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No82 newslettr daily - e -13_4_2013

  1. 1. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )82( 2013/4/13Syrian Arab RepublicMinistry of InformationThe Directorate ofElectronic InformationPage NO.1Prosecute terrorists in rural of Damascus, Aleppo, Idleb and Hama.Unites of Syrian Arab Army killed manyterrorists, wounded a lot of them yesterdayand destroyed their ammunition and siegedtheir weapons, while the people of Domademonstrated to expulse terrorists out oftheir cityAn official source mentioned that the unitsof the Syrian army clashed with terroristgroups at the position of Alwash to the eastof Jobar In Farms of Regan in an attemptto attack military posts and caused deathsand injuries among their ranks, and theunited chased the remaining of the terror-ist groups in Otaiba and killed many of itsmembers, and they destroyed a number ofmechanisms were used by the terrorists intheir attacks and criminal weapons.And units of the Syrian army implementedseries of operations were accurate and suc-cessful and killed a number of terroristsand cars loaded with mortar in towns Al-veabih ,Seadlah ,Husseiniya and Darya, in-cluding terrorists of different nationalitiesis Syria, knew them terrorist AbdelkaderTunisian Tunisian nationality and Moham-med Alhpour Jordanian nationality.Furthermore mortar shell launched by ter-rorists yesterday on a Gas Station causinga large fire and thick smoke in the area andsignificant damage in Khasi.Doma demonstrates and series of preciseoperations in Housainia,Bahdalia and Daria
  2. 2. Page NO.2The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )82( 2013/4/13Big losses for terrorists in Aleppo and its countrysideSmuggling medical equipment. Killing terrorists in HomsA large number of dead terrorists in Idleb and HamaIn Aleppo and its countryside, units of theSyrian Army killed terrorists and causeddeaths and injuries among its members,in the city of Aleppo units of Syrian armyclashed with terrorist groups and clashesresulted in the destruction of an armoredvehicle and two cars full of heavy weaponsand ammunition.The competent authorities in the provinceof Homs sieged number of medical equip-ment and supplies near the village of Vtaya,the terrorists tried to smuggle them to SyriaLand while the terrorists fled, leaving behindthem boxes which are Emirati origin.While units of the Syrian army continuedtheir pursuing armed terrorist groups inHoms and its countryside caused injuriesdirectly in their ranks also Syrian ArabArmy targeted groups of terrorists in streetKawakiby of Homs killed terrorists, injuredand destroyed a machine gun, a tunnel and acar and the terrorists inside it.In the countryside of Idlib, units of the Syrianarmy aimed concentrations of armed terror-ist groups caused large numbers of dead andwounded in their ranks.The official source said that these operationsresulted in the destruction of gatherings ofterrorists in Maart , Majdalia and Kafr Amim.The competent authorities clashed in Hamaprovince with an armed terrorist group nearMosque Alsrjaoa in the Jerajmh neighbor-hood and killed a lot of their members andsmashed their weapons.
  3. 3. Page NO.3The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )82( 2013/4/13Lavrov: non-legal solutions caused to reach the extremists to the powerSergei Lavrov, Russian Foreign Ministersaid: The external attempts to discredit thelegitimacy of the Syrian authorities reducethe chances of a peaceful solution to the cri-sis, adding that attempts to impose illegal so-lutions and frustration chances of reaching apeaceful settlement help extremists to cometo power in Syria, warning of the use of callsnot to allow the passage of crimes in Syria todelay negotiations or even buried themDonis Duquerm MP Belgian ParliamentApproved by radicalism sides in Belgiumrecruit young men and send them to fightwith armed groups in Syria as a threat tothe country when they return from combat,pointing to the existence of other young menof different nationalities German and Frenchand Dutch fighting s in Syria.In a related context Annie Machun , previ-ous officer, in the British security serviceconfirmed that the British and French gov-ernments, offering support and assistance to“Terrorists in Syria will end up and soonthe world will see their failure,this is whatAssistant of Foreign Minister Iranian Araband African Affairs Hossein Amir AbdulAllahaan said , blaming foreign entities thatintervene in Syria the responsiblility forbloodshed“Jasmine of Damascus is anactivity which is organized bySyria Trust for Developmentin cooperation with the charityfor the relief of Palestinians, soit support the efforts of reliefand development work in thelounge Art House of Fine Artsin DamascusEurope. Sends.. Supports. InsurgentsTerrorists in Syria...Will be defeatedJasmine of Damascus.. To support the efforts of relief and development workinsurgents and al Qaeda in Syria, and doesnot take any political or legal action to stopthe arrival of weapons and fighters to Syria.
  4. 4. Page NO.4The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )82( 2013/4/13Syrian pound is required in remittancesKhreis: a major shift in the mood of Jordans for interest the of Syrians“Decisions of Central Bank of Syria to impose positive intervention in the foreign ex-change market is good and in line with the needs of the banking sector and transfer offunds” this is what the owner of company of exchange and transfer of funds licensorswhile the financial manager CFO Al Fouad Exchange and transfer of funds Ahmed Zeinexplained that the Syrian pound is required well in internal and external remittances andthere is a demand for the euro foreign exchange .The Secretary-General of the Union ofArab Lawyers Samih Khreis asserted thatJordan has come under great pressure fromSaudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Statesto enter the arms through its territory toSyria,There a major shift in the mood of Jordansfor the interest of Syria, the state with itsthree elements land, people and power andevidence for that position of JordanianHouse of Representatives in which themost MPs asserted the need to stand bySyria and what goes where world war sothat some MPs described the Emir of Qatarthat Jews Sheikh Said KhreisIn an in interview with Channel world to-day Kheris said : TheJordan exposed twoyears ago to pressurevery large from allparties, especiallySaudi Arabia, Qatar,Turkey and Britain, France and the UnitedStates because it is required more than justenter a gun or gunman to Syria, but com-plete intervention via Jordan to Syria ButJordan resisted all these pressures and ableto withstand even today to her face.He added that The popular Jordanian po-sition from the beginning was with Syriaand against what is happening in spite ofthat some media were saying otherwise
  5. 5. Page NO.5The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )82( 2013/4/13Unprecedented war on Syria which is financed byArab headed by Emir of QatarThe fall of Syria is a fall of the nation..And they target it because of their position of resistanceThe president of Arab Party in LebanonShaker Albergawi asserted that the smug-gling of weapons and militants from Leba-non to Syria is entitled to distance-esteemand the face of Syrian Arab army of ter-rorists across the border is a legitimateright, adding that the duty of the Lebanesestate and forces policy to prevent take Leb-anonas a center for attack on Syria and itspeople , pointing out that the fall of Syriais the fall of the entire Arab nation.In a related context, Kuwaiti MP AbdulHameed Abbas Dashti said that Kuwaitwill not allow abuse to Syria The Kuwaitipeople will never forget and support ofSyria beside him during the invasion in1990, he said, adding that targeting Syriabecause it is a resistant stateUnprecedented war on Syria which is fi-nanced by Arab headed by Emir of Qatarthis is what written by “the Second DeputySpeaker of Parliament Jordanian TareqKhoury Taridth on Twitter attacking Qatarand its ruler Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani fortheir involvement in the war on Syria direct-ly, where he added: “It is enough for Syriato pride that Palestine still compass and itsmilitary protectors Diar not sold himself tothe devil and remained steadfast in mythicalagainst their bombing and terrorizingIt is noteworthy that a number of Jordanianparliamentarians recently launched a sharpattack on the country and Saudi for theirroles in funding and arming terrorist groupsand encourage them to commit acts of mur-der and sabotage