Substance addiction is deadly habit


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Substance addiction is deadly habit

  1. 1. Substance addiction is deadly habitAuthor: Dion Silva Dealing with the most deadly habit skillfully Ever tackled problems occurring due to an addictive habit all by oneself! It is next to impossible to recover from any sort of addiction without any professional help. We at Sober living by the sea, extend a helping hand to overcome an addiction. There are rehabs available to fight the substance abuse successfully. These rehabs have helped thousands of men and women who struggle with life threatening habits reclaiming their lives. These rehabs offer Comprehensive Treatment Programs for any and every kind of addiction. They help the addicts live a sober and normal life. The life for them after the treatment is not only that of existence but that of “living to fullest”. Their innovatively designed professional treatment programs are outlined for those who are suffering from substance abuse and psychic disorder existing with it. In the company of other recovering individuals and a staff of distinguished professionals, our patients receive individualized, comprehensive care based on the latest developments in medicine and psychoanalysis. Many of these rehabs have a proven track record of treating the patients in a safe and supportive environment for over decades. Most of them follow a step-by-step recovery program which is specially designed to trace underlying reasons for their addiction, rediscover their passions and interests, and create a long-term recovery plan. These rehabs may have specialized programs or they cater to specific requirements like women’s only rehab, men’s only rehab or private rehab and so on. Most of the rehabs have these treatment programs of 30day duration. Patients receive one-on-one and group counseling, family therapy, alternative and experiential therapies, vocational and educational guidance, referrals to
  2. 2. community resources, and more. It is also believed that offering help for only 30days will not suffice in achieving a full and lasting recovery, hence most of themalso offer a 90 day extended care program, which allows clients to continuetreatment for their addiction while living with other recovering individuals andreceiving plenty of caring support. emotion regulation, mindfulness and substanceabuse.Recurring the addiction or relapses of the same is also taken of by them. For thisreason they involve families and train them to offer strong support to the newlysobers. We know it well, that families are better equipped to resolve conflicts,build strong and healthy relationships among each other and support one anotherthrough the process of recovery. The expert professionals not only take care of thesuffering person, but also guide the family members to understand the addictionby educating them through workshops, new set of life skills. We extend fullguidance to the recovering patient to settle in the mainstream living. Drug rehabin California is one of such wholesome rehabs existing.Substance addiction is deadly habit Apart from doing well to health and enhancing flavors of delicacies , there are various medicinal values found in alcohol like doctors’ brandy is widely used against cold. This is also very good stress- buster. Due to its relaxing characteristic, this is over used by many. Once the limits are crossed, the people become addicted to it, and cannot function without it. Alcohol addiction is the most commonly found addiction in the world. For many reasons, one of them, being easy availability of alcohol, secondly, it is not banned by the governments like any other substance. There are various reasons which lead to addiction such as family background, social status, peer pressure or even pleasure.The effects of alcoholism vary from gender. The women tend to be on high quickerthan the men. This is mainly because of the body weight difference. Also thetolerance levels of both the genders differ. Once the addiction is accepted, thensearching for a good rehab is on. The families or even the addicts themselves tryto find a good alcohol rehab. There are various rehab centers which offerprofessional support and individualistic treatment programs. These yield goodresults. But there is always a fear of relapse. But these rehabs take utmost care ofits clients and provide extended support for long-term recovery and thus minimizethe chances of relapse.
  3. 3. Alcohol and drug rehab in Los Angeles is one of the trusted names. This embarksindividualistic attention, good interpersonal rapport and personalized treatmentprogram. Total of approach of such rehabs is revolutionized here. It is a state-of-art rehab facility in close connection with Mother Nature. The rehabs resemble tohomes and the comfort provided there is unmatched. Now the experts believe inthe theory of healing through compassion, love and comfort. The rehabs areequivalent to luxurious houses with state-of-art facilities. Healing providing aluxury and homely environment is the basic fundamental thought of thecontemporary rehabs.Many rehabs are placed making use of wonderful landscapes, where the serenityof the nature is exploited to its fullest to make their clients get rid of the addiction.The clients are treated for their recovery from substance abuse and addiction oreven any other disorder. The treatment programs are aimed at removing theaddiction from roots. One of the most important features of these private rehabs isthat they offer confidential services to its clientele. This helps in keeping theanonymity safe of the person.Drug Treatment Program Activities for MenMen are more emotional than women hence suffermore on the emotional front. These emotionalturmoils can eventually take a toll on them and theymay get addicted easily to the substance. Anyaddiction goes beyond the limits and starts causingproblems to one and to the others who are near anddear ones, then this is acknowledged as a problemand then the search for suitable rehab program isstarted. People look out for a rehab which fits intotheir criteria. There are various types of drug rehabfor men these days such as men’s rehab, women’srehab, Christian rehab, free rehab etc. all of theserehab aim only at recovering and eliminating theroots of the problem.There are various kinds of addictions such as drug addiction, alcohol addiction,substance abuse, eating disorder. All these are diseases associated or arouse dueto some or the other kind of mental problems. Some of these psychologicalproblems could be stress, social pressure of a role etc. We cannot generalize andclaim that the addiction is caused due to psychological reasons only. But thedefinitely form one of the major reasons. Initially the rehabs would follow a similar
  4. 4. kind of pattern for almost all the patients, this program would be tried and tested.Thus they would not get similar kind of results from all the clients.The approach of the rehab at initial stage was not individualistic; rather it wasbased on the experiments. Now there is complete makeover in the attitude andapproach of the rehabs towards the clients. These days a more personalizedapproach is carried out and the treatment is planned accordingly. They do notfollow the routine path of treatment, but experiment new recovery plans to geteffective and better results. The rehabs do not only aim recovering from theaddiction but also carry out programs which help in rebuilding the lost self esteem,self confidence etc.The rehab programs follow various steps towards recovery and prevention ofrelapses. These alcohol or men’s drug rehab programs help the individuals inembracing the life with new zest and fervor. There are various activities which helpin molding the cognitive behavior and think in appropriate style. This way theconfidence and will power gets a boost and this result into having a positiveatmosphere around recovering men. Contact details: Sober Living by the Sea 4816 Seashore Drive, Suite B, Newport Beach, CA 92663 Get Help Now…! Call: - 866.323.5609 Email ID: Website: