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What You Can Do To Better Your Business Results By Using Mobile Website and Applications...

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Free report better_businesses_use_mobile_apps_for_smarterbuyers

  1. 1. Mobile Apps Report – “What Every Business Must Know About Mobile Apps?”Copyright, Legal Notice and Disclaimer:This publication is protected under the US Copyright Act of 1976 and all other applicableinternational, federal, state and local laws, and all rights are reserved, including resale rights: Youare not allowed to give or sell this Guide to anyone else. If you received this publication fromanyone other than, youve received a pirated copy. Please contact usvia e-mail at support at and notify us of the situation.Please note that much of this publication is based on personal experience and anecdotalevidence. Although the author and publisher have made every reasonable attempt to achievecomplete accuracy of the content in this Guide, they assume no responsibility for errors oromissions. Also, you should use this information as you see fit, and at your own risk. Yourparticular situation may not be exactly suited to the examples illustrated here; in fact, its likelythat they wont be the same, and you should adjust your use of the information andrecommendations accordingly.Any trademarks, service marks, product names or named features are assumed to be the propertyof their respective owners, and are used only for reference. There is no implied endorsement ifwe use one of these terms.Finally, use your head. Nothing in this Guide is intended to replace common sense, legal,medical or other professional advice, and is meant to inform and entertain the reader. So have funand enjoy the report . Copyright © 2012 HEARANDPROFIT Publishing. All rights reserved worldwide.HearAndProfit Publishing (517) 962-1747
  2. 2. Mobile Apps Report – “What Every Business Must Know About Mobile Apps?” HearAndProfit DERRICK ALI, Publisher Call Us: (517) 962-1747 Email Us: Visit Us Online: www.HearAndProfit.comABOUT HAPHearAndProfit Publishing are the creators of marketingassets, trainings, and online tools highly-recommended by leading onlineprofessionals. HAP provides expert training, support via consulting services formarketing/sales-development, mobile websites, premium email/text software, onlinevideos, ebook reports, and mobile-applications for local businesses.Our mission is to provide offline businesses with state of the art strategies that allowthem to instantly connect with their customers (wherever they may be - online or off)delivering valuable content-rich offers for our clients in a truly irresistible way.IntroductionUnless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that mobile marketing is theabsolute HOTTEST form of marketing that there is to date, and for good reason.Mobile marketing allows you to connect with people that are actually interested inyour types of products or services on a whole new level.HearAndProfit Publishing (517) 962-1747
  3. 3. Mobile Apps Report – “What Every Business Must Know About Mobile Apps?”Think about it. When you leave the house, what are the 3 things that you just aboutALWAYS take with you? 1. Your Keys 2. Your Wallet/Purse 3. Your Phone 4.We wouldn’t think of leaving the house without our phones, especially our smartphones.With our smart phones we can make calls, get directions, order flowers, find a placeto grab a bite to eat, manage our business and even find local businesses (like yours)…all while we’re on the go. • There are 5 times more mobile devices in the world than there are desktop computers. • There are more mobile devices in the world than there are cars • There have been 10.9+ Billion App Downloads • Mobile Marketing is expected to increase by 66 times in 2013 • Demand for download-able Apps is expected to peak in 2013 • One half of all local searches are performed on mobile devices • 51% of local searches are performed on mobile devices…What’s the difference between a mobile website and a mobileapp?A mobile website is an optimized version of your website that should ideally onlycontain the relevant information that someone would need when they’re looking atyour business’s website on their mobile phone.It should not contain everything as people looking at your website on their mobilephones do not need ALL the information that you have on your standard website.You should always think about it from the stand point as if you were searching for abusiness like yours on YOUR mobile phone. “So what would I be looking for on my site if I was viewing it on my mobile phone or i-pad?”HearAndProfit Publishing (517) 962-1747
  4. 4. Mobile Apps Report – “What Every Business Must Know About Mobile Apps?”The answer is usually just the basic important facts such as: - Business Location - Business Hours - Directions - Products - Services - A Click to Call Button (so they click a single button to call your business) - Special DealsWith a mobile website, a user should be able to either go directly to your mobile sitefrom a mobile search engine, QR code or by them entering your standard website,which automatically redirects to your mobile site because your site detected that thevisitor is coming from a mobile phone. (If you don’t know how to do that, don’tworry! We can help!)A mobile app on the other hand is something the user actually downloads onto theirsmart phone. Apps are downloaded from App Stores, also known as App Markets. Thelargest App Markets in no particular order are the Apple App Store, the Android Marketthe Blackberry App World and the Windows Phone Marketplace.What Does an App Do That a Mobile Website Doesn’t?While an app can pull information from the internet, much like a mobile website, oneof the big differences is that it can be accessed without an internet connection.In addition, mobile apps also allow you to send notifications to your customers. Thisis great to be able to let them know about: 1. Upcoming events 2. Special promotions and discounts 3. Important news and updatesIn addition having a mobile app can also: 1. Provide step by step directions via their phone’s GPS 2. Brand your business 3. Help you to be found in the App Stores 4. Separate you from your competition 5. Engage your customers through your social media channelsHearAndProfit Publishing (517) 962-1747
  5. 5. Mobile Apps Report – “What Every Business Must Know About Mobile Apps?” One of the BIGGEST advantages of a Mobile App is something called PUSH Notifications…OK … So What Exactly is a PUSH Notification?Glad you asked!A push notification allows you to send messages to the people that have downloadedand installed your app… here’s the best part… Even when the app isn’t even open! Now, you can’t just go spamming those that have downloaded your app. It still needs to be relevant to your business and that they have opted in to subscribe. One of the most powerful features of having an app is to be able to Geo-Target those that have your app installed. What does that mean you ask? Imagine someone getting in a certain range of your business when all of a sudden they hear that they have a notification on their phone. They look at their phone to see that your business (which “just happens” to be right around the corner from where they are…) is offering them a special deal if they come in now.Do I Need a Mobile Website AND a Mobile App? Many people may have different answers to this question. My take on it is ABSOULUTELY.Why?Because if people are going to look for you online, you DO NOT want to send them toyour regular website. It is simply UNPROFESSIONAL and a HORRIBLE IDEA to sendpeople on their mobile phones to your standard website.By not having a mobile website you are just asking for people looking for a businesslike yours (or your actual business) to get off of YOUR website, and find a mobilefriendly website (your competitor’s) instead.HearAndProfit Publishing (517) 962-1747
  6. 6. Mobile Apps Report – “What Every Business Must Know About Mobile Apps?”People on their mobile phones want information fast. They don’t have time to scrollall over, zoom in and out and look all over to try to find info about your business.So that is an absolute must.When it comes to a mobile app, you are creating a better experience for yourcustomers and really getting your brand out in to your market and creating a sense ofloyalty from your customers to your company.Think about it. A mobile website, while necessary, is something that your users go towhen THEY want to. By having them download your app, you can now communicateand engage your customers when YOU want to.What Kinds of Businesses Need a Mobile App? The simple answer to this is any business that has repeat customers or any business that gets a lot of foot traffic. The more a customer is likely to frequent your business, the higher the chance is that YOUR business NEEDS a mobile app. A roofing company, for example, does not have a frequent repeat buying customer. You only need a new roof every 15-30 years. Yes, you might be called in for some repairs due to storm damage or something of that nature, but all in all, you’re not getting the repeat business that say, a coffee shop or restaurant would expect.So while businesses that sell higher ticket items that are less frequently purchased aregenerally not a good candidate for having a mobile app, it is not always the case.A great example of this is Car Dealerships.A mobile app is a great way to get people coming back to your business. Cardealerships frequently hold special events where they give a way prizes to lure peoplein to their dealership to acquire fresh new leads. Why not have them download yourmobile app as a part of their entry into the contest?Or how about offering a free oil change to entice them to download? Why would acar dealer want to do that?Well, it’s obvious. They either want to communicate to people that have not yetbecome a customer so that they will become one, or they want to get their currentcustomers coming back and a mobile app is a great way to do both.HearAndProfit Publishing (517) 962-1747
  7. 7. Mobile Apps Report – “What Every Business Must Know About Mobile Apps?”With a mobile app, they can send out notifications on special offers & car giveawaysto get more people back in the door to look at vehicles or even get people to comeback more frequently to maintain their vehicles.That is just one example of how a business with a higher end product that does nothave a high frequency of repurchases can benefit by having a mobile app.Restaurants are another great example. People often frequent the samerestaurants. Having your own mobile app is a great way to let people know aboutyour latest specials, your menu items, to give them GPS directions to your restaurant,let them know about special events, to even send them specials through pushnotifications to get them coming back more often and even to let them see whentheir friends are at your restaurant!While those are just 2 examples, you can see that most businesses would GREATLYbenefit by having their own mobile app. If your still wondering if your business canbenefit from its own mobile app, give us a call or shoot us over an email and we’llglad to see if it’s a good fit for you and your business and let you know whichfunctions we think would be a best fit for you and your customers.How Much Does a Mobile App Cost & What Should I Do Next?The cost can vary depending on the complexity of the application. We know youprobably don’t know where to start with building a mobile app, and we wouldn’texpect you to. That’s what we’re here for!Get in touch with us today and we’ll go over all of our different options and discuss acustom tailored mobile app that’s right for your business to help you promote yourbrand, increase customer loyalty, obtain new prospects, engage those prospects soyou can turn them into customers, provide a better experience to your customers andin the end, bring in more revenue as a result.We look forward to helping your business become more profitable!Are you interested in learning more about having a mobile application created foryour business? Great! Then Call us for your no-cost no-obligation 20 minuteconsultation by phone!Cheers,Derrick Ali(517) 962-1747HearAndProfit Publishingwww.ForSmarterBuyers.comHearAndProfit Publishing (517) 962-1747