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Soyez au top : vendez le must ! Dopez vos commissions !

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  • Speaker notes: Trainer – key messages for this slide: Intel delivers best sales training for best products. The better your knowledge, the better salesperson you become. Discussion: What you get from Intel training ? What do you all hope to get from these training sessions? Who would like to start? ( discuss attendees hopes and aspirations then sum up as follows… ) Intel ® is the fifth most recognized brand in the world. Intel earned that place by developing the world’s most advanced computing technologies – technologies that give computer users across the globe powerful, dependable, exciting products and a fulfilling and rewarding user experience. But a vital link between Intel ® and the end customer is you and your professionalism as a salesperson . It is each of you, using your specialist knowledge and sales skills, who will make recommendations to customers and create sales. So it’s important that we keep you up to date with the very latest developments through training sessions like these. And we do that by ensuring that the training we deliver – whether it’s through workshops, instore coaching or online through the Retail Edge program – matches the same level of quality and value that we build into all our products. Ask your manager for more Intel ® training. Sign up for Intel ® Retail Edge online. Improve your skills. Be the best at selling the best. Why? Because the more you know and understand, the better able you will be to advise your customers, and the better will be your achievements as a salesperson. Put simply, the more you learn, the more you can earn. So let’s start by looking at the subject of sales techniques… ( click next slide )
  • Speaker notes: Trainer – key messages for this slide :Sell the best first The best is Core 2 Duo Sell up, sell across In this section we’re going to look at developing new insights into our sales techniques. In particular, we’re going to examine two approaches to closing sales, when to use these techniques for maximum effectiveness. And, importantly, we’re going to see exactly who benefits when you close a higher value sale. Discussion: selling the best first Sell the best before you sell the rest. This is a highly effective sales model used in many performance-focused industries. It’s a tried, tested and proven concept. Why do you think it works? (Discuss with group) When you sell the best processor option – whether for a laptop, desktop or entertainment PC – you’ll make a higher value sale. And that’s good for you and your company. But what is even better is the value gained by your customer. More processing power means more performance and, in turn, that means enhanced capabilities from their PC. If they can do more from their PC, they get much more out of their computing experience, and that can only lead to a more satisfied customer. Right now, the best performance anywhere comes from Intel dual-core technology – in particular, platforms and systems that incorporate the amazing Intel® Core 2 Duo processor. Discuss your customer’s needs, give them the essential facts, show them a demonstration, then, when you have covered all the benefits and key points and responded to any questions, close the sale. How do we do that? We’ll be looking at some effective techniques in a moment. If the customer does not want to commit at that point, ask what their concerns are. If cost is an issue, then – and only then – recommend a lower priced/powered system. Discussion: difference between selling up, selling across Now, selling up and selling across – who would like to explain the difference? ( ask group, discuss briefly ) That’s right, Selling up is to create customer desire for a higher value, higher performance product, while selling across is to improve the overall value of a sale with additional complementary products. You may think it’s a lot easier to sell lower-priced products, but you should always use your sales skills and specialist knowledge to match a customer’s purchase with their actual needs. Remember that selling up is a legitimate means of creating a more fulfilling customer experience, leading to increased customer satisfaction. Discussion: avoiding the potential error in selling across Similarly, selling across is a good way to improve the value of the sale by recommending useful peripherals that will add to the customer’s experience. But be careful, or you could make a big mistake here. Would anyone like to suggest what that mistake is? ( discuss briefly ) Yes, simply running through your stock inventory will not do. It serves no purpose other than to offend your customer. Instead, think about what they wanted to use the PC for. If they wanted to edit movies, for example, do they have appropriate software? If their hobby is digital photography, might they be interested in an external drive to store their images? Do they have the ingredients for a wireless home network? There are always opportunities to sell across, the important skill is in listening out for those opportunities, then acting on them. And one final, very important point… while it’s valuable for you to have a good understanding of Intel’s technologies and industry leadership, don’t spend too much time trying to explain them to your customers. What counts is what those technologies enable – the pleasure, enjoyment and lifestyle enhancing qualities of owning an Intel-based PC powered by an Intel® Core 2 Duo processor. Remember, it’s not so much what Intel makes that counts, as what Intel makes possible. Now let’s turn to that all-important subject, closing the sale… ( click next slide )
  • Speaker notes: Trainer – have ready a flipchart to write down the 4 stages of the Sales Process – Engage, Explore, Recommend, Close Trainer – key messages for this slide : Listen more to sell more Features only become benefits when they satisfy a need The importance of asking for the order Stop talking? What’s that about? Surely our job as sales people is to talk to customers? Yes, of course it is, but there are two or three occasions during the sales process when it is essential that you stop talking. The first is during the explore stage. You’ll remember the 4-stage sales process… Engage, explore, recommend, close? Well, during the explore stage you’re asking questions to determine your customer’s needs. Listen really carefully to their answers, because only then will you be able to recommend products whose features become benefits by satisfying those needs . Because, the fact is, not all product features are necessarily benefits. Let me give you an example… Think of a pair of Wellington Boots. The product feature … one-piece rubber construction. The benefit … they keep your feet dry. For those of us who live in, say, northern Europe where we have rain, mud, ice and snow, this is a tangible benefit. Probably everyone in this room has owned a pair. Now try to sell them to a customer in, say, the Middle East. In a hot, arid climate it’s hard to think of more inappropriate footwear. Here is a product feature with absolutely no benefit whatsoever to that particular customer. The point I’m making is that you should listen hard to your customer’s needs and aspirations. Highlight those product features that become benefits because they satisfy that particular customer’s needs. Build your sales pitch around those needs and you’re more likely to make a successful sale. Silence on your part is also golden after you may have responded to a series of objections from the customer. These may have been, for example, a need for reassurance that the product handles a certain task or that it won’t suddenly become obsolete. After you have satisfactorily countered all the objections, say no more. Don’t offer any further sales points or highlight more features. Give your customer a few moments to think and reflect, after all they are considering a purchase of several hundred dollars. Discussion: Buying signals Something else you should listen for is when the customer starts to give buying signals. Would anyone like to suggest what we mean by buying signals? ( briefly discuss ) Some of these may be body language such as nodding the head a lot, smiling, sounding enthusiastic. But more often they are spoken. The customer may say, “I like the look of this”, or may ask positive-sounding questions like, “Are you selling a lot of these?”, “Can I take one today?”, “Is it available with a bigger monitor?” You will normally hear these buying signals towards the end of the sales conversation. Once you hear them, stop selling and move towards a close. And one of the best closing techniques is to simply say, “May I now take your order?” The extraordinary fact is that, in all kinds of industries, all around the world, countless sales are lost every day because no attempt is made to close the sale. Most customers wouldn’t ever consider trying to bring a sales conversation to a conclusion, so it’s up to each of you. If you have answered al the customer’s questions, made a clear recommendation and there are no outstanding objections, just do it… Ask for the order! Now let’s look at who the beneficiaries are of your advanced sales skills in selling up ( click next slide )
  • Speaker notes: Trainer – key messages for this slide : Customers benefit – but so do YOU It goes without saying, by selling the best product, your customer will benefit from more performance and enhanced capabilities from Intel’s world-leading technologies. They’ll enjoy a richer computing experience, and that leads to greater customer satisfaction. Surely the objective of each and every one of us here today? But there’s someone else who benefits from selling the best product available… and that’s you . If you earn commission, then your commission income will be greater. If you belong to a store team bonus scheme, you will gain in the same way. And when you have satisfied customers, they’ll usually come back for more – and that means repeat business from loyal buyers. Even if your terms of employment mean you don’t earn commission or bonuses, you still benefit because each and every high value sale you make underlines your status as a good, effective sales professional. Why is that important? Because consistent, high performing sales people are highly prized by their employers. They usually earn incomes they deserve and they need never be out of work. Discussion: sharing best practices for selling up and across We’ve examined some effective sales techniques here, but I’m sure you will all have your own ways of selling up and selling across. Let’s share some of those ideas now. Who would like to start? ( lead discussion on sales techniques, always emphasising the importance of selling the best first and selling across for higher value sales )
  • Xmas 2006 - Module 6 Sell Tech

    1. 1. Soyez au top : vendez le must !Formation Ateliers pratiques Accompagnement Téléformationen groupe en magasin complète : Retail Edge Dopez vos commissions !
    2. 2. Dopez vos ventes ! Soyez les ténors Montée de la montée en en gamme Gamme Vente croiséeLes processeurs Intel® ouvrent tout un univers de possibilités
    3. 3. À vous de conclure ! • Ne parlez plus… Écoutez. • Puis concluez la vente !
    4. 4. La montée en gamme, qui en profite ? Vos clients… Vous… • Meilleures performances, • Commissions ou prime capacités renforcées déquipe en hausse • Technologies Intel® : • Un client satisfait est un client fiabilité et leadership mondial qui revient • Meilleur confort dutilisation, • Vous êtes un vendeur clients plus satisfaits qui réussit
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