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A real world example of how to improve operating room management and patient flow.

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  1. 1. CASE STUDY ST. VINCENT’S HOSPITAL B I R M I N G H A M , A L • S U R G I C A L S E RV I C E S A N S W E R I N G T H E C A L L T O I M P R O V E S U R G I C A L S E RV I C E S E X C E L L E N C EAT A G L A N C E Profile The team selected and implemented McKesson’s Pathways Healthcare St. Vincent’s Hospital, the oldest hospital Scheduling™, Horizon Surgical ORGANIZATION in Birmingham, Ala., is a not-for-profit Manager™, Horizon Expert St. Vincent’s Hospital hospital that has been dedicated to the Documentation™ and Horizon Business betterment of health in Birmingham for Insight™ solutions to form an unbroken – Birmingham, Ala. more than a century. As a member of continuum of patient care technology – 338 beds Ascension Health, St. Vincent’s is charged that stretched from scheduling to the with responding to the health system’s recovery room. More importantly, the Call to Action: to improve clinical St. Vincent’s team found that these SOLUTION SPOTLIGHT excellence and safety; create innovative, solutions easily integrated with other – Pathways Healthcare Scheduling patient-centered healing environments; McKesson and non-McKesson products. and expand access to care for the uninsured – Horizon Surgical Manager and underserved. With cost pressures “McKesson products help me run my – Horizon Business Insight rising, the hospital also recognized that OR like a CEO by allowing me to look it had to increase its profit margins to at data from all aspects of my business – Horizon Expert Documentation maintain financial stability. — materials, physicians and patients,” says Sherry Wininger, director, Surgery. CRITICAL ISSUES Challenge St. Vincent’s faced several challenges in the For example, information on surgery – Low patient satisfaction scores surgical services area. First, bottlenecks and patients is routed from Pathways – A need to ensure patient safety delays in surgery inconvenienced patients, Healthcare Scheduling to Horizon leading to lower than acceptable scores on Surgical Manager, enabling clinicians to – Tight financial margins in the hospital’s Press-Gainey surveys. perform real-time perioperative charting surgical services at the point of care. Because patient Second, while St. Vincent’s safety record – Limited surgical throughput was in the upper percentile, hospital information flows seamlessly into other executives recognized the need for a systems, St. Vincent’s personnel can – High supply chain costs track anesthesiologists’ assignments process to ensure that medication and wrong-site surgery errors did not occur. in real time. Product integration with RESULTS Third, caregivers lacked access to timely, the hospital’s existing ADT and point- accurate and actionable information, which of-care applications improves surgical – Improved patient satisfaction workflow by providing a legible, up-to- slowed procedures and had a negative scores by more than 13 percent date and reliable perioperative record. effect on OR throughput and revenue. – Prevented wrong-site surgery Finally, the hospital continuously stocked St. Vincent’s also has an interface to a number of OR inventory items that were the surgical information system’s new incidents underutilized and occupying valuable space. anesthesia documentation application, – Increased annual gross revenues giving the hospital a complete patient from surgery by 40 percent Answers electronic record from scheduling through discharge. – Improved surgical throughput St. Vincent’s executives turned to by 15 percent information technology for answers. Tim Stettheimer, chief information – Eliminated more than $150,000 The hospital formed a multidisciplinary officer, says the power of integration sets team to conduct a thorough selection McKesson’s solutions apart. “Together, in unneeded inventory process that emphasized the need for Pathways Healthcare Scheduling and systems that would quickly and easily Horizon Business Insight are powerful integrate with the hospital’s clinical data tools that accelerated our efforts to hit repository, which already contained several our revenue goals while addressing the years of patient information. challenges we faced in the OR,”
  2. 2. CASE STUDY S T. V I N C E N T ’ S H O S P I TA L • S U R G I C A L S E R V I C E S Stettheimer says. “Pathways Healthcare Although incidents of wrong-site surgery Scheduling enables much greater were uncommon before St. Vincent’s efficiencies in scheduling and related implemented Horizon Surgical Manager, processes, which are continually improved no such incidents have been reported “McKesson products help me through the use of Horizon Business since the system went live. run my OR like a CEO Insight scorecards that identify physicians, staff or procedures most likely to cause Finally, St. Vincent’s improved its by allowing me to look schedule delays.” Press-Gainey average percentile values at data from all aspects in ambulatory surgery by eight points — Results a 13 percent increase. of my business — St. Vincent’s use of integrated technology Stettheimer and Wininger credit this materials, physicians solutions helped the hospital turn its success to the performance of a highly and patients.” challenges into opportunities for success. trained and well-qualified staff of Gross revenues from surgery rose from clinicians who were able to take $50.7 million to $72.5 million in three full advantage of McKesson’s integrated years — an increase of more than technology solutions and support 40 percent. By optimizing scheduling services. Sherry Wininger efficiency and OR utilization, St. Vincent’s Director, Surgery was able to boost its surgical case load from 60 to 80 cases per day without adding capacity. St. Vincent’s also increased the total number of annual surgeries from 13,216 to 15,225 in three years — a 15 percent throughput improvement. Through a Horizon Surgical Manager inventory analysis, St. Vincent’s immediately identified $150,000 of OR inventory that did not need to be continuously stocked.McKesson Provider Technologies5995 Windward Parkway Copyright © 2005 McKesson Corporation and/or one of its subsidiaries. All rights reserved. Horizon BusinessAlpharetta, GA 30005 Insight, Horizon Expert Documentation, Horizon Surgical Manager and Pathways Healthcare Scheduling are1.800.981.8601 trademarks of McKesson Information Solutions LLC. All other product or company names mentioned may be trademarks, service marks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. PRT227-06/05