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Digital Marketing Framework


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We created the Digital Marketing Framework to help organizations improve their Digital Marketing efforts across 6 categories: Roles, Responsibilities, Processes, Technology, Content and Metrics.

This framework was designed with sales enablement best practices in mind. It should be used to audit your current capabilities and ultimately help you document an action plan for each of the following stakeholders: Senior Management, Strategic Communications, Demand Generation, Content Marketing, Community & Social Media, Public Relations, Product Marketing and Customer Experience.

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Digital Marketing Framework

  1. 1. TECHNOLOGY Senior Management ROLES RESPONSIBILITIES PROCESSES TECHNOLOGY CONTENT METRICS Revenue Accountability Staffing & Channel Management Reporting to CEO/Board Budgeting & Planning Reviews & Coaching Recruitment & Retention WCM Marketing Automation CRM Thought Leadership Blog Webinar Presentations Conference Keynotes Revenue by Channel Customer Lifetime Value, NPS Return on Customer (ROC) Strategic Communications Brand Strategy Digital Marketing Strategy Social & Mobile Strategy Marketing Budgeting Agency Management Communications Management WCM Content Marketing Platforms Social Media Platforms Data Sheets, Whitepapers Case Studies/Testimonials Competitive Analysis Market Share, Profitability Brand Equity Content Usage Demand Generation Lead Generation & Events Inbound/Outbound Marketing Sales Opportunity Management Advertising/Sponsorship Lead Generation Tradeshows Marketing Automation/Email Digital Asset Management Event/Survey Management Advertising/SEO Email Campaigns Webinars Campaign ROI, Email Metrics Marketing Qualified Leads Contribution to Pipeline Content Marketing Web Content Management Content Marketing Content Distribution Content Creation Campaign Analysis Content Scoring Website and Blogs eBooks, Articles Videos Content Views, Links Earned Content Conversion Content Published WCM, Blogging Platform, MA Content Marketing & Distribution Video Marketing Platforms Community & Social Media Online Community Management Social Listening Social Engagement Community Development Social Channel Management Social Reputation Management WCM Social Media Platforms Social Channels & Networks Posts, Tweets, Photos Forums, Chats, Comments Articles, Community News User Engagement Sentiment Analysis Campaign ROI Public Relations External Communications Media Relations Social Engagement Influencer Identification Relationship Cultivation Content Creation/Distribution Media Contact Database News Distribution & Monitoring Analytics & Reporting News Content/Press Releases Thought Leadership Content Rich & Social Media Content Mentions/Impressions Audience Growth & Engagement Sentiment Analysis Product Marketing New Product Development Mobile App Development Video Production/Development Product Launch Product Positioning Competitive Analysis New Features/Ideas for R&D Gamification Competitive Analysis Avg. Revenue Per User Avg. Order Value Conversion Rate, Renewal Rate WCM Mobile Development Platforms Video Production Platforms Digital Marketing Framework Customer Experience Interactive Experience Customer Satisfaction Customer Advocacy Customer Experience Customer Journey Mapping Customer Persona Creation Buyer Personas Customer Journey Map Proposals, Presentations Customer Satisfaction Index Customer Lifetime Value Net Promoter Score (NPS) Customer Profile Management Customer Support, Twitter Survey & Social Channels