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Pick your poison

  1. 1. PICK YOUR POISON Rules:• Each team gets to pick a topic out of the given 6 topics. Questions don’t pass.• Question open to all other teams on buzzer• For direct question- +20/-0• On the buzzer- +20/-10
  2. 2. CHOICES1. Cities of India 2. Dhirubhai Ambani3. Stephen Hawking 4.Kingfisher5. Mobile phones 6. The Avataras of Lord Vishnu
  3. 3. CITIES 1The name of the city X is sanskrit for in theheart of the banyan tree’. This city was ruled bythe Gaekwads and is known for producingstrong Ranji trophy teams and good cricketers.The Bank of Y( an anglicised version of X) wasstarted by a gaekwad ruler and is one of themost successful indian banks of today. ID X.
  4. 4. X- Vadodara Y-Baroda
  5. 5. CITIES 2Earlier known askusumpur, pushpapur, azimabad and manyother names, this city got its present nameduring the reign of Sher Shah Suri. The Xgolf club will be named after abhinavbindra in honor of his Olympicsachievements.ID the city.
  6. 6. PATNA BACK
  7. 7. KINGFISHER 1 In contrast to other airlines, the safetydemonstrations in kingfisher airlines is shown ina video featuring a model, who is also astruggling bollywood actress, along with thedemonstrations from the regular airhostesses .Which model?
  8. 8. Yana Gupta
  9. 9. KINGFISHER 2Find the odd one out and explain why:Premium, Draught, Ultra, Bohemia,Blue, and Strong.
  10. 10. Bohemia Kingfisher bohemia, unlike the others (whichare brands of beer), is a brand of wine. It is theresult of a partnership between Kingfisher andThe Company of Wine People (COWP) BACK
  11. 11. Stephen Hawking 1How would you connect hawking to IsaacNewton, Charles Babbage, Paul Dirac and 14other distinguished scholars. One of thestipulations for this distinction was that theholder should not be active in the church whichwas appealed against by Newton.
  12. 12. They have all been the Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge university
  13. 13. Stephen Hawking 2The electronic voice of StephenHawking was used in a famous PinkFloyd track.Which song features him talking?
  14. 14. Keep Talking BACK
  15. 15. Dhirubhai Ambani 1 A product of Dhirubai Ambani’s textile industrywas named after his elder brother RamaniklalAmbanis son, X Ambani. Extensive marketing ofthe brand “X" in the interiors of India made it ahousehold name.ID X.
  16. 16. VIMAL
  17. 17. Dhirubhai Ambani 2X of the company Y was, at one point in time, thebiggest competitor of Dhirubhai and RelianceIndustries. Around 1977–1979, X obtained thepermission to build a 60,000 tons per annumDimethyl terephthalate (DMT) plant. Before theletter of intent was converted into a licence, manyhurdles came in the way. In 1981, Nusli Wadia wasgranted the license for the plant. This incident actedas a catalyst between the two parties and thecompetition took an ugly turn. X is the grandson ofMohammad Ali Jinnah.ID X and Y.
  18. 18. X-Nusli WadiaY-Bombay Dyeing BACK
  19. 19. Vishnu Avatars 1To sustain which mountain did lord Vishnuassume the kurma avatar?
  20. 20. Mandara
  21. 21. Vishnu Avatars 2In his vamana avatar, he was offered three pacesof land by the all conquering king X. In his firsttwo paces he covered the earth and theheavens, thus taking all of the king’s belongings.Out of humility king X asked him to put the thirdstep on his head. ID king X.
  22. 22. King Bali BACK
  23. 23. Mobile Phones 1 The name of VODAFONE consists of threeelements which describe its basic repertoire ofservices provided.What are the three parts?
  24. 24. VOice- DAta-phone
  25. 25. Mobile Phones 2VERTU is a global luxury brand of mobile phoneswhich are handmade with the finest of thematerials sourced globally. The keys are made fromSapphire, the leather is sourced from NorthernEurope and the material is resistant to almostanything you can think of. The most interestingthing about VERTU is that its a fully owned divisionof X and continues to remain profitable sinceinception.The tagline of VERTU is Experience Life, BeautifullyArranged.Lesser known division of which technology giant?
  26. 26. NOKIA BACK