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Degrees2Dreams Empowers College Students and Recent Grads to Land Career-Launching Jobs


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Using our unique six-step system that combines social media and good old-fashioned networking, we empower students, recent grads and college career counselors to initiate attention-getting campaigns that result in landing career-launching jobs.

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Degrees2Dreams Empowers College Students and Recent Grads to Land Career-Launching Jobs

  1. 1. We empower college students and recent grads to leverage the power of social media in the job search
  2. 2. We teach a 6-step, social-media- based job search system
  3. 3. Our system enables students to: •Stand out from the crowd •Showcase their skills •Demonstrate industry knowledge •Connect with key industry players •Land the career-launching job of their dreams
  4. 4. I developed the 6-step process after working with 300 students over 5 years
  5. 5. The 6 steps: 1. A scrubbed and robust digital footprint 2. Two resumes: 1) ATS-friendly; 2) interactive 3. A “Me” Site as a digital portfolio 4. A “Passion Blog” about a niche in their field 5. A social media marketing campaign of themselves 6. An informational interview campaign
  6. 6. A scrubbed and robust digital footprint1. Ninety percent of companies check candidates out on the web Seventy percent have rejected candidates based on what they find, but 70% have hired based partially on what they find
  7. 7. We show students how to scrub their digital footprint • (finds mentions of you in lots of place • Facewash (now SImpleWash) (scours Facebook) • (being rebuilt but best when it returns) • Reppler (scans Facebook profile for bad stuff) • BrandYourself (helps you make sure the results for a search of your name are good results) • Social Mention (searches social media for mentions) • BackTweets (searches for mentions of you on Twitter) • (searches for mentions of you everywhere and grades them) • Tin Eye (searches for your IMAGES everywhere!)
  8. 8. After their digital footprint is clean, we help them make it robust on LinkedIn and other major platforms
  9. 9. Here are two of my students to illustrate how it works John Otterbein URI grad, 2012 Marketing Assoc. Environmental nonprofit Sae Cho BU grad, 2011 Sr. Accnt. Exec. Social House, LA
  10. 10. A “Me” Site2. A digital portfolio, putting all their great work (including resume and references) in one place, helping create a positive digital footprint, and using a powerful, professional photo to fix the student in the mind of the employer in the role THEY want to be in.
  11. 11. Sae’s ‘Me’ Site
  12. 12. John’s ‘Me’ Site:
  13. 13. • • • • • • • • • Wordpress • Tumblr “Me” Site platforms
  14. 14. Two resumes:2. 1. “Anti-Black-Hole” resume (ATS-friendly resume) 2. A multimedia resume
  15. 15. ATS Resume2A. 1. Proper keywords in right places 2. Proper placement of skills 3. Proper order of elements 4. Absence of fancy stuff
  16. 16. Interactive Resume2B. 1. QR Code at top linking to intro video of student 2. QR Code at bottom linking to video of best reference
  17. 17. John and Sae’s “Before” Resumes
  18. 18. John and Sae’s “After” Resumes
  19. 19. Introductory videos Introductory videos instantly convey a student’s energy, passion and personality, converting a dull paper resume into a dynamic, memorable experience and helping answer the “cultural fit” question
  20. 20. QR Codes bring references to life John’s Reference Video
  21. 21. A “Passion” blog4. 1. Showcases students’ skills 2. Demonstrates industry knowledge 3. Raises profile in their field 4. Puts them in touch with key players as a professional not a supplicant
  22. 22. Sae’s Passion Blog
  23. 23. John’s Passion Blog
  24. 24. Social Media Marketing Campaign5. Regular activity on the primary social media platforms puts students on the radar screens of key players, impressing those players with the student’s knowledge, analytic ability, creativity and thoughtfulness. This contact paves the way for the informational interviews.
  25. 25. How to find key people: Twitter Lists Listorius, WeFollow, Twellow
  26. 26. Informational interviews6. Building on the student’s list of key players, get interviews that will: •Fix the student in the minds of people who can make a difference in their lives •Plug them in to “the hidden job market,” and •Result in new contacts after each interview to add to their network
  27. 27. John has gone from sending out 76 resumes and getting no answers to landing his dream job as a content creator for an environmental advocacy nonprofit Sae went from sending out 26 resumes and getting no responses to being hired as the web mistress for WeekendLA and was recruited away last month by a social media agency serving major media clients WHAT’S HAPPENED TO SAE AND JOHN?
  28. 28. Other success stories: Degrees2Dreams “graduates” are: The asst. casting director of “America’s Next Top Model” Teacher in a STEM program in the Providence, RI schools Web Producer at NECN; then one of first hired at Paid Music blogger, Professional music site, Boston The editor-in-chief of The Next Great Generation Reporters with Patch Editor-in-chief of weekly online/print paper Paid intern at HubSpot (one of 200 applicants) Producer at NPR in Washington Writer/Photographer, Shanghai Daily News Inbound marketing producer, NYC marketing co. Asst. to director, Los Angeles music video company Social media mgr. Doyles Pubs; now social media mgr. brewing company. Winners of two paid internships, Boston marketing co. Paid intern, Mullen Adv. (one of 1200 applicants for 30 jobs) Community manager, social media marketing co. Webmistress, Weekend LA Communications Coordinator, City Year
  29. 29. Sam Clarke, Emerson ’11, Production Asst., “Modern Family,” formerly Asst. Casting Director, “America’s Next Top Model”
  30. 30. WE OFFER: • 90-minute crash courses • Half-day courses • Full-day courses • Weekend boot camps
  31. 31. Thank you!