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Baby hope for the lgbt


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Baby hope for the lgbt

  1. 1. Baby Hope for the LGBThttp://www.dranoopgupta.comEverybody who knows something about American Television knows about Neil Patrick Harris,who is more famous for his fictional character; Barney Stinson. In the sitcom where he playsBarney, he is known more for his closet womanizing and ‘Suit Up!’ ways.However, the story is a bit different in real life. He is a member of the LGBT community, whichstands for Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transsexual and has been known to openly voice hisviews. Moreover, the person is in a way married to anotherperson, and they even have akid,born from the womb of a surrogate mother.A Thing or Two about SurrogacyNow Neil is definitely not the first person who has such a sweet story attached to him. There arepeople spread all over, who belong to such a community and have always hoped for a baby.The problem however is; surrogacy and finding a surrogate mother is anything but easy. Thereis in fact a certain myth attached to the fact that women only agree to become surrogatemothers when they are hard pressed for cash, meaning that they below to a lower strata of life.Not just the society, there are many religions as well which consider surrogacy as a sin. Somestates, like New Jersey has even banned the whole thing.Surrogacy, as you might know, is the term given to the process of giving birth to a baby whohas custodial parents, different from the womb of the woman it was born from.Usually, a financial arrangement is what takes care of the whole thing. The situation could beanything. It might be a couple who wants to have a baby and cannot because the woman’s bodycannot take the obvious pressure or one of the partners is infertile.It might be that a single mother wants a kid and cannot risk it because of a certain age or amedical situation.Surrogacy for LGBTJust like Neil, many differently oriented couples would love to extend their family, but are unableto do so, due to obvious reasons.In such an event, surrogacy for LGBT might be the onlyoption left.The problem is that, along with surrogacy for LGBT, actions of differently oriented individualshave somewhat more problems with finding someone to agree to it. In most cases, there is stilla taboo to such issues.That is why; it is advised to crosscheck the law and other baggage that come with such a wish.