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Becoming a bi developer


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Content of a presentation on how to become a Business Intelligence Developer. Presented in Houston, TX on 7/14/2015.

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Becoming a bi developer

  1. 1. Becoming a BI Developer HASSUG 7/14/2015 HOUSTON, TX DEREK WILSON
  2. 2. Becoming a BI Developer Different end users with different expectations Reports and clarity versus proper normalization Transaction speed is not a core requirement Preprocessing of data to store aggregates for ease of reporting tools to leverage
  3. 3. AdventureWorks (OLTP) Quick review of structures
  4. 4. Customer Customer table + Person schema tables contain the customer data used for reporting
  5. 5. ETL – Extract Transform and Load
  6. 6. AdventureWorks DW Star Schema Load Process OLAP Available on -
  7. 7. Types of Objects Fact Table ◦ Stores the data that measures tied to dimensional keys ◦ Count, Sum, Invoice Total Dimensions ◦ Stores the attributes that describe the fact table records ◦ Time, Product, Customer, Location Aggregate tables Views Functions and code reuse ◦ First day of the Month ◦ Last day of the month ◦ Active Customer
  8. 8. FactInternetSales - Table
  9. 9. DimCustomer
  10. 10. DimSalesTerritory
  11. 11. Types of Dimensions Type 1 ◦ Overwrites the old data in the dimension table with the new data Type 2 ◦ SCD type 2 stores the entire history the data in the dimension table. Three different ways to store the data: ◦ Versioning ◦ Flagging ◦ Effective Date Type 3 ◦ The current status and previous status of the row is maintained in the table
  12. 12. Designing for Reporting Tools How does each tool consume data? What is the best way to stage the data for the tool to leverage? Always refer to best practices when starting. SSRS Powerview Tableau
  13. 13. Reporting Speeds Know the audience How often will they view the report? Are you emailing the report versus online viewing? How fast should a report run? ◦ It Depends ◦ Dashboards – as fast a possible ◦ Summary Reports - minutes ◦ Detail Operational Reports – minutes/hours ◦ Cubes – as fast as possible
  14. 14. Contact Derek Wilson Email: