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Radvision Scopia Video Conferencing Use Cases


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Video Conferencing Solutions are a great way to bring better communications into your business, but how are organizations using video? Check out these use cases for verticals like Education, Healthcare and Financial Services.
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Radvision Scopia Video Conferencing Use Cases

  1. 1. Avaya Scopia Use Cases August 2013
  2. 2. Video Use Case: Training Frank, located at his NY headquarters, is training 10 employees in Prague – a month! His budget definitely won’t cover travel costs. Video Brings the Team Together    He includes a virtual training center link in each of his on boarding kits and new employees are given a schedule of virtual sessions to join. Each month, 10 employees gather on a virtual call where they share documents, ask questions of the teachers and collaborate with their new colleagues. Employees are also given their own virtual conference room to continue bi-weekly discussions with colleagues in their specialty from around the world. The Benefits of Video  Full training is completed in record time  Employees experience an ―on site‖ training experience  Training completed for a fraction of typical costs Avaya - Proprietary. Use pursuant to your signed agreement or Avaya policy. 2
  3. 3. Video Use Case: Healthcare Susan’s radiologist is reviewing her scans to prep for her treatment that’s about to begin. There’s a node in question and she needs to consult with Dr. Bret, who’s across town at the main hospital. Video Aids Timely Collaboration She sends an instant message to the doctor with a video link to join. They share Susan’s scans via video and determine a better course of radiation.  Last step, get concurrence from Susan’s oncologist who they know is out of town   The radiologist texts the oncologist who sees it on het iPhone and clicks to join the conference. They review the charts and treatment options and together agree on the change. The Benefits of Video  Share documents and consult with experts in any location  Include colleagues in full collaboration from any device  Deliver better, more collaborative treatment decisions Avaya - Proprietary. Use pursuant to your signed agreement or Avaya policy. 3
  4. 4. Video Use Case: Financial Services Financial Advisor has a new portfolio investment he wants to share with a high net-worth client who is located across town. Video for Real-time Collaboration  The Advisor sends the client an invite with a link to join a video call. Client clicks to join video conference from his iPad.  Financial Advisor shares portfolio overview document with client who has some tough questions regarding the tax implications.  He places a video call to his tax department expert. She quickly joins the discussion, answers the client questions and shares spreadsheets showing the 5-year tax projections. Results  Real time client & expert collaboration  Faster customer investment decisions  Lower cost to maintain top client relationships Avaya - Proprietary. Use pursuant to your signed agreement or Avaya policy. 4
  5. 5. Video Use Case: Service and Repair Industry Traditionally, a large trained & skilled service staff is scheduled and dispatched to fix customer outages. If not resolved, customer waits for a more senior tech to arrive. Video Speeds the Recovery  The customer or the onsite service staff calls service company HQ for a video consult with a senior technician, who can also get the supplier on the video call as well.  Whether in the office, mobile or at another site, the senior technician or supplier rep sees the problem, and guides the onsite tech or person thru a few steps to solve the problem  The customer is back online and back in business more quickly — and more likely to use the same firm again Results  Customers are happier, back online sooner, save money  Staff services more customers, increase sales & margins  Company offers remote assistance service with high margins  Bonus vendor rewards for high customer satisfaction Avaya - Proprietary. Use pursuant to your signed agreement or Avaya policy. 5
  6. 6. Sales Use Cases Sales — Internal Focus  Forecast calls – Increase accuracy and speed to capture information for Manager forecasting meetings  Sales Meetings – Bring teams together from any location. Decrease drive time heading to meetings Manufacturing: quality assurance, supply chain management  Sales Operations – Reduce reporting time, travel between meetings and the amount of time to create proposals  Training and Education – Lower costs of training and increase amount of training. Accelerate time to train on product introduction to internal and external teams. Record voice, video and content for future playback. Avaya - Proprietary. Use pursuant to your signed agreement or Avaya policy. Sales — Customer Focus  Expert Anywhere – Involve experts in client engagement model where previous access was only possible through travel or customer visits.  B2B Relationships – Build strong and better customer relationships through frequent meetings. Extend team reach and personal relationships with top 20% of customers.  Executive Relationships – Extend better and improved access from executive engagement with clients.  Virtual video ―Help Desk‖ (VVHD) – VVHD is utilized when new applications are deployed or workflows are modified to improve accuracy. VVHD improves user adoption and learning curve to change. 6
  7. 7. Education Use Cases Education - Administrative Focus Education — Instructional Activities  Project Meetings  Distance Instruction  Professional Development  Face-to-Face Instruction  Emergency response  External Content Access  Inclement weather  Access to Field Experts  Academic research  Student Research  Parent teacher conferences Benefits • Students collaborate with peers anywhere • Increase use of existing faculty to reach more students • Learners engaged with remote content and visual learning • Support of local learners with content experts • Students embrace technology • Lower cost Avaya - Proprietary. Use pursuant to your signed agreement or Avaya policy. Benefits • Improve productivity across geographically disperse teams • Greater mobility for faculty, admin, and learners • Admin and faculty can meet w/o travel • Delivery of profession al development • Academic collaboration intra and inter campus 7
  8. 8. More Vertical Use Cases Insurance Industry Other Industry Examples  Customer to Agent Meetings  Project Management  Video Call Center and Chat  Healthcare: telemedicine  Agent Training  Business Continuity  Manufacturing: quality assurance, supply chain management  Field Reporting  Local government: video arraignments  Access to Subject Matter Experts  Legal: litigation consults  New Product Development  Financial services: branch banking  Industry and Litigation Experts  Retail: expert service, personal consultations  Disaster Recovery and Response Claims  Utilities: field maintenance Avaya - Proprietary. Use pursuant to your signed agreement or Avaya policy.  Professional services: customer engagements 8
  9. 9. More Horizontal Use Cases  Project Management  1 on 1 management updates  Teleworking  Sales funnel management  Executive business reviews / board meetings  Employee training & development  Business development / M&A  Organizational communications  Project team meetings  HQ/branch coordination  Job interviews / recruiting  Sales meetings with customers  Customer service  Emergency response / business continuity  Virtual Visiting Hours  All Hands  Training Organizations  Town Halls  Expert Anywhere  Earnings Calls  Distributor/channel management  Team Meetings Avaya - Proprietary. Use pursuant to your signed agreement or Avaya policy. 9