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Pts software for Pet Shipping Company


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PTS is an operative software that will enable your Pet Shipping Company to manage work in a simple and practical way.

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Pts software for Pet Shipping Company

  2. 2. PTS – HISTORY PTS – Pet Transport Systems is a personalized version of DTS Software – Direct Transport Systems  DTS is the most used software for international and national household goods movers and forwarders in Italy.  Development started more than 10 years ago in collaboration with moving industry professionals to create an operational, web-based program designed specifically for the “niche”.  DTS is one of the few software programs dedicated to International Moving. With the PTS version, AVI-Pet Shipping Companies can take advantage of software that was created, developed and tested, by experienced professionals that understand the unique process of moving pets.
  3. 3. PTS - WHAT IS IT? PTS is a complete operational software program the gives your company complete control over all aspects of the movement. It is not an “App”, but manages all those daily tasks from point A to point Z. A program developed by professionals in the industry who understand with your actual work process. It is a custom program made exclusively for pet shippers. It is cloud based. You work from your on company's database and can sign on and work anywhere you have an internet connection. No installation is necessary, nor constant program updates.
  4. 4. PTS - WHAT DOES IT DO? Enables your management to standardize and monitor your employee's your own work from one single place and point of reference.  Is fully interactive with your company, all files are accessible to all employees and enables management to assign files and certain actions to specific employees.  Full documentation capabilities (including proposals) and preformatted communications to your agents, clients, pet owners and suppliers. ALL fields are printable, even those you may not see on a particular screen.  Document templates are customizable, you may set them up or modify them yourself.  A powerful system of prompts reminds you to take certain actions to certain files at certain times. You can personalize your prompt. The is also a series of pre-programmable “system prompts” that searches all files every 24 hrs. for critical dates and reminds the user to take action.
  5. 5. PTS - WHAT ELSE DOES IT DO?  All jobs are listed and displayed on a general calendar to give you an overview of your pending work.  Tracks and inventories your travel carriers.  Management of both estimated and final costs per file.  Customer portal for tracking shipments and accepting payments on line.  Varied and multiple search types – even finds text inside file. (how many times have you forgotten the name of the owner – but remember the name of the dog?)  Attaches files (Scans, PDF and all) to particular files in order to have a complete file – including outside health and shipping documents.
  6. 6. PTS – DOES IT DO ANYTHING ELSE?  Stores permanently complete information all your suppliers, clients, pet shippers, agents and employees. Easily accessible in seconds.  Invoicing. You can generate multiple invoices to different payees for every file.  Statistics. Reports are customizible and unlimited.  Automatically converts imperial system (american) to metric, including KGC, cft, lbs, kgs, etc.  Automatically converts currencies.  Can add multiple airlines and transporters.
  7. 7. PTS - WHY? PTS is the perfect system for a small to mid-sized business to fully manage their sales and operations.  It is a rare program in that it is designed specifically for what we do.  It is a Cloud program. Always available, virtually everywhere. Always kept up to date by experts from afar.  It is cost effective. No downloading and no up front costs. You can “rent” the program.  It is largely customizable, with these customizable features built into the program.  It is multilingual for both you and your clients.
  8. 8. PTS Pet Transport Systems For More Information Visit DT SPAZIO SISTEMI S.A.S. – Rome, Italy