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Healthmedicinet healthtopics f

  1. 1. Health A-Z Conditions-Procedures Drugs & Supplements Interactive Tools Search Topics Health Topics A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z (0-9) FA FC FD FE FF FG FH FI FL FM FN FO FP FR FS FU FA Top of Page Fabry Disease Face-Lift (Rhytidectomy) Facial Ectodermal Dysplasia Facial Injuries Facial Nerve Palsy Facial Paralysis Facial Problems, Non-Injury Facio-Auriculo-Vertebral Spectrum Facio-cardio-cutaneous syndrome Facio-Fronto-Nasal Dysplasia Facio-Scapulo-Humeral Dystrophy Faciocutaneoskeletal Syndrome Faciodigitogenital Syndrome Faciogenital Dysplasiaopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API
  2. 2. Faciopalatoosseous Syndrome Facioscapulohumeral M uscular Dystrophy Factitious Disorder by Proxy Factitious Hypoglycemia Factor IX Deficiency Factor XII Deficiency Factor XIII Deficiency Factors That Increase the Risk of Back Pain and Injury FAH deficiency Fahr disease, formerly Failure to Thrive Fainting Fall Prevention Fall-Proofing Your Home Fallopian Tube Procedures for Infertility Fallots Tetralogy familial acrogeria familial acromicria Familial Adenomatous Polyposis Familial Adenomatous Polyposis with Extraintestinal M anifestations Familial Alpha-Lipoprotein Deficiency familial apoceruloplasmin deficiency Familial Atypical M ole-M alignant M elanoma Syndrome familial benign pemphigus Familial Chordoma Familial cluster ehadaches Familial Cold Autoinflammatory Syndrome Familial cold urticaria Familial Congestive Cardiomyopathy Familial Continuous Skin Peeling Familial Dilated Cardiomyopathy (FDC) Familial Dysautonomia, Type IIopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API
  3. 3. Familial Dysbetalipoproteinemia familial encephalopathy with Collins bodies Familial Encephalopathy with Neuroserpin Inclusion Bodies Familial Enteropathy, M icrovillus Familial Eosinophilic Cellulitis Familial Gouty Nephropathy Familial Hemolytic-Uremic Syndrome Familial Hibernation Syndrome familial hibernian fever Familial High-Density Lipoprotein Deficiency Familial Hypercholesterolemia Familial Idiopathic Basal Ganglia Calcification Familial Idiopathic Hyperphosphatasia Familial Isolated Vitamin E Deficiency Familial Juvenile Gouty Nephropathy Familial Juvenile Hyperuricemic Nephropathy Familial Juvenile Hyperuricemic Nephropathy Familial Lipid Disorders Familial Lipoprotein Lipase Deficiency Familial Lumbar Stenosis Familial M ultiple Polyposis familial myxoma Familial Nephropathy Associated with Hyperuricemia Familial Nephropathy with Gout Familial Nonhemolytic Jaundice Familial Nonhemolytic Unconjugated Hyperbilirubinemia Familial Nuchal Bleb Familial Osteoectasia Familial Paroxysmal Polyserositis Familial Primary Pulmonary Hypertension Familial Renal Glycosuria Familial Spastic Paraplegiaopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API
  4. 4. Familial Startle Disease Familial Testotoxicosis Family Caregivers in Cancer (PDQ®): Supportive care - Patient Information [NCI] Family Caregivers in Cancer: Roles and Challenges (PDQ®): Supportive care - Health Professional Information [NCI] Family History and the Risk for Breast or Ovarian Cancer Family History of Heart Disease Family Life Cycle Family M eetings Family Therapy Family Therapy for Depression in Children FAM M M Fanconi Pancytopenia Fanconi Panmyelopathy Fanconis Anemia, Estren-Dameshek Variant Fanconis Anemia, Type I (FA1) FAP FAPG Farbers Disease Farbers Lipogranulomatosis Farsightedness (Hyperopia) Farsightedness, Excimer Laser Photorefractive Keratectomy for Farsightedness, H-LASIK (Hyperopic Laser In-situ Keratomileusis) for Farsightedness, H-LASIK (Laser In-situ Keratomileusis) for Farsightedness, Keratectomy, Excimer Laser Photorefractive for Farsightedness, Laser In-situ Keratomileusis for Farsightedness: Treatment Pros and Cons FAS Fascioliasis Fasciolosis Fast Heart Rate Fast Heart Rate, Catheter Ablation for Fast Heart Rate, Defibrillation foropen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API
  5. 5. Fast Heart Rate, Electrical Cardioversion for Fasting Hypoglycemia Fat Replacers in Food Fatal Granulomatous Disease of Childhood Fatigue (PDQ®): Supportive care - Health Professional Information [NCI] Fatigue (PDQ®): Supportive care - Patient Information [NCI] Fatigue and Cancer: Home Treatment Fatigue and Weakness Fatigue During Pregnancy Fats in your meals, Cutting unhealthy Fatty Liver with Encephalopathy Fatty Tissue Rheumatism FAV FC Top of Page FCAS FCH FCM D FCS Syndrome FCU FD Top of Page FD FDH FE Top of Page Fear (Anxiety) Fear and Anger in PTSD Febrile M ucocutaneous Syndrome Febrile M ucocutaneous Syndrome, Stevens Johnson Type Febrile Neutrophilic Dermatosis, Acute Febris M elitensisopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API
  6. 6. Febris Sudoralis Febris Undulans Feeding Tube at End of Life, Deciding About Feeding Your Child Using Division of Responsibility Feeding Your Infant Feeling Depressed Felty Syndrome Female Condoms for Birth Control Female Genital Problems Female Genital Prolapse Female Pelvic Pain, Chronic Female Pseudo-Turner Syndrome Femoral Dysgenesis, Bilateral Femoral Dysgenesis, Bilateral-Robin Anomaly Femoral Facial Syndrome Femoral Hernia Femoral Hypoplasia-Unusual Facies Syndrome Femoral-tibial bypass surgery for peripheral arterial disease Femoropopliteal bypass (fem-pop bypass) for peripheral arterial disease FENIB Ferroportin Disease Fertility Period Calculator Fertility Problems Fertility Problems: Should I Be Tested? Fertility Problems: Should I Have a Tubal Procedure or In Vitro Fertilization? Fertility Testing Fetal Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) Fetal AIDS Infection Fetal Alcohol Abuse Syndrome Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: Caring For Your Baby Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: Signs That Your Child Needs to Be Evaluated Fetal Alcohol Syndromeopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API
  7. 7. Fetal Anti-Convulsive Syndrome Fetal Blood Transfusion (Intrauterine) for Rh Disease Fetal Cystic Hygroma Fetal Effects of AIDS Fetal Effects of Chickenpox Fetal Effects of Varicella Zoster Virus Fetal Endomyocardial Fibrosis Fetal Face Syndrome Fetal Growth Interactive Tool; Embryo to Baby Fetal Hydantoin Syndrome Fetal Iritis Syndrome Fetal Retinoid Syndrome Fetal Transfusion Syndrome Fetal Valproate Syndrome Fetal Varicella Infection Fetal Varicella Zoster Syndrome Fetal-Onset Olivopontocerebellar Hypoplasia Fetofetal Transfusion Syndrome Fever Blisters (Cold Sores) Fever During Pregnancy Fever Seizures Fever, Age 11 and Younger Fever, Age 12 and Older Fever, Sweats, and Hot Flashes (PDQ®): Supportive care - Health Professional Information [NCI] Fever, Sweats, and Hot Flashes (PDQ®): Supportive care - Patient Information [NCI] FF Top of Page FFDD Type II FFND FG Top of Page FG Syndrome Type 1open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API
  8. 8. FGDY FGN FGS1 FH Top of Page FHS FI Top of Page Fiber Type Disproportion, Congenital FIBGC Fibrin Stabilizing Factor Deficiency Fibrinase Deficiency Fibrinoid Degeneration of Astrocytes Fibrinoid Leukodystrophy Fibrinoligase Deficiency Fibroblastoma, Perineural Fibrocystic Breasts Fibrocystic Disease of Pancreas Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP) Fibroelastic Endocarditis Fibroid (Uterine) Embolization, Deciding About Fibroids, Uterine Fibromatosis, Congenital Generalized Fibromuscular Dysplasia Fibromyalgia Fibromyalgia Fibromyalgia: M anaging Fibro Fog Fibromyositis Fibrosing Alveolitis Fibrosing Cholangitis Fibrosing M ediastinitis Fibrositisopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API
  9. 9. Fibrous Interstitial Pneumonia Fibrous Plaques of the Penis Fibrous Sclerosis of the Penis Fiedler Disease Field Fever Fiery Serpent Infection Fiessinger-Leroy disease Fievre Caprine Fifth Digit Syndrome Fifth Disease Filarial Elephantiasis Filariasis Filariasis M alayi Filippi Syndrome Filler Injections Fillings (Restorations) Finding Good Footwear Finger, Hand, and Wrist Injuries Finger, Hand, and Wrist Problems, Non-Injury Fire Ant Stings First Aid for Chemical Burns First Aid for Electrical Burns First Aid for Head Wounds First Aid for Head Wounds in Children First Aid for Heatstroke First Aid for Low Back Pain First Aid for Tar or Plastic Burns First Aid Kit for Travellers First and Second Branchial Arch Syndrome First M enstrual Period First Trimester Screening for Birth Defects First-Trimester Exams and Testsopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API
  10. 10. Fish Hook Injuries Fish Odor Syndrome Fitness and Exercise Fitness: Adding M ore Activity to Your Life Fitness: Adding Variety to Your Exercise Fitness: Choosing Activities That Are Right For You Fitness: Getting and Staying Active Fitness: Getting Around Barriers to Exercise Fitness: Increasing Core Stability Fitness: M aking It a Habit Fitness: Staying Active Fitness: Staying Active When You Have Young Children Fitness: Teaching Your Child to Stay Active Fitness: Using a Pedometer or Step Counter Fitness: Walking for Wellness Fitz Hugh Curtis Syndrome Fitz-Hugh-Curtis Syndrome FL Top of Page Flap procedure for gum disease Flatfoot (Pes Planus) Flatulence flesh-eating bacteria Flesh-Eating Bacteria flesh-eating disease Floating Harbor Syndrome Floating Spleen Floppy Valve Syndrome Flossing a Childs Teeth Flossing Teeth Flouride During Childhood Flu (Influenza)open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API
  11. 11. Flu Complications Flu Shot, Deciding About Getting Flu Vaccine M yths Flu Vaccines: Should I Get a Flu Vaccine? Flu, Swine Flu: Should I Take Antiviral M edicine? Flu: Signs of Bacterial Infection Fluid Behind the Eardrum, Chronic; Deciding About Treatment Fluid intake: Watching when you have heart failure Fly Bites FM Top of Page FM D FM F FN Top of Page FND FO Top of Page Focal Dermal Dysplasia Syndrome Focal Dermal Hypoplasia Focal Dermato-Phalangeal Dysplasia Focal Facial Dermal Dysplasia Type II FODH Folate Deficiency Anemia Folic Acid Deficiency Anemia Folic Acid Deficiency Anemia Folliculitis Fong Disease Fontanelles and Sutures of the Infant Skull Food Allergies Food Allergies and Atopic Dermatitisopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API
  12. 12. Food Allergies: Names for Common Allergens Food Combination Diets Food Poisoning and Safe Food Handling Food Poisoning During Pregnancy Food Poisoning: Clostridium Perfringens Food Poisoning: Toxoplasmosis Food Poisoning: Vibrio Vulnificus Food Safety: Cooking Food Safety: Following the Package Instructions Food Safety: Preparing Food Safety: Serving Food Safety: Storing Food Safety: Tips for Grocery Shopping Foods High in Oxylate Foot care for people with diabetes Foot Odour Foot Pain (Plantar Fasciitis) Foot problems: Finding the right shoes Foot Surgery for Athletes, Children, and People With Other Health Problems Foot, Toe, and Ankle Injuries Foot, Toe, and Ankle Problems, Noninjury FOP Forbes Disease Forbes-Albright Syndrome Forced Expiratory Volume and Forced Vital Capacity Forearm Injuries Foreign Bodies in the Eye Forestiers Disease Formaldehyde Exposure Formaldehyde Poisoning Formaldehyde Toxicity Formalin Intoxicationopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API
  13. 13. Formalin Toxicity Foshay-M ollaret Cat-Scratch Fever Fothergill Disease Fountain Syndrome Four Corners Hantavirus (FCV) Fournier Disease Fournier Gangrene Fournier Gangrenes Fourniers Gangrene Foveal Dystrophy, Progressive Fox Fordyce Disease FP Top of Page FPO FR Top of Page Fractured Rib Fragile Site, Folic Acid Type, Rare, Fra(X)(Q27.3) Fragile X M ental Retardation Protein, FM RP Fragile X M ental Retardation Syndrome Fragile X Syndrome Frans Story: Finding Support When You Have COPD Franceschetti-Zwalen-Klein Syndrome Francois dyscephaly syndrome Fraser Syndrome Fraser-Francois Syndrome FRDA Free Sialic Acid Storage Disorders Freeman Sheldon Syndrome Frenga Frequent Nosebleeds Frey Syndromeopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API
  14. 14. Friedreichs Disease Friedreichs Tabes FRNS Froelichs Syndrome Frolichs Syndrome Frommel-Chiari Syndrome Frontodigital Syndrome (obsolete) Frontofacionasal Dysostosis Frontofacionasal Dysplasia Frontonasal Dysplasia Frostbite Frozen Shoulder Fructose Intolerance, Hereditary Fructose or Sorbitol Intolerance Fructose-1-Phosphate Aldolase Deficiency Fructosemia Fructosuria Fryns Syndrome FS Top of Page FSH FSHD FSP FSS FU Top of Page Fucosidosis Fukuhara Syndrome Fukuyama Type Congenital M uscular Dystrophy Fulminant Hepatitis Fumarylacetoacetase deficiency fumarylacetoacetate hydrolase deficiencyopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API
  15. 15. Functional Cardiovascular Disease Functional Ovarian Cysts functioning argentaffinoma functioning carcinoid Fundoplication Surgery for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) Funeral Planning Fungal Infections: Risks of Oral Antifungals Fungal Nail Infection, Deciding About Oral M edicines Fungal Nail Infections Fungal Nail Infections, Nail Removal (Surgical) for Fungal Nail Infections, Nonsurgical Nail Removal for Fungal Nail Infections, Surgical Nail Removal for Furrowed Tongue Furuncle (Boils) Fusion, Cervical Spine This infor mation does not r eplace the advice of a doctor . Healthwise, Incor por ated disclaims any war r anty or liability for your use of this infor mation. Your use of this infor mation means that you agr ee to the Ter ms of Use. to help you make better health in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API