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Gs laundry pureprez (1)

  1. 1. LAUNDRYPURE 4G The Earth-Friendly Way to Wash
  2. 2. Vollara’s Innovative LaundryPureCan you make clothescleaner without using anydetergent or hot water?
  3. 3. Vollara’s Innovative LaundryPure• The environmentally- friendly way to do laundry• Saves you money year after year after year!
  4. 4. LAUNDRY DAYJust toss your clothesin the washer andthey come out clean,RIGHT?
  5. 5. Take A Closer Look…• Does your laundry really smell fresh? Or is it just masked by perfume?• Are your new clothes looking faded and worn• Do you need fabric softener?Consider the hidden costs:How much money do you spend on laundry each year?
  6. 6. Take A Closer Look… According to the EPA and the US Department 392 loads of Energy, the average of laundry American household does around per year!
  7. 7. THE COST OF LAUNDRY Detergent and Fabric Softener Water and Energy
  8. 8. IT REALLY ADDS UPAnd how much money doyou spend each yearreplacing clothes thathave become worn andfaded in the wash?This expensive process of washing clothes in a machinehas remained unchanged for decades…until now.
  9. 9. A REVOLUTIONARY INNOVATIONIntroducing LaundryPure•An earth-friendly,natural technology•Works with yourexisting washing machineand watersource to cleanclothes gently andeconomically
  10. 10. YOU START SAVING IMMEDIATELY• Requires no soaps, detergents or bleaches• Needs only cold water• Can help reduce your energy bill
  11. 11. …and Save EnergyUS Department ofEnergy estimates 90% ofenergy used to washclothes heats the waterCut down energy usewithout sacrificing cleanlaundry with LaundryPure
  12. 12. THE LAUNDRYPURE SOLUTION• Operates with cold water only• Saves the average family of four about $470 per year!
  13. 13. LAUNDRY WILL LOOK BETTER AND LASTLONGER• No detergents to build up and stiffen fabrics, age or prematurely dull colors• Towels stay softer and fluffier• Dark fabrics hold colors longer without fading• Clothes look better and last longer
  14. 14. PROTECT SENSITIVE SKINProtect against chemicalsand fragrances that canleach into your skin
  15. 15. ANOTHER REASON TO ELIMINATE DETERGENTS• Soap builds up in the washing machine, creating a food source for bacteria• Can also affect drains as detergent is carried out with dirty wash water
  16. 16. LAUNDRY THE EARTH-FRIENDLY WAY• Eliminates need for • Eliminates chemical- detergent, softeners laden waste water and bleach • Eliminates skin irritation• Eliminates hot water from detergents• Eliminates detergent packaging Save Money and Reduce Waste!
  17. 17. DETERGENT-FREE, COLD WATER ONLY• Reduce your home’s energy usage• Help the environment• Spend less on energy each month with cold water usage• Cleaner clothes• Keep drain water free of harsh chemicals
  18. 18. HOW EXACTLY DOES IT WORK? LaundryPure uses the science of nature to work for you!
  19. 19. ACTIVEPURE TECHNOLOGY• LaundryPure’s ActivePure • Removes dirt, Technology uses the natural grime and odor- bubbling and cleansing action causing bacteria of hydrogen and oxygen
  20. 20. CERTIFIED SPACE TECHNOLOGY• ActivePure Technology is based on a variation of technology developed by NASA researchers• Recognized as an exclusive partner in the Certified Space Technology Program
  21. 21. PROTECTS YOUR FABRICS• Doesn’t “scrub” clothes like detergents• Gently and thoroughly lifts dirt from fibers• Without fading or leaving residue
  22. 22. REMOVE STAINS WITHOUT THE STRAIN• If desired, you may still use pretreatment product on your toughest stains• Only requires a tiny fraction of stain- remover to see the same great results
  23. 23. SIMPLE INSTALLATION, SIMPLE USE• Simple to install• As easy to use as turning on your washing machine• Works without modifying existing appliances, electrical systems or plumbing
  24. 24. SMART AND EASY Works with standard or high efficiency washing machines
  25. 25. ADVANCED ENGINEERING FOR EASY USE• Includes step-by-step instructions and installation DVD• Mount the unit on a wall• Hook up hoses• Connect to power• Simply turn on the washer when ready to use
  26. 26. MADE IN THE USAVollara is a part of afamily of Americancompanies withproducts that havebeen used and trustedin millions of homesfor 85 years
  27. 27. LAUNDRYPURE• Clean, fresh laundry every time• Savings up to $470 per year• Pays for itself year after year after yearNo one can afford notto own a LaundryPure!
  28. 28. LAUNDRYPURE IS A FORCE OF NATURE Providing a better way to do laundry, save money and protect our Earth’s valuable resources
  29. 29. LaundryPure is available exclusively from Vollara.Just ask how you can purchase your LaundryPure now!
  30. 30. UNCOMPROMISING HEALTH & OPPORTUNITY Certified Space Technology is a paid endorsement from the Space Foundation Any claims, statements, or results contained in this presentation have not been evaluated by theFDA. This product is not a medical device intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. All content is ©2012 Vollara, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Revised 01/20/2012