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Pathways to Wellness, community non-profit

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Pathways Building Healthy Communities.2

  1. 1. PATHWAYS TOWELLNESS, INC.Bringing health and wellness to ourcommunity
  2. 2. Mission:• Pathways to Wellness improves the health and wellbeing of diverse populations by providing high-quality, integrative health care.• Our “Share the Care” model of business allows clients paying market rates for services to help subsidize free and low cost services to those in need.
  3. 3. Pathways provides these services:• Wellness Center services (located on the 3rd Floor of the South End Community Health Center, 1601 Washington Street, convenient to BMC) include acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and shiatsu massage six days a week, Mon-Fri 8am-8pm; Sat 9am-5pm.• Smoking Cessation program includes acupuncture, herbal tea and aromatherapy.• On-site educational seminars to employees and customers (informational and experiential). Brown bag lunch topics include: • Care for the Caregiver • Healthy Aging • Making Healthy Lifestyle Changes “Stick”• On-site chair massage or acupuncture demonstrations at employee health fairs and customer appreciation events• At-home and in-office services – full acupuncture or chair massage sessions on fee for service basis
  4. 4. History• 1989: Founded as 501c3 non-profit AIDS Care Project (ACP)• 2000: Pathways to Wellness expands scope of services beyond HIV/AIDS, as federal funding for ACP declines• 2006: Moved into South End Community Health Center (SECHC)• 2011: Served 1600+ clients with 15,000 acupuncture, massage and Chinese herbal medicine treatments
  5. 5. Recognition for Pathways:• 1993: MA Dept of Public Health calls on Pathways to establish standards of care for acupuncture treatment• 2004: Received first NIH multi-year federal research grant• 2004, 2009: Recognized for Excellence in Community Service by Greater Boston Business Council• 2008: Received “Out of the Blue” award from The Boston Foundation• 2008 – 2011: Recognized as an Innovator in Care by federal Agency on Health Care Research & Quality (AHRQ) for AIDS Care Project
  6. 6. In FY2012, Pathways provided:• 2700 free acupuncture treatments to people living with HIV and AIDS, reducing pain from neuropathy, increasing the ability to maintain anti-retroviral medications which reduce risk of contagion, improving immune system function, reducing cravings for addictive substances.• 2300 acupuncture and massage services to elders and people homebound with chronic disease and disability, reducing pain, depression and anxiety, and improving sleep and digestive function.• 2200 low cost community acupuncture services, addressing diverse symptoms, including pain, anxiety and depression, and sleep problems.• 1900 acupuncture treatments provided to low income patients referred by physicians at the South End Community Health Center through an insurance reimbursement pilot program.• 750 free acupuncture treatments provided to military veterans and their family members for symptoms ranging from pain to post traumatic stress related difficulties.
  7. 7. Programs• AIDS Care Project (ACP) – Free acupuncture for people living with HIV/AIDS in Boston area.• Military Veterans care – Free acupuncture for military veterans and their family members.• Community Acupuncture –Low cost ($25-$45/hour) group acupuncture offered at main clinic• Home Care – Insurance reimbursed acupuncture and massage provided in- home serves elders and clients with severe disabilities and chronic illness. Fee for service home and office based visits provided to general community.
  8. 8. Programs• Insurance pilot program – Provides insurance reimbursed acupuncture care to Medicaid eligible clients referred by physicians at the South End Community Health Center (SECHC).• Sliding Scale Services – Sliding scale prices available based on documented income.• Chinese Herbal Clinics – Low cost Chinese herbal consults are available through herbalist training programs, as well as private pay herbal consults.• Community Education and Outreach – Complimentary and paid educational talks and acupuncture demonstrations provided to medical professionals and community groups.
  9. 9. Programs• Outcomes Measurement – Pathways measures changes in patients’ symptoms over the course of treatment, including symptom type, duration, intensity and frequency, as well as use of medication and quality of life.• Other Programs – Pathways provides additional care based on availability and need. • In the spring of 2010, Pathways clinicians volunteered to provide free acupuncture to Haitian immigrants in Boston suffering from traumatic loss after the earthquakes in Haiti. • In 2011, Pathways participated in beta testing of Integrative Medicine for All. We provided pro-bono acupuncture to clients referred from MDs at Boston Medical Center for clients unable to pay for care.
  10. 10. Community Connections• Pathways provides satellite clinics on site at: • Mass. General Hospital Infectious Disease unit (10 yrs+) • Tufts Medical Center Infectious Disease unit (3 yrs +) • Cambridge Zinberg Clinic Infectious Disease unit (12 yrs +) • Tufts Oncology Infusion Center to open Fall 2012• Former satellite clinics (closed due to lack of funding) • Spaulding Rehab Inpatient (2010-2011) • Lynn Community Health Center (2006-2010) • Uphams Corner Community Health Center (2008-2010) • Southern Jamaica Plains Community Health Center (2010-2012) • Whittier Street Community Health Center (2011-2012)
  11. 11. Community Connections• Home care acupuncture & massage are provided to elders and people living with disabilities. Referrals come from RN care managers at: • Commonwealth Care Alliance • Cambridge Health Alliance (Elder Service Plan) • Boston Community Medical Group (NHP)
  12. 12. Expert Clinicians• 15 Acupuncturists • Master’s degreed • Licensed by MA Board of Medicine and Insured • CORI checked, TB tested, OSHA trained, CPR certified • Some with dual degrees: RN, OT• Several clinicians teach in their field at New England School of Acupuncture, and have 10-30 yrs experience• Research Director, Elizabeth Sommers, Ph.D.(public health), L.Ac. is adjunct faculty at BU School of Public Health; co-author of numerous articles and research papers
  13. 13. Expert Clinicians• 3 Massage Therapists • Licensed and Insured in MA • 10+ years experience • Certified in multiple modalities • CORI checked, TB tested, OSHA trained, CPR certified• 3 Chinese Herbalists • Licensed by MA Board of Medicine and Insured • 5+ years post-graduate study, 10+ years experience • CORI checked, TB tested, OSHA trained, CPR certified
  14. 14. Evidence based care• Pathways maintains a client database with 20+ years of data from AIDS Care project showing clinical outcomes including: • Improvements in digestive side effects from anti-retroviral medications • Changes in other symptoms• Insurance reimbursed pilot program in 6th year • South End Community Health Center clients referred for acupuncture by primary care physician for pain, headache, menstrual, menopausal or carpal tunnel symptoms. • Statistically significant improvements found in pain duration, frequency and intensity and in quality of life indicators for clients referred for pain and headache. • High patient satisfaction ratings from clients served in this program • Insurer finds reimbursement for acupuncture services does not significantly impact total cost of care.
  15. 15. Evidence based care• Pathways Research Director, Beth Sommers, Ph.D., L.Ac. • Serves as co-chair of Alternative and Complementary Health Practices Group of the American Public Health Association • Testified in June 2012 before Congress on the inclusion of massage and acupuncture in the Affordable Care Act • Is editor of the 2012 European Journal of Integrative Medicine with focus on “Public Health in Integrative Medicine” • Writes regularly on public health issues in Acupuncture Today • Completed research with focus on the public health impact of acupuncture on medication adherence in people living with HIV/AIDS, and on the reduction of cravings for addictive substances in military.
  16. 16. Values:• High-Quality Care - Pathways provides high quality integrative health care through the application and measurement of best practices for complementary health care providers.• Diverse Populations – Pathways’ programs are aimed to deliver services to diverse populations; Pathways also welcomes diversity throughout the organization.• Respect - Pathways supports a respectful environment for patients, employees and volunteers.• Affordability – Pathways provides affordable care options for patients with few resources.• Public Health – Pathways promotes healthy lifestyle habits, the prevention of chronic disease, and the empowerment of our patients in caring for themselves, through community education and demonstration programs.• Measurable Outcomes - Pathways measures clinical outcomes and participates in research and evaluation to build the evidence base for our practice.• Integration - Pathways clinicians work in conjunction with patients’ other health care providers, and ensures that patients have access to best possible combination of treatments and support systems they need for their own healing process.
  17. 17. Our Clients say…• “When I first walked in the Pathways clinic, I felt I was transported to a safe place where physical and spiritual healing could happen. Immediately I felt unconditional positive regard from the staff and the caring, curative hands of the acupuncturists. I was disabled by peripheral neuropathy brought about as a side effect of HIV medications. The pain went from both knees to the bottom of my feet. I had difficulties walking and required a cane to couch the pain. Within the first 10 months of treatments I dropped the cane and started to walk faster and with little pain.” • – L.T. AIDS Care Program client
  18. 18. Our Clients say…• “John” told me that only 3% of troops sent to Vietnam saw combat on a daily basis. He was one of those soldiers - 132 men served in his unit, and only 18 came back. Today, he breathes with the assistance of an oxygen tank, and is dealing with further lung problems due to the effects of Agent Orange. He has been receiving free acupuncture treatments at Pathways to Wellness for over two years- and recommends it to his family and friends. Because of his treatments, he takes no regular medication for his back pain or his post traumatic stress disorder, and his doctor is thrilled that he has regained oxygen circulation throughout his lungs. He can drive a car without concern of being impaired by pain medications. He can take a deep breath without coughing. And at least once a week, during his treatment, he can relax completely – in a way he hasn’t been able to since he returned from Vietnam. • – Military Vet Clinic client
  19. 19. Our Clients say…• “Rosa” suffered for two years from migraine pain, arthritis in her hands, neck and shoulders, problems sleeping, as well as vertigo and vision problems with the migraines. The pain medicine she took only helped temporarily. Prior to getting acupuncture, she couldn’t cook or sleep due to the pain and vertigo, was upset all the time, and unable to help out her family. She had multiple MRIs and emergency room visits due to the migraine symptoms. “Acupuncture has changed my life!” Her pain and vertigo have improved, and she is able to function and help her family again. • – Insurance Pilot Program client
  20. 20. Our Clients say…• In January 2008, VB was diagnosed with prostate cancer that had spread to the bone. VB started looking for a more holistic approach to his care, and discovered Pathways. The shiatsu and acupuncture services were far more affordable than the ones that he had received at other places. The treatments have helped increase his stamina as well as his ability to do more tasks on a daily basis, and significantly reduce his pain levels. • – Community Acupuncture client
  21. 21. Our Clients say…• “Acupuncture is great. It definitely helps my chronic shoulder pain and stiffness, which I have because I have used a manual wheelchair for 47 years and also because of two falls where I landed on my shoulders. Acupuncture allows me to go about my day without pain medication, which I had been taking before on a frequent basis. Because of Pathways’ treatment and the pain relief it has given me, I am able to go to work, where I need to be able to push my wheelchair all day long.” • – R.N., Home care client
  22. 22. Our Staff say…• “The ethnic and economic diversity of the population we treat really attracted me to Pathways. Being able to treat people who wouldn’t otherwise have access to this kind of care, like our AIDS Care Project patients who come in even when they’re sick and tired, means a lot to me, and to them.” • – Christina, Pathways Staff Acupuncturist• “Over the past 12 years of treating clients here, I’ve grown in ways I didn’t expect. There’s a level of perseverance in our clients that is truly remarkable – some have gone through so many diagnoses of cancer and other things, and they keep on living – not suffering necessarily, but persevering.” • - Jeff, Pathways Staff Acupuncturist
  23. 23. Our Supporters say…• “There are so many reasons to come and be treated at Pathways. It’s absolutely top quality care…and while you’re getting the best care in a wonderfully nurturing environment, you are also helping someone else have access to that care. And to me, that’s the essence of Pathways.” • - Julie Carey, former Pathways Board Chair and current supporter