The Dark Side - Jan 2012


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The Dark Side - Jan 2012

  1. 1. Dark P PhD in JANUARY 2012ww E Entrepreneurship w. the Happy New Year?.... How to escape the 2012 doom & gloom (page 13) Inside this issue: Selling Up! Part Deux : 3 Ways to SYOB Develop a Press Release : PAYE & NI Meet SSG’s New Girl : Making the most of SKYPE Very Feb BLAST OFF! Soon BLAST OFF! 2012 R N ? Your Best FriendYou from Home! Bob made the break and he Happy, content & safe in the knowledge that whatever you E is doing well. You try to be pleased for him of course, but as Morrisey acheive will be for you and your family. Never did the phrase ‘work for X might sing ‘we hate it when our U friends are successful’.Tough to someone else’ sound so silly, you’re motivated & progressing your life Why not call David on T watch. It should have been you. Why not call ‘The Samaritans’ 01442 200944 to chat through or Bob (ask him for a job?) how to break free
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  11. 11. A smile will add thousands to the to be able to successfully trade without NEXT STEPSvaluation of your business. the vendor! Let’s assume that you are nowMake sure that you are sincere, even if Groom a Company properly and who the convinced that you want to sell youryou fake it! hell needs the guy that started the business. business?Just think about it – when you buy You have completed all of theanything, don’t you respond to how the TRIAL RUNS preliminary work – the mini-DD, thegoods are presented, how the salesman Believe it or not, it is not that hard to trial grooming process, the externalreacts, if the parking is easy, if the shop is run a due diligence process. expenditure.clean? There are lots of lists and pro-forma The next thing is to is to find a buyer!WHY BOTHER? grooming packs which can be used to have a DIY test run. You would have thought that this‘Why bother?’ Chubby asked, exhausted would be the tricky bit, butby the whole idea – ‘What is wrong with Deep down most vendors of a business interestingly enough; this is the onejust making money?’ already know what is wrong with their part of the process that you ought to business. feel supremely confident!!Well, of course Chubby was both right As a test, just ask yourself if you would Next time we will look at how toand wrong at the same time. feel happy that your business could identify the guy with the cash to make survive for 6 months were you to decide your dreams become reality!Making money (profits) is essential to to raise money for charity by cyclingsuccessfully sell a recruitment venture around the World on a tandem with yourbut it really isn’t enough. Mother-in-Law.Most purchasers firmly believe that as What would you want to have in placesoon as Chubby has his millions, dear old before you left on that magical journey?Chubby is off – almost immediately in ametaphorical sense but quite soon too in Would you feel happy that youra physical sense. ‘Management Team’ could manage without you?A ‘Trade Sale’ of a Recruitment Businesswould normally require Chubby to enter Did you ever have time to finish thatinto two agreements (as part of the sales disaster recovery plan?process). Are the accounts up to date and did youThe first would be a Service Contract and ever organise that Insurance renewal?the second a Restrictive Covenant ofsome kind. No, I didn’t think so.Typically, vendors like Chubby would So, what does Chubby do?have no real problems with agreeing to aRestrictive Covenant (who wants to work Easy really – just pay for an external firmin that Recruitment market again once to come in and complete a mini-DD (duethey have their money?) but a Service diligence) report.Contract might require Chubby to hangabout for a year or two once he has sold It might seem expensive for someone tothe business. tell you stuff that you already knew deep down, but in forcing you to address the Sometimes, the next step is fairlyThat is not such a great prospect. key areas involved in successfully obvious. grooming your business, you mightThe reason that purchasers are so make hundreds of thousands more as DON’T FORGETinsistent that the due diligence process part of any sale.of followed so carefully and the reason If you want to chat about any of thethat a vendor ought to be so careful with How does the old saying go? Ah, yes – I process of grooming your business forthe grooming of their business is that remember now! a sale, just pick up the phone and givemost participants will agree that the SSG a call.longer a Service Contract is, the less ‘’If you think that getting expertchance there is that it will be adhered to. advice is expensive, try selling a We will either be able to help business without it’’ immediately or will know someoneThat means that we all want a Company (Red Adair – Oil Safety Expert). that can. 11
  12. 12. Someone New Jane Fisher - Business Launch Manager I’d like to introduce myself. I started in After the Executive Director was January as the new Launch Manager at replaced, I left and took on the role of PA SSG. to the Group Finance Director and the CEO of Adelie, a busy ‘Food to Go’ Jane Fisher We are confident that our ‘tried and company supplying coffee shops, Our latest New Recruit! tested’ launch process is very slick and supermarkets, garage forecourts and the professional and it has, until now, been airline industry. I’ve organised conferences, corporate managed by Clare Armstrong. days, team meetings and board dinners During my years as a PA, I’ve produced and, my favourite of all time, a themed At SSG we understand both the board packs, reports, newsletters, staff Christmas party for 400 people with importance of the launch and the need presentations and have also coordinated a nice healthy budget! for ongoing client support. two company websites from start to finish. Unfortunately, to my great So that we can maintain our strong disappointment, I’ve never been asked service with the ever-growing number of to organise a corporate day at new clients, Clare will look after existing Wimbledon although I did manage to clients whilst I will concentrate on get tickets in the ballot for the men’s final getting the new ones up and running. last year. We hope that this new arrangement will On a personal level, I love swimming and give all our clients the best possible pilates. service. I’m also a real foodie – highlights of last My background year were going to Heston Blumenthal’s new restaurant ‘Dinner’ at the Mandarin In a nutshell, I’m a board level PA with a Oriental in March and watching Michel creative edge! Roux Jr. cook live at the Masterchef Live show at Olympia in November. I’ve worked as a senior PA, mainly in Sales & Marketing, for the last 8 years. I’m looking forward to getting immersed in my new role and will be working Prior to this, I worked at Ernst & Young in closely with Clare at all times. the company secretarial department. Jane Fisher My time at E&Y gave me a good insight into the process of launching a company Even as a girl, Jane loved to cook! through to the required on-going compliance with the Registrar of Companies (Companies House) For both websites, I produced an initial draft text and then encouraged the I have worked as a senior PA for several directors to check, write and re-write Managing Directors. From 2004 to 2007 their respective pages. I worked for the MD of Sales & Marketing at OAG (part of the UBM Group and Creation of the web-sites was provider of all airline data to airlines, particularly enjoyable as it included airports and the air transport industry). project management, briefing designers, copy-writing, proof-reading In 2007 I moved to the Facilities Services and organising photo shoots. Group in Aylesbury as PA to the Executive Director of a busy facilities Event coordination is another area in management company. which I’ve had a lot of experience.12
  13. 13. Doom and Gloom DOOM & GLOOM IS FOR LOSERS! Let’s have a happy 2012It would be easy to allow the ‘prophets of within the wonderful World of In other words, if the average Recruiterdoom’ to be right! 2012 is going to be Recruitment. working through SSG was electronicallytougher than 2011 - which was worse tagged at ‘100’ in 2008, are they goingthan the Lehman induced crisis of It is true that we might worry more than the right way (more than 100) or the2008/09 & we are facing the worst global we did, but we are not financially worse wrong, recessionary, doom & gloomconditions since the 1930’s. off and we are proving to be more way (down) year on year? resilient than others.OK, let’s not ‘kid a kidder’. 2008 - 100 It might just be that the old clichédThere is no doubt that things are not arguments about the business agility of aeasy and nor are they likely to be 2009 - 103 small firm will always respond better tothroughout 2012. tougher economic climates or it might be 2010 - 107 that end-clients prefer to deal with aWe are after all, regular recipients of Recruiter for whom it is obvious that theireconomic data and employment 2011 - 114 account is a huge priority‘updates’ confirming what we alreadyknow – recruitment is not as easy as it So, what do we actually know fromonce was these facts and what can we learn from the Recruiters themselves?But, let’s also get this in some sort ofreasonable perspective. What are they doing that we all ought to do?If you are an owner of a smallrecruitment business (or a lone WHAT DO WE KNOW?Recruiter) you have (empirically) faired alot better than the big boys (both A placement is a placement‘Corporate’ & multi-site independents) whether it is made during asince the 2008 downturn. recession or a boom. You always know which way you ought to go! The Eurozone does not stop you from CV Searching or Emailing a Whatever the reasons, our own evidence CV. (based on the actual placements numbers achieved by over 130 If you get out of bed and make a independent recruitment businesses) in phone call you are significantly the years 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011 show more likely to identify a vacancy that far from incomes failing, they have than if you hit the snooze alarm. risen year on year. Yep, that’s right – fee income has Every temp’ placed by a increased every year since the big crash. Recruiter was approached by the Recruiter who placed them. The Eurozone, the plunging stock market, the rise in unemployment, the increase in The harder Recruiters tend to inflation, the fall in manufacturing, the work, the luckier they tend to rise in competition, the threat of Greek get. default, the awful dress sense of I may be worrying more now, Chancellor Merkel – nothing can stop There is no such thing as an but I still look cool Bob, Sally, Raymond, Clare, David, Terry or easy year in Recruitment. Peter from making a placement in Essex,Although we budding entrepreneurs or in Surrey, or Birmingham or anywhere Employers want to know thathave seen tougher times and more else it would seem. you need their business.significant mental challenges than we areused to, we have (apparently) continued Using 2008 as our base, the following Candidates’ always want to getto make placements and our income has figures represent actual fee income per a better job.not suffered quite as much as others recruiter client 13
  14. 14. LET’S ALL LEARN SOMETHING If it works, you still need to look for new business. What would our super Recruitment Training Guru (Mike Walmsley) suggest If it doesn’t work, you still need to look for that independent Recruiters should do, new business. especially in trying times? PADDLE YOUR OWN CANOE ACT INTO A NEW WAY OF THINKING Don’t follow the herd. If you are not the person (Recruiter) All the tools you need to do your own Sheep rarely know which recruitment that you want to be – just click your thing market is likely to generate fee income. fingers and pretend that you are. This is where you define a geography & a Do your own market research and be Do it now – in an instant. job type and SSG run a search of millions aggressive in what you believe. Don’t plan; just start behaving the way of job boards & end employer web sites ONE IMPROVEMENT A WEEK that you believe that an ideal Recruiter so that we can return to you an excel (person) would behave. spreadsheet with the vacancy details. Whatever level of success (or difficulty) Superstars start by pretending to be It is easy of course but it can also provide you enjoy (face), improve. Superstars. you with the spur to look at a new Don’t try to reinvent the wheel, just take employment market. something very simple and make it Idiots always act like idiots. better. If you are struggling in one discipline Focus on process not inspiration but then look at another. always record your improvement – 6 COMMUNICATE It doesn’t have to be any more months of tiny weekly improvements will Do not sit alone and feel sorry for complicated than that really. pull though real income. yourself. CANDIDATES: JOB BOARDS What a waste of time. It will achieve absolutely nothing. Even if you feel short of applicants for your own specialist market (& before you If you need to chat, want help or want give up, why not chat with SSG to see if to share good news then you need to we can provide additional access to force yourself to communicate. useful job boards?), why not use the multi-disciplinary nature of the job Telephone, email, text, tweet – boards to recruit either your specialist whatever, but just get in touch with candidates types across a wider Click your fingers & be who you want family or friends or your support geography OR why not use the to be! buddies at SSG. multi-disciplinary nature of the job boards to recruit new candidates types DO THE BASICS for your existing geographical market? Talking makes you money not wastes If you don’t get out of bed, you will not your time. make that call. NEXT STEP If you communicate, you will learn. If you don’t make that call, then you won’t When you get to a cross road where you get the vacancy. If you learn then you earn! can go either way, choose the way that you know that you will to eventually have If you don’t get the vacancy, then you A FEW TOOLS to take. won’t set up the interview. Ok, apart from the bleeding obvious Don’t agonise. Just ‘screw the nut’ as they No interview = no offer. (i.e. that you need to actually do the say in the Army. No offer leads to zero placements. job), all that is required to make At the end of the day, it is better to work Simple facts – just get out of bed and get money in recruitment is enough for yourself and generate 4k per month on with it. Simple. vacancies and enough applicants. than it is to work for someone else and need to generate 10k. PASS & MOVE That being the case, it is especially fortunate that SSG can provide you Value the freedom, enjoy the challenge A poor metaphor borrowed from the with both... and make the most of the support, the regular cliché of footballers everywhere I opportunities and the experience of know but don’t dwell on success or VACANCIES: INNOVANTAGE those around you. failure. You must know all about this fantastic 2012 ought to be a great year & if it isn’t, Just do what you do and move on. ‘Vacancy Spider’ by now? it will be at least a good year!14
  15. 15. Expenses To Claim or not to Claim?SSG clients often ask what they can claim Please always back-up your claims byback on expenses and what they cannot providing fuel receipts for the month theand the reply is claim for everything and claim covers just to show that fuel waswe will amend the forms accordingly. put in your car during that period.Although it may be easier for us to do this, If meetings or conferences have beenit doesn’t help you gain an understanding attended by using rail, aeroplane, car hireof what is allowed and what isn’t. or taxi, the cost can be claimed back. However, no VAT can be reclaimed. Gill MilesIn this article I will do my best to address Subsistence Business telephonethe subject of claiming expenses and You can claim back the cost of meals, The costs of running a businesshopefully, by the time you have reached drinks and accommodation including the telephone both landline and mobile, canthe end, I will have enlightened you VAT element whilst away from the office be claimed back in full as long as the bill issomewhat. on business trips. in the company name. Should any bills of this nature beTravel and mileage Working lunches, coffee/tea etc., for the addressed personally, than only a portionWhen using your own car for business office can be claimed for, but no VAT of the bill can be reclaimed. Usually, 25%purposes, SSG advise their clients that element. of the whole bill.from a tax point of view it is best to use anInland Revenue approved scheme called Rent Uniformsthe Fixed Profit Car Scheme rather than If you have an office in your home, you The only uniforms for which the cost canjust including petrol receipts. can claim ‘Licence for use of room’ which be claimed back on are for staff you is a cost you invoice your company on a provide who may need protectiveYou can claim 45 pence per mile per monthly basis. clothing, preferably with company logo,round trip up to 10,000 miles in your for the role they are undertaking on yourpersonal tax year 6th April, 2011 to 5th This is calculated on how much you behalf.April 2012. estimate it costs you to run an office utility wise, i.e. heating, lighting, etc. You cannot claim for a new suit or dry However, there is no VAT element on thisIf mileage travelled exceeds 10,000 miles cleaning of suits. to claim back.during this period then the claim drops to25 pence per mile. Other ExpensesVAT can only be claimed back on 13 If in doubt, The costs can be recovered for any stationery purchases, postage, insurance – public liability, and any equipmentpence of the mileage travelled, forexample, if you are claiming 32 miles to claim for it! bought for the business.your destination and back, then the sumis 32 x 45p = £14.40. Charitable donations can also be Business Entertaining and Gifts reclaimed. In general VAT cannot be claimed back onThe VAT element is 32 x 0.13 x 1 ÷ 6 = 0.69 business entertainment or gifts.pence. Finally, please note that although I have However, you can claim back the costs of attempted to explain the type of thingsWhen using this scheme, you can claim dining with your clients, providing hotel you can claim for and what you can’t,for travelling to meetings with clients and accommodation, tickets to concerts or there is no exact science when it comes tocandidates, visits to the shops for the theatre, sporting events and clubs, the subject of claiming expenses for your etc. particular business.stationery, office equipment, etc. Gifts can be defined as wine/spirits, The general rule is if you can justify thatHowever, you cannot claim mileage to the cost of an item you are claiming is for chocolates, flowers or retail vouchers.and from your place of work. the good of your business, then you Employee entertainment should recoup the cost.You also cannot claim ‘on top’ for the MOT, Entertainment provided to employees asservice, insurance or tax. an incentive or rewards such as staff Should you have any queries or would parties, team building exercises and staff like to know more, then please do notThe mileage claimed per month includes outings, etc., can be claimed back with hesitate to contact either myself orthe running costs. the VAT element. Darren. 15
  16. 16. The Voice of Vikki ACCOUNTS Made mp le! & a tiny bit PAYE & NI (Pay As You Earn & National Insurance) This is the system HMRC uses to collect Si carries forward your Employees Totals for the Tax Year. The P45 will also show the Tax Code Income Tax & National Insurance which should be entered onto your Contributions from Employees who “pay Payroll system, this currently stands at as they earn“. 747L meaning you can earn £7,476 a Tax Year before paying Tax, this allows the As an Employer, Employing people to system to work out how much PAYE & NI work for you, (Employees) whether to take from each Employee. Temporary or Permanent, you will “collect” Income Tax and National 2 letters and 5 numbers so your At the start of each tax year HMRC may Insurance from Employees each pay Reference may read 107/KB22553. send details of new tax codes for your period to pay to HMRC on their behalf. Employees, these codes will need to be HMRC will also send your Accounts adjusted on your payroll system as this You need to make your payment to Office Reference which may read affects the Tax taken. HMRC either monthly by the 19th of the 107PV10866788 you will need to quote month following your pay period or the this reference when making your If however a new Employee doesn’t have 22nd if paying electronically or quarterly payments to HMRC. a P45 they will need to fill out a P46, by arrangement with HMRC. ticking the appropriate box which relates PLEASE NOTE : Clients can get confused to them. If you are late making payments or with a few similar payments made to haven’t filed a “nil” return by the due HMRC for VAT, Corporation Tax & PAYE & As when an Employee starts working date, HMRC could charge you interest! NI as some of the bank account details with you they “leave” your Employment are the same, so I’d say double check the you will need to issue them with a P45 as Right, in the next few paragraphs I will reference for each and every one of these well, which they will take forward to their try to explain a little of the finer things as an error could relate to you receiving a next position. relating to PAYE & NI!!!! charge for late payment! At the end of each Tax Year you will need If you Employ anyone within your PAYE - Pay As You Earn to supply each and every Employee with company you will need to be registered a P60 which summarises their pay and for PAYE & NI. When you as an Employer, Employ a new deductions for the year, to be given to recruit to work for your Company they them by the 1st June following the Tax SSG Recruitment Ltd will start this will ideally provide you with a P45. Year. process for you, registering your You will also need to supply all Company with HMRC. The P45 will show all the Total Pay to Employees with a payslips of sorts. Date and Total Tax to Date. HMRC will then send details of your PAYE If you do not supply an itemised payslip Office Number, usually 3 numbers It is important that these details are to your Employee they could complain to followed by your PAY Reference usually entered onto your Payroll system as this PAYE the Employment Tribu Tribunal! ! ! OFF Dec Still unsure about PAYE & NI? OFF Dec S T 2011 ST 2011 BLA BLA ? High Level Warehouse & Software Industrial Temps. Professional within Exhausting 24/7 Europe and type stuff but the Middle East excellent GP & All Perm & High regular work! Invoice Values! For more info, contact: CALL US TODAY! For more info, contact: 0845 475 9449 clare@supportservicesgroup.tv16
  17. 17. Ok, so your Employees ask you how There are rates of NI according to how Conclusions:much Tax the Government will charge much you earn and the Class of NI.them on their Salary, the following PAYE & NI Contributions (Employ ‘ers &Income Tax Rates apply: So for instance if you are paying Class 1 NI Employ ‘ees) to be made by the 19th of Contributions the rates are: the month following pay period Tax bandwidths: When making payment to HMRC You earn more than £139 per week Basic Rate @ 20% choose correct reference relating to and less than £817 per week you will £1 to £35,000 PAYE & NI pay 12% of the amount you earn between £139 and £817. Enter Tax Code using P45 details from Higher Rate @ 40% You earn more than £817 per week New Employee £35,001 to £150,000 you will also pay 2% of all the Fascinating stuff I am sure you will agree. Additional Rate @ 50% earnings over £817. Want to know more or need help in £150,001 and above getting all sorted / up to date? Just get in Contributions are taken from Employees touch with me via (should they be lucky enough to earn in accordance with how much you earnthis amount they may wish they didn’t and whether you are Employed/Self PAYE& as the Tax is very high!) Employed.This Tax is taken out of the Salary and the Any Contributions taken are “collected”Employee receives the “Net” pay and used to build up your entitlement to Don’t Pullrecorded on their payslip. certain state benefits, including state pension. That Trigger Keep paying your Just Yet.... When you reach your State Pension Age National Insurance! you will not pay any further Remember, if you have missed any of the Contributions. great articles already created by Vikki (or any of the team at SSG), you don’t need toNI – National Insurance Contributions ‘beat yourself up’ too much – we do have a Some people may choose to pay library which you welcome to scan!From the Age of 16 each person is issued “Voluntary” Contributions, they may So, to re-visit, re-call or just re-enjoy any ofwith a NI Number which will be similar to choose to pay them if: Vikki’s wonderful creations, please:BB 33 44 55 C. not working and claiming any Click on the ‘Recent Editions’ TabThis is your personal account number benefits Click on the miniature version of TDSand makes sure that any contributions haven’t paid enough contributions in This will open the latest version of TDSmade by you are recorded on the system a year to count for state pensionto the correct account. Look to your left & click on ‘View live abroad an want to maintain ArchiveThis number is with you for life and will contributions & there you are!never change! Just by showing a little patience, you have As an Employer (‘ers) as well as paying saved the Bunny from almost certainYour entitlement amount of any future any Class 1 NI Contribution to HMRC for death (or at the very least a very bad headache).benefits which include - State Pension, your Employees (‘ees), you will pay ClassJob Seekers Allowance, Bereavement 1 NI Contributions as well to HMRC. This is If you would like any help in retrieving past editions / articles or just want to talkAllowance, Employment & Support calculated at the same time you calculate through what might be storedAllowance - will depend upon the your Employees pay for the period and somewhere safe, please contact Carlyamount of contributions made so it’s paid altogether when you make your Hastings on 01442 200 946important to keep paying NI. payment for the month. Lemon Pasta with Herbs and Cracked Pepper : The What: The How: 450g Dried Pasta In a large saucepan, heat up 8 pints water with 1 level 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice tablespoon sea salt and bring to the boil 2 level tablespoons fresh lemon zest Add the pasta to the boiling water and stir once, then let it boil briskly for 10 minutes 12 whole peppercorns, lightly crushed Now while the pasta is coooking, the rest of the ingredients are piled into 40g fresh basil a processor with a teaspoon of salt, then one big whiz till the herbs are 25g fresh mint chopped and that’s it. 50g fresh rocket leaves Now drain the pasta and return it quickly to the saucepan with the sauce and mix the two together. 5 spring onions, trimmed Serve in warm bowls with a little extra zest sprinkled over each one 2 cloves garlic, peeled Enjoy.... Yummy! 4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil Pop’s Pantry sea salt Comfort Food for Fed-up Recruiters 17
  18. 18. How to develop a Press Release “Read All About It!” Did you know that really as a Recruitment Why not emphasise the brilliance, Owner you ought to focus on three things integrity and thoughtfulness of your when trying to get your ‘name out there’? process? Apparently, it is not enough ‘these days’ to 2nd Thing: simply hope that clients and candidates Publicise: You need to think carefully will say great things about your business about how you promote your Company. and that the word will ‘get out’ that you are a serious business. This is not necessarily about telling everyone how ‘great’ you are & how many Apparently, you need to have a specific, placements you have made. well rehearsed and consistent approach Getting the ‘word out’ to promoting your business. It is not just about LinkedIn (although is a massive task Social Media is increasingly important Start-Up recruitment ventures is that the You need to do more than your these days) and it is not just about truly successful Recruitment Companies competitors. producing a one-off Company Brochure target themselves with all sorts of KPI’s (although a brochure is good – PDF or which are apparently nothing to do with There is a theory that a poor, well hard copy). making a placement. publicised business will always make more than a great business, based in a Publicity is an on-going, relevant and The difference between being a great quiet town in the sleepy County best evolving feast. Why not think about a Recruiter and a good Recruitment known for not a lot! stream of Press Release articles for Business Owner is really about how you example?.... target and monitor your activity. 3rd Thing: A great Recruiter will focus on interviews, offers, acceptances and so on, but a good Network: As Mike Walmsley (Mike is the Recruitment Business Owner will then ‘Recruitment Trainer to the Stars’ who look at how much ‘Speculative’ work they works alongside SSG, as you probably do for the business, with how much know) might say, the 3 most important ‘Intensity’ they work and what they have things that a Recruiter can do is to done for the business that they did not network, network and then do a little have to do this week (please set aside networking. your enthusiasm for our views of business Good News is like Jam.... KPI’s until next time – please see the back This really means developing a proper You need to spread it thick! inside cover of this issue for more on this Referral and Networking strategy not just So, what are those three things that you exciting topic!!). issuing a few random ‘invitations’ on the ought to be doing to promote your internet! Anyway, let’s agree a route map for business? generating a PRESS RELEASE, before we Today, I would like to waffle on about how then look at the two primary methods for 1st Thing: to develop a Press Release. actually getting these news stories to your Advertise: Yep, you guessed it. audience (we will also point to a sneaky This is about communicating to anybody This is not just about plonking your third option!). who may be interested in something that requirements on to the job boards is news worthy concerning what you and THE MAGNIFICENT 7 (tempting though it is!), but more about your Company might be doing. using the adverts themselves to We are not referring to the Cowboys of the communicate your core values as a We are going to look at the 7 golden great 1950’s film or indeed to Snow Company. rules that you have to follow when White’s famous little buddies. physically generating your Press Release We of course mean the 7 sections that The way in which you write your and then we are going to briefly talk constitute a solid Press Release: advertisements will say an awful lot about about the options for getting that news how you behave as an organisation. ‘out there’. 1. The Headline It is hard to be so careful & precise (we I am not really going to try to convince The Headline must be a ‘grabber’ of know!) but obviously you ought to try to you that you should ‘do it’. course. This grabber might be an avoid grammatical and spelling errors, achievement, a news event or a new inaccuracies, complications and so on. What we know from working with 130+ product for example.18
  19. 19. The headline is usually written in bold and For example, is your news relevant to the For that money, you would be expected towith slightly larger text than the ‘body’ of broader national news? work with the PR Agency in developingthe press release. the following: For example, has your business grown in aBest thing to do is to identify the key word sector that has recently suffered from cut OBJECTIVES:in your release and use that (e.g. backs or recession?EXPANSION or GROWTH or NEW). 6. The Contact Info’ For example, objectives might include the obvious such as to raise your Company If your release is news-worthy, then the profile within your chosen market, to journalist may want to get in touch. drive traffic to your web site to engage with your client base and so on. So, always give the following information at the foot of your press release: ROUTE MAP: Company’s official name: Media Contact (or you if you don’t have one!): Address: This is really about defining how these Telephone / Fax: Mobile Numbers: objectives will be met. Did you know this image is really a metaphor? Availability times: E-mail & Web Site Address. Typically, an Agency will discuss a range of solutions involving Press Release articles,2. The Body Copy 7. The End White Papers, Expert Articles, SEO work &Your first sentence should concisely say Social Media. To look professional and to signal the endwhat the release is about. of your press release, you should centre Please note that we will look at what these directly underneath your article with 3 x terms actually mean in the next issue ofThe next couple of sentences should the hash (#) symbol! TDS.expand on the lead and then you ought tolaunch into the body-copy – i.e. short, WHAT NEXT?sharp sentences avoiding jargon & It will then be the responsibility of the PRrepetition. Then, deal with facts, figures So, you have a well constructed Agency to generate a schedule for you ofand the like. news-worthy article which you would like what will happen & when. to get ‘out there’.3. The 5 W’s & the H This will often involve a targeted plan (roll What do you actually do next? out) of what the agency will get into theMake sure that your press release always I guess you have two main options – pay with the obvious 5 W’s: someone else to do it or DIY. For example, a classic schedule might be What is the news? OPTION 1: HIRE A PR AGENCY as follows: Why is this news? Sounds fancy, but actually a lot of PR Who are the people involved? Agencies are actually one-man bands that Where is this happening? work very hard on small retainers to 2 Press Releases per month. When did this happen promote equally small, cash-tight organisations. 1 Expert Article per month.Then deal with the H: Typically, a small Recruitment Agency On-going Social Media exploitationHow did this all come about? would need to commit to an initial (i.e. they will update a BLOG 6-months contract costing around £500 and TWITTER account for you).Remember, what you have to say needs to ‘news-worthy’ – not just to you but to 2 White Papers over a 6-monthyour target publication. contract.Ask yourself, ‘why would Magazine X, Y orZ want to know’ what you have to say? In addition, a proper PR Agency will4. The Company Info’ provide you with monthly reporting designed to physically prove to you thatYou need to say who you are & what your their work has achieved its objectives.Company does (briefly!). They will often waffle on about theMake sure that you also point to your amount of PR they have achieved andCompany Web Site. how much it would have cost you to pay5. The Tie to have that promotion in the relevant magazines.Can you then tie it all together? It is worth it? You might ask?Can you provide a nugget of extrainformation that will support your press Don’t sit on the sidelines - Be part of It can be yes but this it is not a passiverelease? it all! thing for you – the amount of work and 19
  20. 20. Jan Jan Jan 2012 2012 2012 BLAST OFF! BLAST OFF! BLAST OFF! COMMERCIAL North West Highly experienced Determined Recruiter With 15 years experience RETAIL North West specialist Retail working in Liverpool/ of working the technical I.T. Nationwide Recruiter teams up North West IT market, our Lead with SSG & David commerical market Recruiter is consultative, Jones (in an equity using her outstanding honest, bristling with partnership) to experience of integrity & extremely SIX OF THE BEST smash the Regional PERMS to launch a successfull.His Retail Market. business which philosophy is absolutely Clients are UK will slowly that money is just a based with a develop a measure of the focus on salaries TEMPS desk too dedication & up to £50k respect with which you operate For more info, contact: For more info, contact: For more info, contact: Jan Jan Jan 2012 2012 2012 BLAST OFF! BLAST OFF! BLAST OFF! Another Superstar Charismatic Recruiter Experienced Recruiter Sales and Marketing Retail Recruiter returns to the previously working on EUROPEAN I.T. More RETAIL! a self employed basis demonstrating market. Making a for an Agency has confidence in her own comeback no less seen the light and ability to work closely impressive than Paul decided to paddle with a key client base. Scholes, our top her own canoe. High Street woes man is back to blast Crazy to build the mean nothing away the brand of another to a focussed competitionin this Recruiter, she Recruiter with PERM based confirms! strong Client specialist arena Relationships. Great to see! For more info, contact: For more info, contact: For more info, contact: input that you need to commit will A THIRD OPTION: sometimes seem that you are doing the job of the PR Agency. Understandably, you may want to avoid the fixed cost expense of a PR Agency but In their defence, all PR guys will affirm that also feel that it would be helpful to have a if they work with half truths, inadequate third party involved? information or poor basic ideas the results Well, perhaps you could investigate the will be worse than hopeless. following web site? You would need to commit to the process. If you want more help with choosing a PR As you will see, these guys offer a free trial, Agency, just get in touch and we can help. a free version and a paid version of their PR Service. OPTION 2: DO IT YOURSELF Recruitment & PR? What a combination?! You create your article, they distribute Don’t want to spend the money but want your article and then they track the to make a start on ‘Promoting’ your Your answer may well be that the local results. Why not take a look? business to the Recruitment World? press might like to know of good (local) FINALLY: economic news & you might also assume PR can work and successful businesses Well, it can be very simple: (quite rightly) that the mainstream will take the idea of promoting their Step 1 is to generate your PR Article. Recruitment Trade Press might like to business seriously – probably more Step 2 is to identify which media you print some good news too! seriously than most of us do. might like to see your article published So, now that you know to whom you want and Step 3 is to present the article to the to issue your PR, all that you need to do is PR ought to be a third of your effort (& right contact at your chosen media. expenditure) – remember the three bits? to generate a fax front sheet (normal Advertise, Publicise and Network. Simple ah? contact information) and send the article for the attention of the Editor of both the If you spend £1,000 a month on adverts, For example, let’s say that your business local press & the trade press. what ought you be spending on PR? has just won a contract to supply Temps to It really is that simple – if you don’t get a Maybe that is a question for next time but a big client in your local area. response, do not be too down hearted. the answer has to be ‘something at least’. You might write this news worthy article Just try again and again and again. It will To talk through any aspect of this whole and think ‘who is this article of interest to?’ happen. PR thing, please get in touch. We can help.20
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