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Wash it


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Wash it

  1. 1. The Water Efficiency Application
  2. 2. • Wash-it is a product that simply combines a small washing machine with a shower cabinet which enables user to wash his/her own clothes with the same water that he/she uses while showering. • With the Wash-it App, it would be able to show a households overall water consumption, and the amount of savings from week-year. See how much water you • Meant to help the everyday use person in achieving water efficiency and saving money.11/5/2012 Wash-it App By Corey Bettencourt
  3. 3. Highlights• Being able to see how much money and water you are actually saving.• Complete control of the Wash-it System from the Application.• Real-time view• Free with purchase of the Wash-it System.• Modern feel to the Application and creates a user friendly interface. Running out of water Video11/5/2012 Wash-it App By Corey Bettencourt
  4. 4. • To help eliminate the over consumption of water. • Being able to help the environment with energy efficiency. • Saving money on water usage. • Saving time with doingFocus both at once. • Creating the mindset in society that we have to save energy, and water. • Have it both in homes, and for recreational use.11/5/2012 Wash-it App By Corey Bettencourt
  5. 5. • This is an Application for the owner of a Wash-it System- It will allow all users to have complete control over their system, weather it be the shower or the washer. • It creates an easy way to reuse water in an energy efficient way that saves time, money and sanity. • Wash-it has a closed plumbing system with 2 water pumps, 3 filters (carbon, organic and chemical) , 1 heater, UV filters and a water storage unit. While user is having a shower, Wash-it gather graywater from shower cabinet to the water storage via filters. • The application is integrated into the shower and gives the user real time information on: • Water Savings • Money Savings • Water usage • Time on washer left11/5/2012 Wash-it App By Corey Bettencourt
  6. 6. • To obtain the Application you must own a Wash-it system • Free once you own the Wash-it system. (just register) • Available one Apple and Droid systems • User Friendly interface that incorporates: • touch access to all features on the Wash-it • Start/Stop water flow or current process • Easy graphics for savings outlook • Set up daily water usage times.11/5/2012 Wash-it App By Corey Bettencourt
  7. 7. • Easy Access Menu • Login on with your own Device Name: ex) Corey’s Wash-it home system. • Shows all currently active Wash-it system. • Click on your system to see the interactive features. • Modern layout and design, simplicity is key. • Swipe from page to page to see the different features that are offered. • Very simple graphics that give the Application a clean and basic look to incorporate the look of the Wash-it. • Synch all of your families devices up so you can have control even when you are out of the house. • The graphics would be bold and easy to see and read. (simplistic)11/5/2012 Wash-it App By Corey Bettencourt
  8. 8. Features: Notifications of when wash is done. Alerts when you go over monthly spending limit. See if the filters need changing. See how the amount of water used in each shower or wash. Set the temperature of water Set the time limit to each shower Create certain times of day the shower or washer can be used (password protected)11/5/2012 Wash-it App By Corey Bettencourt
  9. 9. • Goals: • To create a more energy efficient world. • If you are able to see the amount of water you are using and the amount of money you can save, then you will be much more tempted to be energy aware. • Create a user friendly Application environment for a new piece of technology. • Show consumers how easy it is to save water, money and time. Very Easy to use- all you need to is download and the simplistic and basic layout will easily guide you how to use the Application. Wirelessly Connected 11/5/2012 Wash-it Home System. App By Corey Bettencourt to the Wash-it
  10. 10. • The main target market that is being proposed for this new innovative product and application is the average consumer. • The average consumer will be able to use this and help save money in such rough economic times. • Marketed as a way to save that extra penny, and show how to become the next generation of energy efficient families. • It is also going to be marketed to every single type of country, some countries are worse then others when it comes to energy efficiency, but every single type of person would be able to use this Application to control theirBettencourt11/5/2012 Wash-it App By Corey at home
  11. 11. • washing-machine-in-one/• concept/24203/• recycles-shower-water-for-your-laundry/11/5/2012 Wash-it App By Corey Bettencourt