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Curso eG travel_writing_reisejournalismus_only_in_berlin

  2. 2. Highlights Genral Inormation 4 The GDR Museum Berlin is currently serviced by two major airports - Berlin PAGE 13 Inside, the Schoenefeld SXF and Berlin Tegel TXL. Both are due to merge curious world of the in early 2013 German Democratic Transport Restaurants and Cafes Republic awaits you... 6 78 100 &nd 200 Bus Tours Kaffe Tickets Bonanza Coffee Heroes 85 Accomodation Cafe E Gelato 32 87 Heart of Gold Hostel Basilikum Restaurant The Circus Hostel Santa Maria Mexican Diner Museums, Monuments 92 Mustafa’s Vegetable Kebab and Galleries 16 Bars, Clubs Tiergarten Pergamon Museum and Beer Gardens PAGE 42 The 18 66 Tiergarten is a must East Side Gallery Berghain Holocaust Memorial see for Berlin... 69 33 Yaam Checkpoint Charlie The New Guardhouse 70 Prater Beer Garden Parks and Open Spaces Last Cathedral 44 Shopping Unter den Linden 98 The Olympic 47 Garage Sanssouci Gardens Fassbender and Rausch... Stadium 48 100 Museum PAGE 34 The outside Bearpit Sunday Karaoke Class of Berlin of Letters reflects the national XVII Vintage Socialist past. PAGE 27 Opened 52 105 in 2008, its collection Berlin Zoo Herr Nilsson Sweet Shop keeps growing ... Budget Getting started € Mauer How to Rate Find €€ Park Flea Market € These symbols will guide your way ! PAGE 108 Spend read €€ €€ All reviews are rated page 2 € you easily with a budget the day shopping this Guide  through €€ €€ €€ and mingling € the pages. traveler in mind. Use our scale to with the crowds €€ €€ €€ €€ € find what meets your of eclectic visitors... budget. page 4 € € € € €8 Only in Berlin  the budget traveler’s guide  2012 : Only in Berlin  the budget traveler’s guide  2012 :
  3. 3. General Take a stroll throughinformation Tiergarten ! Page 32 In the middle of Berlin stands a haven of peace and culture in the form of the Tiergarten by Kenna Bisset Have lunch in Kreuzberg! Tegel TXL Airport Page 32 Dining alfresco on the 12 4 street allows you to bask in the summer sunshine whilst you feast on hearty, unpretentious 11 3 Mediterranean food by Antonia Michel 5 1 2 10 7 Airports Mitte 1 Kreuzberg 2 Prenzlauer Berg 3 9 Friedrichshain 4 8 Rummelsburg 5 6 All-Treptow Neukölln 6 7 Shop  in Schöneberg Wibnersdorf 8 Schöneberg ! 9 Page 32 Many of the vintage Schönefeld Tiergarten stores in Berlin are not suitable Airport 10 for the budget traveller. Garage, Charlottenburg 11 however, is not one of them Brandenburg Wedding 12 by Sian Sugars Airport2 Only in Berlin  the budget traveler’s guide  2012 : Only in Berlin  the budget traveler’s guide  2012 : 3
  4. 4. Monuments, Museums and Galleries schools of children weaving in Information houses105 murals that were and out of the monument may predominantly commissioned German name : seem peculiar for a Holocaust Holocaust in 1990. Found near the centre memorial, but it becomes clear Denkmal of Berlin on Muhlenstraße in that this casual integration is Address : Friedrichshain- Kreuzberg, the intentional. Eisenman has crafted Ebertstraße wall is covered with anti-war the design with an abstraction Metro station : themes, reflecting its position that allows you to elicit your own Franzosische as an international symbol of The labrynth of the Holocaust meaning, but he notes that names Straße freedom. The artist’s styles are memorial have been left off the slabs Opening times : intentionally eclectic allowing as not to turn the monument Always open for this non-conventional into a graveyard. Ultimately, Prices : Free gallery to exhibit a portfolio Mitte Free  the memorial can be seen as a diverse enough to catch almost Holocaust reflection of how Germany is to face it’s past, not to be clouded everyone’s attention. Whilst some artists have opted for self- art work on the East side gallery Memorial with melancholy, walked around and avoided but as something explanatory anti-war slogans, others have portrayed more free and various food vendors I that is recognised and accepted. abstract notions of freedom and beach bars are both along n a city that holds an array Ben Fishel in regards to self-expression, the wall and within close of monuments that probe it culture, sexuality and other distance. Walk at your own pace, to celebrate, investigate and rights. The wall is in a public but allow yourself at least an commemorate its checkered space so admission is obviously hour. Ben Fishel past, it is often hard to determine what can be overlooked and what by tackling € Tiergarten Information is essential. A closer look at 285 winding € The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe (also commonly The Victory German name : Siegessäule steps. However, if you’ve got Column known as The Holocaust Address : Großer a head for Memorial) reveals a marriage Stern 1, Tiergarten heights, it’s E of art and history that is a must a part of the East side gallery Metro  station: certainly worth Tiergarten see. The memorial opened rected in 1837, the Victory the effort for to the public in May 2005, Column is a monument Opening times : the spectacular Information marking the 60th anniversary Friedrichshain Free  to Prussian militarism, Mon 360° views German name : 3 pm -6 pm, of the end of World War II and commemorating the murder East Side East Side Gallery Address : commemorating the German Empire and victories over Tue - Sun 9 am - 18 pm from the top. For those who of 6 million Jewish people. Designed by US architect Gallery Mühlenstraße, Friedrichshain Austria, France and Denmark. Originally standing in front of Prices : 2,50 € - 3 € prefer to keep their feet firmly B Peter Eisenman, the tribute can Metro station : the Reichstag, the column was on the ground, check out the only be appreciated when you erlin’s desire for freedom Warschauer relocated under Nazi rule in intricate relief work and friezes walk through its core and are of expression is well noted, Opening times : 1939 to the centre of Tiergarten. and don’t forget to gaze up at swallowed by a sea of some spilling from its punk fashion to Always open Today, it provides an imposing the 8.3m statue of the Roman 2700 concrete slabs; however, its graffiti covered streets, and Prices : Free  focal point at the heart of Strasse Goddess of Victory, Victoria. standing on top of slabs is the East Side Gallery, the largest des 17. Juni and at 69 meters Abby Poulton frowned upon. The memorial remaining portion of the Berlin tall it boasts impressive views Victory is free and frequented by locals wall, is no exception. Spanning over the city. The observation column and tourists alike. At first the 1.3 kilometers, the wall platform can only be reached in Tiergarten18 Only in Berlin  the budget traveler’s guide  2012 : Only in Berlin  the budget traveler’s guide  2012 : 19
  5. 5. Parks and Open Spaces € € € torch) you will enter one of Information Mitte fastest part of your journey up Information the station’s enormous domes. to the sphere, rising at a rate of € € € German name : German name : Inside, the acoustics create ghostly echoes that add to the Teufelsberg Address : TV Tower 6 meters per second. Once in the observation deck, it’s best Fernsehturm Address : D peculiar atmosphere. The top North Grunewald to avoid the overpriced cafe and Alexanderplatz floors also offer great panoramic Forest, Grunewald ominating the Berlin restaurant and just enjoy the Metro station : views of the city. The station Metro station : skyline is one of Europe’s spectacular views. If your budget Alexanderplatz is free to visit, so beware of Grunewald tallest structures, the TV Tower. allows, dining in the revolving Opening times : fraudsters who may attempt to Along with the Brandenburg restaurant above the observation Open daily Graffittied wall in teufelsberg charge you at the gate. It is also Gate, it is a landmark of reunited deck would be a one of a kind March - Oct. advisable to not go alone as the Germany. In the 1960’s, the GDR experience. You can purchase a 9 am -12 am Open daily derelict station has some unsafe government had the TV Tower VIP ticket for 19,50 €, in which Grünewald Free  ground and broken glass covers built to demonstrate the strength you skip the queue for the lifts. Nov - Feb 10 am -12 am Devils the floor. After your visit, you may also want to explore the and efficiency of the Socialist Party system. The tower was The ticket also means that no reservation is needed for the Website : Mountain beautiful forest that surrounds Teufelsberg, with its tranquil in operation by October 1969, however, after reunification restaurant as you are guaranteed the next free table. You can make Prices : 12 € for adult, 7,50 € T lakes, rock climbing areas and in 1990, the TV Tower soon reservations at the restaurant for children up his intriguing site is slightly nudist section. Linkstraße 2-4 became a symbol for all Berlin. without a VIP ticket, but you to 16 years, free for children up further out from the centre and Linkstraße. Adam Nash The structure stands 368 meters still have to pay the standard to 3 years of Berlin, but it is well worth high and the sphere sits at 200 admission up to the observation exploring. Located in Grunewald meters. Inside the sphere is an deck. The views are truly Forest, Teufelsberg is the name observation deck, a cafe, and incredible, but it is ultimately given to the 115 meters high a restaurant which presents a up to you to decide if the queues hill which was created by the 360 degree view of Berlin. The and hoards of people are worth ‘Trümmerfrauen’ (Rubble view from the observation deck your 12 €. Kate Neuswanger Women), who cleared up the is breathtaking as it provides ruins of Berlin after World War the opportunity to visualize II. The mound is compiled of and appreciate the sheer size 26 million cubic meters worth of Berlin. Admission up to the of debris. The main attraction sphere’s observation deck is not for tourists is the abandoned budget friendly at €12 for adults U.S. radar monitoring station and the queues can be lengthy. It at its very summit. The is best to purchase your tickets station has been derelict since in advance on the TV Tower’s 1992 and is scheduled to be website so you can skip the demolished despite attempts queue to purchase tickets. If you from experimental film purchase tickets at the ticket director David Lynch to try and counter, you may have to wait purchase it. This eerie ruin, up to an hour or more before which looks like the setting of you can get in another queue to an apocalyptic sci-fi movie, is go through security and finally a surreal place. Its crumbling to the lift. Even if you have walls are covered with graffiti. advanced tickets, allow at least After you have negotiated the Graffittied dome of the abandoned monitoring 1-2 hours for your entire TV dark, spiral staircase (bring a station Tower experience. The lift is the Tv tower from alexanderplatz56 Only in Berlin  the budget traveler’s guide  2012 : Only in Berlin  the budget traveler’s guide  2012 : 57
  6. 6. Bars, Clubs and Beergardens € Friedrichshain in the front bar or, for more intimacy, lounge gracefully in € Ostrand Bar the quieter back room. At night, live DJs provide a soundtrack of H jazz, funk jazz, funk and soul, idden behind the East Side making this cool hangout the Gallery is an unexpected perfect place for urban hipsters find. Oststrand bar is one of to while away the night. The staff Berlin’s many ‘beach’ bars. It is friendly and the bar is well offers refreshing stocked with all the ingredients Information drinks with an needed to make a killer excellent view of cocktail. The wine selection is German name : Ostrand Bar the Spree River also excellent. Happy Hour is and the Berlin between 6 - 9 pm, during which Address : Mühlenstraße 24, cityscape. With all cocktails are 5 € and all shots Friedrichshain the sand beneath are 2 €. Cate Hopkins Metro station : your feet and Molotow Bar Warschauerstraße the sun in the sky, it is a great food. The main meals could set Information € Opening times : Mon - Sun from place to relax Mitte you back over 10 ; however you € German name : 10 pm till late o on a summer’s Prices : Relatively afternoon. If cheap Deponie N 3 can pick up a cheap snack for 3,50 €, such as the surprisingly Deponie N° 3 Address : T you venture past tasty Berliner Schnstajungen Georgenstraße 5, Website : the beach bar, his quaint little bar is the (toasted bread topped with Mitte however, and ideal pit stop for tired pork lard and aromatic cheese). Metro  station: down through the trees you will Sit on the deck at ostrand Bar sightseers on Unter den Linden. The staff are very welcoming, Friedrichstraße discover a floating barge jutting Hidden behind Humboldt although their knowledge of Opening times : out onto the river. Lay back on a University, close to Museum English can be limited, so you Mon - Fri 9  am   € deck chair and open a good book Kreuzberg Information Island, the small pub is a popular may need to memorise the - 12 pm, Sat - Sun € 10 am - 1 am as you will soon find yourself too comfy to move. Feel free to wave Molotow German name : Molotow Coctail place for students because of its location, reasonable prices German for ‘ one large beer, please ’ before going. Adam Nash Website : at the passing tourists crammed onto their small and uninviting Cocktail Bar Bar and Lounge Address : and unusual character. The bar is built inside the archway of a river cruise, but don’t feel obliged. Relax and be happy in and Lounge Oranienstraße, 189, Kreuzberg U-Bahn bridge and the hum of passing trains softly rumbles T the knowledge that your floating Metro station : throughout the room. Its rickety Kottbusser Tor barge is far more appealing. A his jazzy little bar stands tables stand upon wooden visit in the evening is highly among the strip of Opening times : floorboards and the bare walls Mon - Sun from recommended, where the crowd restaurants, cafes and bars that 12 am till late are cluttered with everything is young and the night even line Oranienstrasse. The bright Website : http:// from old road signs to antique younger. Drinks are relatively interior is plush and luxuriant molotowcocktail. plates. At the back of the pub cheap however you may need to with walls adorned with three com there is a secluded beer garden, tip an attendant if you wish to large flat screen televisions Prices : cocktails enclosed by ivy covered walls, use the toilet. Kenna Bisset showcasing the latest local 5€, shots 2€  which offers a peaceful retreat. artists and fashion designers. Deponie is also a great place to The lively crowd pose artfully sample some traditional German Deponie bar near humboldt university 60 Only in Berlin  the budget traveler’s guide  2012 : Only in Berlin  the budget traveler’s guide  2012 : 61
  7. 7. Restaurants and Cafes wifi while your meal is Information beef, turkey, some seafood and Information audibly cooked to the left of vegetarian options. The quality German name : German name : the bar in the open kitchen. To Santa Maria food can only be described as Sehraya the right of the bar you’ll be Mexican Diner comfort on a plate. The dishes Address : greeted by a large street-art- Address : taste as if your Oma (german Luisenplatz 1, style mural of a woman gazing Oranienstraße for “grandmother”) was in the Charlottenburg over the diners. The meals 170, Kreuzberg kitchen herself. Even though Bus station : come in generous portions, Metro  station: some of the main courses are No. 45 Kottbusser Tor averaging about 8 € for a burrito pricey, the portions are massive Luisenplatz or quesadilla, are simple yet Opening times : and can be easily shared between Opening times : Mon-Sun 11 am - Last delicious and leave your lips 12 pm till late two people. With Berlin’s ever Customer satisfyingly tingly from the home Website : www. Spätvle at brauhaus changing and dynamic culinary made salsa, served in condiment trends, the Brahaus Lemke Website : www. brauhaus-lemke. jars. This modern, arty diner, stands firm on providing their € Prices : 9 € for Charlottenburg de with a fully stocked bar promises a main guests with hearty, traditional € Prices :  an enjoyable night out. Be sure to get their early for dinner, Brauhaus German meals and the most refreshing beers. You can 5,50 € - 17 € € L especially on Taco Tuesdays as Mural in santa maria also find a sister brauhaus € tables fill up fast. Sian Sugars ocated across the street conveniently situated under temple. The impressive Buddha Information from Charlottenburg the Hackescher Markt U Bahn statues and the trickling fountain Palace, Brauhaus Lemke offers station. Kate Neuswanger German name : at the centre of the dining area Mirchi patrons plenty to feast on from create a serene atmosphere. traditional German dishes to Address : However, don’t be fooled into Oranienstraße 50, their beer, brewed in-house. The thinking that these luxurious Kreuzberg brewpub’s rustic wooden decor, surroundings will come at a Metro  station: ornately carved pillars, and price. The lunch menu, served Kottbusser Tor bright copper brewing kettles from 12 till 5, offers a wide Opening times : never get tiring on the eye. There umbrellas outside Mirchi variety of meals all costing Mon-Sun are Bavarian details in some under 6 €. You can choose from 12 pm - 1 am of the decorations such as hop a selection of vegetable, meat Website : www. garlands and arrangements of € Kreuzberg or seafood curries and all are barley, but you won’t find tacky € Mirchi served with basmati rice and Prices : 6 € tourists posing with steins of a fresh salad. Each meal also lager or waitresses in dirndls. L comes with a starter of creamy What separates the Brauhaus overs of Asian cuisine, or tomato soup and sweet Indian Lemke from other restaurants is those just wishing to stretch bread served on a silver, leaf their own homemade brews. It their palette, should seek out shaped dish. For the real Asian would almost be insulting not to this authentic, Singapore style experience try the surprisingly select one of the four options, restaurant. It is hard to miss; refreshing yoghurt based drink, the Lemke Original, Pilsner, the vibrant exterior walls and lassi. Attentive staff are on hand Hefeweizen, or their seasonal ornate umbrellas are clearly to make recommendations, option. Choose the 3,95 € tasting visible upon Oranien Strasse . however the restaurant fills sampler and try them all. The The opulent decor of the outside up fast so you may have to be expansive menu, which can be patio, where most of the seating patient when waiting for your provided in English, offers main is situated, resembles an Asian meal. Adam Nash courses in categories of pork, brauhaus bar 88 Only in Berlin  the budget traveler’s guide  2012 : Only in Berlin  the budget traveler’s guide  2012 : 89
  8. 8. Shopping € € € € of the ground floor the first high and the food overrated but Mitte floor and above offers not only take a seat at any of the small € € € € expensive pieces of clothing and Information accessories but bars and restaurants and expect to be proved wrong. On the 7th Les Galeries German name : a wide variety of high street floor the Wintergarden restaurant offers some of the best views Lafayette W KaDeWe and one off across Berlin whilst tickling Address : designers. Travel your taste buds with a wide hilst not a traditional Kaufhaus des on up to the top range of delicacies. Kadewe haunt for the budget Learn Westens, floors however to has something for everyone and traveller, the German branch handy words Tauentzienstraße and phrases 21-24, what is perhaps should not be dismissed because Patterned of the Parisian department the jewel in the of the apparent high prices. tiles of store, Galeries Lafayette, skirt Schöneberg les galeries Metro station : crown of Kadewe. Kenna Bisset offers a stunning architectural der Rock lafayette Wittenbergplatz At the top of the display that is definitely worth (dare rock) Opening times : escalator you find a visit. The Berlin branch of dress Mon - Thu 10 am  yourself in a food the famous Parisian department das Kleid - 8 pm, Fri lover’s paradise. store first opened in 1996. Its 10 am - 9 pm, Sat From chocolate centrepiece – Jean Nouvel’s (das cly-de) 9:30 am -  8 pm shirt and cognac to glass funnel design – is an Prices : Expensive sushi and spices, interactive work of art that must das Hemd every taste bud be viewed from all angles to be (das hemt) is catered for. Naturally one fully appreciated. It stretches trousers would expect the prices to be second hand paul’s boutique up from the international food art deco staircase in les gale- die Hose section spanning the height of ries lafayette (dee hose-er) € € Prenzlauer Berg The women’s section is to the Information the building, reflecting myriad right and contains everything coloured lights as it does so. lucky enough jeans € € German name : Information Paul’s from Levi jeans and I love NY t-shirts, to Adidas trainers and Humana Address : Whilst you are there, this is a particularly good section to German name : Les Galeries to catch a live piano recital. die Jeans (dee jeans) Boutique Monki dresses. Belts line the back wall with handbags hanging Oderberger Straße 47, Prenzlauer visit if you want to pick up a treat that won’t break the bank. Lafayette Address : Galeries Lafayette has jumper der Pullover N underneath. To the left is the Berg It offers a large selection of Friedrichstraße five floors ot to be confused with men’s collection and whilst the Metro station : continental biscuits, chocolates 76-78, Mitte full of the (dare pull-over) the bright and sometimes brands are harder to find the Frankfurter Tor and condiments, and has a Metro  station: finest clothes, shoes odd looking accessories from amount of clothes is far larger Opening times : particularly impressive wine Friedrichstraße books, food die Schuhe the British brand, Berlin’s Paul’s than the women’s section. If, Mon - Sun selection. When you have had and household Opening times : (dee shoe-er) 12 am -  8 pm Boutique is one the best places however, it is branded items you your fill, take the lift to the first Mon - Sat 10 am objects but Prices : 0,50 € to - 8 pm boots to go to find vintage clothing. are particularly interested in then floor to look at Nouvel’s creation don’t be 80 € in Goo die Stiefel No imagination is necessary take a trip 3 or 4 shops down from a different perspective. Website : www. put off by the but always recommended. Whilst the road to Goo which is also Stroll along the corridor to galerieslafayette. astronomic (dee sh-tee-ful) de/faq-english/ it may appear daunting at first, owned by Paul’s Boutique. Here visit Café Quartier 206 in the price tags. trainers as racks and racks of clothes the prices are slightly higher buy adjoining Friedrichstadtpassagen Prices :  Expensive This is a die Sportshuhe disappear into the distance, you can find the more upmarket to bask in the opulence of wonderful building to simply (dee sport-shoe-er) just take a deep breath and get likes of Ralph Lauren, Alexander its exquisite Art Deco hall. meander through and you don’t stuck in. Everything is helpfully McQueen and Burberry. Kenna Whilst pricier than many places have to be an architectural buff make-up organised by not only type Bisset in Berlin the atmosphere is to appreciate the glamour. Cate die Schminke of clothing but also colour. charming, especially if you are Hopkins (dee sh-mink-er)102 Only in Berlin  the budget traveler’s guide  2012 : Only in Berlin  the budget traveler’s guide  2012 : 103