Parallel Session 3.8 A Digital 2020 Vision


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Parallel Session 3.8 A Digital 2020 Vision

  1. 1. A Digital 20:20 VisionJustine Westwood, NHS 24 and SCTT
  2. 2. BACKGROUND• NHS 24 took on responsibility for SCT in April 2010• SCT Strategic Framework 2010-2012• NHS 24 took on responsibility for National Telecare Programme in April 2011• Telecare Action Plan 2011-2012• NHS 24 Strategy Development 2012
  3. 3. CONTEXT• SGHD 2020 Vision• Quality Strategy• Digital World (SG Digital Strategy; NHS 24 Horizon Scanning)• Public Sector Finances• Scotland and Health and Demography of Scotland• Christie Commission• SGHD e-Health Strategy (and emerging Citizens e- Health Strategy)• Health and Social Care Integration• Manifesto commitments (cancer; health inequalities; early years)• National Telehealth and Telecare Strategy
  4. 4. NHS 24 STRATEGY – RECENT PROGRESS IN PAST 3 YEARS• Strong performance and delivery• Creativity and innovation• Expansion of and accelerating development of channels and services• Unscheduled care OOHs now only one of a wide range of services• Recognised as contributing more to NHS Scotland and NHS Boards• Reputation of organisation positive
  5. 5. SCTT – RECENT PROGRESS IN PAST 2 YEARS• Telestroke Networks – covering 11 Health Boards• Paediatrics – Unscheduled Care / Decision Support; Maternity Telehealth• Long Term Conditions – Pulmonary Rehabilitation; Home Monitoring• Mental Health – Forensic Psychiatry; Dementia Support for Care Homes• National Infrastructure• Education and Training• DALLAS• Europe – Regional Telemedicine Forum; Momentum; CASA;
  6. 6. NHS 24 STRATEGY – KEY MESSAGES FOR NEXT 3 YEARS• Continue to improve, expand and develop services – expect continued growth in services and channels• “Multichannel NHS Services” – bigger than just NHS 24• Role of NHS 24
  7. 7. KEY MESSAGE (1) – IMPROVE, EXPAND, DEVELOP INCLUDING…NHS inform Care Information ScotlandCBT Living Life Computerised CBTTaking Measures MSKPatient Reminder Service Perinatal Advisory ServiceWeb cam Web chatLife Begins @ 40 STV Health CentreDigital TV SMS textFacebook Twitter
  8. 8. KEY MESSAGE (2) – MULTICHANNEL NHS SERVICES• NHS in Scotland ‘going multichannel’• More collective approach across NHS in Scotland (and Health and Social Care; and Public Services)• More joined up, more focussed, collective effort and ownership• NHS 24 vital player• Supporting SGHD
  9. 9. internet phone TVmobile Telecare Face 2 video Face SMS
  10. 10. KEY MESSAGE (3) – ROLE OF NHS 24• National Asset• Delivery of services• Leading• Facilitating• Resource supporting NHS Scotland• Horizon Scanning discipline• Research and Development• Academia and Industry links and partnership• Across Health and Social Care• Across Public Services• Europe• Enterprise• Innovation
  11. 11. NATIONAL TELEHEALTH AND TELECARE STRATEGY• Reflect Scottish Government’s 2020 vision• Identify vision for Telehealth and Telecare in Scotland• Proposed priorities of – Health and Wellbeing – Empowering People – Improving Value• Identify what success will look like
  12. 12. SCTT Action Plan will ….• respond to the National Strategy clarifying the contribution SCTT can make;• respond to the recommendations made by Audit Scotland;• respond to the requests made by Health Boards and Local Authorities;• progress well defined opportunities;
  13. 13. Scottish Centre forTelehealth and Telecare Strategy 2012-2015
  14. 14. NHS LANARKSHIRE CLINICAL PORTALSean Brennan, NHS LanarkshireLTC Info Hub and Clinical Portal Programme Manager
  15. 15. The world of Tannochbrae
  16. 16. The world has changed Visits GP/practice nurse Is visited at home Nurse or care worker midwife etc Visits OutAttends A&E Patients In-Patient
  17. 17. Goes to the Pharmacy NHS 24 online Attends as Uses the an Home Health Visits Inpatient Care Guide GP/practice nurse Calls OOHCalls 999 service Visits Out Patients Is visited at home by GP, nurse, social / care worker, midwife etc Calls NHS 24 Visits a walk-in centre Visits the Attends dentist A&E
  18. 18. Business Drivers
  19. 19. Why the Clinical Portal ?
  20. 20. Poly-Record !Illustration kindly provided by NHS Redbridge
  21. 21. Falling through the cracks• Victoria Climbie – 12 chances to save her life in 10 months not taken• Previous tragedies – the common threads are – Late intervention – Lack of information sharing – No one person with accountability – Over stressed front line workers
  22. 22. • Lord Laming re Victoria Climbie – (Recommendation 78) Within a given location, health professionals should work from a single set of records for each child. (paragraph 11.39) – (Recommendation 90) Liaison between hospitals and community health services plays an important part in protecting children from deliberate harm.• Baby Peter Inquiry – “The Inspection found that record keeping is inconsistent and sometimes of poor quality. This means that vital information which might help to form a complete picture of a child’s safety and welfare is not available.
  23. 23. Separate Applications with islands of clinical information
  24. 24. A Clinical Portal will pull together documents and data to create a complete record – regardless of where that information was a)P created Presentation layer (Clinical or b) stored. It will also enable Portal)A seamless links to other clinical systems. PASSor DiaryPMS OCS Plans HEPMA LABS PACS MiDiS Cancer Diabetes
  25. 25. NHS Lanarkshire: Clinical Portal• What is a clinical portal ?• What do clinicians want to see in their portal?• How will this be delivered and when?• How is clinical data captured in an increasingly paperless or paperlight NHS? – Digital Pens – Tablets/Direct computer input – Other