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Three points of awareness Mind Map


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Three points of awareness Mind Map

  1. 1. Three points of awarenessThe three points of awareness mind map highlights three simple steps to acknowledge and deepen present momentawareness. (See also: Present Moment Awareness Mind Map three steps are:(1) Notice your thoughts(2) Notice the life inside you(3) Notice your surroundingsStep (1) Notice your thoughtsWhen you notice that you are thinking you become more present and alert. You can break free from thinkingmechanically and begin to consider “what” you are thinking. The awareness of your thoughts allows you to choose whereyou put your attention and also helps you notice gaps in thought that offer moments of stillness and silence; freedomfrom incessant thinking. When you notice your thoughts you can then question your thinking, explore and clarify or dropunhelpful thoughts. Questioning your thoughts helps you break free from troubling or erroneous thinking.Step one – “Notice your thoughts” need not result in analysis and questioning unless you wish to; simply become awarethat you are thinking and it helps you become more present.Step (2) Notice the life inside youBecome aware of the life in your body; it may appear as a cool or warm feeling or simply a “buzz”. Consider how yourbody is busy keeping you alive on your behalf; a beautifully orchestrated collection of miracles working in harmony tomaintain your life. Heartbeat, blood flow, breathing, digestion and other internal organ functions all working tirelessly foryour survival. Acknowledge and appreciate the process for a moment.Step two – “Notice the life inside you” is simply to notice the buzz of life; the fact that you are alive in the moment.Step (3) Notice your surroundingsRaise your awareness of where you are; enhance your senses and drink in your surroundings, whether you define orlabel what you see or acknowledge your surroundings silently. You might sense temperature, textures, shapes, light,shade, shadows and more.Step three – “Notice your surroundings” is simply acknowledging where you are in the present moment.
  2. 2. The three steps used together bring you back to the present moment as opposed to operating mostly in your head.Notice your thoughts, notice the life inside you and notice your surroundings. All three steps are easy to experiment withand experience. The more you explore these three key areas the more present you will become and in time, withpractice, you will be able to detect sooner when you have forgotten the present moment. You could experiment withchecking in on one area throughout your day. For example, you might spend a day paying complete attention to yoursurroundings. You may discover you feel like you are seeing your environment for the first time; observing greater detailand noticing things you never noticed before.Here is an extract from a book called “Knowing Yourself” by Barry Long“There is only one thing in your life you can be sure of. That one thing is this moment, now. The last moment has goneforever. The next moment has not come. It is an inescapable fact that only the moment, now, exists in relation to you.The future exists only in your imagination and that is why, no matter how hard you try to imagine it, you will not be ableto tell the future”The three points of awareness again:(1) Notice your thoughts(2) Notice the life inside you(3) Notice your surroundingsThe three points of awareness may feel strange at first; the key is to allow it to become an effortless part of your day.For more on questioning your thinking and present moment awareness check out the links below and the suggestedfurther reading.Associated content:Present Moment Awareness Mind Map the Present Moment 85 page E-Book "Stop Thinking" in Thought Mind Map Part One
  3. 3. Stuck in Thought Mind Map Part Two to heighten your senses Mind Map reading:The Power of Now by Eckhart TollePractising the Power of Now by Eckhart TolleGuardians of Being by Eckhart Tolle with Art by Patrick McDonnell (creator of Mutts Comic Strip)Miltons Secret (illustrated picture book) by Eckhart Tolle & Robert S. Friedman; illustrated by Frank RiccioLoving what is - Four Questions that can change your life by Byron KatieStop Thinking & Start Living by Richard CarlsonKnowing Yourself by Barry Long
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