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Book integrated health care system

  1. 1. We are Integrated Health Care System KLUAYNAMTHAI HOSPITAL Tel. +66 (0) 2 769 2000
  2. 2. Kluaynamthai Hospital Group An integrated Health Care System for the health insurance and seniors Acute Care Ambulatory Care Geriatric Care Promotion Kluaynamthai Kluaynamthai 2 Junior & Senior Home Kluaynamthai Hospital Health Care Virtual Hospital & HPP Pranna Clinic Network Clinics Nursing Home 80 Live-in & Live-out caregivers for *40,000 members of Community Health *Thai Ayuravedic *200 Beds *11 Branches in Bangkok *100 Beds *Adult Promotion & Prevention *Chinese Acupuncture *Secondary Care *Child *100 companies in Health Care Training *Chinese Medicine *Complex Continuing Care *Patient *6 companies of Primary Clinic *Thai Massage *Traumatic Center *Rehabilitation Center Medical & Nursing Service *Colonic Detoxification Sale & Rent Medical Equipment *Thai Herbal Beauty Treatment Natural Home Supporting Services *80 Residents *Home Assesment & Modification *Senior Executive Serviced Apartment *Medication on Wheel *Meal on Wheel *Housekeeping Service *Maintenance Service *The Ozone Resort Export Caregivers Program *Canada *Japan *Scandinavian
  3. 3. Kluaynamthai Hospital Group is one of a network of health care providers for all kinds of people in Bangkok, Thailand. For acute care, we provide the highest quality medical service with specialist and general practitioner doctors completely involved with their patients, from consultation and diagnosis, through to planning, treatment and following up with results. We also offer a variety of services including acute care, ambulatory care, geriatric care, Outreach Program, Health Promotion and Prevention, Alternative Medicine, Education, Public Service and Child Care. Kluaynamthai Hospital Kluaynamthai Day Kluaynamthai Training School Care Nursery Foundation *One Year Caregiver Curriculum * Newborn - Pre-school child care *Annual Scholarship for 200 HighschoolStudents *180 Hours of Thai Massage Curriculum * Au Pair Training Program *Community Supports *60 Hours of Thai Massage Curriculum * Charity Activities *International Caregiver Preparation Course Child Care Skill National Testing Center Kluaynamthai Kindergarten School
  4. 4. Fast Safe Professional
  5. 5. Acute Care Kluaynamthai General Hospital is a 200 bed hospital and provides the secondary medical care. Our medical service and facilities are Check – up Centre Dental Clinic Dermatology & Beauty Clinic Ear Nose Throat Emergency Department Opthalmology Department Paediatrics Department Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy Surgery and Orthopaedic Surgery Women’s Health Centre (Obs & Gynaecology)
  6. 6. Ambulatory Care Kluaynamthai Network Clinic Kluaynamthai Hospital Group has 11 branches of Kluaynamthai Network Clinic and 40 branches of Kluaynamthai Framework Clinic, these all cover the major areas in Bangkok. The customer would have access and linkage to the hospital data by an effective intranet system. The total number of registed members in all clinics is 130,000. Accessible Coordinated Service Community Based
  7. 7. Quality of Life Continuum of Care Geriatric Care Complete services of elderly care such as long term and short term care and offers many clinics, including daily living, hand function, walking, swallowing, memory, pain management. Holistic care is at the heart of our service and we provide the program suitable for all needs such as : Kluaynamthai 2 Nursing Home for Long term care Rehabilitation Centre Natural Home for retirement and executive serviced apartment
  8. 8. Outreach Program
  9. 9. Junior & Senior Home Health Care Send a well trained live-in and live-out caregiver to provide service in the customer’s home. Supporting Services Home Assessment & Modification, Medication on Wheels, Meals on Wheels, Housekeeping Service, Maintenance Service and The Ozone Resort Export Caregivers Program Send a well trained live-in and live-out caregiver to provide service abroad eg. Canada. Home Care Personal Service
  10. 10. Hsekaolw-hoy e t n th w B Health Promotion and Prevention We offer a prevention and promotion program in companies, communities and individuals to improve the quality of life in Thailand. The professional Health Care Team is available at your own home just as if we had moved the hospital to you.
  11. 11. Relaxing Natural *Thai Ayuravedic Alternative Medicine *Chinese Acupuncture *Chinese Medicine *Thai Massage *Colonic Detoxification *Thai Herbal Beauty Treatment
  12. 12. Knowledge Kluaynamthai Hospital Training School Improvement Education has a one year Caregiver Course that has trained more than 4,000 caregivers to serve in the Thai and International Society. All of our students receive comprehensive practical training in many different wards of the general hospital, nursing home and many day care nurseries. So, they will have a wide range of experience upon completion of the course.
  13. 13. Child Care Kluaynamthai Day Care Nursery Child Development Program is offered to promote child development both physical, emotional, social and cognative. Caring for our Future
  14. 14. Public Service Caring Community Kluaynamthai Foundation One of the charity organizations in the private sector that helps the poor and homeless people.
  15. 15. For Scandinavia
  16. 16. ACUTE CARE Kluaynamthai General Hospital Established on 30th March 1973 by Mr. Poolchai Chanate, the founder, who had decided to share the government’s burden in the provision of health care services. Facilities: 200 bed complex acute care hospital Major Services in government health care program Check– up Centre includes the Universal Coverage Program and Dental Clinic Social Security Program that services more than Dermatology & Beauty Clinic 200,000 members a year. Ear Nose Throat Clinic Emergency Department Opthalmology Department Paediatrics Department Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy Surgery and Orthopaedic Surgery Women’s Health Centre (Obs & Gynaecology) Oncology Department Cardiology Clinic Haemodialysis Department Nephrology Department Psychiatric Department Plastic Surgery Department Mobile Clinic
  17. 17. More than 20 full-time doctors of major specialists including Medical, Surgical, Obs & Gynaecology, Paediatric and Orthopaedic. Many specialist consultant doctors such as Neuro-medicine, Internal-medicine, The staff is a Urology, etc. More than 70 registered nurses who have professional team experience in multi complex nursing care. Physical therapists -Radiologist Nutritionists.-Pharmacist and Technical Laboratory. Psychologists-More than 150 well trained Nurse Assistants
  18. 18. Geriatric Care Kluaynamthai 2 Geriatric Care was originally conceived by Mr. Poolchai Chanate, the former President of Kluaynamthai Hospital. His objective in founding this hospital was to lessen the burden of caring for elderly people on the families. Kluaynamthai Hospital had already had an elderly care department since 1981. This department was then moved from Kluaynamthai General Hospital to its own premises at Kluaynamthai 2 on 20th June 1992. Kluaynamthai 2 Geriatric Care Medical staff provides the programs and services for the dependent elderly people: complex continuing The staff is a multidisciplinary team. care and rehabilitation programs are long-term care, short-term care and day-care and 24 hr doctors. Many specialist consultant doctors extending to community service. For the retired people; Natural home is the senior serviced (Neuro-medicine, Internal-medicine, Surgery, etc.) apartment. All services and programs enrich the quality of life for elderly people. More than 20 registered nurses who have Kluaynamthai 2 Geriatric Care provides many activities for happiness, cheerful lifestyle and experience in geriatric nursing care. quality of life such as Religious activities, Birthday parties, Karaoke, City sightseeing, Shopping Physical therapists and Occupational therapists. etc. Kluaynamthai 2 Geriatric Care is also delighted to be an elderly training and Nutritionists. research location for students from many Medical and Nursing Colleges. Pharmacist and Technical laboratory staff. More than 150 well-trained caregivers.
  19. 19. Natural Home Senior Executive Serviced Apartment is a residence for elderly people who enjoy freedom and security. Freedom of independent living and security of life is the health care team’s commitment to provide the service for any aging lifestyle. Residents: 80 Facilities: Accommodation and facilities for the senior Daily social activities Exercise and wellness programs Fine, restaurant-style dining with a variety Programs and Services of menu options Kluaynamthai 2 Nursing Home and rehabilitation center Beautifully decorated common areas and landscaped outdoor areas Rehabilitation Programs assist in : A 24-hour medical alert system and on-site security Recovery for stroke patients Emergency response programs Recovery after Orthopaedic surgery program (hip and knee replacements) and fractures Professional staff available 24 hours a day Recovery after lower limb amputation. Specialized geriatric care provides rehabilitation, Beauty/barber services assessment and treatment for older patients who may be suffering from a number of Housekeeping, linen services complex geriatric symptoms and diseases Exercise, karaoke, game rooms Complex Continuing Care Program provides : Rehabilitation garden Complex medical care for patients requiring : Activity Programs (Shopping, tours and parties) Neurological support (Stroke, Alzheimer and etc.) Thai massage and Alternative medicine service Post-operation Diabetic, kidney failure, cardiac patients, Palliative care Treatment and step-down rehabilitation
  20. 20. K.H.T.S. also employs 2 full time foreign English teachers as Education and Caregiver we believe that if all of our students receive comprehensive practical training in our hospital and facilities. This involves the students working in many different wards of the hospitals so they will have a wide Kluaynamthai Hospital Training School range of experience upon completion of the course. If they are trained in English they will have better employment opportunities. Japanese The school is situated in Kluaynamthai Hospital and offers the best one year language classes are also available.Upon completion of the course, all Nurse Assistant Program with training from the school and hospital staff as of our students are given assistance in obtaining employment, either in well as external specialist teachers. our own hospital, working in the healthcare industry in Thailand or Our students are provided with excellent facilities including: working abroad. Both male and female dormitories in the hospital grounds. Modern classrooms We at K.H.T.S believe that we provide the most professional A large practical learning center fully equipped with everything and best trained Nurse assistants in Thailand and we want to give they need to complete their training our graduates the chance to work in new and challenging environ- A computer room equipped with 20 computers ments so they can realize their full potential.
  21. 21. Junior & Senior Home Care Ltd, Send a well trained live-in and live-out caregiver who graduated from the one year nurse assistant program from Kluaynamthai Hospital Training School to provide service in the customer’s places such as a home, nursing home, palliative care center and hospital. Our customer’s age range is from new born to the elderly, as we believe in the bonding of family’s member is the best engine to drive society. Our services include Medical and Nursing visits,Home Assessment & Modifififfiication, Medication on Wheels, Meals on Wheels, Housekeeping Service, Maintenance Service and Transportation. We also involved in the international market by sending a well trained live-in and live-out caregiver to provide service abroad eg., Canada and Singapore.
  22. 22. Please Contact Tel. +66 (0) 2 769 2000