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GoogleEarth MiniGTpresentation


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GoogleEarth MiniGTpresentation

  1. 1. Where On Earth NAGC 2012
  2. 2. Tell Me About The Game… Where On Earth• Authentic use of GoogleEarth• Exploration of the world’s oddities• In-depth research using guided questions• Summarize research information into authentic writing
  3. 3. Academic Areas• Writing• Research• World geography• Cultural understanding• Writing focus can be ANY category (art, culture, science, history, geography)
  4. 4. What it looks like
  5. 5. Will this game work for you?• Options for implementation • Supporting different content areas • Continent or category option • Can be abbreviated
  6. 6. TEACHER INFO• Solve a few clues on your own (as the teacher)• Be ready with all needed links and documents• Make sure they can write!!! This game does not teach them to write—it is writing authentically using acquireded research• Allow several class sessions to learn and “play with” GoogleEarth including the layers
  7. 7. What does this look like in a G/T environment?• global awareness• extracts specifically requested information• uses key words, answers specific questions• develops strong writing skills• connection to the world• fosters deep discussion