How to create Service Capital


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A brief point of view on how to generate Service Capital for organisations. A crucial outcome for any Service Design project.

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How to create Service Capital

  1. 1. Proto Partners helps companies hear the needs of customers in new ways, in order to create new and improved service solutions that deliver financially sustainable outcomes.
  2. 2. A quick overview on how to create Service Capital TM © 2009 Proto Partners. Confidential & Proprietary.
  3. 3. What We Do We help organisations identify where, when and how their services can be improved and made more valuable for both themselves and their customers.
  4. 4. What is Service Capital? Service Capital TM is the capital that you generate with your customers as a result of structuring your service so that it creates an ongoing positive experience
  5. 5. TM How do I create Service Capital You create Service Capital TM by first understanding what your customers are looking for, then setting up your service product and processes to deliver a great experience across all touch points
  6. 6. How do I maintain Service Capital? You maintain Service Capital TM by continuing to monitor your service delivery against the right service experience metrics and then finding ways to improve delivery as a customer expectations shift and increase over time.
  7. 7. How do I measure Service Capital You measure Service Capital TM by using the Net Promoter Score as a customer loyalty metric that the whole company can understand and work towards improving.
  8. 8. Service Capital Model Service Design Design the right propositions for the right customers. s ise m ak om in pr g pr g lin om ab Service ise en s Capital Capability Service Development Delivery Develop capability Deliver every to continue keeping promises promise at lowest to delight cost customers © 2009 Proto Partners. Confidential & Proprietary.
  9. 9. How we do it Realise & Monitor Discover 4 1 From Information to Insights From Prototypes to Realisation Shared V Value / source customer feedback - / determine business obj’s, response, sales, revenue, KPI’s, Establish Vision responsiveness V Better People / speak with customers, staff / monitor staff, systems, Services to understand current state against customer service / map current customer V goals journey Systems Increased Service Capital Happier V Develop Design 3 2 V Revenues Customers From Ideas to Prototypes From Insights to Ideas Service / start implementing new Propositions / take learnings from customers systems and processes to and staff to develop service deliver desired customer ideas, systems, processes experience Touch- / determine key customers / develop and specify guidelines, points training, sales scripts V touchpoints and connect to internal support systems © 2009 Proto Partners. Confidential & Proprietary.