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Responsive Offline Results 2013


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Announcing The Brand New, 7 Part, Step By Step Video Course That Shows You How To...

"Finally Learn How to Get More Customers In The Door
and Have Them Begging You To Let Them Buy Everything
You Sell Without Having To Sell Anything.”

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Responsive Offline Results 2013

  1. 1. Announcing The Brand New, 7 Part, Step By Step Video Course That Shows You HowTo..."Finally Learn How to Get More Customers In The Doorand Have Them Begging You To Let Them Buy EverythingYou Sell Without Having To Sell.”Learn from a Successful Local Internet MarketerWho Hates Selling... Discover What He Advises Offline Businesses.From the Desk of:Derrick AliDear Fellow Business Owner,Unless you’ve been under a rock these last few years, you would know that the next dotcom boom, Web 2.0 or golden opportunity right now is to prepare local businesses, likeyours to improve marketing of their products and services.Now why is it Important?Your Offline Marketing is still as important as Your Marketing Online. Traditionaladvertising methods used by most small businesses require them to look for someone[or some magic-bullet] to help increase their conversions and/or incorporate newmarketing technologies. Each day more and more companies are realizing that theyhave to add online marketing in order to survive, but most are frustrated with all of theever-changing technological marketing tools out there. Understanding this big need[gap] will allow you to take the lead out in front of the competitors in your localmarketplace – Some of who may even begin begging you for your help. [ Yes – it doeshappen … And thats a very good thing for you!]That is where your business really begins to soar. But, there is a big problem...Now, keep in mind that there are tons of online marketing companies selling stuffeveryday to businesses (like yours), so don’t just think that it is an easy walk in the parkfor you to find the best among these companies and separate them from the worst.I hear the following complaints (time and time again) from local business owners: • “I get phone calls from people day in and day out about SEO companies wanting to rank me top 10 in Google...who do I trust?” • “My friend got scammed by some SEO company” • “Some company told me they would send me leads for $##, so I tried it out and it didn’t work. It’s a SCAM!”
  2. 2. As you can see with these complaints, many companies have a bad perception ofcertain terms [like SEO] and feel like marketers are out to get them. In many cases it’snot that the company has been scammed, it is because of other things like their websiteor business that is not converting all of the leads sent from the efforts of thosecompanies.So, as I am telling you this I am opening your eyes to other avenues. There are moreneeds that a company (like yours) requires, more than just website traffic. It’s both trafficand conversions.So in essence, companies like yours aren’t looking for the latest and greatest onlinemarketing tip. No! You’re looking for something that works for your business.[AKA customers, clients, patients, etc.]So how can you position your company to navigate through all of the B.S. Hyped-Upmarketing companies and find the best of the best to work on behalf of your business? could attempt to do it all yourself - there are tons of training courses andmanuals on what kinds of marketing you could do... being peddled to offline businessowners like you. This is great, but how about investing in a simple custom proven-marketing plan that incorporates both offline and online platforms? - That can be DoneFor YOU – instead of done by you...I had to figure this out so myself in my own business.... Now you don’t have to. The factis, I don’t really sell and Im not a salesperson by any means. Im an AdvertisingAdviser. And Here is the advice I am offering to you today-Introducing the "Responsive Offline Results" – For Local Business Owners!Video SeriesThis video series was made for the small business owner serious about taking theirmarketing to the next level. And who want to control their advertising results andconsistently grow more sales for their business. It is not about me trying to provide SEOservices to these businesses. NO! Its about providing expert strategies that work!This step by step, 7 part video series takes you by the hand and shows you how to getmore results from your marketing without losing your shirt, getting scammed, orworrying if this marketing stuff truly works!Sound interesting? Then you will want to pay close attention.Heres a list of this 7 part video series in more detail:
  3. 3. Video #1 - Introduction to Creating Responsive Offline ResultsIn this video, you will be given a quick overview of the video course as a whole; whattools you will need, how it all works, and much more. The total idea of what we’ll bediscussing in detail and how each video contributes to this video course to enable youto effectively implement this system in your business immediately. Answers- Why yourbusiness needs a system and how to get started now?Video #2 - Crush fears, melt any resistance and/or complaints instantlyDo you know what the biggest fears, misunderstandings questions that keep yourbiggest and best customers awake at night? Most companies miss answering this inboth their online and offline marketing! You should clearly know the answer to: “WhyAny Customer Should Do Business with You?” If you’re not sure of the answer, thenyour advertising message fails 99% of the time to convert them. By knowing what theseanswers are and sharing them in all of your marketing, you will be able to stand out.Another tip of advice is to avoid doing what everyone else is doing.Video #3 - Start with conversions, then trafficIf youre like most offline businesses – you just want results. Yet most advertising &marketing service providers think you care about the latest and greatest shiny-newbacklink methods, etc. We know you don’t care about all of the fancy online traffic tricks,backlinks, seo, and more. Many businesses, like yours, are lacking in the area ofconversions of this traffic. And that may be why your/their business aren’t doing as wellonline and offline. In this specific video, you will learn how to analyze your businessoffers, ads, and marketing message. And see if your current system (in place right now)is converting and returning a profit or loss? Also, If you are not converting or gettingenough traffic to turn a profit - then no matter how much traffic(cash) you drive to anoffer, it simply will not convert for you – This is why many businesses go bankrupt.Video #4 - Where to find a pool of your best potential responsive customersWould you like to know how to spot your biggest & best potential clients (customers)who will be responsive to your offer online or offline? There are a few ways to lure themaway from the other businesses that are not learning/applying what you will in thisvideo. By attracting and offering helpful content to these types of buyers/clients/patients,etc.; Your business will easily get customers because you are giving them what they arelooking for - “value+ help”! The key is to find out where these customers are searching,figure out what they are concerned with most, and provide helpful informative content(offers) that guides them to a benefit, result, outcome or resource for improving whatthey are looking to do. You’ll learn a lot more about this topic in this video.Video #5 - Getting potential customers into your door (and/or on the phone)After you watch video 4 and you have attracted many potentially responsive customers(clients), now what? In this video you will learn what to do after you find them. In otherwords, you’ll learn how to get them into your door and/or on the phone forappointments, to buy, build rapport and gain their trust. This begins the process of
  4. 4. building a strong & loyal relationship with them. You’ll learn a lot more than just what isin this video.Video #6 - Outsourcing your conversions materials, ads, etc.It takes some work to get these potential client/customers into the door or on the phone.So how would you like to outsource the process of this so that you can consistently dothis on autopilot and get more business anytime you want with just one press of abutton? In this video you will learn how to outsource your conversions, marketingmaterials, your online + offline ads, and much more. If you want to expand yourbusiness you need to learn how to outsource and not do everything yourself. Doingeverything yourself simply limits the growth of your business/practice.Video #7 - Avoid positioning your business as a cheap service or product sellerA lot of people will tell you to give away free stuff and free gifts to prospective clients.But the question is, how do you avoid positioning yourself as a cheap service?Unfortunately, there is a fine line between giving away free stuff to the point where youlower the perceived value of your products and/ services. I made the mistakes so thatyou don’t have to. I positioned myself as a cheap service for a client, to the point wherehe thought he was doing me a favor by paying me $10 per hour. Often this can happenwhen people see your free service offer (or discount) as a sign of desperation.However, there is a fine line. In this video you will learn how to avoid this.So, with all of that said, grab this video series now and learn how to generate morebusiness, clients, patients and/or customers without spending/wasting more of youradvertising dollars. Go Here: Regards,Derrick AliHearAndProfit Publishing ForSmarterBuyers.comP.S. This is the most risk-free way to generate more money from your online advertisingand offline marketing offers without paying an arm and a leg to make it happen.P.P.S. If you want to learn how to generate more business without selling, or spendingtons (wasting) advertising dollars; then you need to watch this video training coursetoday. Don’t let time pass by and lose money in doing so. Watch it today!