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Ab cs of software security


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Ab cs of software security

  1. 1. ABCs of Software Security SQL Injection Prevention Presented by: Colin Buckton Jose Kaharian David Klassen
  2. 2. Introduction● Colin Buckton ○ OWASP - Web Security Awareness Group ○ SQL Injection Vulnerability Description● David Klassen ○ Demonstrate SQL Injection and what is at risk ○ Show prevention of SQL Injection at the code level● Jose Kaharian ○ Business Research Concerning Security (BSIMM) ○ Secure coding is becoming a hiring priority
  3. 3. Colin Buckton● Easy Ways to Learn about Web App Security ○ OWASP - Web App Security Awareness Group ○ Web App Sec Tutorial Video Series on YouTube ○ Top Ten - Web Application Security Risks ○ Top Ten Item #1 - SQL Injection Vulnerability
  4. 4. Three Stages of Software Security Awareness1. Progress begetting vulnerability accepted as reality ○ "To make an omelette..."2. Onus fell on the consumer to protect themselves ○ Firewall, anti-malware, best-practices ○ Preventative measures cost companies money3. Producers must design securely ○ Build-in security ○ Preventative measures save money ○ Awareness is needed
  5. 5. OWASP - The Open Web Application Security Project● OWASP is a worldwide not-for-profit charitable organization focused on improving the security of software● Purpose: Help everyone build more secure web applications and services● Founded December 1st, 2001● Provides information and training materials in an "open-source" model
  6. 6. OWASP WebAppSec Tutorial Series● OWASP provides a series of training videos● Goal is to make "top notch" security training accessible to the public● Making AppSec (Application Security) more visible● Licensed under Creative Commons so you can share freely
  7. 7. OWASP Top 10 Project● The Top 10 is a list of security risks to web applications as assessed by the OWASP Risk Rating Methodology.● The names of the risks in the Top 10 stem from the type of attack, the type of weakness, or the degree of impact they cause.
  8. 8. Top 10 List for 2010
  9. 9. #1 Top 10 item - SQL Injection● Injection attacks are the top rated threat● How they work: ○ A section of code in your program is vulnerable ○ Attacker sends text that exploits the syntax ○ This creates an unintended query -> SELECT * FROM accounts WHERE custID= or 1=1; ○ Interpreter returns data on ALL accounts, and may even access special commands and take over!
  10. 10. #1 Top 10 item - SQL Injection● How to Prevent SQLi● OWASP makes suggestions on how to fix this ○ Use a specific Application Programming Interface (API) that can interpret user input safely. ■ Interface objects can reinterpret user input in a safe manner ○ "Escaping" the user input for the interpreter ■ e.g. " or 1=1 " ○ Use a whitelist of acceptable characters ■ e.g. Only allow alphanumerics for input ■ Not always feasible if some searches require those special characters
  11. 11. David Klassen● Demonstrate exploitation of Web App ○ Discuss compromise and worst facts about it ○ Talk about the tools used in detection ○ Show prevention of SQL Injection at the code level ○ Architectural things to think about
  12. 12. #1 Top 10 item - SQL Injection cont.● input
  13. 13. What SQLi isnt● Not a client side attack● Not phishing● Not a virus● Not a rootkit● Not a botnet● Not blockable with simple firewall
  14. 14. #1 Top 10 item - SQL Injection cont.● input
  15. 15. What SQLi is● Can leak data or cause server level penetration.● It exists in the Web Application itself● Really this exists because it was coded into the app● The wrong types of API/SQL calls are made● Application does not handle/encode corner cases well.
  16. 16. SQLi Demonstration● Lab21 that has been analyzed via. ZAP● sqlmap can be used to proof/exploit an SQLi● review database info enumerated via. SQLi● Fix the code● Point out why it is fixed● Show proof of the fix ■● Data model/architecture issues: ○ Never use sys/admin/root accounts ○ Application/Database user separation ○ Privilege separation for Admin features
  17. 17. #1 Top 10 item - SQL Injection cont.● input
  18. 18. Jose Kaharian● BSIMM - Business Research about Security ○ Numerous security breach issues/prevention ○ Businesses are busy cleaning up their process/code ○ A study is useful for reflection about what works ○ Secure coding is becoming a hiring priority
  19. 19. SQLi Basic Facts● Growing History of Actual Attacks ○ Sony PlayStation network ■ uk/2011/04/26/sony_playstation_network_security_breach/ ○ Dating Site Hacks ■ eHarmony/PlentyOfFish ○ Heartland Payment Systems and TJX retailer (Winners/Homesense) ■● What is the result? ○ The finances and private lives of consumers are at stake. ○ Reduces consumer confidence in a company
  20. 20. How to reverse the trend?● What is BSIMM? ○ Building Security In Maturity Model. ○ A study of real-world software security initiatives ○ Designed to help companies understand, measure, and plan a software security initiative● What makes BSIMM so special? ○ Does not tell you what you should do; instead, it tells you what everyone else is actually doing. ○ This approach stands in sharp contrast to “faith-based” approaches to software security. ○ Can be used as a measuring stick, in comparison to other businesses. ○ Sharing data, can help other organizations tackle real problems.
  21. 21. BSIMM4 Study of 51 Companies● Businesses getting serious about Security:
  22. 22. Software Security Framework● Four business areas for change● Each with three basic security practices● Note: Code Review and Security Testing included
  23. 23. Important Business Goals● Convincing reasons for adopting security● Offers a wide view of potential business benefits● Compliance with PCI/PII/Privacy and Legal Regulations
  24. 24. Measure 111 Security Activities● Here is a breakdown of one of the twelve practices● Shows nine different possible activities● Not all activities will match a businesses needs
  25. 25. Businesses Can Participate● The BSIMM study is open to new participants● By joining the community a business can progress towards better consideration for security● Businesses who participate can also gain from the anonymous intelligence shared by other businesses● In general businesses seeking to broaden or strengthen their security stance will benefit from this data
  26. 26. Measure Software Security vs. Peers● Compare: Software Vendors vs. Financials
  27. 27. Security is becoming important● More and more companies are attempting to find ways to combat fraud (Amazon, Microsoft, Apple etc.): ○ Big Data solutions to analyze transactions ○ Grappling with Social Engineering of credentials ○ Prevent attacks on users via. your website flaws● By learning about security risks, and how to create better code, the value of your creations will go up.● Companies are looking for talent that is willing to embrace a risk savvy way of creating Apps.● Especially in financial, telecom, and traditional high value markets
  28. 28. Class ExerciseLab12a - Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Discovery:
  29. 29. QuestionsOWASP & Exercise (Book)BSIMM (Book)
  30. 30. Thanks for Listening to:ABCs of Software Security SQL Injection Prevention Presented by: Colin Buckton Jose Kaharian David Klassen