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Kolb Magia D O I N A


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Yesterday I had an e-mail from Helga (Brazil - to make her PPs in my way! The same invitation had Vili (
This is my PPs version; I hope that you will like it!
This is not a competition but a friendly way to build the same subject!
Wishing you all the best,
Hugs, Doina

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Kolb Magia D O I N A

  1. 1. Music: Gheorghe Zamfir (Flauto Di Pan) & Nana Mouskuri - The Lonely Sheperd
  2. 2. My world is the world of fantasy - my own and the spectator's! Hans Peter Kolb
  3. 3. Today I have driven this technique to perfection and taken an exceptional position in modern art. With my unique photo-surrealistic style I am melting the incongruous into a astonishing unity. My digital paintings evoke power, sense of reality and great visions. Hans Peter Kolb
  4. 4. HP KOLB is born on June 28th 1957 in Heddesheim / Germany. . gs intin pa ed liz sh rea r bru , I reate air sh g nd bru ven sa air ng al an e wi ion s dra dit age al tra im co the my rly ith ve y ea s w to gi m ta ith jus sible sw r, s tion ute it po ibi mp exh co ade al he m on t: in t hich eg i res ue w usr i nte hniq ree, mero w ne g te de c g u a tin gh yn ed in hi nb elop y pa to a ow ev er s y kn I d d ev age , n all ing a im loc dit ea f my e id o me g/ co gin very size be im a e d to al ting n an t a ted igi io star f d f cre olut o o 0I ys y es f2 da ibilit the r sm . eo rly s li ag ea pos ease orea e he cr th e th t t At n ho , in d by to i nd p 92 le n c19 inate ab tail a I s as de Fa t I w t of tha oun am
  5. 5. Made for my friends: Helga from Brazil Vili48 and FOR YOU ALL ! This is not a competition but a nice way to enjoy about the same subject!