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What is the mms


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What is the mms

  1. 1. What is the MMS?There are many natural products that you can use to help you keep your bodyin good shape, but it is important to know as much about each natural productas possible. With such a wide variety of natural products on the markettoday, you will find that knowing as much as possible about each of youroptions will ensure that you can make the best decision that will have themost impact on your health.The miracle mineral supplement, or MMS, is a product discovered in recentyears. The man who discovered it, Jim Humble, is a metallurgist and a goldminer. The miracle mineral supplement is a unique cure for a number ofserious illnesses, and you may find that the Miracle Mineral Supplement maybe the solution that you are looking for.The Miracle Mineral Supplement is a product made using sodium chloritediluted to 28% by mixing with distilled water. Sodium chlorite is actually atoxic chemical that is medically proven to induce kidney and renal failure,which can be fatal. However, when mixed correctly with the right ingredients,the Miracle Mineral Supplement is a solution that can help to deal with anumber of major disorders and illnesses.The purpose of the Miracle Mineral Supplement is to create a chemicalsolution that will be strong enough to kill all of the pathogens and harmfulbacteria in the human body, while still being able to be safely ingested bythe human body. There are thousands of toxins and pathogens that live in thehuman body, and these pathogens steal energy, poison the body, and make itmuch more susceptible to disease and illness. In order to combat thesepathogens, the Miracle Mineral Supplement was created.Most people are hesitant to trust any product with the word miracle in it,thanks to the long and illustrious careers of "miracle peddlers" throughouthistory. However, the fact is that the Miracle Mineral Supplement itselfdoesnt actually do anything to the body. Only the chlorine dioxide that iscreated by combining the Miracle Mineral Supplement with other ingredientswill do anything to help restore the body to full health.The chlorine dioxide that is produced by the Miracle Mineral Supplement isenough to kill a person if not diluted sufficiently, which is why the MiracleMineral Supplement is made using only a 28% solution. This means that enoughchlorine dioxide is generated to help kill the pathogens in the body, but notenough to do any damage to the body itself.The chlorine dioxide in the Miracle Mineral Supplement is activated by addinga small amount of citric acid, which can be found in lemons and oranges. Byactivating the chlorine dioxide, you will find that the Miracle MineralSupplement is effective in helping to kill many of the harmful pathogens inthe body. Thanks to the volatility of the chlorine dioxide, pathogens standno chance of developing any sort of resistance to the substance, and they arekilled without exception.Who Discovered the MMS Supplement?There are many supplements that claim to be effective in helping to cure anumber of illnesses and disorders, but most people are skeptical when theysee a product labeled "miracle". However, some of these products, such as the
  2. 2. Miracle Mineral Supplement, are actually effective in helping to combat anumber of serious conditions, and it is important to do your researchthoroughly before discarding them.The man behind the Miracle Mineral Supplement is a man known as Jim Humble, agold miner as well as a metallurgist. He was visiting Central America on agold hunting trip, traveling through the jungles on an expedition. Suddenly,two of his team came down with malaria while they were still far away fromany sort of help or civilization.Thanks to his many years of experience on such trips, Humble always liked tocarry a bottle of sodium chlorite with him whenever he trekked into thejungle. Sodium chlorite was used by the locals to purify the water, and this"stable oxygen" solution had proven to come in handy before. He quicklyapplied the sodium chlorite to the sick men, and he found that they wererestored to full health, miraculously, in a matter of a few hours.Humble had an idea from this occurrence, and he spent a number of yearsresearching into the sodium chlorite to determine what made it effective. Hefound that the oxygen in the sodium chlorite had no purpose at all, but itwas the small amounts of chlorine dioxide that made the compound soeffective. This led to an interesting discovery on his part.He found that, if he could increase the amount of chlorine dioxide in thesolution, he would be able to create a solution that would be more effectivethan the sodium chloride. After much time spent testing and researching, hefinally came up with what he believed to be an effective solution. Afterfurther tests to prove the efficiency of the product, he named it the MiracleMineral Supplement.The Miracle Mineral Supplement has been tested in a number of live cases ofmalaria in Africa, and over 75,000 people from various countries in Africahave seen amazing recovery thanks to the Miracle Mineral Supplement. Not onlymalaria can effectively be combated by the Miracle Mineral Supplement, butAIDS, cancer, and even hepatitis patients have found that the Miracle MineralSupplement is genuinely able to help them treat their illnesses.The reason that the Miracle Mineral Supplement is so effective is due to thechlorine dioxide in the supplement. Chlorine dioxide is a bleaching agentthat is incredibly powerful, and it helps to kill all of the harmfulpathogens in the human body. Thanks to the dilution of the Miracle MineralSupplement, many have found that the supplement is strong enough to kill allthe harmful pathogens in their body while not damaging the inner functions oftheir body.How MMS Works Within the BodyThere are many excellent products and natural supplements that you can use tohelp you deal with serious illnesses. Many people suffer from toxins andpathogens in their body that can lead to cancer, and dealing with thesepathogens is important. If you want one of the best natural supplements todeal with these harmful pathogens, you might want to consider the MiracleMineral Supplement.
  3. 3. While the word "miracle" usually leads people to be skeptical of theeffectiveness of a solution, you should understand the reason for the name.The man who discovered the solution found that the effect of the supplementcomes from the chlorine dioxide, a substance which helped to restore twomalaria-stricken people in hours. After many years of study and research, theMiracle Mineral Supplement has helped over 75,000 people in Africa deal withcancer, malaria, and AIDS.How does the Miracle Mineral Supplement work?The premise behind the Miracle Mineral Supplement is actually fairly simple,and its effectiveness lies in the chlorine dioxide in the supplement.Chlorine dioxide is an agent used in many bleaching compounds, and it is anincredibly strong substance. In fact, if not consumed in the proper amounts,it can be cause fatal renal failure.Where the Miracle Mineral Supplement is effective is in the amount ofchlorine dioxide used in the supplement. The chlorine dioxide is diluted to a28% solution, and is mixed with distilled water. When this substance isconsumed together with citric acid to activate the chlorine dioxide, itbasically works like bleach does, but on the inside of the body.The Miracle Mineral Supplement travels through the body and the chlorinedioxide works to bleach out all of the pathogens and harmful chemicals insidethe body. The chlorine dioxide molecule simple steals the electrons from thepathogens in the body, which cause the pathogens to lose their balancedcharge and fizzle out.The best thing about the Miracle Mineral Supplement is the fact that it issuch a volatile substance. Chlorine dioxide is incredibly volatile, meaningthat it has no stable structure of molecules. While the body is able todevelop a resistance to remedies and antibiotics taken thanks to their stablenature, the body simply cant develop any sort of resistance to thisincredibly volatile drug. Thanks to this volatility, the Miracle MineralSupplement works as effectively on day 1,000 as it did on day 1.When the pathogens come in contact with the chlorine dioxide, as many as fiveelectrons are stripped from the pathogen immediately. This is more thanenough to kill any types of pathogen, and the Miracle Mineral Supplement isone of the most effective solutions for killing off the pathogens that cancause AIDS, cancer, and malaria. Thanks to the marvelous properties of theMiracle Mineral Supplement, you may find that you have a genuine solution fordealing with a serious illness or disorder.MMS and MalariaWhen it comes to fighting off malaria, there are many drugs that have provento be effective for a short time. However, after a while, the body simplybuilds up a resistance to the drug, and it ceases being effective. In orderto counter malaria effectively, it is vital to find a new solution that thebody will not be able to resist.The Miracle Mineral Supplement is one such supplement, and it has been provento be effective in dealing with malaria in many cases. In fact, 75,000 peoplein various African countries were helped to recover from malaria thanks to
  4. 4. the Miracle Mineral Supplement, and it looks to be one of the best countersto the malaria virus.How does the Miracle Mineral Supplement work to kill the malaria virus?The Miracle Mineral Supplement works in a very simple way: it stealselectrons from harmful pathogens in the body. All of the pathogens that causemalaria are susceptible to the chlorine dioxide in the Miracle MineralSupplement. Chlorine dioxide is used in bleaching agents, but, when diluted,can help to destroy harmful pathogens inside the body without damaging thebody itself.When the malaria virus comes in contact with the chlorine dioxide in theMiracle Mineral Supplement, the chlorine dioxide steals as many as fiveelectrons from the malaria pathogens molecules. Five electrons from eachmolecule is more than enough to be lethal to any type of harmful pathogen,and the Miracle Mineral Supplement effectively scours the body of all harmfulmalaria pathogens.Adults are usually given about 15 drops of the Miracle Mineral Supplementeach. The chlorine dioxide in the Miracle Mineral Supplement is activated bylemon juice or citric acid, which causes the inert chlorine dioxide toactivate and function as the pathogen killer. Once the citric acid has beenadded to the Miracle Mineral Supplement, 3 minutes must pass before someother form of juice is added to ensure that it can be easily consumed.After an hour of waiting, a second dose of the same solution is given to themalaria victim. Within four hours of the second dosage of Miracle MineralSupplement, there should be no signs of the malaria. If the symptoms are noteliminated within 24 hours, the remedy should be applied again in the exactsame way. Any patient that shows continued signs of malaria after 48 hoursshould receive doses every 4 hours, prepared in exactly the same way.By following this simple method of activating and preparing the MiracleMineral Supplement, many have found that their malaria is miraculously cured.The "miracle" part of the supplement has been proven to be true in manycases, and the Miracle Mineral Supplement is no snake oil being peddled. Ithas been tested and proven to be effective when prepared properly, and manyhave found relief from their malaria thanks to the Miracle MineralSupplement.MMS and CancerMany people who suffer from cancer are always on the lookout for somemiraculous method of dealing with it. There are many products that promisethe world and guarantee to help heal the cancer, but they end up failing todeliver. The Miracle Mineral Supplement doesnt guarantee that it will beeffective in dealing with cancer, but it has been proven to be one of themost effective natural supplements that those suffering from cancer can taketo help deal with their illness.The reason that cancer is so effective in killing off the body is that itactually takes over the cells in the body. Rather than simply attackingoutright, it basically converts every cell it comes in contact with into "oneof them". The cancer cells then spread throughout the body, and they continue
  5. 5. to take over every cell they meet until the cancer has consumed an organ orbody part.The white blood cells of the immune system are designed to be the bodysdefense system, but they can do little to attack the cancer cells thanks tothe hostile takeover of the body by the cancer. The white blood cells see thecancerous cells as being a normal part of the body, thanks to the fact thatthey once were. The white blood cells and the immune system can do little tosuppress the spread of cancer until it is too late.This is where the Miracle Mineral Supplement comes in. The Miracle MineralSupplement contains an ingredient known as chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxideis used in bleaching agents and other chemical solutions, as it is one of themost effective killers of bacteria and pathogens. The chlorine dioxide is sostrong in its original form that it will cause renal failure and kill you ifnot diluted properly.The Miracle Mineral Supplement uses a special solution of diluted chlorinedioxide and distilled water, and it is watered down enough that the body isable to handle it without serious issues. However, the chlorine dioxide is noless strong, and it effectively washes through the body and scours the bodyof the cancer cells.The chlorine dioxide works by stripping away as many as five electrons perpathogen molecule. This many electrons being taken from the molecule is morethan enough to be lethal to any pathogen in the body. Thanks to the chlorinedioxide in the Miracle Mineral Supplement, the supplement has been proven tobe effective in helping to deal with the cancer cells.The Miracle Mineral Supplement is effective because chlorine dioxide is suchan unstable and volatile substance. Cancer cells are unable to developresistance to the chlorine dioxide, which ensures that it will be effectiveas long as you are taking it. There is nothing that guarantees that theMiracle Mineral Supplement will be a cure for cancer, but it has proven to beone of the most effective methods of dealing with the harmful pathogens thatcause the cancer. The Miracle Mineral Supplement promises nothing, but it isa good option to look into for dealing with cancer.----------------------------------------------------------MMS and CandidaDealing with serious disorders can often be difficult, especially if youdont know which of your treatment options will be the best for you. Candidais one such disorder that can be very painful, and it is difficult to knowwhich treatment will be the best. The growth of yeast in the body is oftencaused by having a poor diet, and it can quickly overwhelm the digestivetract and cause serious discomfort and pain in the body. In order to know howto deal with Candida as effectively as possible, you should find out as muchas you can about your various options.The Miracle Mineral Supplement is an interesting remedy that may be a viableoption for getting rid of candida. The Miracle Mineral Supplement has beenproven to be effective in treating the various viruses and parasites that area part of Candida. If you are suffering from Candida, you may be interestedto learn how you can fight it with the Miracle Mineral Supplement.
  6. 6. The reason that the Candida spreads in your body is thanks to the viruses andparasites that grow in an acidic diet. These parasites cause yeast to grow atincredibly rapid rates inside the body, and it can be painful. Dealing withthe yeast and parasites is the only way to get rid of the Candida, and thatis where the Miracle Mineral Supplement comes in handy.The Miracle Mineral Supplement is made from distilled water mixed withchlorine dioxide to form as 28% solution. Chlorine dioxide on its own isoften used as in bleaches and strong chemicals, thanks to the fact that it isso effective at killing bacteria and pathogens. When mixed down to 28%, it isstrong enough to kill the bacteria but mixed down enough that it wont harmyour body.Taking the Miracle Mineral Supplement ensures that the chlorine dioxide runsthrough your system and strips every parasites molecules of their electrons.The chlorine dioxide molecules are strong enough to strip the majority of theelectrons from the molecules of the pathogens, which is enough to easily killthem off.Thanks to the chlorine dioxide, the Miracle Mineral Supplement is incrediblyeffective at killing the bacteria and parasites that cause Candida in yourbody. If you are suffering from Candida, you may find that the MiracleMineral Supplement is an excellent solution for you. Not only can you killoff the specific parasites and bacteria that are causing the yeast infection,but you are able to directly affect your digestive system and ensure that itstarts working again properly by clearing out the toxins from your system.The Miracle Mineral Supplement is a fairly inexpensive way to address yourCandida, and you may find that it is one of the most effective solutions thatyou can find to help restore your health despite the various bacteria thatare attacking your system. Thanks to the chlorine dioxide in the MiracleMineral Supplement, you can restore your health in no time. ------------------------------------------------------MMS and Lymes DiseaseDealing with Lymes disease can be difficult, especially for those who aresuffering from the serious condition affecting their thyroid gland. You mayfind that your Lymes disease is difficult to control, especially because thepathogens affecting your thyroid become resistant to the various medicationsthat you are taking. Finding an effective cure can be difficult, and it maybe time to start looking for a natural remedy to help you with your Lymesdisease.One of the best of the natural remedies for serious pathogens is the MiracleMineral Supplement. This product was developed by a metallurgist and goldminer, Jim Humble. He found that a specific solution of sodium chloriteworked to help cure malaria in a matter of hours, hence the "miracle" in thename of this unique Miracle Mineral Supplement.After much research, he determined that the chlorine dioxide in the solutionwas the key to his success, and he created his Miracle Mineral Supplementwith the chlorine dioxide as the base. Thanks to the discovery of thisamazing solution, many peoples lives have been changed and a number ofserious diseases have been helped as a result of the Miracle MineralSupplement.
  7. 7. The reason that the Miracle Mineral Supplement is so effective is that thechlorine dioxide in the supplement is one of the best killers of all forms ofpathogens. For the pathogens causing your Lymes disease, you will find thatthe Miracle Mineral Supplement is one of the best products that are targetedto killing the precise pathogens that are causing the Lymes disease.The chlorine dioxide in the Miracle Mineral Supplement strips the electronsfrom the molecules of the pathogens. This removing of the electrons is oftenenough to kill the pathogens, and you may find that the Miracle MineralSupplement is one of the best ways to get rid of the pathogens that arecausing your Lymes disease.Despite the name of the product, the Miracle Mineral Supplement is not amiraculous cure that works by magic. It is a proven supplement that has beentried and tested by people with a wide variety of diseases. Many people whohave Lymes disease have found that their symptoms are greatly reduced thanksto the Miracle Mineral Supplement, and many have shown signs of greatimprovement. A number of special cases have even had their Lymes diseasenearly completely eliminated.Lymes disease is incredibly difficult to get rid of completely, as thepathogens are incredibly tenacious. You may find that taking the MiracleMineral Supplement will only show marked improvement for the first few weeksor months. The important thing to remember is to not get discouraged, as youwill be able to see improvement in the long run if you continue to introducechlorine dioxide into your body in this way. Thanks to the fact that thechlorine dioxide is incredibly volatile, your body is unable to develop aresistance to the supplement and it will be effective as long as you aretaking it.Historical Uses of MMS and Chlorine DioxideThe Miracle Mineral Supplement is a marvelous supplement that has been incirculation for only a few years. The amazing properties of the MiracleMineral Supplement ensure that they can help to restore people with evenserious and life threatening medical conditions. In order to make an informeddecision about the effectiveness of the Miracle Mineral Supplement, youshould know a bit of its history.The man who created the Miracle Mineral Supplement is Jim Humble, ametallurgist and a gold miner. When he was traveling on a gold hunting tripin Central American, two of his party came down ill with malaria. They soonworsened, but were nowhere near help. Jim Humble carried a bottle of sodiumchlorite in his gear, and he gave it to the ill men. Within hours they hadrecovered.After years of study, he determined that the chlorine dioxide in the sodiumchlorite was actually the effective ingredient. Sodium chlorite has been usedfor decades by explorers in Central and South America, Asia, and Africa.Sodium chlorite is used to help purify running water and make it potable whenthere is no other water source available. It has been called "bottledoxygen", and has been around for many years as an effective method of killinggerms, bacteria, and pathogens in the water of these areas.
  8. 8. The reason that sodium chlorite has been so effective for so many years isdue to the chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide has also been used in bleachesand cleaning chemicals for many years, thanks to the fact that it isextremely effective at killing off bacteria and germs in nearly any form.When used on its own, chlorine dioxide is so strong that it can effectivelykill a person by causing kidney failure.The Miracle Mineral Supplement uses this ingredient as the means of killingthe pathogens. Thanks to the fact that this chlorine dioxide has been usedand proven to be effective for decades, if not centuries, the Miracle MineralSupplement uses an ingredient that is guaranteed to kill off pathogens,bacteria, viruses, parasites, yeasts, and a host of other harmful micro-particles.A number of health products had already been incorporating the chlorinedioxide into their solutions, but they had proven to be ineffective. JimHumble improved the effectiveness of the chlorine dioxide by adding vinegar,which contains citric acid. Citric acid activates the chlorine dioxide andmakes it work much more effectively. Thanks to Jim Humbles addition,chlorine dioxide is now one of the best substances to use to kill off a widerange of harmful pathogens.While the Miracle Mineral Supplement has only been around for a few years, ithas already proven to be very effective. In the last few years, over 75,000people from various African countries have been helped thanks to thelegendary efficacy of the chlorine dioxide in the Miracle Mineral Supplement.While chlorine dioxide in many forms has been used throughout history, onlyrecently has it truly lived up to its reputation as being the Miracle MineralSupplement.-------------------------------------------------------Many people find that the Miracle Mineral Supplement is a miraculous cure fortheir illnesses and disorders, while others find that it is about aseffective as any other natural remedies. The Miracle Mineral Supplement is aproduct made using chlorine dioxide as the main ingredient, and chlorinedioxide is actually one of the most effective of the natural health products.Chlorine dioxide works to kill of germs, parasites, viruses, and otherharmful pathogens by stripping the electrons from the molecules of thepathogens. The chlorine dioxide strips enough of the electrons from themolecules to be lethal to the pathogens, and it works with nearly any type ofpathogen, virus, bacteria, or parasite.One great reason to use chlorine dioxide in the Miracle Mineral Supplement isthe fact that the body is unable to develop a resistance to it, thus makingit impossible for the harmful pathogens to develop a resistance as well. Thisis because chlorine dioxide is such an unstable and volatile substance, whichensures that it will be effective every time you take it no matter how longyou try the supplement.
  9. 9. Why Use Miracle Mineral Supplement?Many people around the world who suffer from a number of serious illnessesand disorders have seen tremendous improvement thanks to the Miracle MineralSupplement. Some of the illnesses that can be improved by taking the MiracleMineral Supplement include: * Thyroid conditions * Sinusitis and other sinus related conditions * Malaria * Lymes Disease * Liver disease * Kidney problems * The common cold * Chronic inflammation and infections * Cirrhosis * Cardiovascular conditions * Arthritis * Cancer * AIDSWhile the Miracle Mineral Supplement is not guaranteed to be effective ineach case, it is the most effective supplement that you can try. The realityof life is that no product, whether natural or chemical, is completely 100%effective against every type of pathogen or parasite. This is because theseharmful pathogens are constantly mutating and improving to be more resistantto the stronger and more powerful medications being created. Thanks to theworld of medicine and the pharmaceutical industry, it is becomingincreasingly difficult to find a product that is able to counter some of thestronger and more resistant pathogens.As mentioned above, there is no way for the pathogens to develop a toleranceor resistance to the chlorine dioxide thanks to the fact that it is sovolatile. The volatility that makes pure chlorine dioxide so dangerous iswhat makes the diluted compound used in the Miracle Mineral Supplement suchan effective cure for some of the most serious illnesses known to man.If you are looking for a cure or treatment for a serious illness, you shoulddefinitely consider using the Miracle Mineral Supplement. Not only has itbeen proven to be effective in counteracting the effects of a number ofdisorders, but it is one of the best of the natural products that you cantake to help deal with nearly any parasite, virus, bacteria, or harmfulpathogen.MMS and Detoxification Within the BodyMany people around the world suffer from a host of illnesses and disordersthat never exited 20 or 30 years ago. Some of the diseases that plague alarge number of people today have only arisen in recent years, and thesediseases are becoming stronger and more resistant to the conventionalmedications that are prescribed today. In order to deal with both the rootand the problem itself, you may find that the Miracle Mineral Supplement canhelp you overcome a number of serious diseases.
  10. 10. The reason that so many diseases strike people today is due to the fact thatthe number of chemicals and toxins that we consume every day is constantlyincreasing. Every piece of artificial, processed, genetically modified, orflavor enhanced food that we put into our mouth is simply flooding our bodywith chemicals. Even many of the foods that should be natural are filled withchemicals and toxins, thanks to the fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides,and growth hormones that are used to help our food grow.These chemicals that fill our body are artificially created, meaning that thehuman body is unable to process them and digest them properly. Thanks to thischemicals that fill our systems, our body begins to labor to functionproperly, and many of the diseases that have only arisen in recent years havecome into existence. In order to ensure that your body remains functioningproperly, you should do your part to detofxify your body from all of thechemicals that fill it.The Miracle Mineral Supplement is one of the best supplements that you canuse to detoxify your body. The Miracle Mineral Supplement is created usingchlorine dioxide to help cleanse your body from toxins, and you will findthat chlorine dioxide is one of the best substances that you can use for thedetoxification of your body. Thanks to the strength of the Miracle MineralSupplement, it can help to reduce the toxins in your body and help reduce anysymptoms of serious medical conditions.Chlorine dioxide works to strip the electrons from the individual moleculesof the harmful pathogens and toxins in the human body. Without the electronsstripped by the chlorine dioxide, the toxins and pathogens in the body areunable to continue living. The chlorine dioxide in the Miracle MineralSupplement has proven to be incredibly effective at killing these pathogens.In order to keep your body working properly, detoxifying your body by usingthe Miracle Mineral Supplement is one of the best ways to keep your body freeof chemicals. You can cleanse your body, kill all of the chemicals insideyour body, and deal with any disorders and illnesses from the root off theproblem. Rather than just trying to get rid of the symptoms or visibleeffects of your illness, you will find that using the Miracle MineralSupplement is one of the best ways to kill the parasites, viruses, bacteria,and pathogens that are causing your illness.