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Schoology Workshop Presentation


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Schoology Workshop Presentation

  1. 1. © 2013 Dana Sobczak Dana Sobczak ET5063 American College of Education
  2. 2. © 2013 Dana Sobczak (St. Mary’s Academy, 2013) Figure 1: Schoology is a LMS that incorporates learning collaboratively
  3. 3. Teacher Homepage These tools help keep your Schoology page organized © 2013 Dana Sobczak (Schoology, 2003) Figure 2. This pictures shows the tool bars on the Schoology homepage
  4. 4. Create an instructor account Fill in the basic information * If you are a Sparta School District Employee, use your school email. © 2013 Dana Sobczak (Schoology, 2003) (Schoology, 2003) Figure 3: Schoology accounts can be made as an instructor or a student Figure 4: Schoology accounts ask for basic information and it is free to sign up
  5. 5. Create a course in Schoology. You can name this course anything you want your students to see. Example: Science hour 3 Upload your students into your courses. You will add each of your students as new members to your course. © 2013 Dana Sobczak (Schoology, 2003) (Schoology, 2003) Figure 5: This picture highlights how to create a course in Schoology Figure 6: This picture highlights how to add a student to the course
  6. 6. Your Schoology page will be the one place where all of your daily assignments, links, quizzes and grade book can be stored. GRADEBOOK Schoology will automatically grade quizzes! © 2013 Dana Sobczak (Schoology, 2003)(Schoology, 2003) (Schoology, 2012) Figure 7: Schoology has a lot of tools for teachers to use Figure 8: This figure shows the different items a teacher can have in their course Figure 9: The grade book is a great feature of Schoology
  7. 7. Easily upload assignments for your students to see. Hide the assignments you do not want your students to see yet. © 2013 Dana Sobczak (Schoology, 2003) Figure 10: This pictures highlights the “hide” features that the teachers have control over
  8. 8. GOAL(S) 1. Create a course 2. Input at least one student 3. Upload an assignment © 2013 Dana Sobczak (Schuetz, 2012) Figure 11: This puts a visual to the many layers of Schoology
  9. 9. How to create a discussion on Schoology video Add one comment to the discussion before break BREAK Return at 10:45 (Evenbrite, 2013) Figure 12: Schoology can be used as a digital classroom © 2013 Dana Sobczak