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Fujitsu heat pumps auckland


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Check out these Heat Pump Specials and what better way to kick off the colder months than a Heat Pump Sale. if you find a cheaper price from another heat pump installation company, let us know and we will beat it.

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Fujitsu heat pumps auckland

  1. 1. Website Email Id Call us:- 09-834-6128 Mobile:- 028-850-23267 Website:- Email Id:-
  2. 2. Fujitsu Hi Wall Premier Heat Pump Range Website:- Email Id:-
  3. 3. About Fujitsu Hi Wall Premier Heat Pump Range The Fujitsu Hi Wall Premier – With a great looking flat-panel design to fit in to any home or office, these compact models offer super quiet comfort with additional filtration options, and latest features and technology. Very high efficiencies are achieved due to a better heat exchange design resulting in high COP heat energy ratios. Auckland is a big and vibrant city that enjoys cool winters and hot summers. Many people like the weather in Auckland although global warming is more intense in this part of the world. This unfavorable climatic condition spurs many consumers to consider good heat pump options such as offered by Fujitsu heat pumps Auckland retailers. Auckland is fortunate to have a plethora of heat pump specialists who are well versed with the climatic changes in the city and its surroundings to offer the best of heat pump options. It could be air conditioning units or heat ventilation units required in any home or office in Auckland. Website:- Email Id:-
  4. 4. Features and Benefits All The Heat You Need These Fujitsu hi walls are designed with Fujitsu inverter technology to deliver all the heat you need, just when you need it. You’ll be as warm as toast even when it’s freezing outside, and the reverse cycle uses the same engineering to cool and dehumidify your home in summer. It is important to secure the best of heat pump systems when the best of comfort is desired in any environment. Website:- Email Id:-
  5. 5. Just Quietly Fujitsu hi walls brilliant fan technology, plus “quiet mode” on most Fujitsu models means that noise is not an issue with Fujitsu hi walls. Compare our decibel levels (see brochure) and you will see that even our larger heat pumps operating on full capacity are usually quieter than any other brand in New Zealand. Whisper quiet is a Fujitsu fact – not just an advertising claim. 10°C heat operation The temperature can be set to hold the room temperature at 10°C, so that the room will never become too cold when you are away. Website:- Email Id:-
  6. 6. Better Than Ever Energy Savings These powerful heat pumps deliver all the heat you will ever need. They are Energy Star qualified, and Fujitsu’s all-DC engineering is very efficient – the ASTG09 model for example the has a COP of 4.66 – this means you will get 4.66kw of heat for every 1kw of power you use – or to put it another way – $4.66 worth of heat for every dollar of power. A Fresher, Healthier Home Fujitsu hi walls advanced air purifying and deodorising filters absorb minute dust particles, invisible mould spores, pollen and other harmful micro organisms to give you a healthier home environment. Which is why Fujitsu is recommended by Asthma New Zealand. Website:- Email Id:-
  7. 7. Contact Us Website Email Id Call us:- 09-834-6128 Website:- Email Id:-