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process. You could potentially waste a ton of time checking emails, but skimming through them doesn’thurt. Just don’t get ...
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Time Management-how_to_avoid_timely_mistakes


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Time Management-how_to_avoid_timely_mistakes

  1. 1. se lf m ade m m/time-management-mistakes/Time Management: How to Avoid Timely MistakesSelf-Made SavvyAs an internet marketer it can be dif f icult to stay f ocused and stay on task at times. When this becomesa problem, time management needs to be in place. First, you need to identif y where the problem is. Howcan you f igure this one out? Let’s look at some common time management mistakes to avoid when itcomes to time management and see if these apply to you at all.Not being aware that time equals money.No matter what you are doing on your quest to generate an income, time is money. You could be selling aservice, driving traf f ic to your website or blog f or lead generation, or even doing some af f iliatemarketing. T he point is, whatever your income producing activities are, your goal is to market a product,service, website, or blog, to make a sale.If you are making sales and generating leads, then you are on the right path to success. Your productivityspeaks f or itself . T he opportunity and ability to make money on the internet is golden. So time isdef initely important and should be taken seriously.In the 9-5 world, you’re on someone else’s time clock so whether you’re sitting in the lounge or standingin the hallway talking with other employees, you’ll still get a paycheck at the end of the week. When youtake into consideration that time is money, you will realize that wasting it could be costly. Apply the term“time is money” to your everyday routine and be motivated by it.Personal Communication vs. Business CommunicationSocial networking on sites like Facebook and Twitter can be hard to stay away f rom, especially if you’reconnecting with f riends and f amily. And this is because it’s so easy to f all into the trap of chatting onbusiness time. During your down times, this is expected. But if you have set a schedule to complete yourtasks and assignments within a certain time f rame, then stick to it.As a mom, I like to get my work done early in the morning so that I’m done by 2pm. T hen I’ll continue withother tasks later on in the evening and prepare f or the next day.My time during the day is spent with the kids. Figure out what works best f or you as f ar as time isconcerned.Here’s what you can doFigure out where your time is being wasted.It’s so easy to work f rom home and not realize that youare wasting time. I can easily say, “don’t worry aboutchecking your emails” but I won’t and here’s why.I get a ton of emails daily, and some of them aren’tworth opening. However, there are some that are worthchecking because it might be a webinar coming up that Ineed to attend, or a discount on some inf ormation thatI truly need. I could miss out on a lot of goodies,f reebies, and limited time discounts if I didn’t check myemails.What if you check your email multiple times a day? I’m guilty of this also, but I don’t make it a long
  2. 2. process. You could potentially waste a ton of time checking emails, but skimming through them doesn’thurt. Just don’t get caught up. Go back to them during your down time.It is important to start managing your time and right away, and you can begin by writing out a plan. T hepower of the pen, gotta love it.Keep track of what you are doing, not doing, and why. Try to eliminate distractions as much as possible.It can be challenging with the kids around, but work around their schedule as much as possible.Conquer your challenges.Determine your distractions that aren’t challenging f irst. Phones, television, radio, etc., can all be apart ofthe reason as to why you aren’t getting anything done.Instant messaging and chatting can be an issue also, but it doesn’t have to. Simply disconnect yourselff rom doing those things. Working f rom home is a unique opportunity, so choose your challenges wisely.Eliminate problems before hand.Your goal is to improve your time management. All the issues that can potentially become a problem, suchas distractions, should be eliminated.No excuses or justif ications necessary. Doing what it takes to get the work done online and on a dailybasis takes a lot of ef f ort on your part.If you need to socialize, do so, but only in moderation. Take a certain amount of time to do this, butdon’t spend your entire day doing this and justif ying your actions by claiming it is a marketing tactic whenit’s really not.Overall, time management mistakes can def initely be avoided with minor adjustments and a major ef f orton your part. Most importantly, be consistent and it will all work out f or the better.Stay Driven and Prosper,If you found this post helpful, please share it with others who can benefit fromit. If you would like more information on how you can generate an incomeonline, working from home just like I do, then Click Here!