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MEP Films Presentation

  1. 1. Where We Are. Corporate Profile. Our Collection. Marketing & Media Support.
  2. 2. Where We Are Brisbane Locally. Sydney Canberra Perth Auckland Wellington Adelaide Melbourne Christchurch HobartMEP Films by LLumar operations also in China, South Africa & Korea. Where We Are. Corporate Profile. Our Collection. Marketing & Media Support.
  3. 3. Corporate Profile.specialists in • leading edge research & developmentproviding advanced • quality film products from the world’s bestwindow film • confidence in service & deliverysolutions. • Established 30 years • Install/supply 2 million m² per annum Where We Are. Corporate Profile. Our Collection. Marketing & Media Support.
  4. 4. Corporate Profile.mepfilms by LLumar product range. • energy control - reduce solar heat by up to 80% shattering, protecting property and occupants and retain internal heat. A comprehensive range of • design and decorative - limitless customised architectural exterior films available for particular applications. printed film, for outdoor or interior use • glare reduction - reduce glare by up to 90% • anti-graffiti - sacrificial film for protection from vandalism and graffiti • ultra-violet and fade protection - block up to 99% UV rays (SPF 50+) • low internal reflection film - non-reflective outlook dramatically reducing the problem of the window • energy modelling analysis - analyse energy usage becoming a mirror for those inside looking out and operating costs • safety and security - absorb impact and resist Where We Are. Corporate Profile. Our Collection. Marketing & Media Support.
  5. 5. Corporate Profile.comprehensive range for all applicationsenergy modelling analysisAt MEP Films by LLumar, proprietary energy modelling software is used to analyseenergy usage and operating costs, to estimate potential energy savings, paybackperiod and the return on your investment. A detailed report can be provided with INDICATIVE 4 YEAR ‘PAYBACK’ EXAMPLE* Application of Energy Control Window Film $160Kan energy film solution that maximises building energy performance. At MEP Films Building ‘energy’ cost without Window Film $350K paby LLumar, the energy audit is free. Building ‘energy’ cost with Energy Control Window $310K pa Film Annual cost saving over a 4 year period $160K pa * Subject to costs of energy Where We Are. Corporate Profile. Our Collection. Marketing & Media Support.
  6. 6. Corporate Profile.MEP Films by LLumar goes green.Revolutionise any building’s space with state of the art window film.Enerlogic® Window Film is a highly advanced new glass window film for application to buildings and homes.When applied to ordinary glass, it makes it perform like double glazing, for as little as a quarter of the cost.In fact, its thermal performance is slightly better than double-glazing. Enerlogic® will also give double-glazing the thermal performance of triple-glazing.Traditionally, window films have been used in buildings and homes to reduce glare and heat, and to save energy costs in summer. These commonly usedstandard and Low-E solar window films have reached their limit of technical performance required for today’s needs and ecological demands.Enerlogic® Window Film was developed by Performance Films – formerly CP Films - to deliver a new generation of technically advanced window filmsthat would meet and exceed the higher performance standards now required.No other energy film can match the Where We Are. Corporate Profile. Our Collection. Marketing & Media Support.annual dollar savings you will make.
  7. 7. Enerlogic ®35 and 70There are twp types of Enerlogic Window Film:Enerlogic® 35: Warmer ClimatesA reflective spectrally selective dark emerald green coloured film with a patent-pending low-e coating combined with a high solar heat reductionfor summer but allows the ‘winter’ sun to enter in the cooler periods. Unlike conventional films, compatible with high efficiency lighting – lowiridescence on the internal surface. Ideal film for use when energy efficiency is required.Enerlogic® 70: Cooler ClimatesA non-reflective, spectrally selective film with a patent pending Low-E coating. That is, the film reflects an adequate amount of solar heat in thesummer, and at the same time, reflecting heat generated in the room, back into the room whilst allowing the ‘winter’ sun to enter in cooler periods.A light emerald green ‘coloured film’ with good heat reduction, allowing a high level of natural light to filter through.The perfect film for use when energy efficiency is required, without reducing light or enhancing the aesthetics of a building or home.Enerlogic® 70 Window Film Profile. Where We Are. Corporate Our Collection. Marketing & Media Support.NOW AVAILABLE
  8. 8. Enerlogic ®Activity Enerlogic® Window Films is Currently being Where We Are. Tag assessed. Profile. Green Corporate Our Collection. Marketing & Media Support.
  9. 9. Enerlogic ®Benefits1. Equivalent thermal performance to double glazing at almost a quarter of the price2. Quick and Easy Installation, no frame or glass replacement3. Perfect insulation film for winter climates4. No replaced glass, frames and leftover material to add to landfill5. Perfect heat rejection film for warmer climates6. No new use of aluminium or extra glass therefore substantially less CO2 is used7. Adds up to 92% more insulation to windows8. Designed for both winter and summmer climates9. Saves on your power bills (less use of heaters and air con)10. Trialled and tested to suit Australasian conditionsEnergy Modelling Are. Where We Corporate Profile. Our Collection. Marketing & Media Support.analysis program available.
  10. 10. Enerlogic ®Carbon FootprintEnerlogic® Window Films becomes carbon neutral in less than 2 months after installationwith an average life of 15 years.This means that Enerlogic® Window Films provide almost 15 years of greenhouse gas reductions after accounting for the products’s totalcarbon footprint.Upgrading current windows with Enerlogic® Window Films will produce less than 4.88kg of carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2 - E) per squaremetre. That amount is 70 - 267 times less than the carbon footprint of replacing current windows with new vinyl, wood or aluminium frameddouble glazed Low-E windows. ENERLOGIC OurDOUBLE GLAZING Support. ® Where We Are. Corporate Profile. Collection. Marketing & Media
  11. 11. WERS Comparativeglazing/film chart Performance 3mm Glass + 3mm Glass 3mm Glass + 3mm/6mm/3mm 3mm/6mm/3mm Tinted 6mm/5mm Criteria VEP70 VEP35 Double Glazing Double Glazing + Double Glazing VEP35Cooling Stars NONEHeating Stars NONE Cooling % 41% 2% 57% 22% 59% 57% Heating % 18% 0% 5% 27% 18% 3% U-Value 5.2 7.4 5.1 5.3 4.2 5.2 SHGC 0.47 0.77 0.24 0.69 0.28 0.24 Tvis 0.62 0.8 0.31 0.72 0.28 0.1 AI 5 5 5 5 5 5 Window ID MEP-001-24 WER-004-01 MEP-001-23 WER-004-05 MEP-003-23 WER-004-08 Glazing ID 3VEP70int 3CL 3VEP35int 3/06/03 3/6/3VEP35int 5ST/6/5Note 1: Figures correct at date of printing - February 16th 2012Note 2: Glass and framing data taken from WERS website using generic aluminium framed glazing Where We Are. Corporate Profile. Our Collection. Marketing & Media Support.
  12. 12. Corporate Profile.expertise & global reach.technical support & & nationalprojects division.SCEC approval. Where We Are. Corporate Profile. Our Collection. Marketing & Media Support.
  13. 13. Corporate Profile.testing & approvalsOur Safety and Security Window Films have been extensively tested and meet numerous standards including:ƒƒ Clear and tinted Safety and Security Window Film products have been ƒƒ We are endorsed by the Security Construction and Equipment Committee tested in Australia by the University of NSW Building Research Centre (SCEC) and have gained ASIO T4P Approval for shatter resistance on a and exceed Australian & New Zealand standard AS/NZS2208 for Human range of films for use in Australia. Impact and upgrade non-conforming glass to Australian & New Zealand Installation’ Standards AS1288 & NZS 4223. Where We Are. Corporate Profile. Our Collection. Marketing & Media Support.
  14. 14. Our Collection.introducing theworld’s most advancedwindow films for the home or the rated solar filmnight seriesmagnumbomb blast protectioncover up Where We Are. Corporate Profile. Our Collection. Marketing & Media Support.
  15. 15. Our Collection. Patented Department of Defense Strengthbomb blast & explosion Signals Defenses Commercial locations can be quickly and easily protected with IntelligenceIn an explosion, for example from a bomb blast or an industrial Glass Safety/Security Film Film and later removed to return the commercial space to its original condition.accident, extreme pressure waves cause glass to shatter and EXTERIOR 12mm INTERIORfly through the air with lethal force. The application of MEP Exterior Glazing EDGE One Solution - Multiple Benefits GRIP 12mmFilms by LLumar Magnum Security Film can help to mitigate Gasket or Bead ™ PERIMETER TECHNOLOGY Stops RF/IR Eavesdropping. Meets DoD* Policy Radio Frequency (RF) and Infraredthe risk of injury due to broken glass and help preserve the (IR) Emanation Protection Standards. Over 400 overseas critical government locations secured. Silicone Sealant Frameintegrity of the building envelope. Magnum Security Films Bead with triangular cross-sectionalhave been tested in simulated bomb blast applications and are profiledeemed effective in providing significant hazard reduction*. Health Provides Radio Frequency sheltering for equipment and personnel. Provideshigh grade protection for Glass EXTERIOR Safety/Security Film 15mm INTERIOR glass fragmentation and spall control in case of blast/ballistic events. Used in the control of intentional and unintentional Electro Magneticpeople & property. Exterior Glazing Gasket or Bead 12mm EDGE TAPE PERIMETER SYSTEM ™ Interference.The graphics below detail the high quality installation of Flexible tape Frame Energy Savings Highest Solar Energy Rejection for optically clear, low effectivity substrate. fastening system‘film to glass’ required today, to meet current global security cross-sectional profilestandards including SCEC* Approval. * DoD = United States “Department of Defense” Where We Are. Corporate Profile. Our Collection. Marketing & Media Support.
  16. 16. Our Collection.METAMARK From Metamark coloured vinyl, printable frost and digital print films Where We Are. Corporate Profile. Our Collection. Marketing & Media Support.
  17. 17. Our Collection.METAMARKunlimited printing potential thatcreates massive impactMetamark is our great new range of designer films andvinyls that offer an unlimited range of applications forsignage and visual media.The sky’s the limit with our 3great ranges:coloured vinylprintable frostdigital print films Where We Are. Corporate Profile. Our Collection. Marketing & Media Support.
  18. 18. Introducing Safety and Security Films. Protection For People and For a coole Property reduced ene r space, and added u rgy costs, from v protection ,Marketing & MEP Films by LLumar. MEP Films b choose y LLumar. mar For Protection And Peace Of Mind. MEP Films by LLuMedia Support. goes green. Glass is an essential element in contemporary architecture but it carries with it inherent Features Of Magnum Safety & Securi event of breakage, shattered glass risks. In the ty can become a Films Include: Large expa potent weapon with a high cost ns popular as es of glass in homes in personal injuries and property damage. There are that can cause glass panes to fail. many incidents » high optical clarity designers cr and workp Severe storms or » easy to clean and maintain. spaces. eate a grea laces are be rgy waste. cyclone activity, earthquakes, industria ter harmon coming mor e are a huge ene l accidents, » patented scratch resistant surface, y between e in the home or offic terrorist bombings - even a child with colliding with a inside and untreated windows sliding door. And if security is an independent tests proving it is the However toughest and this can lea energy and cont ribute towards reducing our the key focus presents a fragile barrier indeed. issue then glass most durable available heat, anno ying gla d to drama tic en outside that will help save y’s lifestyles with To meet these » a simple and cost effective, safety a lack of re, da ergy-s friendly solutions LLumar offer eco- understand the importanc e and needs of toda challenges MEP Films supply a range of Safety and and security privacy. Wi maging ultra violet apping » a cooler ho solution and conc th ray MEP Films by Furthermore, we us Security Window Films which offer practical to ern for the global energy costs s, and » greater pro me or offi ce carbon footprint. gs. s. This helps and » suitable for new and retrofit applicati owners are en soaring being on energy and cost savin gy usage and operating cost cost mize the building’s effective solutions. » SCEC approval* ons ever mind vironment rising, » greater pri tection fro m damagin to analyse ener ion that will maxi reducing software is used gy Control Window Film solut carbon em ful of conserving en building » vac better energ y g UV rays gy modelling Ener issions. ergy and Proprietary ener report, clearly providing an » y efficienc dramatically y, reducing generate a deta iled capability. Benefits: The answer en and furnit reduces fading of ca ergy costs energy saving is MEP Film ure rpets, curta premium ra s by LLum » WERS ins » decreases the risk of injury from nge of ‘Ene ar’s rated (Commerc , Building Energy Ra is modelling! Magnum Safety Window Films. rgy Star’ so free energy analys direct at flying glass films. ial Building ting Sche tment, email us window » holds broken shards of glass together payback perio ds and the retur n on your inves energy savings and solar cont rol The Smart Solution. » protects exterior glass surfaces lar » simply great lookin ) rated me energy savings, mation on our from severe These inc g To estim ate the possible visit our website for more infor weather and wind-borne debris redible pe or except yo rfo info@mepfilms Building owners and operators can » may help to reduce insurance ur view, pre rmers block out eve films. now help protect liability heat from venting up rything » protection against spontaneous en people and property from the dangers of flying, glass failure the glass. tering your home or to 79% of solar Th workplace ury VIC 3126 falling or broken glass with Magnum Safety Films can be im is means a building through Road, Canterb from MEP Films. They represen proved to s energy 210 Canterbury 3 9888 6944 t a practical and The films de also cut gla liver annual energ efficiency Etec70 Du al 2700 Fax +61 highly cost effective alternative A technolo Climate Film. Tel +61 3 8809 to fitting laminated remarkab re by up y savings. gically ad www.mepfilms safety glass - for new or retrofit applications. Their le 99% of to harmful UV 93% and block a enhanced with Infrar vanced win dow film use can help prevent and minimize rays. in a high ed ET personal injury, percentage Reflecting Technolo ec 70 is and ensure a ‘duty of care’ is met seasonal of visible gy. It lets in this regard. energy co light whilst clever in tha ntol. Etec7 providing t it blocks 0 Dual Cli the glass the heat fro mate Film in summer, m is the winter and allows getting through 210 Canterbury Road, Canterbu sun in. the warm ry VIC 3126 th from For all enquiries please contact You can *SCEC= Security Construction Equipment Tel +61 3 8809 2700 Fax +61 3 9888 210 Cante be confide Committee 6944 rbury Road by LLumar nt wh Tel +61 3 , Canterbu that our pro en choosing ME 8809 270 advanced, P are subje ducts are the world Films 0 Fax +61 ry VIC 312 www.mep 3 9888 694 6 and manu ct to string ’s most .au 4 facturing ent qualit deliver ser excellence y vic , and tha control every need e of the highest sta t we will . ndard to me et your profile. MAGNUM corporateproviding oduc intr safety an d se in curity film specialists window film security film ing safety and s adva nced s. protectio solutions. people and n for property. ildings. te g comple mercial bu ntial & com s easy . introducin n against reside automotive. introducing the gb usines e circle. rotectio makink outside th surface p andalism . world’s most advanced thi n graff iti and v automotive window film. omers. ar cust lms b y LLum le for MEP Fi int of sa ised po custom Where We Are. Corporate Profile. Our Collection. Marketing & Media Support.