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SCHOOLOGY PRESENTATION by Dana Rivera and Andrew LaPrade


  1. 1. Schoology Your Digital ClassroomA cloud-based Learning Management System with a social networking capabilities. A Presentation by Dana Rivera and Andrew LaPrade
  2. 2. What is Schoology?Schoology is an easy-to-use, easy-to-implement online learning,classroom management, and social networking platform that improveslearning through• better communication,• better collaboration, and• increased access to curriculum and supplemental content (both inside and outside of school).
  3. 3. Ways Educators are Using Schoology to Transform Learning1. A football coach in Alabama uses Schoology to teach his players about opposing teams. Going one step further, he even quizzes them before the games and only plays those who pass.2. An educator in Ohio uses Schoology to teach his third-graders how to write creatively, proofread, and collaborate. Heres how it goes: Each student writes their own fairytale and shares it with the class. They then read each other’s work and critique it in an interactive discussion.3. While visiting Brooklyn, NY, one educator used Schoology’s mobile app to manage his classroom from five states away!4. Bridging the gap across states and learning levels, a college professor in Connecticut and a high school teacher in Alabama used Schoology to connect their classes for in-depth discussions about what it means to be a digital citizen.5. A school district in Missouri linked up with a village in Kenya through a Schoology Group. Separated by over 8,000 miles, students on both ends are sharing their cultures, discussing ideas and best practices of sustainable living, and even participating in a clothing drive!
  4. 4. Features of SchoologyPersonalized Homepage Schoology aggregates all your academic information in one easy- to-use, familiar interface.
  5. 5. Features of SchoologyCourse Profiles Schoology makes creating unique and flexible course profiles simple with an easy-to - use, intuitive interface.
  6. 6. Features of SchoologyCalendarSchoology’scalendar is an easy-to-use, robust wayto manage personalan course events.The calendars arecolor coded,provide automaticupdating, and cansynchronize withother web-basedcalendars such asMS Outlook orGoogle Calendar.
  7. 7. Features of SchoologyOnline HomeworkDropboxesSchoology’sDropbox featuresimplifies andcentralizes theprocess ofsubmitting,annotating, grading,and returningassignments sothere’s nounnecessaryrepetition.
  8. 8. Features of SchoologyCreate Assignmentsand EventsSchoology’s contentcreation tools and user-friendly interface makecreate diverse assignmentsand events simple. You caneasily attach and embedengaging media from yourhard drive or the web. Bestof all, created assignementand events areautomatically organized inthe course, group, andpersonal calendars.
  9. 9. Features of SchoologyCreate Assignmentsand Events
  10. 10. Features of SchoologyCreate Testsand QuizzesSchoology’s testand quiz creationtools provideteachers with aflexible, easy-to-use template forcreating engagingassessments thataddress individualstudent needs.
  11. 11. Features of SchoologyAnalyze TestResultsUse Schoology’scourse analytics toanalyze testresults. Look atclass and individualscores on entireassessment and onspecific questions.See whentests/questionswere completedand how muchtimes was spenton each.
  12. 12. Features of SchoologyOnline Gradebookand AttendanceSchoology’sGradebook andAttendance saveyou time byautomating theredundant tasks ofinputting gradesand takingattendance.
  13. 13. Features of SchoologyTrack Student Usage andCourse AnalyticsWith individualizedand course-wideanalytics presented inan easily read format,Schoology helps youto better understandyou students’ needsand developstrategies thatimprove theirengagement andcomprehension.
  14. 14. Features of SchoologyMessagingSchoology facilitatesbetter communicationby providing teachersa way to sendmessages and shareresources efficientlywith their studentsand peers, and byproviding students asimple and safe wayto contact theirteachers.
  15. 15. Features of SchoologyCustomizableNotificationsSchoologymakes stayingconnectedsimple withemail and SMStextnotifications soeveryone isalways up todate.
  16. 16. Features of SchoologyAnnouncementsNeed to make sureyour classpost/updatedoesn’t get lost inthe activity feed?Schoology’sannouncmentfeature turns anyupdate into anannouncementwith one click,pinning it to the topof the activity feedso everyone getsthe message.
  17. 17. Features of SchoologyDiscussionsWith Schoology,teachers can createinteractive discussionpages, engagingstudents on a morepersonal level.Discussions arethreaded to allow foreasy replying andorganization.A wide range of files (including documents, pictures, audio, and video files) can beattached to any post. Teachers can also connect their discussion pages with otherclasses for a more widely interactive experience.
  18. 18. Features of SchoologyGroup Workspaces/CollaborationSchoology’s learningenvironmentfacilitatescollaboration on anumber of differentlevels. Students andteachers cancollaborate easily witheach other their peersby participating in livediscussions, sharingresources and ideas,and much more.
  19. 19. Features of SchoologyUser Connections(Professional Networks)Staying connectedlocally and buildingconnections globallyhelps improveeducation in acollaborative effort.Schoology lets youcollaborate and shareinstructionalresources withteachers in yourschool, your district,and around the world.
  20. 20. Features of SchoologyAnnouncementsNeed to make sureyour classpost/updatedoesn’t get lost inthe activity feed?Schoology’sannouncmentfeature turns anyupdate into anannouncementwith one click,pinning it to the topof the activity feedso everyone getsthe message.
  21. 21. Schoology App CenterSchoology AppsThe App Centerbrings the tools,websites, andcontent you use ona regular basisdirectly intoSchoology in anintegrated,seamlessexperience. Youcan find apps toextend yourclassroom andeasily install theminto your courses.
  22. 22. Schoology BlogsStudent BlogsStudents canuse theSchoology blogfeature tocreate theirown blogs on avariety oftopics. Otherstudents canread andrespond tothese blogs.
  23. 23. Schoology Blogs and NewsTeacher BlogsTeachers can joinprofessionalnetworkinggroups andfollow the blogson the Schoologyhome page ontopics, such asthe flippedclassroom,differentiatedinstruction, Web2.0 tools, etc.
  24. 24. Schoology in the NewsInvesting to take on market giants – committed for the long run.
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