Memorial Health System Innovative Approach to CPOE Earns Robust Results


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Memorial Health System Innovative Approach to CPOE Earns Robust Results

  1. 1. Case Study Memorial Health System Innovative Approach to CPOE Earns Robust Results Memorial Hospital opened in While the nearby Georgia coastal advance clinical and financial region attracts a bustling tourist excellence, they uncovered an area 1955 as a 300-bed facility trade, Savannah-based Memorial for improvement. pioneering a new era in medical Health University Medical Center (Memorial Health) attracts patients Hospital staff studied processes services. Considered the most and clinicians with its reputation tied to physician order entry and for excellence. Memorial Health discovered that staff did not enter modern hospital in the Southeast, further strengthened its leadership admission orders in the legacy Memorial Health grew to in patient safety and care by an system until 3.35 hours after the innovative deployment of physician wrote them. It took become a two-state healthcare McKesson’s computerized physician 74 minutes for daily orders to be order entry/decision support entered. Deciphering physician organization serving a 35-county solution. The medical center handwriting was also an issue with area in southeast Georgia and has significantly increased order 23% of orders deemed illegible. accuracy, decreased medication Additionally, physicians spent an South Carolina. The health turnarounds by two hours, and average of 7.2 minutes searching for achieved a 30% reduction in a patient’s chart. Pharmacy often system includes its flagship pharmacy callbacks due to did not have patient height, weight Memorial Health University illegibility. and allergy information, and other missing data created multiple Medical Center, a 530-bed Challenges opportunities for errors. tertiary medical center; CareOne, Memorial Health executives have long realized the value With clinical outcomes and patient a homecare division; Memorial of information technology in safety as top priorities, hospital improving clinical and operational executives recognized that the next Health University Physicians performance. For example, the stage of innovation had to include hospital moved ahead of many one of healthcare’s most widely primary and specialty care discussed technologies: computerized providers with its deployment of networks; a major medical McKesson’s HorizonWP® Physician provider order entry (CPOE). Portal six years ago, which gained education program; business widespread physician adoption Chief Executive Officer Bob Colvin with its anytime, anywhere access explains Memorial Health’s unique and industry services; and approach to garner maximum success. to vital patient information. The NurseOne, a 24-hour call center. portal was followed by other wins “In terms of patient safety, CPOE is for physicians with document and a major step we’ve taken in the last medical imaging technology. As five years,” he says. “We saw the management began to define the technology’s potential to greatly next set of strategic goals to reduce transcription and medication
  2. 2. At a Glance errors, but also as a way to automate As plans firmed up for the physician processes around best practices. rollout, neonatologists learned Organization Because nurses provide a great deal their unit was scheduled last for Memorial Health System, of education and support for deployment. “We had used a Savannah, GA physicians, it made sense for us to proprietary electronic medical deploy the technology to nurses record system and understood how – 530-bed Memorial Health first and then physicians.” electronic order entry eliminates University Medical Center illegible handwriting,” says Linda – Primary and specialty care Answers Sacks, M.D., a neonatologist and physician networks Memorial Health’s patient safety co-director of Nurseries. “We were strategy included the selection of excited about the capabilities of – Homecare services Horizon Expert Orders and asked McKesson’s Horizon Expert Orders™ – 24-hour nurse call center computerized order entry/clinical to go live first.” – Inpatient visits: 28,000 decision support system with Horizon Meds Manager™ pharmacy With neonatologists eager to use – Outpatient visits: 217,000 CPOE, Memorial Health chose the information system as the hub for the medication management 44-bed neonatal unit as the starting Solution Spotlight point for the physician rollout. process. In addition to electronic – HorizonWP Physician Portal transcription capabilities, the system Neonatology was also a wise choice – Horizon Meds Manager provides the necessary checks and because the unit has a very low balances for medication orders. patient transfer rate and the – Horizon Expert Orders physicians generate a high volume Memorial then rolled out Horizon of daily orders. While the unit Critical Issues uses fewer than 100 different Expert Orders to 935 nurses and – Missing clinical data unit secretaries for nonmedication medications, the system supports ordering. This nontraditional the precise weight-based dosing – Medication safety approach created a built-in support required for infants. – IT use and satisfaction system to drive physician adoption, – Inefficient processes explains Lynne Williams, RN, Results manager of clinical systems. As part of its incremental approach, Results (based on live units) “IT system adoption is enhanced Memorial has implemented Horizon – Improved availability of height, with multiple layers of support,” Expert Orders in neonatology, the weight and allergy information says Williams. “By having nurses emergency department, pediatric to 100% trained and using the system, they hematology and oncology, pediatric would be the power users and give intensive care, and general pediatrics – Increased legibility and physicians any needed support.” and has gained strong physician accuracy of medication orders adoption. – Reduced turnaround time for medications by an average of two hours – Reduced order call backs associated with legibility by 30%
  3. 3. According to Dr. Sacks, use of Medication Safety and Horizon Expert Orders has improved Turnarounds – The integrated both the accuracy and speed of systems have helped reduce time carrying out physicians’ orders, delays previously associated with which in turn improves quality. order entry. Memorial Health has “Physicians were entering 100% increased order accuracy, decreased of their orders within days of going turnarounds for medications by live,” says Dr. Sacks. “We reduced an average of two hours, and turnaround time for orders, and reduced pharmacy callbacks the number of calls required to due to illegibility by 30%. clarify verbal or written orders is rapidly approaching zero.” Dr. Sacks notes, “Neonatal drug dosing is extremely complex. “We are changing the culture Other results for Memorial Health Horizon Expert Orders allows me include: to instantly pick the correct by providing physicians with evidenced-based dose for any Height, Weight and Allergy given clinical patient need.” technology that supports Information – On the units where the way they practice, thus physicians use Horizon Expert Orders, Memorial Health has earned strong the pharmacy now receives height, results with CPOE, improving delivering solutions that weight and allergy information patient safety and access to 100% of the time, eliminating the mission-critical information and physicians find valuable.” opportunity for medication errors due best practices. “We are improving to incomplete patient information. adoption by providing physicians with technology that adds value to Patty Massey Clinician Efficiency and Satisfaction – their processes, thus enhancing care,” Physicians can monitor active orders says Patty Massey, vice president and Vice President and and make necessary changes to chief information officer. Chief Information Officer keep orders current and accurate. Clinicians praise the system’s quick, Dr. Sacks agrees: “We are extremely Memorial Health efficient order entry process and enthusiastic about Horizon Expert real-time organized view of orders Orders. The technology is physician- and patient care activities. friendly, intuitive and can be quickly customized to the individual hospital or unit based on how we practice medicine daily.”
  4. 4. McKesson Provider Technologies 5995 Windward Parkway Alpharetta, GA 30005 Copyright © 2006 McKesson Corporation and/or one of its subsidiaries. All rights reserved. HorizonWP is a registered trademark of McKesson Information Solutions LLC. Horizon Expert Orders and Horizon Meds Manager 1.800.981.8601 are trademarks of McKesson Information Solutions LLC. All other product or company names mentioned may be trademarks, service marks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. PRT257-10/06