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2012 Capabilities


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Ascend Management Group

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2012 Capabilities

  1. 1. 2012!………..     end?! eady to Asc  in  developing   uR xperienc e Are Yoe  ability  and  proven  eto  meet  your  complex   ceted   th s   s    mul8-­‐fa Ascend  ha prehensive  solu8on  access  to r   crea8 ve,  com e  offe r  one-­‐stop rience…see  why  ou ha llenges.  W a l  expe business  c  opera8on ch  new  he ights.   e8ng,  and  them  rea finan cial,  mark d  to  help k  to  Ascen clients  loo WHEN ORDINARY SIMPLY ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH! Ascend  Management  Group  is  a  bou4que  consul4ng  firm  that  provides  strategic  and  corporate   solu4ons,  performance  measurement  and  management,  program  and  project  management,  and   opera4onal  excellence  exper4se.  Our  services  are  all  focused  on  a  single  outcome:  guiding   organiza9ons  towards  new  heights.       Ascend  helps  leaders  make  dis8nc8ve,  las8ng  and  substan8al  enhancements  within  their   organiza8ons.  We  tackle  their  most  difficult  and  serious  challenges.  We  have  deep  func8onal  and   industry  exper8se.  Our  reputa8on  lies  in  building  las8ng  rela8onships  with  our  clients,  and  a  focus   on  delivering  value  in  all  we  do.  We  share  our  knowledge  and  exper8se  to  help  you  reach  the  goals   you  set  for  yourself  and  your  business.  We  augment  your  teams  with  resources  who  can  execute   on  key  deliverables.     Our  team  of  professionals  combines  innova8ve  thinking  with  strong  experience  to  offer  our  clients   consul8ng  exper8se,  thought  leadership,  and  the  tac8cal  horse-­‐  power  to  “get  things  done”.  When   you  engage  Ascend,  our  collabora8ve  and  efficient  approach  will  ensure  that  you  reach  new   heights.     "We  engaged  Ascend  to  provide  thought  leadership  related  to  enhancements  to  our  financial  planning  processes,   as  well  as  to  provide  the  tac9cal  support  to  assist  our  team  in  building  ac9onable  business  plans  and  requirements   to  get  things  done.  Dave  and  his  team  at  Ascend  were  able  to  deliver  solid  results  for  Bank  of  the  West  and  helped   bring  our  finance  capabili9es  to  a  higher  level"   Dan  Beck,  Bank  of  the  West,  EVP  -­‐  Controller                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
  2. 2. Our Core Foundation! ! Our  mission  is  to  help  our  clients  win  by  achieving  their  most  strategic     goals.  We  are  dedicated  to  providing  solu8ons  that  align  with  our   clients  key  strategies,  par8cularly  across  the  following  three  areas:   ts  Forward   Moving  Clien ven  track  record  in  helping   c8ves.     our     ro PERFORMANCE:  Ascend  solu8ons  enable  our  clients  to  build  more   Ascend  has  a  p s  and  obje eed  their  goal powerful  businesses.  Our  performance-­‐oriented  exper8se  focuses   clients  meet  and  exc and  tac8cal   the  strategic   primarily  on  finance,  efficiency,  repor8ng,  analy8cs,  quality,    and  risk..   our  fi rm  provides   rward.   ve  the  ball  fo   horse power  to  mo EFFICIENCY:    Ascend  brings  a  proven  approach  to  ensure  the  success  of   projects.  We  have  the  know-­‐how,  tools  and  energy  to  create  beKer,   more  predictable  results.  We  provide  tac8cal  horsepower  that  many  of   our  clients  need.     GROWTH:  Ascend  brings  extensive  experience  in  delivering  strategic   solu8ons  for  Fortune  500  companies.  We  develop  the  right  strategies   to  achieve  immediate  goals,  as  well  as  help  your  company  win  on  its   most  strategic,  long-­‐term  ini8a8ves.     Performance  Measurement  &  Management:   Strategy  &  Corporate  Solu4ons:   In  its  simplest  form,  Ascend  helps  our  clients    obtain  the  right   Ascend  clients’  are  faced  with  the  challenge  of  how  to  posi8on   informa8on,  organize  it,  and  ensure  its  distributed  to  the  right   themselves  against  compe88on,  keeping  customers  sa8sfied,  and   people  in  a  format  that  is  accurate  and  ac8onable.     organizing  their  organiza8ons  to  support  strategic  ini8a8ves.       At  Ascend,  our  team  of  professionals  is  experienced  at  helping   At  Ascend,  our  strategic  planning  consultants  draw    from  their   business  owners  and  managers  understand,  measure  and   extensive  experience  in  delivering  strategic  solu8ons  for  mul8ple   effec8vely  manage  their  key  business  drivers.   Fortune  500  companies.       Some  of  Ascend’s  Performance  Measurement  and  Management   Some  of  Ascend’s    Strategy  and  Corporate  Solu4ons  offerings   offerings  include:   include:   -­‐  Mul8-­‐Dimensional  Profitability     -­‐  Corporate  Strategy  Planning  and  Development   -­‐  Planning  &  Forecas8ng   -­‐  Strategic  Roadmap  development  and  reviews   -­‐  Repor8ng  and  Analysis   -­‐  Business  /  Business  Line  Valua8on   -­‐  Business  Intelligence   -­‐  Financial  Modeling   Project  PorRolio  Management:   Opera4onal  Excellence:   Ascend  believes  every  program  or  project  provides  opportuni8es   Ascend  has  proven  methodologies  that  work  for  many  industries   for  game-­‐changing  strategic  partnerships  and  that  they  shouldn’t   including  financial  services,  healthcare,  energy  and   be  viewed  as  expenses  or  overhead.  Done  properly,  our  services   pharmaceu8cals.  We  have  seen  great  success  applying  our   bring  real  financial  benefit  by  improving  efficiencies  and   methodologies  to  a  range  of  func8onal  areas  including  finance,   minimizing  risk  to  project  investments.   marke8ng,  sales,  HR,  IT,  retail  and  outsourcing.       Ascend    brings  a  proven  approach  to  ensure  the  success  of   Ascend  professionals  have  been  involved  in  this  discipline  for  many   projects.  We  have  the  experience,  tools  and  energy  to  create   years,  at  many  Fortune  100  companies.  We’re  problem  solvers  who   stronger,  more  predictable  results.     provide  innova8ve,  proven  approaches  to  a  wide  range  of  situa8ons       Some  of  Ascends  Project  PorRolio  Management  offerings   Some  of  Ascend’s    Opera4onal  Excellence  and  Process   include:   Improvement    offering  include:   -­‐  Porolio  Op8miza8on   -­‐  Process  Improvement   -­‐  Program  Management  Office  (PMO)  Design  &  Implementa8on   -­‐  Product  Development   -­‐  Project/Program  Management   -­‐  OpEx  Program  Development   -­‐  Project  Turnarounds   -­‐  Work-­‐Flow  documenta8on   "Ascend  was  a  key  partner  in  ensuring  our  new  venture  was  sound  and  had  an  execu7on  plan  that  was  viable.  Ascend’s   management  team  conducted  comprehensive  financial  and  industry  analyses  in  order  to  validate  our  market  opportuni7es.   As  we  con7nue  to  expand,  we  will  look  to  Ascend  to  be  a  key  strategic  partner."   Dale  Shoemaker,  President  -­‐  Pacific  Cascades  Corpora9on                                                                                                                                                                          [2]                                      
  3. 3. Ascend Services ! Management  &  Technology  Consul4ng  /  Execu4on  &  Delivery  Support     Ascend  has  resources  with  extensive  financial  and  retail  services  exper7se,  gained  in  consul7ng  and  corporate  environments  over   the  past  20  years.  Our  size,  experience,  and  approach  enable  us  to  offer  clients  our  services  at  an  excep7onal  value.    A  sampling  of   our  most  in-­‐demand  services  are  listed  below:     Strategic  PorRolio  Planning:   Many  of  our  clients  are  required  to  make  difficult  investment  trade  off  decisions  and  focus  on  projects  will  deliver  the  highest   business  benefit.    Ascend  helps  our  clients  iden8fy  a  set  of  strategic  op8ons  and  quickly  analyze  and  priori8ze  those  op8ons,   determine  the  most  appropriate  business  and  opera8ng  model,  and  develop  a  road  map  to  reach  the  agreed  goals  swifly  and   effec8vely.    In  addi8on,  we  help  develop  the  tracking  and  measurement  solu8ons  needed  for  our  clients  to  ensure  that  the   planned  results  are  realized.     Performance  Measurement  &  Management:   In  its  simplest  form,  Ascend  helps  our  clients    obtain  the  right  informa8on,  organize  it,  and  ensure  its  distributed  to  the  right   people  in  a  format  that  is  accurate  and  ac8onable.    At  Ascend,  our  team  of  professionals  is  experienced  at  helping  business   owners  and  managers  understand  the  drivers  of  their  business.  We  have  deep  exper8se  in  Mul8-­‐Dimensional  Profitability,   Planning  and  Forecas8ng,  and  Financial  Repor8ng  and  Analysis     Business  &  Technology  Architecture:   Many  financial  services  companies  are  struggling  with  costly  core  systems,  hard  to  support  business  processes,  and  outdated   architectures.    Ascend  has  formed  strategic  alliances  with  proven  organiza8ons  that  allow  us  to    help  our  clients  develop  a   blueprint  and  roadmap  that  allows  them  to  beKer  align  applica8on,  middleware,  and  infrastructure  investments  in  order  to   support  their  long-­‐term  business  strategy.  We  also  have  available  resources  in  the  IT  arena  that  can  help  you  execute  in  this   space.     Business  Intelligence  &  Data  Management:   Most  organiza8ons  we  support  have  dealt  with  the  problem  of  having  too  much  data,  but  not  enough  insight.  From  data   architecture,  quality  and  cleansing  to  data  governance,  sofware  selec8on  and  real-­‐8me  analysis  &  repor8ng,  we  design,  develop   and  test  state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art  informa8on  systems  for  conver8ng  data  into  intelligence  that  improve  decision  making,    regulatory   compliance,  and  customer  service.    We  help  our  clients  make  informed  decisions  faster  on  their  most  pressing  business  priori8es   by  providing  the  right  data  at  the  right  8me  to  the  right  people.         Op4miza4on  &  Cost  Efficiency:   Ins8tu8ons  constantly  seek  ways  to  op8mize  their  business  and  technology  organiza8ons  to  deal  with  the  changing  business  and   regulatory  landscape,  as  well  as  funding  strategic  ini8a8ves.    We  help  our  clients  iden8fy  ways  to  improve  business  unit   produc8vity,  lower  technology  costs,  and  streamline  opera8ons.  We  bring  the  tools,  business  and  technology  experience  to   quickly  assess  your  applica8on  porolio  and  business  processes  to  iden8fy  a  priori8zed  list  of  opportuni8es.    We  then  lay  out  a   set  of  ac8onable  recommenda8ons  for  op8mizing  your  business  and  IT  investments  that  are  both  aKainable  and  sustainable.       Process  Improvement:   Our  clients  are  con8nually  looking  for  opportuni8es  to  improve  their  exis8ng  business  and  opera8onal  structures  –  We  bring  an   end-­‐to-­‐end,  process-­‐based  approach  to  Process  Improvement  (including  Six  Sigma  &  Opera8onal  Excellence  methodology)  that   allows  our  clients  to  improve  exis8ng  business  and  opera8onal  structures,    simplify  core  business  and  technology  processes,   Streamline  opera8ons  to  reduce  costs  and  strategically  grow  cri8cal  capabili8es.   ! Program  &  Project  Management:   Ascend  clients  depend  on  high  quality  and  8mely  execu8on  of  strategic  programs  in  order  to  transform  their  businesses.    Our   PMO  Services  go  beyond  methodology,  tradi8onal  cer8fica8ons,  and  tools.    We  tailor  our  solu8ons  to  the  needs  and  capabili8es   of  our  clients  and  ensure  that  programs  deliver  8mely  results  and  sustainable,  measurable  business  value.  Our  flexibility  enables   us  to  collabora8vely  work  with  your  in-­‐house  PMO  or  take  on  the  full  PMO  responsibility  throughout  your  business’  lifecycle  –   from  strategic  planning,  business  valua8on  and  porolio  selec8on  &  planning  to  porolio  management,  project  execu8on  and   benefits  realiza8on.                                                                                                                                                                            [3]                                      
  4. 4. Ascend Advantage ! ! Integrated  Know-­‐How:  Ascend  has  the  ability  and  proven   experience  in  developing  crea8ve,  comprehensive  solu8ons  to     e  Crowd:   ing  on  the   best  o f   meet  your  complex  business  challenges.  We  offer  one-­‐stop  access   Stand  O ut  From  th al  consul8ng  firm  -­‐  build odology,  talent,   to  mul8-­‐faceted  financial,  marke8ng,  and  opera8onal  experience.   our  typic ’t  y  for—meth wn d   Ascend  isn  firms  used  to  be  kno s  like  Ascen ou8que  firm w hat  the  big  new er,  more  b xibility.   Big  Time  Results,  Without  The  Big  Firm  Costs:  Ascend s  over-­‐ d  what  the ead  and  fle arching  goal  is  to  develop  rela8onships  that  are  both  close  and  long   results—an on ,  low  overh ersonaliza8 las8ng.  We  wont  extend  contracts  for  short-­‐term  benefits,  we  are   do  well—p not  looking  to  sell  you  sofware,  we  won’t  leave  you  with  fancy   decks  that  do  not  provide  you  ac8onable  solu8ons.  At  Ascend,  we   will  provide  you  with  the  experience  of  the  big  firms,  with  the   flexibility  and  value-­‐based  rates  that  won’t  break  your  budget.     Scalability  Meets  Flexibility:  Our  size  is  just  right:  large  enough  to   handle  your  complex,  enterprise-­‐wide  projects,  yet  agile  enough  to   adjust  to  your  specific  requirements.  In  a  turbulent  economy,  our   size,  experience,  and  approach  enable  us  to  offer  clients   excep8onal  services  at  an  excep8onal  value.     Leadership that guides a results driven team ! ! Dave  Maddaluna  is  the  Chief  Execu8ve  Officer  and  driving  force  behind  Ascend.  A   graduate  of  James  Madison  University  with  a  concentra8on  in  Finance  and   Entrepreneurship,  he  went  on  to  earn  an  MBA  from  University  of  North  Carolina   with  a  concentra8on  in  Entrepreneurship.     Dave  brings  to  the  firm  an  extensive  background  in  Finance,  Marke8ng,  Process   Improvement,  and  Business  Strategy  with  mul8ple  Fortune  100  Companies.  Armed   with  a  Six  Sigma  Green  Belt  cer8fica8on,  and  a  Champion  Cer8fica8on  as  an   Opera8onal  Excellence  prac88oner,  Dave  is  able  to  expertly  guide  Ascend  clientele   toward  enhancing  their  exis8ng  organiza8ons.     With  his  unique  ability  to  drive  cross-­‐enterprise  projects  that  require  superior   project  management,  communica8on,  and  building  strategic  alliances,  Dave  has  a   proven  track  record  helping  Ascend  clients  evaluate  and  execute  on  business   opportuni8es.  Our  current  clients  include;  Fortune  100  corpora8ons,  small   businesses,  non  profits,  government  agencies,  professional  athletes,  entertainers   and  other  public  figures.     While  in  Corporate  America,  Dave  was  a  recipient  of  the  Corporate  STAR  Award,  an  acknowledgement  given  only  to  the  top  2%  of   Finance  Execu8ves  based  on  execu8on,  leadership  and  contribu8on  to  corporate  goals.  Dave  is  also  a  member  of  the  Member  of   AMIFS  (Associa8on  for  Management  Informa8on  for  Financial  Services),  where  he  leads  workshops  and  discussions  on  a  variety  of   topics,  including  strategic  planning,  development  of  performance  scorecards  and  key  performance  indicators,  mul8-­‐dimensional   profitability  repor8ng  and  analysis,  and  strategic  opera8onal  planning.   Our Consultants! ! Ascend  professionals  are  a  team  of  industry  experts  that  bring  an  incredibly  diverse  background  of  experience  and  a  common  philosophy  for   success.  Our  top  priority  is  to  help  our  clients  experience  what  it  means  to  ASCEND.  Our  team  of  consultants  and  strategic  alliance  partners   will  exceed  your  expecta8ons  in  our  ability  to  execute  and  “get  things  done.”   Dave  is  an  excep7onal  leader  of  people  and  building  rela7onships.  His  interpersonal  skills  allow  him  to  navigate   difficult  situa7ons  with  ease  and  accomplish  tasks  in  record  7me.  Another  thing  Dave  has  in  his  arsenal  of  skills  is   innova7on.  He  is  able  to  take  a  conceptual  design  and  create  a  masterful  presenta7on  taking  numbers  and  concepts   and  making  them  tell  a  "story."   Tom  McDermoY     EVP,  Marke4ng  –  SunTrust  Bank                                                                                                                                                                          [4]                                      
  5. 5. 2012 ! ………………   Company Information: ! ! !   eir   manage  th ey  Shots:   d  succeed   ents  Execute  K es.  Those  who  grow  an  are  mi8gated  and   Helping  Cli ons  face  challeng nce  ensure s  risks a8 erie All  Organiz eKer.    Ascend’s    exp ch allenges  b miz ed.   es  are  maxi opportuni8 Sample Clients: ! ! Contact: ! ! Execu4ve  Contact:   Address:   Dave  Maddaluna,  CEO     Ascend  Management  Group     704.998.5788  (Direct)     Transamerica  Square     704.779.7020  (Cell)     401  North  Tryon  Street  –  10th  Floor     CharloKe,  NC  28202     Agency:   General  Email  Inquiries  &  Media   704.998.5788  (Direct)   704.998.5301(fax)                                                                                                                                                                            [5]