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Report Format


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Report Format

  2. 2. Format of the proposal  Title page  Transmittal letter  Table of contents  Abstract  Introduction  Discussion  Conclusion  Bibliography  Appendices This includes the following:
  3. 3.  Title page -is simply the cover page of your report  Example: PROPOSALTITLE by Author Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Washington State University Pullman,WA 99164-2910 A proposal prepared for WSDOT Official Research Office Planning and Programming Service Center Washington State Department ofTransportation Transportation Building, MS: 7370 Olympia,Washington 98504-7370
  4. 4.  Transmittal letter  Table of contents -includes preview of all topics included in the includes  Abstract -provides the reader with a first impression of the request, and, by acting as a summary, frequently provides the reader also with his last.Thus it is the most important single element in the proposal.
  5. 5.  Introduction -In the proposal's Introduction, you should provide information about the need for a proposal.You state here why you are writing the proposal in the first place.  Discussion in this section ,you will include the following:  Qualifications  Background  Work Schedule  Proposal Statement  Results  Costs
  6. 6.  Conclusion -This section is similar to the ending of a cover letter. Here, you should summarize why you should be considered and how you can be contacted.You might also reiterate why you are the best person or group for the project  Bibliography -inhere, you should write the references particularly the list of books and its authors in a chronological manner.  Appendices -include work/task schedules, graphs/charts and evaluation methods.
  7. 7. End