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PPG Industries Corp Overview Brochure


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PPG Industries Corporate Overview Brochure

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PPG Industries Corp Overview Brochure

  1. 1. PPG Industries Agilon, Alteos, Bringing innovation to the surface, Durablade, PPG IdeaScapes, RapidMatch and Vari-Cool are trademarks of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.One PPG Place Accu-Tab, Amercoat, Aquabase, Atlantica, CeramiClear, ChopVantage, CR-39, Durabed, Duranar, Envirobase, Hi-Sil, HYBON, OptiPrime, PSX, Solarban, Solarphire, Starphire, Sustain,Pittsburgh, PA 15272 USA Teslin, Trivex and TufRov are registered trademarks of PPG Industries Ohio, PPG Pittsburgh Paints and PPG Porter Paints are trademarks of PPG Architectural Finishes, Inc. ColorClix, Olympic, Pure Performance and The Voice of Color are registered trademarks of PPG Architectural Finishes, Inc. NXT is a registered trademark of Intercast Europe, S.r.l. Transitions is a registered trademark of Transitions Optical, Inc. Desothane and PRC are registered trademarks of PRC-DeSoto International, Inc. STANDING OUT Absolu System, Dekoral, Gauthier, Guittet, Johnstone’s, Primalex, Prominent Paints, Ripolin, Seigneurie, Sigma Coatings, SigmaGlide, SigmaPrime and Trilak are trademarks or registered trademarks of PPG Industries-related entities. Six Flags is a registered trademark of Six Flags Theme Parks, Inc. LEED is a registered trademark of the U.S. Green Building Council. INNOVATION SUSTAINABILITY COLOR ™ Bringing innovation to the surface. PAINTS - COATINGS - OPTICAL PRODUCTS - SILICAS - CHEMICALS - GLASS - FIBER GLASS © 2011, PPG Industries, Inc. Bringing innovation to the surface.™
  2. 2. Imagine... Ahead of the Green Wave Airplane cabin windows that dim at the touch of a button. Sustainability has long been an underlying principle at PPG. Many of the innovations we’ve introduced over the last several years have provided our Metal coatings that help keep buildings cooler and change color with the viewing angle. customers with an environmental or sustainability advantage. In the paint Automotive paint technology that shrinks total costs and manufacturing footprints industry, we were one of the earliest pioneers to introduce low-volatile organic for carmakers. compound (VOC) products. Our RIPOLIN® Green was one of the first paint brands in France to offer product formulations with a high concentration—up Environmentally friendly marine coatings that can save fuel on every route. to 98 percent—of natural raw materials. Exceptionally clear glass that transmits light even as it blocks solar heat. Our B1:B2 automotive paint technology eliminates a step in the coatings process and the need for separate paint booths and oven dryers. This reduces Thin-film wind turbine blade coatings that reduce weight and labor costs. capital, operating costs and energy use in our automotive original equipment Tools that help consumers create a personal, customized palette for their painting projects. manufacturer (OEM) customers plants. Our low-emissivity (low-e) window glasses improve energy efficiency in homes and buildings. Our TESLIN® substrate Silica products that improve the performance, safety and fuel efficiency of tires. used in cards, tags and labels is now also available in a biodegradable version. This provides manufacturers an end-of-life solution with the benefits of durability, Protective coatings that stand up to the harshest conditions and drive down printability and built-in security offered by the original sheet material. And our maintenance costs. SOLARPHIRE® anti-reflective (AR) glass helps lower the overall cost of solar Color that commands attention, builds brand identity and drives consumer preference. energy by increasing the efficiency of solar modules as well as the marketability of our renewable energy customers’ products. At PPG, these are just a few of the ways that we’re making sure our company—and our customers—stand out in a competitive world. And we’re doing it by focusing on three things: innovation, sustainability and color. Leading In Color Besides our focus on innovation and sustainability, there is another chapter in At PPG, Innovation is Nothing New PPG’s success story: our color leadership. Our presence in a wide array of business and geographic markets gives us a unique vantage point from which As the world leader in coatings and specialty materials today, we have always led to observe and translate emerging global color trends for our customers with innovation. We truly believe that innovation is a rite of survival, not only for applications—from decorative to automotive color, from residential to commercial our company, but for our customers as well. to consumer goods and industrial design. For example, automakers today rely on PPG products such as our High Throw We continue to develop innovative color coatings technologies for surfaces as ED-7 E-Coat for improved rust protection and enhanced operating efficiency. diverse as laptop casings, roller coasters and airplanes. Our DESOTHANE® But not so long ago, rust was a severe threat to a vehicle’s structural integrity. topcoats offer fast color matching and application excellence to help airline PPG pioneered electrodeposition coating technology in the 1960s, vastly improving companies make impressive statements about themselves and their brands. corrosion resistance and virtually eliminating rust on vehicles. Our D8113 Matte Clearcoat allows sports car manufacturers to create trend-setting aesthetics. And, we are the only company to use infrared-reflective (IR) Today our TRIVEX® lens material and NXT® lenses, visors, goggles and frames pigments combined with color-shifting pigments—in products such as our are enabling inventive products that feature extreme performance for eyeglass DURANAR® VARI-COOLTM coatings—to dramatic result. wearers worldwide and in specific outdoor activities. These advances build on our lens material heritage dating back to 1945, when we patented the first commercially Across our core business markets, everywhere you look, PPG is there with successful plastic lens material, CR-39®. It remains the #1-selling lens material on outstanding solutions. the market. Our wide selection of glass products today includes STARPHIRE® Ultra-Clear glass, the most transparent architectural glass available, capping more than a century of glass performance enhancements. Innovations such as these—and more on the pages that follow—are key developments for our company. But the real impact occurs when we share the advantages of these innovations with our customers. That’s when, together, we benefit from increased market share, access to new markets, and further opportunities to expand the playing field.1 2
  3. 3. CONSUMER PRODUCTS Colorful Thinking Letting consumers introduce a little color into their lives, and a little of themselves into their color choices. PPG touches the lives of consumers in ways both seen and unseen. As a pioneer in color, we engineer coatings using unique pigments and special effects that speak to consumers, move products and build our customers’ market share and reputation for innovation. Our vast product array and application expertise mean we can add color value to a variety of surfaces including eye-popping consumer electronics, lus- trous lawn furniture, vibrant washers and dryers, brilliant barbecue grills and tool storage cabinets. Making the difference in color. The work we do in creating colorful new coatings has proven to make a marked difference to consumers as they choose their products—in turn making a difference to manufacturers’ bottom lines. Studies show that color can be 85 percent of the driving factor in why a consumer chooses a particular product. PPG provides our cus- tomers with color consultation, color matching, trend forecasting and other color tools and services to better position themselves with their customers. And beyond. Beyond color, we work with our customers to help them achieve the desired look, feel and image for their product’s surface. What we make also helps to make products tougher and greener—with everything from solvent-free powder coatings that emit virtually no VOCs to packaging coatings and inks that protect and decorate metal cans. PPG also has a hand in other products that end up in consumers’ hands. For example, Transitions Optical, a joint venture of PPG and Essilor, is the leading provider of adaptive lenses to optical manufacturers. TRANSITIONS® lenses, which darken when exposed to sunlight, are the #1 eyecare professional-recommended photochromic lenses worldwide.3 4
  4. 4. AUTOMOTIVE primer provides performance properties and appearance We also help increase fuel economy and decrease emissions equaling traditional solventborne material. DURABED® by providing lightweight TUFROV® and CHOPVANTAGE® Lasting impressions. sprayable bedliner, the industry’s first and only factory-applied fiber glass for composite parts, and silica products that bedliner, offers superior weather resistance. reduce the rolling resistance of tires while increasing traction Automakers also depend on us to make sure their vehicles for improved handling and safety. AGILON® performance keep their colorful shine mile after mile. Advancements in Collision shops and fleet maintenance operations rely on silicas further enhance tire performance and enable Turning Heads corrosion-fighting undercoats and innovations such as our PPG color expertise to help them restore a vehicle’s finish. increased throughput, CERAMICLEAR® clearcoat set new industry standards for Using the latest color-matching tools, such as our lower energy Theres color, and then theres color that stops you in your mar- and scratch-resistance. OPTIPRIME® waterborne RAPIDMATCH® spectrophotometers consumption tracks. We engineer the second kind. and color print tools, refinishers and reduced are assured of accurate color VOC emissions PPG color helps make vehicles move off the showroom matches time after time. Our floor. Automakers rely on our pearl, opalescent and other in the tire premium-quality paint systems manufacturing special-effects coatings and lustrous, on-trend palettes to include market-leading create brand identity and add real value to vehicles. They process. ENVIROBASE® High also count on our consistency across surfaces and from Performance and AQUABASE® plant to plant. We understand their cost drivers, so we’ve Plus waterborne coatings, streamlined the traditional new car paint process to eliminate which emit low VOCs, speed steps and layers using eco-friendly waterborne and powder color matching and eliminate coatings systems, while providing automakers with greater expensive stirring equipment. color flexibility and superior finishes.25 6
  5. 5. RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION Home Smart Home We’re enhancing the beauty and comfort of homes on the inside—and curb appeal outside. PPG is proud of the collaborative relationships we’ve formed with leading architects, designers, builders and remodelers through the years. Our products let them design in color and maximize natural light while keeping out the heat and cold and improving energy efficiency. Around the world, we help professionals optimize aesthetic and design choices and make the job easier from conception to completion. Looking smart. PPG’s architectural coatings are known worldwide under leading names such as SIGMA COATINGS ®, SEIGNEURIE ®, JOHNSTONES®, ABSOLU®, RIPOLIN®, GUITTET®, GAUTHIER®, DEKORAL®, TRILAK™, PRIMALEX™, PROMINENT PAINTS®, PPG PITTSBURGH PAINTS™, PPG PORTER PAINTS™, OLYMPIC® and other popular brands of residential and commercial paints. PPG’s broad line of architectural coatings includes everything from low-VOC interior and exterior paints and stains, to long-lasting exterior metal roof coatings that reflect the sun’s heat. PPG helps home builders and designers simplify the color selection process for their clients with color consultants and online tools such as the ones available from THE VOICE OF COLOR® program from PPG PITTSBURGH PAINTS™ and the COLORCLIX® application from the OLYMPIC® brand. The ABSOLU SYSTEM® is a PPG color management system for the professional market in Europe that assures customers of the highest performance level for tinting architectural coatings. With its 32 VOC-free colorants, the system enables the production of a wide array of environmentally friendly colors conforming to EU regulations. Smarter products. Our low-emissivity—or low-e—glass products maximize natural light while keeping out the cold and heat and improving energy efficiency. Our fiber glass products are ideal for high strength-to-weight ratio applications. We can even help ease swimming pool maintenance with our SUSTAIN® pool care system, which is designed to deliver chlorine more evenly than conventional pool care chemicals.7 8
  6. 6. Lead Architect: Jeremy Jones, AIA, LEED AP, DWL Architects & Planners, Inc. COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION Building ideas. coatings. Other innovative PPG glasses include SOLARBAN® A library story. 72 STARPHIRE® glass, which transmits light, blocks solar heat and features triple-silver coating technology for The Appaloosa Branch Library in Scottsdale, Ariz., is not exceptional clarity. In Europe, PPG is developing, producing just a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) and commercializing state-of-the-art External Thermal Gold-certified building, it’s also a stunning example of how Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS) to enhance the Unexpected Angle PPG’s building products are helping to change the face of performance of thermal insulation products and to save energy. modern architecture. To enhance the beauty of the exterior Expanding design possibilities while shrinking their impact and reduce cooling costs, the library’s architect used PPG’s color capabilities for the commercial building and on the environment. DURANAR® VARI-COOL™ coatings by PPG, which reflect construction sector include decorative color trends forecasting, the sun’s energy and dramatically shift color according to special-effects coating technologies, the largest selection of At PPG, we understand that commercial construction today viewing angle. Our SOLARBAN® 60 ATLANTICA® low-e tinted glass options in the industry and the ability to work is about creating buildings that are functional, efficient and glass allowed him to incorporate vast areas of emerald-green consultatively with the architect team to coordinate building sustainable. That’s why we offer a wide range of building glass while reducing the size of the library’s HVAC system component colors. products that are specifically engineered to enable architects and its energy bills. And for the interior walls, PPG offered and contractors to meet a variety of high-performing, environmentally preferred the demanding needs of coatings, including zero-VOC PURE PERFORMANCE® 21st-century construction. paints. PPG IDEASCAPES™ offers a wide array of innovative glass, metal coatings and architectural coatings choices for commercial building and construction projects. Our architectural coatings line includes products for specific needs—from interior paints and stains to fire-retardant and antibacterial29 10
  7. 7. AEROSPACE Our new electrochromic ALTEOS™ interactive window systems From a maintenance standpoint, PPG’s coatings systems reduce cabin-cooling requirements while enhancing passenger allow carriers to easily update and change exterior branding comfort. PPG’s cockpit windows help improve safety by to maintain all-around aircraft appearance—without causing dramatically reducing glare and repelling rainwater. We also costly delays in upkeep. Our selectively strippable exterior supply yarn, roving and thermoplastic fiber glass products for aircraft coatings can shorten aircraft strip-and-repaint lightweight composite parts, eco-friendly paint removal and cycles by up to two days. Cleared for Takeoff cleaning products and chemical management services. Planes that fly lighter, look better and offer a flying Sky’s the limit. experience that truly transports us. At PPG, we consider our customers’ full range of aerospace Airlines are as interested in reducing fuel costs and carbon needs—from safety to customer comfort to regulatory emissions as they are in branding the planes in their fleet. compliance. No detail goes unnoticed. For example, our At PPG, our lighter coatings customized sealant solutions include specially made caps and sealants significantly cut for dome-sealing fasteners on aircraft. These PRC® seal the weight of each aircraft—saving caps, which come frozen, reduce process time and waste environmental impact, lowers aircraft weight and produces since technicians thaw only the number of caps needed. fuel and money each time the a smooth, highly durable gloss finish. Our advanced coating plane flies. Our completely technologies offer proven gloss and color retention along green, chromate-free exterior with the ability to create custom color matches and special coatings system reduces topcoat effects for varying needs.11 12
  8. 8. INFRASTRUCTURE Standing Up For assets that must withstand the elements, PPG high-performance coatings resist and protect. The Scorcher Roller Coaster at Atlanta’s SIX FLAGS® Theme Park soars 107 feet high and exceeds speeds of 50 miles per hour, challenging thrill-seekers who must ride standing up! Its sheer enormity, constant vibration and need for enduring color vibrancy with minimal downtime present a unique coatings challenge, too. PPG is up to the task. Our AMERCOAT®, SIGMA COATINGS® and PSX® 700 products for steel structures like the Scorcher, as well as bridges, pipelines and other civil and industrial projects, protect infrastructure, guard against corrosion and apply more easily—while providing brilliant aesthetics that will make you flip. At PPG, our deep knowledge base in color means we can offer our industrial and infrastructure customers color trends forecasting services to best serve their end-user base. Industrial-sized challenges. We bring forward-thinking and industry-leading products to any industrial job we undertake—whether it’s for a record-breaking roller coaster, a bridge or a water storage tank. At PPG, our science of surfaces helps our customers in the infrastructure, chemical processing, oil and gas, and power industries to protect their assets anywhere their business takes them. PPG is also a partner that goes far beyond the surface. We produce the fiber glass in welding blankets, which provides fire resistance and a high strength-to-weight ratio. We have expertise in ambient-cure and anti-microbial technology. And we provide ACCU-TAB® tablet chlorination systems for water disinfection and HI-SIL® silica thickening agents to improve suspension performance in adhesives, caulks and sealants.13 14
  9. 9. RENEWABLE ENERGY The power of the sun. bonds in those blades allow them to last longer, providing cost savings and reduced environmental impact. Our The sun offers another renewable form of energy, and solar DURABLADE™, nacelle, and spinner gel coats and coatings energy can be converted into electricity with the help of add to the innovation with eco-friendly high-solids and solar collection. PPG’s specialized glasses markedly improve low-VOC technologies that enhance productivity and the efficiency of solar panels by allowing them to draw Enabling Energy corrosion protection. more energy from the sun. PPG recently introduced seven new SOLARPHIRE® glass products that not only maximize For the world’s leaders in renewable On the horizon. efficiency of solar collection but set new performance standards energy, our thinking helps power theirs. in their respective categories. At PPG, we’re continually exploring new directions in fiber PPG is helping companies make the most of renewable reinforcements, resin systems and production processes that PPG has also formed the PPG Solar Performance Group energy for today and ensuring a bright future for tomorrow. will continue to drive wind energy to lower cost-of-energy to apply our proficiency in glass handling and fabrication PPG fiber glass, coatings and specialty glass are designed to levels in the future. as well as our expertise in developing durable, environmentally support the production of renewable wind- and solar-energy sensitive protective coatings, adhesives and sealants—to equipment, while enhancing their reliability and efficiency. The equipment used in developing alternative energy sources frequently endures difficult natural conditions such as harsh provide customers with complete solar solutions. Across the renewable energy landscape, PPG has products onshore and offshore climates and the corrosive impact of that make a significant difference. PPG’s HYBON® fiber rain and seawater. PPG’s protective coatings resist corrosion glass, for example, is used to manufacture lightweight wind and prolong the aesthetics of the paint finish, in turn providing turbine blades with high tensile strength. Our proprietary resin direct cost savings by extending durability and equipment life.215 16
  10. 10. MARINE Smooth Sailing Operating at peak efficiency in some of the world’s most demanding—and sensitive—environments. When marine vessels run efficiently, they can save fuel on every route. But when marine organisms attach to the hull, it creates drag. PPG’s marine coatings solutions include SIGMAGLIDE® biocide-free fouling-release coatings. By creating an extremely smooth surface, this advanced coating system reduces hull friction resistance, lowers CO2 and SO2 emissions, and provides significant fuel savings. Because it doesn’t contain biocides, it’s helpful to ship owners in adopting environmental compliance programs. A wide application window and improved curing make our coatings ideal for critical shipyard schedules while providing outstanding performance during ship service. A history at sea. Our roots in marine coatings go back to 1722, when Sigma Coatings began supplying coatings for marine protection that became a significant factor in the working life and profitability of a vessel. At PPG today, the SIGMA COATINGS® brand offers a wide variety of leading global marine products. Among them, SIGMAPRIME® multi-purpose universal primer for marine newbuilding offers excellent water and corrosion resistance through hot, humid summers and cold winters. Perfect match. Through our SIGMA COLOR NETWORK centers, PPG offers our most popular coatings in an extensive range of colors for the marine industry. A state-of-the-art color identification system and an advanced blending process ensure that all tinted coatings meet the internationally recognized and registered colors and that deliveries match corporate livery or owner preferences. Every mixed color is registered, guaranteeing that new deliveries will be an exact match.17 18