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Management buyouts as a strategic approach to corporate by christopher michael pan


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In his present employment, Christopher Michael Pan serves transactional needs of diverse individual, as well as public and private corporate, clients throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. The company he works for has extensive experience in guiding complex international transactions that include mergers, acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, strategic partnerships, and management buyouts (MBOs).

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Management buyouts as a strategic approach to corporate by christopher michael pan

  1. 1. Management Buyouts asa Strategic Approach toCorporate Restructuring By Christopher Michael Pan
  2. 2. Management Buyouts as a StrategicApproach to Corporate RestructuringIn his present employment, Christopher MichaelPan serves transactional needs of diverseindividual, as well as public and privatecorporate, clients throughout Europe, the MiddleEast, and Africa. The company he works for hasextensive experience in guiding complexinternational transactions that include mergers,acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, strategicpartnerships, and management buyouts(MBOs). 
  3. 3. Management Buyouts as a Strategic Approach to Corporate RestructuringTraditional leveraged buyouts are also known as “hostile takeovers”and have at times been criticized when the acquiring party does nothave a substantial stake in the purchased company and simplyseeks to make a profit from the transaction. With MBO transactions,executives and management teams within a company agree to apurchase a substantial interest in the firm (or certain of its divisionsor subsidiaries) from the current shareholders. The purpose of thisstrategic move is to take the entity private and undertake focusedrestructuring that will make the firm profitable and moreoperationally efficient. MBOs typically require extensive financingfrom venture capitalists and other active investors. Many financialadvisors consider MBOs as a highly effective buyout approach, asthe management teams have a vested interest in the long-termsuccess of their endeavor.