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The nEUROn is an experimental UCAV program led by Dassault Aviation in partnership with several European companies including Saab Aerosystems, Alenia Aermacchi and EADS CASA.

The System
Acra KAM-500 data acquisition units (DAUs) are integrated into the nEUROn’s Ethernet distributed FTI
system for analog sensor data acquisition and to view real-time video from 3 cameras.
The Results
Compact and lightweight DAUs yielding more flight test measurements

Reliable accurate data delivered to the onboard and ground test systems

Flexible Ethernet based video monitoring system

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CWC-AE Dassault User story

  1. 1. The nEUROn is an experimentalUCAV program led by DassaultAviation in partnership with severalEuropean companies includingSaab Aerosystems, AleniaAermacchi and EADS CASA.The SystemAcra KAM-500 data acquisitionunits (DAUs) are integrated into thenEUROn’s Ethernet distributed FTIsystem for analog sensor dataacquisition and to view real-timevideo from 3 cameras.The Results• Compact and lightweight DAUsyielding more flight testmeasurements• Reliable accurate datadelivered to the onboard andground test systems• Flexible Ethernet based videomonitoring systemDassault instruments thenEUROn UCAV with AcraKAM-500 data acquisitionHC-130H
  2. 2. COMMERCIAL OFF-THE-SHELFMODULAR DESIGNThe SystemSix KAM-500 DAUs are integrated into thedistributed system to acquire• Pressure• Temperature• VideoThe KAM-500 was chosen because of its small footprint.Especially important on the nEUROn, the KAM-500’scompact design and MIL-STD ruggedness means it canbe located anywhere on the airframe, even in the severeenvironment of the internal bay.A six user slot Acra KAM- 500 DAU with a video acquisitionmodule and Ethernet encoder is connected to 3 camerasin the weapons bay.The video module can manage up to three video inputsignals which are packaged in Ethernet frames by theencoder and sent over a data link to the Ground ControlStation.Acra KAM-500Lowers RiskProven on every platform type inall environmental conditionsCOTS hardware with short deliverytimesReduces Cost of OwnershipReduced inventory of spares dueto common product lineLower installation, setup andmaintenance requirementsModular design greatly extendssystem lifetimeFTI by DesignDesigned to minimize the datatransfer time from sensor to screenGuaranteed predictable dataSimultaneous sampling occursacross the complete system
  3. 3. COMPACT &LIGHTWEIGHT“We have been usingAcra equipment for over10 years and it alwaysproduces accurate,reliable data on time.The Results ICompact and lightweight DAUs yielding more flighttest measurementsThe KAM-500’s compact design and MIL-STDruggedness meant the DAUs could be located inspaces where alternative DAU’s would not havefit.• The overall weight allocation for FTI was less than90kgs• The compact size enabled Dassault to get moremeasurements onto the platform than would havebeen possible with any other system• More measurements means better data fordesigners which is the goal of the platform• The compact size of the KAM-500 opened upadditional possible locations on the platform forthe DAU’s thus enabling easier and more flexiblesystem design“Jean Pierre RoubyDassault Aviation, Istres,France
  4. 4. The compact size of theKAM-500 DAU enablesus to get moremeasurements onto theplatform than would bepossible with any othersystem.“The Results IIReliable accurate data delivered on time tothe onboard and ground flight test systemsThe KAM-500 data acquisition is based on a simple androbust concept - the ‘acquisition cycle’.• Finite state machines are implemented on fixedfunction FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays),not software dependent microprocessors• The FPGA is configured to repeatedly perform thesame set of actions so that hardware performsreliably and in a completely deterministic mannerThis combined with the high performance achievedusing an all digital backplane means reliable accuratedata is delivered on time to the nEUROn onboard andground segments.“WORKS ONCEWORKS ALWAYS
  5. 5. HIGH QUALITY DATAFLIGHT AFTER FLIGHTThe Results IIIA low risk, flexible and reusable flight testinstrumentation systemAt the early stages of system design an alternateapproach to video monitoring was planned.Acra was asked if it could accommodate therequirements.The flexibility of the KAM-500 meant the uniqueneeds of the program could be quickly satisfiedwith COTS hardware.The solution was the installation of an Acra 6UKAM- 500 DAU with a video acquisition moduleand an Ethernet encoder, connected to thethree FTI cameras
  6. 6. For more information visitwww.cwc-ae.comCurtiss-Wright Controls Avionics & Electronicscwc-ae@curtisswright.com665 North Baldwin Park BoulevardCity of Industry, CA 91746, USAPhone: 626-851-3100Landscape House, Landscape RoadDublin 14, IrelandPhone: +353-1295-1264