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Craftscurator Development by Design South Africa Catalogue 2019 Craft Design Exporters NEXT19

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Craftscurator Development by Design South Africa Catalogue 2019 Craft Design Exporters NEXT19

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Catalogue of the NEXT19 Trade Exhibition Cape Town in 2019, featuring 40 South African craft and design exporters. These suppliers are ready to export their home decoration, home textiles, furniture, fashion accessoires and gifts to international markets. Development by Design is an initiative by Dutch CDI and South African CDI. Coordinating consultants are Irene Vermeulen and Solly Levy of Solly Levy Projects

Catalogue of the NEXT19 Trade Exhibition Cape Town in 2019, featuring 40 South African craft and design exporters. These suppliers are ready to export their home decoration, home textiles, furniture, fashion accessoires and gifts to international markets. Development by Design is an initiative by Dutch CDI and South African CDI. Coordinating consultants are Irene Vermeulen and Solly Levy of Solly Levy Projects


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Craftscurator Development by Design South Africa Catalogue 2019 Craft Design Exporters NEXT19

  1. 1. Development by Design is a joint project of: COMPANYPROFILES 2019
  2. 2. Development by Design / Company Profiles 2019 1. Africa!Ignite 2. African Jaquard 3. Amelia Jackson 4. Ashley Heather 5. Aucamp 6. Barrydale Hand Weavers 7. Beloved Beadwork 8. Bili BraWear 9. Chic Fusion 10. Ckho Ceramique 11. Clip Clop 12. Design Africa 13. De Steyl 14. Eco Furniture Design 15. Evolution 16. Fechters 17. Feeling African 18. Gold Bottom Pots 19. Head On Design 20. Heartfelt LIST OF COMPANIES Development By Design 21. Indigi 22. Lilly Loompa 23. Lula Rugs 24. Macassar Pottery 25. Master Wire and Bead Craft 26. Meyer von Wielligh 27. Minima 28. Modern Gesture 29. Mors 30. Mungo 31. Potters Workshop 32. Rarity 33. Saks Corner 34. Skinny laMinx 35. Studio Stirling 36. Touw Meubels 37. Urshworks 38. Vogel 39. Wren 40. Zizamele
  3. 3. 1Development by Design / Company Profiles 2019 Africa!Ignite produces and sells ranges of contemporary décor, accessory and gift items, all hand made in KwaZulu-Natal. Each item is imbued with the exquisite workmanship, vibrant colours and iconic designs that characterise Zulu craft heritage and tradition. Contact Margaret Gribble +27 31 303 5482 Africa!Ignite
  4. 4. 2Development by Design / Company Profiles 2019 African Jacquard provides a unique, handmade range of tastefully designed home linen. It is woven in South Africa using the traditional French Jacquard technique. All of our products are 100% cotton or cotton/linen blend, offering a high quality with a wide variety of designs thanks to the jacquard weaving technique, which is damask and therefore visible on both sides. We design our own products, namely the African and Contemporary collections, but are also able to customize designs for our clients. Our brand is registered as Proudly South African and we support local companies for both the weaving and make up of our products. Contact Christine Daron +27 21 448 4886 African Jacquard
  5. 5. 3Development by Design / Company Profiles 2019 We are hand weavers making home textiles and rugs from cotton yarns, 90% of which are recycled or upcycled yarns. Amelia Jackson Industries is based in Cape Town, South Africa. We supply our ranges to stores all over the country, neighbouring states and the rest of Africa. We also have exported into Australia and the United Kingdom. We also supply to the hospitality sector. We are able to match colours to the buyer’s requirements and we have a fairly short turn around. We have very small minimum requirements making it easier for buyers to test the market with their ranges. Contact Alan Glasser +27 21 761 6699 Amelia Jackson
  6. 6. 4Development by Design / Company Profiles 2019 Utilising silver and gold recycled from circuit boards by a small refinery right here in South Africa, all ‘ashley heather’ jewellery is meticulously handcrafted in our Cape Town studio. Passionate about, and committed to ethical production, we combine traditional gold-smithing techniques with modern technologies and contemporary designs to create unique jewellery with a conscience. Contact Ashley Heather +27 82 563 5086 Ashley Heather
  7. 7. 5Development by Design / Company Profiles 2019 Aucamp is a small eco printing and natural dyeing studio specialising in unique, single production products and art. We find our main inspiration in the gifts nature has to offer, not just through the extraction of dyes from plant material, but also through the alchemy of combining elements such as metals, clay, water and steam. It’s a collaboration with nature. Our new range focuses on designer scatter cushions, wall panels and art on high quality fabrics such as hemp and silk. Find us in Hermanus, South Africa Contact Leoni Aucamp +27 82 925 5663
  8. 8. 6Development by Design / Company Profiles 2019 The distinctive style of Barrydale Hand Weavers is achieved by weaving natural unbleached cotton on traditional handlooms. This ´honesty´ of the production process and use of quality raw materials, results in a distinctive ‘handmade’ look and feel, whilst producing high quality, durable items. The finished products in an organic white are very textured and tactile, with splashes of colour introduced by weaving in coloured stripes in a variety of designs. The tableware range includes tablecloths, napkins, table runners and place mats. The kitchen and casual living range includes tea towels and aprons as well as cushions, beach towels, cot covers and throws. Contact Carol Morris +27 28 572 1488 Barrydale Hand Weavers
  9. 9. 7Development by Design / Company Profiles 2019 Beloved Beadwork finds its home in the Mother City, Cape Town. Here we hand weave intricate, conceptual, expressive neckpieces, earrings, bracelets and rings using glass beads, precious metal finishing, a needle and thread, and some lovely algorithms. Wearers of Beloved live all over the world, and delight in finding each other. Our jewellery is also sold in galleries and boutiques globally, and we enjoy making connections with friends and colleagues who find new owners for our Beloved pieces. Contact Anna Richerby +27 71 936 6547 Beloved Beadwork
  10. 10. 8Development by Design / Company Profiles 2019 Bili BraWear Bili BraWear handcrafts removable beaded bra straps. These innovative straps replace regular bra straps with a colourful and comfortable “worn to be seen” alternative. Attaching to strapless bras, each pair empowers a previously disadvantaged South African women. Craft is one of the purest expressions of culture and handcrafted items build bridges from human to human and from culture to culture. In a world too often divided by our differences, the unifying power of handcraft should not be overlooked. ‘Umntu Ngumntu Ngabantu’ in Xhosa means ‘I am who I am because you are and you are because I am’. Bili crafts a special product to mark this truth and to share it with the world. Contact Lindsay Fisher +27 82 375 3993 BRA WEAR
  11. 11. 9Development by Design / Company Profiles 2019 Chic Fusion designs and manufactures home décor and accessories felted by hand using 100% wool. The designs are inspired by South African landscapes and cultures. A wet felting technique is used during which each item is gently ‘ massaged’ and then skilfully coaxed into shape. Chic Fusion Contact Razaan Jakoet +27 83 253 0601
  12. 12. 10Development by Design / Company Profiles 2019 Sikho Mququ,the founder of Ckho Ceramique, is a young, up and coming ceramicist, working in Cape Town, South Africa. Sikho is a strong believer in the beauty that results where form meets function, and as such, a large part of his collection is comprised of functional pieces,such as coffee mugs, jugs, bowls, and other tablware, where his signature original forms are complimented by his delicate decoration and embellishment. All Sikho’s work is hand thrown and hand decorated, often using designs that are inspired by the patterns that make up the traditional blankets that are worn by Xhosa women, known as “Ityali”. Contact Sikho Mququ +27 78 527 4261 Ckho Ceramique
  13. 13. 11Development by Design / Company Profiles 2019 Clip Clop makes a range of South African calendars, stationery and maps. We love nature and life and want to showcase it to the world. From the natural rhythms of the moon and tides charts to the fauna and flora illustrations on our notepads and the hill-shaded landscape maps, we strive to bring a little bit of the outside world, inside. Clip Clop makes everything in Cape Town, working with local printers, artists and designers. Clip Clop, loving the living world around us. Contact Fiona Berrisford +27 83 264 9142 Clip Clop
  14. 14. 12Development by Design / Company Profiles 2019 Design Afrika has been at the forefront of efforts to revitalize the ancient craft of African weaving and basketry for many years. Woven functional and sculptural baskets are developed for both local and global markets. Over the years, we have developed close relationships and networks with rural weavers in more than 10 African countries. Successful marketing and promotion of these pieces have ensured that these traditional skills are not lost. We ensure that the botanical material we use is not endangered in any way and we encourage our weavers to practice sustainable harvesting methods. Contact Binky Newman +27 21 448 9761 Design Africa MADE BY HAND SINCE 1995 GRASS ROOTS SUPPORT
  15. 15. 13Development by Design / Company Profiles 2019 De Steyl furniture is created in the Garden Route of South Africa and has a crisp, playful aesthetic that appeals to a design savvy, environmentally conscious consumer. Following on from the success of their modular Play Play and 2DO Stackable ranges, owner Deánne Viljoen has designed the new Route Edition mobile storage drawers which features colour blocking in off-cut African wood veneers. Made from sustainable Birch plywood, it is ideal for the home, office or studio. The products are machined using the latest CNC technology, but the veneers are hand cut and pressed in-house and then assembled by skilled craftsmen. Contact Deánne Viljoen +27 44 878 0480 De Style
  16. 16. 14Development by Design / Company Profiles 2019 We are furniture manufacturers based in Cape Town, South Africa. From humble beginnings in a garage, the vision was to be an environmentally and socially aware company that manufactures and supplies stylish and functional furniture. This ethos remains today as the Eco Furniture Signature Range takes root in Southern Africa. Only sustainable and local solid wood timbers are used in production, as well as eco-friendly finishes to arrive at a finished product that is truly environmentally justifiable. We also produce custom made furniture. Our designs and our furniture signature style has developed into a unique and stylish brand. Contact Tameron Haralambous +27 84 514 6964 Eco Furniture Design
  17. 17. 15Development by Design / Company Profiles 2019 Evolution’s philosophy is to create a shift in product development - one in which nostalgic narratives are transformed into products. We would like to celebrate the past and cultivate our products for the home as conversation pieces narrating our own and our client’s unique relationship with time and geographical space. Evolution aims to collaborate, create and sell to high end retail stores and decorators. We contribute financially to the sources of our inspiration and we aim to embrace sustainable practices while creating a stimulating environment for our staff. We create because it is part of our DNA. Contact Amanda du Plessis +27 83 301 6600 Evolution Product
  18. 18. 16Development by Design / Company Profiles 2019 Fechters is a Knysna based manufacturer of high quality furniture since 1936. Our ranges consist of indoor and patio furniture in both classic and contemporary styles. Our new collection of furniture combines the contemporary style of Scandinavian design with durable African timbers and time honoured construction techniques, ensuring that our heritage of fine craftsmanship lives on. Contact Morne Smith +27 44 382 7294 Fechters
  19. 19. 17Development by Design / Company Profiles 2019 Feeling African is a craft/art business that hand-makes contemporary wire furniture and accessories. We supply to architects, interior designers and retailers locally and internationally. We strive to provide a stable work place for our skilled artisans. Our products are available in a galvanised or powder coated finish in various colours, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Most of our products are designed and manufactured in component form, making them stackable and cost-effective to transport. Contact Willard Musarurwa +27 83 210 3933 Feeling African
  20. 20. 18Development by Design / Company Profiles 2019 With our small team of skilled Cape Town artisans, Gold Bottom creates unique handcrafted designer plant wear. Filling the void that often sees beauty stop at the plant, we offer original designs inspired by the African continent that create statement pieces for any space. Making our people and our plants proud – qualities we think of as the golden lining that sits at the bottom of everything we do. Contact Nikki Schomer +27 81 519 8146 Gold Bottom Pots
  21. 21. 19Development by Design / Company Profiles 2019 From her studio at the foot of Table Mountain in Cape Town, Joanna Orr of Head On Design creates beautiful unique African décor and homeware, including modern animal wall sculptures, a graceful take on traditional hunting trophies. A big lover of nature, her products are made with our fragile earth in mind. She uses only sustainable or recycled materials as well as donating to wildlife conservation yearly. Head On Design sculptures are conveniently sold flat packed with clear instructions on how to assemble, perfectly designed for travellers concerned about space and weight. All products are made in Cape Town. Contact Joanna Orr +27 76 762 6084 Head On Design
  22. 22. 20Development by Design / Company Profiles 2019 Heartfelt Heartfelt’s products are made of the best felt wools and hand-stitched with love. They are produced with purpose - we are a little social enterprise - with a big heart. From the products we make to the customers we build our products around - we make everything with love and fill it with hope. Contact Julie Hadley +27 82 340 6622
  23. 23. 21Development by Design / Company Profiles 2019 Indigi is a dynamic South African lifestyle brand which merges contemporary design with local craftsmanship. The collection consists of locally printed textiles, furniture, lighting, décor and accessories that tell a cohesive story, infused with African influences, global appeal and longevity. An emphasis is placed on local hand crafting, innovative design, sustainable materials and fair trade principles. All products are made in Cape Town, South Africa. The company was founded by Natalie du Toit in 2011. Having grown up between South Africa and Australia, Indigi is a culmination of Natalie’s fascination with indigenous cultures, love of bold pattern, colour and form, merged with her experience in design, retail and manufacturing. Contact Natalie du Toit +27 21 447 0165 Indigi
  24. 24. 22Development by Design / Company Profiles 2019 Lilly Loompa has a unique way of upcycling discarded waste and transforming it into desirable homeware products that complement your home. We manufacture a variety of products, from storage holders, lamps, to table top accessories, among others. The range is intentionally designed to transport easy, which means shipping costs are kept to a minimum. These products are mostly made using tuna cans, jam cans, wine bottles and reclaimed wood. Eco-friendly, handcrafted and 100% South African, each Lilly Loompa piece, once trash, is now a meaningful piece of treasure. Contact Lizl Naude +27 82 320 5589 Lilly Loompa
  25. 25. 23Development by Design / Company Profiles 2019 Lula Rugs Contact Melissa Kerkhoff +27 21 797 7472 Lula Rugs are woven from recycled textile waste from the apparel industry. A curated and fresh collection of Lula Fabrics designs are then hand screen printed onto the rugs. In addition, there is a small range of pouffes and scatter cushions produced with the same weave – resulting in completely handmade and recycled products which support our textile industry, a local weaving company and textile printer – all helping to sustain and create employment of local skilled artisans in South Africa.
  26. 26. 24Development by Design / Company Profiles 2019 Macassar Pottery’s new ceramic collection is called Afro Fusion – an innovative combination of traditional South African shapes fused with contemporary colour combinations. Black tones and mixed textures are complemented with metallics as highlights. Besides being a community-based centre for ceramic design and manufacturing, Macassar Pottery is the focal point of a grassroots business incubation process that turns unskilled community members, into skilled crafters and business owners. Contact Johan de Meyer 082 747 7104 Macassar Pottery
  27. 27. 25Development by Design / Company Profiles 2019 Contact Bishop Tarambawamwe +27 82 758 7466 Master Wire and Bead Craft Master Wire and Bead Craft specialise in the design and production of unique handcrafted beadwork products. From one-off ‘art’ commissions, to our iconic beaded mirrors, that we have exported all over the world, all of our products are of the highest quality standards. We pride ourselves in our colour combinations and bead ‘positioning’ to create our signature design effects, which we then combine with a contemporary colour palette in the creation of our pieces. Our new ranges now focus on home décor, including beaded mirrors, animal trophies, lampshades, and tables.
  28. 28. 26Development by Design / Company Profiles 2019 Meyer von Wielligh’s approach to furniture design reflects the gentle lines and intricate details found in nature. Furniture plays both a practical and decorative role in our daily lives and is the essential background against which we live, work and play. At Meyer von Wielligh we understand this connection and we strive to make top quality furniture that not only meets the practical needs of the space but also reflects the unique style and personality of the owner. Combining workmanship excellence, creative ideas and the very best materials, Meyer von Wielligh work across a broad range of design styles – from the clean lines of contemporary design, to the intricate details of more classically styled pieces. Contact A-J Bell +27 21 462 6470 Meyer Von Wielligh
  29. 29. 27Development by Design / Company Profiles 2019 Minima is a South African-made range of digitally-crafted wooden lighting and furniture. Hand-finished in Cape Town, each piece is made using sustainable birch-ply wood or hardwood veneer. Designed by Jacques Cronje, minima’s Classic Range includes Scandi-inspired ceiling lights that are elegantly understated, making beautiful contemporary statements in both commercial or residential spaces. All pieces are available pre-assembled or flat-pack. Contact Jacques Cronje +27 21 788 2515 Minima
  30. 30. 28Development by Design / Company Profiles 2019 Contact Candice Lawrence +27 72 603 1109 Modern Gesture Modern Gesture’s new Woven Necklace ‘Lampshades’ are inspired by African beaded necklaces. Handcrafted African jewellery is well known for its beauty and quality, as well as diversity of graphic patterns and bold colours. The lampshade is reminiscent of an African necklace through the use of the wooden rings, which are also symbolic of wholeness and timelessness. Each ring of the lampshade is adjustable to any angle, allowing for the creation of a myriad of forms, and, when all the layers are aligned, it can be easily flat packed for storage and packaging/freight purposes.
  31. 31. 29Development by Design / Company Profiles 2019 Mors Mors is an up-cycle initiative that aims at creating a sustainable business by collecting non-toxic waste and creating beautiful, usable and practical products. All Mors products are made from recycled tyre tube, manufactured locally by previously disadvantaged women and refugees, affording them the opportunity of decent employment. The Mors range consists of a variety of beautiful bags, hand woven laptop sleeves, chandeliers and small furniture. All products are handmade of intricately woven, stitched, braided and patched pieces of recycled rubber. Contact Raihana Govender +27 83 786 5645
  32. 32. 30Development by Design / Company Profiles 2019 Since 1998, Mungo has been weaving quality, natural fibre homeware fabrics. Bridging the generations, Mungo is a family-run business with the rare ability to create quality textiles all the way from the inception of design to the final product. Sustainability and transparency underpin all of their process. All of their products, flat weave towels, throws, kitchen and table linen, are woven on antique and repurposed looms at the Mungo Mill in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa. Contact Mungo Enquiries +27 44 533 1395 Mungo
  33. 33. 31Development by Design / Company Profiles 2019 The Potters Workshop The Potters Workshop was established in 1986 by Chris Silverston. It has grown into a company of 30 people producing hand-made, hand-painted functional ceramics that are food, microwave, and dishwasher safe.Our work is bright, colourful and uplifting. Our design inspiration is drawn from traditional African beadwork, which we interpret in a contemporary vernacular giving it the Potters Workshop twist. Contact Narieman Johnstone +27 21 709 0212
  34. 34. 32Development by Design / Company Profiles 2019 Rarity is celebrating the diversity and ingenuity of South African design through our unique products and collections. Our collections are the result of harmonious collaborations of different colours and textures, representing the dynamic people and cultures of our country, mixed with our interpretation of global trends. Our natural African materials and leathers, of the highest quality, create statement products for our stylishly adventurous, individualistic and globally conscious patrons. Our relationship based company, prides itself on our ability to deliver quality products on time, and in line with our Fair Tradeprinciples and practices. Our skilfully handcrafted products are completed in a happy, productive working environment that is continually growing, inspiring and celebrating. Contact Jaqueline Burge +27 21 448 1934 Rarity
  35. 35. 33Development by Design / Company Profiles 2019 The Umuntu range by Saks Corner, blends flat pack Scandinavian inspired design in solid oak with African texture, colour and patterning. Saks, based in Cape Town, is a designer manufacturer of mid-century inspired wooden and upholstered furniture. Saks pride themselves on their quality of workmanship and design vernacular. Contact Mr Saks +27 74 101 7552 Saks Corner
  36. 36. 34Development by Design / Company Profiles 2019 Skinny laMinx is all about colour, pattern & textiles which are designed and made in South Africa. Our designs are inspired by midcentury Scandi style with a good dose of African chic. We produce a broad range of products such as kitchenware, tableware, pillow covers and other soft furnishings which are all printed onto a natural fibre base cloth using waterbased inks. While Skinny laMinx homeware goods & textiles are now to be found in stores & homes all around the globe, the business remains small & resolutely local, with design & manufacturing happening in Cape Town, South Africa. Contact Lericia Ford +27 21 424 6290 Skinny laMinx
  37. 37. 35Development by Design / Company Profiles 2019 Studio Stirling designs beautifully handmade hanging swing chairs, loungers, daybeds and swings. Because each chair is made by hand it allows for every piece to have individualism and uniqueness in the pattern detailing and leather work. The products are made from steel, thus very strong and durable, E coated for rust protection and then powder coated in the colour of your choice. In a world of homogenized mass production, slower designed, handmade products require less energy than mass-produced items and often last longer, reducing the cycle of waste in our “throw-away” culture. These chairs are South African inspired and globally relevant. Studio Stirling Contact Joanina Pastoll +27 83 677 1020
  38. 38. 36Development by Design / Company Profiles 2019 Touw Meubels is a 26 year old family business, based in George in the Western Cape, that manufactures superb solid wood furniture and products. Our new Sandveld range sees a departure from our traditional Cape style to a more contemporary design vernacular, whilst still rooted in the traditional values of superior craftsmanship that we have built our reputation on. Contact Lenn Clark +27 82 827 1157 Touw Meubels
  39. 39. 37Development by Design / Company Profiles 2019 Ursh Works Ceramics latest collection, ‘Organix’, which has been inspired by the beauty resonant in the simplicity of Khoi pointillism, comprises a range of bowls, which are both decorative and functional. Organix is all handmade and hand decorated by a group of Xhosa potters in Cape Town. Contact Ursula Dale +27 82 833 3183 Ursh Works Ceramics
  40. 40. 38Development by Design / Company Profiles 2019 Vogel is a South African design and manufacturing company, specialising in high quality timber furniture and accessories. Our new collection consists of sculptured wooden wall hooks, floating shelves and side tables. The range is designed for wholesale and export. We have designed the products in a ‘flat pack’ format, to minimise transport costs. In keeping with our sustainability principles, the range is alsopredominantly made from our factory offcuts and ‘waste’ timber. Contact John E Vogel +27 21 447 6128 Vogel
  41. 41. 39Development by Design / Company Profiles 2019 WREN focuses on the innovative use of recycled and natural materials. Wren is most well-known for their PPC Cement Laptop Bags made out of paper treated to be water resistant, making the product both durable and functional. This year Wren’s new collection of natural bags with leather detail, and new fashion prints takes the product offering to a new level. Contact Wendren Setzer +27 83 947 2995 WREN
  42. 42. 40Development by Design / Company Profiles 2019 Zizamele Ceramics comprises a group of women potters who create, hand build and hand paint a range of African-inspired ceramics. Zizamele’s signature product is the wheel thrown Ubuntu bowl, which has a circle of women figures around the rim holding hands in a spirit of Unity (Ubuntu). In a recent move towards a more contemporary vernacular, Zizamele Ceramics has created a latest range using black clay with metallic glazes. They are also presenting their new ‘Women of Africa’ range. Contact Toni Burton +27 84 556 6423 Zizamele Ceramics
  43. 43. 41Development by Design / Company Profiles 2019 Showcasing leading South African product designers and their new export collections Development By Design The Development by Design project enables small and medium businesses in South Africa to develop and grow. Over 60 entrepreneurs have been participating in this project, taking their design studio, workshop ormanufacturing company to the next level, and onwards to the export market. The project is an initiative of The Dutch Centre for the Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries (CBI), and their local partner, the Craft and Design Institute (CDI). Together, these business support organisations promote SouthAfrican entrepreneurs at both local and international trade fairs. CBI The Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries (CBI) is part of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and is commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. CBI’s mission is to contribute to sustainable economic development in developing countries through the expansion of exports from these countries. CBI focuses on the link between producing exporters and European buyers. The centre contributes to the sustainable strengthening of the competitive position of exporters, assisting them in trading in the European market, thereby positively contributing to poverty reduction and alleviation. CBI’s Export Coaching Programme in South Africa focuses on exporters in the home decoration, home textiles, and small furniture sectors. The market entry phase of the project, titled Development by Design’, started in 2013. CDI The Craft and Design Institute (CDI) is CBI’s key programme partner in South Africa. The CDI is a non-profit company with 17 years of success in developing creative people, SMEs and the craft and design sector at large in South Africa. The CDI is a catalytic agent of change in the sector, and passionate about developing appropriately skilled, resourced and digitally proficient practitioners who can successfully leverage opportunities for growth and development. The more than 5000 SMEs supported by the CDI range from start-ups to exporting enterprises, and are based all over South Africa – from rural towns to urban centres. CDI’s services help these businesses develop the right product/ service for the right market using appropriate business and production systems; and links them into ever-expanding national and international networks of market opportunities to help them grow. NEXT19 After a successful inaugural trade exhibition in 2018, NEXT returns to Cape Town. NEXT19 showcases new product ranges of 40 South African designers and manufacturers. These small and medium enterprises have participated in various Export Coaching Programmes in the last five years. They receive training and coachingto prepare them for entering the European market. During an intensive programme run by the Dutch Centre for the Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries (CBI) and the South African Craft and Design Institute (CDI), the companies participated in leading European trade fairs such as Maison & Objet in Paris, and Ambiente in Frankfurt. The programme also provided the opportunity to participate in South African trade fairs, such as 100% Design and SARCDA, both in Johannesburg. As a result of the success of the ‘Development by Design’ programme, the ambition of the CDI and CBI was to provide opportunities for larger numbers of aspiring exporters, and a ‘short track’ programme was initiated, offering South African companies participation in a one-year coaching programme, culminating in a trade exhibition in Cape Town. NEXT19 showcases the new export product ranges of a selection of the combined participants of all programmes and features 40 companies. NEXT will take place annually, affording a new group of young and upcoming entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop their business for both national and export markets. Coordinating consultants: Solly Levy (SA) Irene Vermeulen (NL) Fran Stewart (SA)
  44. 44. Development by Design is a joint project of: