commitment to social activism (Was president of the Glide Foundation, a charity organization in San Francisco, founder of Janice Mirikitani Family Youth and Childcare Center) • Married to Reverend Cecil Williams. • Second Poet Laureate of San Francisco (after Lawrence Ferlinghetti)
  3. 3. Work • Concerned with ethnic identity, sexuality, social justice, sexual abuse, and depression. • “often searing and uncompromising” work (Epstein). • "I found that my wounds begin to heal when the voices of those endangered by silence are given power. The silence of hopelessness, of despair buried in the depths of poverty, violence, racism are more deadly than bullets. The gift of light, in our compassion, our listening, our works of love is the gift of life to ourselves“ (Mirikitani).
  4. 4. Published Work • Beyond the Possible (2013, with Rev. Cecil Williams) • Love Works (2002) • We, the Dangerous (1995) • Shedding Silence (1987) • Awake in the River (1978)
  5. 5. “Doreen” • This is poem is concerned with ethnic identity, sexuality, gender, and attempts to conform to impossible standards of beauty. • Other themes include violence, AsianAmerican solidarity, and horrors of war.
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