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Editor’s MessageFor several years now, President Dr. NarendraKumar has wanted to bring together educationaland recreationa...
American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin        AAPI PRESIDENT’S Message                        Narendra Kumar,...
AAPI Treasurer’s Report                                                                                               Amba...
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Orlando Organizing Committee           Orlando Organizing Committee                  Aravind Pillai, M.D.                 ...
February 22nd & 23rd, 2013   Orlando Local Sponsors                                       AAPI NationalA very special “Tha...
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Houston Organizing Committee                                NIk NIkam, MD                                  Convener       ...
Aapi journal low res
Aapi journal low res
Aapi journal low res
Aapi journal low res
Aapi journal low res
Aapi journal low res
Aapi journal low res
Aapi journal low res
Aapi journal low res
Aapi journal low res
Aapi journal low res
Aapi journal low res
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Aapi journal low res

  1. 1. Cover page
  2. 2. Editor’s MessageFor several years now, President Dr. NarendraKumar has wanted to bring together educationaland recreational events for AAPI’s members underone spectacular program that would travel to cit-ies across the country. I’m very excited to say that Gautam Samadder, MDbecause of the extraordinary dedication of a small Editor-in-Chiefgroup of individuals and the expert leadership of Dr.Kumar, this novel concept became a very successfulnine-city tour. The AAPI Multi-City Educational/Musical Program brought CME and non-CMEsponsored medical lectures, exhibits and booths, sponsored dinner community outreach talks and a cultural galamusical event headlined by Shreya Ghoshal and promoted by Shri Balaji Entertainment to nine cities across thecountry. The program was an immense hit, and ticket sales in each city were record-breaking.Apart from bringing an informative and entertaining program to our members across the country, thesemulti-city mini-seminars rasied funds for our local AAPI chapters, national AAPI and the AAPI Charitable Foun-dation. Additionally, many of our industry partners were greatly interested in this concept with a considerablenumber of national sponsors supporting our program.In initially planning this program, we knew it would take tremendous coordination, effort and dedication totransform this promising idea into an astounding multi-city educational and entertaining occasion. The supportgroup that formed around this concept grew to 25 people who each personally donated $10,000 seed money sothat our program would operate with zero risk and at no cost to AAPI. Dr. Kumar is deeply grateful to each of theseindividuals for whole-heartedly supporting him and this program. I’m also delighted to report that the seed moneywas returned to each member of the support group one week before the program.It is also because of our national and local sponsors that this event became reality, and we would like to give specialthanks to each of them. Our national organizing team, executive committee and host chapters played critical rolesas well, and we are incredibly grateful for all of their efforts. We would also like to thank Shreya Ghosal and ShriBalaji Entertainment for providing unforgettable performances.I had the privilege of attending programs in four cities in addition to my program in Columbus, Ohio. Ourmembers in every city worked tirelessly day and night to ensure the success of this program, and we should all beproud of accomplishing such a great achievement.Under the expert leadership of President Dr. Kumar, this nine-city tour has rejuvenated and energized AAPI,expanded our organization’s national reputation and united all of our local chapters. I hope that these kinds ofprograms continue in the future, not only to strengthen our financial health, but also to provide incredible sharedexperiences for all of our members.Sincerely,Gautam Samadder, MDEditor-in-Chief 3
  3. 3. American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin AAPI PRESIDENT’S Message Narendra Kumar, MD AAPI President 31sA t nnual AAPI CONVENTION Save The Date!Our hard work, commitment, and dedication have finally paid off. The phenomenal success of the Nine City Memorial Day Weekend 2013 ChicagoMusical/Educational Tour we organized has proved that when we put our hearts and souls into it, there isn’tanything that we cannot achieve. Sheraton Hotel and TowersWe have been able to accomplish more than our mission and I am totally satisfied that these events havereenergized AAPI and has put us on a new and promising path. This has infused some optimism and positiveenergy within our Chapters and in our members across the country. The resounding success story in the historyof our more than three decades old premier ethnic organization, has helped create a positive wave across theUnited States. May 23 - May 27, 2013Through the sold out events at all nine cities with an audience ranging from 1,700 to 7,700, we have been able tomake a profit of over $1.2 million benefiting our national organization, our local Chapters, and our charitableactivities. Birinder Marwah, MD Prem Rupani, MD Umang Patel, MD Satya Ahuja, MDThe spectacular musical program combined with educational and networking opportunities, organized with the Advisorobjective of bringing CME and non-CME sponsored medical lectures, exhibits, gala dinner, community outreach Convention Chair Convener Co-Chairtalks and lively musical nite in each city, has helped bring its nearly 100,000 members and Fellows closer to the satyaahuja1@gmail.comIndian community at all locations and enhanced the image of our national AAPI and the local Chapters as well.Echoing these sentiments, Consul General of India in San Jose, Sri Parthasarathy said, “AAPI has proved that weare capable of making the impossible absolutely possible.” Narendra R Kumar, MD Rajinder Arora, MD AAPI President Host Chapter President (IAMA)I would like to thank Indo-American Psychiatric Association in America and the Association of Cardiologists ofIndian Origin, all our sponsors who are behind the success of this event. I want to thank Shreya Ghoshal, who arora2952@att.netmade music as an emotional experience with her magnificent performance, mesmerizing the audience in each ofthese nine cities. We are grateful to Balaji Entertainment who made this happen. CONVENTION@AAPIUSA.ORGFinally, let me express my sincere gratitude and deep appreciation to the AAPI executive committee for itsunconditional support, the local Chapter leaders and members for their whole-hearted cooperation and dedica-tion to the cause, and God for His blessings for making this a huge success.We will continue to pursue our relentless efforts to lead AAPI, instilling confidence in our members, localChapters, and the larger population we are committed to serve in the years to come.Narendra R. Kumar, MDAAPI President 4 AAPI CONVENTION 2013
  4. 4. AAPI Treasurer’s Report Ambassador’s MessageAs Treasurer of American Association of PhysiciansAAPIIndian Origin (AAPI), of MUSICAL ACCOUNTit was a great pleasure and honor for me to produce the accounts for the AAPIMusical Account. The accountsAmerican Association of Physicians ofnumbers given by was a great pleasure and honor for As Treasurer of were prepared based on the Indian Origin (AAPI), it Ajay Lodha, MDthe conveners of all nine locations. The net profit was shared betweenaccounts were prepared based on the numbers me to produce the accounts for the AAPI Musical Account. The the local AAPI Treasurer Ambassadorchapters and National AAPI as per the of all nine locations. The net presented by AAPI given by the conveners agreed sharing formula profit was shared between the local chapters and NationalPresident Dr. Narendraas per the when this event waspresented by AAPI President have Nirupama Rao AAPI Kumar agreed sharing formula initially proposed. We Dr. Narendra Kumar when this event wasmaintained total transparency duringhave maintained total transparency during the entire process, which was well appreciated initially proposed. We the entire process, which was well appreci-ated by all local chapters and conveners. Here are theare the details: by all local chapters and conveners. Here details: INCOME/EXPENSES FROM NINE LOCATIONS: Location Name of the convener Total Income Total Expenses Net Profit Charlotte, NC Sam Bhagia, MD $185,953.00 $56,850.00 $129,103.00 New York/New Jersey Ajay Lodha, MD $228,000.00 $68,000.00 $160,000.00 Columbus, OH Gautam Samadder, MD $198,131.00 $93,000.00 $105,131.00 Orlando, FL Aravind Pillai, MD $300,000.00 $75,000.00 $225,000.00 Houston, TX Nik Nikam, MD $153,286.61 $84,522.61 $68,764.00 Atlanta, GA Sudhakar Jonnalagadda, MD $210,000.00 $60,000.00 $150,000.00 Washington, DC Sudhir Sakhseria, MD $152,939.00 $43,726.00 $109,213.00 Dallas, TX Srinivas Gunukula, MD $300,000.00 $125,000.00 $175,000.00 San Jose, CA Hemant Dhingra, MD $193,000.00 $64,462.00 $128,538.00 $1,921,309.61 $670,560.61 $1,250,749.00 NATIONAL AAPI INCOME/EXPENSES Income Amount National Expenses Amount National Sponsorships $662,500.00 Entertainment $625,500.00 Share from Local Chapters $719,335.17 Advertising $38,718.00 Website/Souvenir Design $7,190.00 Travel - Speakers $5,688.98 Insurance $5,440.03 Awards/Plaques $5,033.98 Shipping $247.22 Bank Fees $105.50 Profit to AAPI $1,381,835.17 Total Expenses $687,923.71 Net Profit to National AAPI: $693,911.46 PROFIT SHARING Net Profit: $1,215,749.00* Local Chapters’ Share: $496,413.83 National AAPI Share: $719,335.17 *Excluding $35,000 of AAPI Governing Body Expenses Sincerely, Ajay K. Lodha, MD Treasurer, AAPI 6 7
  5. 5. ABOUT AAPI ABOUT CHARITABLE FOUNDATIONThe American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) is the largest ethnic medical organization in AAPI Charitable Foundation (AAPI-CF) is a non-profit division of the Association of American Physicians ofthe United States. AAPI is an umbrella organization which has nearly 130 local chapters, specialty societies and Indian Origin. It represents over 60,000 practicing physicians and over 20,000 Medical Students, Residents and Fellows.alumni organizations. For over 25 years, Indian physicians have made significant contributions to health care in this As we enter the twenty-first century it seems even more vital that AAPI physicians look beyond the communities and statescountry, not only practicing in inner cities, rural areas and peripheral communities but also at the top medical they are working in, to a larger world outside that needs not only all the monetary help they can provide but their pro-schools and other academic centers. Almost 10%-12% of medical students entering US schools are of Indian fessional skills. While reaching out to those who need Indian physicians, charity is an intrinsic part of Indian culture.origin. With the increase in ethnic and cultural diversity and the radical changes in health care in the United States, One of the major concerns of AAPI since its inception has been to deliver healthcare to those living on the fring-a group of concerned medical professionals founded the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin es of society, both in India and the US. To fulfill this goal, a charitable trust was established in 1989. The program was(AAPI) in 1982. The formation of the organization started as a fireside discussion in Detroit, Michigan with a launched by providing free equipment to various hospitals with the help of the Indian Embassy in Washington, D.C.simple goal to work for a level playing field for international medical graduates. AAPI was forged in the midst of The AAPI Charitable Foundation, however, realized that with a population of over one billion, health problems in Indiachallenges that physicians of Indian origin have faced due to cultural barriers and bias against international medical were so overwhelming that the transfer of technology alone would not suffice. Even after 50 years of independence, a ma-graduates. Those barriers created obstacles to immigration and licensing opportunities. Today, the organization is a jority of Indians, the poor and disadvantaged, continue to fight for basic survival. The struggle begins at the point of con- ception, where undernourishment can lead to significant risk during delivery, with high infant and maternal mortality.dynamic body, spearheading legislative agendas on health care and influencing the advancement of ethnic medical Officersorganizations. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, AAPI represents the interests of over 60,000 physicians and 15,000medical students and residents of Indian heritage in the United States. It serves as an umbrella organization for over Rakesh Gupta, MD -Vice-Chairman160 professional associations. It is the largest ethnic medical organization in the nation. AAPI members have been Chander Kapasi, MD, MPH - Treasurerpracticing in urban areas, inner cities, rural areas, and peripheral communities around the country for the past 29 years. Nick Nipan Shroff, MD Chairman, AAPI - CF Madhu Aggarwal, MD - Secretary Mission Values Brahma N. Sharma, MD- Immediate Past ChairAAPI is a forum to facilitate and enable Indian American • Respect for human dignity.Physicians to excel in patient care, teaching and researchand to pursue their aspirations in professional and • Commitment to collegiality and ethical conduct • Promote the professional advancement of colleagues For more information visit: www.AapiCf.Orgcommunity affairs. • Pursuit of Excellence • Commitment to community service DR MOHAN DURVE PRESENTS CME PROGRAMS FOR YEAR 2013 *trips Dr. Durve will be escorting. WEBsite: Motto Destination Days Dates Prices Start From• Unity of Purpose Goals Antarctica 15 days Jan 7 $8549.00 Feb 9 2013 $8349• Collegiality in Action • Provide the best patient care with compassion. Australia/New Zealand 14 days Nov 29 2012 Jan 14, March 11, May 13 $2949• Commitment to Excellence and • Maintain the highest standards of ethics and professionalism. July 29, Aug 26, Sept 3 Oct 15, Nov 4 2013 Black Sea Cruise (Bulgaria,Croatia,Hungary,Romania &Seria) 13 days Sept 30 – Oct 12, 2013 $3599• Compassion towards Fellow-beings • Help patients to become fully informed and empowered partners. China w/Yangtze cruise 16 days April 8, May 20, Sept 9 Oct 7 $2449 + internal air $720 • Maintain their professional pride in the practice of medicine. Cuba 8 days March 3, 10, 17 $4000 approx Vision • Advocate for professional freedom. *Ecuador ( S. America) Avenue of Volcanoes 11 days Jan 21 2013, Feb 18, April 15, 2013 $2299 w/optional pre Amazon or post Galapagos $2499• Promote professional solidarity in the pursuit of • Advance their knowledge through CME. *Holland , Belgium & Paris (Tulips) 12 days April 8, May 6 , May 13 2013 $2599excellence in patient care, teaching and research. • Pursue careers in academia, research and administrative Holland, Belgium Springtime Tulip Cruise 9 days April 6 $2349 Italy (Rome, Florence, Siena, Venice, Lake Como) 9 days Weekly 3/13-11/6 2013 $2449• Bring American medicine the distinctive contributions cadres. *Madagascar 11 days May 5, Sept 15, Oct 27 $4150from India, and advance the American creed of one nation • Remain current and knowledgeable in contemporary and National Parks of America 12 days Weekly 5/19-10/5 $2999 Palace on Wheels, India 8 days Every Wednesday except in Summer $4160 approxunder God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. anticipated legislative and regulatory changes *Patagonia ( S. America) w/optional Easter Island 16 days March 7 2013 $5349 + intern air$1600 *Portugal (Estoril Coast, Azores & Madeira Islands) 13 days Aug 3, 2013 $2249+ $540 Int Air impacting on the practice of medicine. South America (Brazil, Argentina & Iguassu Falls) 9 days Jan1, Feb 15 March 1 2013 $2699 • Assert equal protection in all their professional pursuits South Africa 13 days Jan 17, Feb 21, March 7, June 6, July 4, Aug 8 $2949 + $320 Int Sept 5 , Oct 3, Nov 14 2013 Air through collective advocacy Thailand 14 days Nov 1 2013, Jan 17 Feb 7 2014 $1549 • Promote vibrancy of the AAPI by facilitating it to embrace change and teamwork, and subordinate personal interest in the Russian River Cruise 11 days May 11 , July 7 and Sept 2 2013 $2474 pursuit of a shared vision. Vietnam, Loas & Cambodia 19 days Feb 28, March 7, March 21, Sept 5 Oct 31 $3249 For more information visit: www.AapiUsa.Org Call 888-794-1995 or 440-845-7272 E-mail at: or All above prices are per person sharing a twin / double in US dollars. ALL departures are guaranteed. Gratuities, Visa Fees & CME 8 fees are extra. Non-Physicians and guests are most welcome. Dates and Prices are Subject to Change without Notice ALL rates are for land only. Call for Air prices. We will help book your air from your city of departure. Call for discounted prices for Exotic Countries for family or group vacations to your dream destination on your dates of choice all around the world
  6. 6. AAPI Executive Committee AAPI Executive Committee Regional Directors Hemant Dhingra, MD Jagwginder Sraow, MD Prasad R. Kurichety, MD Manju Sachdev, MD Pacific Regional Director Mountain Regional Director NW Central Regional Director SW Central Regional Director Narendra Kumar, MD Jayesh Shah, MD Ravi Jahagirdar, MD President President-Elect Vice President Varadendra Panchamukhi, MD Satheesh Kathula, MD Tarak Vasavada, MD Lalit Savla, MD NE Central-I Regional Director NE Central-II Regional Director SE Central Regional Director New England Regional Director Madhu Aggarwal, MD Krishan Kumar, MD Suresh K. Gupta, MD Sudhakar Jonnalagadda, MD Seema Jain, MD Ajay Lodha, MD Sunita Kanumury, MD Mid Atlantic-I Regional Director Mid Atlantic-II Regional Director South Atlantic Regional Director South Regional Director Secretary Treasurer Immediate Past President Board of Trustees Durgesh P. Mankikar, MD Mathagondapally Arun, MD Ammani Dasari, MD Suresh C. Gupta, MD Vimal Goyle, MD Chair, BOT Trustee Trustee Trustee Trustee Durgesh Mankikar, MD Kusum Punjabi, MD Amit Bhakoo, MD Chair, BOT YPS President MSRF President Sripad Dhawlikar, MD, MS Naresh Parikh, MD Shashi S. Shah, MD Sridhara Iyengar, MD Trustee Trustee Trustee Trustee10 11
  7. 7. 9-City -Conveners 9-City - Chairs/Co-Chairs Nimish Patel, MD Dharmi Kanuga, MD Krishan Kumar, MD Sanjay Jain, MD Chair - Charlotte, NC Chair - New York, NY Co-Chair - New York, NY Co-Chair - New York, NY Sam Bhagia, MD Ajay Lodha, MD Gautam Samadder, MD Charlotte, NC New York, NY Columbus, OH Suri Suresh, MD Vraj Panara, MD Freemu Varghese, MD Kulwinder Bajwa, MD Chair - Columbus, OH Chair - Orlando, FL Chair - Houston, TX Co-Chair - Houston, TX Aravind Pillai, MD Nik Nikam, MD Sudhakar Jonnalagadda, MD Orlando, FL Houston, TX Atlanta, GA Sreeni Gangasani, MD Prakash Desai, MD Nayan Shah, MD Srini Potluri, MD Chair - Atlanta, GA Co-Chair - Atlanta, GA Chair - Washington, DC Chair - Dallas, TX Sudhir Sekhsaria, MD Srinivas Gunukula, MD Hemant Dhingra, MD Washington, DC Dallas, TX San Jose, CA Mr. Sridhar Korsapati Mrs. Shabnam Modgil Akhil Wadhera, MD Co-Chair - Dallas, TX Co-Chair - Dallas, TX Chair - San Jose, CA12 13
  8. 8. National Core Committee Indo-American Psychiatric Association Dear Colleagues: I am excited to share with you that American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) and Indo American Psychiatric Association (IAPA) have renewed alliance with a new vision: mutual cooperation for benefiting our members and communities here and in India! I compliment Narendra Rudra Prakash, M.D. Kumar and his leadership team for reaffirming commitment for a long term President partnership with IAPA. I gratefully appreciate Mr. Anwar Feroz for his pivotal role in promoting this alliance. First, a little bit of history: Our Association, voice of some 7,000 psychiatrists of Asian Indian heritage in USA – more psychiatrists of this heritage here than anywhere else, was established in 1979. Over time, the Association has grown to include 16 Chapters throughout the country. While the majority of our members are in privateNarendra Kumar, MD Jayesh Shah, MD Ravi Jahagirdar, MD Hemant Dhingra, MD Gautam Samadder, MD practice, our members also proudly represent our Association as leaders in public and private sectors of mental health, academia, pharmaceuti- cal industry, and hospital administration. Three members of our Association recently further distinguished themselves as the leaders of 3 major national psychiatric organizations - Dilip V. Jeste, MD, President, American Psychiatric Association; Paramjit T. Joshi, MD, President Elect, American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry; Rama Rao Gogineni, MD, President, American Association of Social Psychiatry! A record number of psychiatrists now represent younger generation! Annual meeting of our Association is held in conjunction with American Psychiatric Association; our 34th meeting will be held in San Francisco, CA on May 19th, 2013. Our Association has a long history of partnering with AAPI, especially in Indo US dialog on mental health. Our teams have been ably represented by Manoj R. Shah, MD, Anand K. Pandurangi, MD, and Meera Narsimhan, MD. More recently, Global Association of Physicians of India Origin (GAPIO) has also joined in order to pool the resources for optimizing the outcome. I applaud Narendra Kumar for his integra- tive approach in welcoming multilateral collaboration. As a result, our Association looks forward to participating in global dialog on mental health in January, 2013 in Kochi, Kerala. AAPI, as umbrella organization, brings in tremendous strengths, and has a lot more to offer in conjunction with various specialty organizations. In keeping with this shared vision, AAPI is offering scientific and informational meetings in 9 cities across the country. The meetings in this series include two tracks, and one of them is Mental Health. For the latter, our Association is pleased to join hands with AAPI. Sarjoo Bhagia, MD Akshay Desai, MD Ajay Lodha, MD Freemu Varghese, MD The nine meetings not only offer useful scientific and other information, the meetings offer unique opportunities for networking among professional representing two great professional organizations. I should like to warmly welcome you to the meeting in your town. Please do give us your invaluable feedback so that we can better serve you. Thanks. Rudra Prakash, MD President, Indo American Psychiatric Association Sunovion Lecture: “Challenges and Opportunities in the Treatment of Schizophrenia” City Date Speaker IAPA Coordinator Charlotte, NC September 21, 2012 Prakash Masand, MD Ashwin Patkar, MD New York, NY September 22, 2012 Prakash Masand, MD Ashok Patel, MDSreeni Gangasani, MD Manju Sachdev, MD Suresh Reddy, MD John Johnson, MD Columbus, OH September 23, 2012 Rakesh Ranjan, MD National Organizing Team Orlando, FL September 28, 2012 Vivek Singh, MD Rajiv Tandon, MD • Seema Jain, MD • Akhil Wadhera, MD • Nandkisore Shah, MD Houston, TX September 29, 2012 Rakesh Jain, MD • Sanku Rao, MD • Suresh Mahawar, MD • Jagwinder Sraow, MD • Ajay Lodha, MD • Aravind Pillai, MD • Amit Chakravarty, MD Atlanta, GA September 30, 2012 Vivek Singh, MD Piyush Patel, MD • Vinod Shah, MD • Sudhakar Jonnalagadda, MD • Visweshar Ranga, MD Washington, DC October 5, 2012 Prakash Masand, MD Naveena Hemanth, MD • Nik Nikam, MD • Vraj Panara, MD • Suresh K. Gupta, MD • Naresh Parekh, MD • Srinivas Potluri, MD • Krishna Kumar, MD Dallas, TX October 6, 2012 Rakesh Jain, MD Madhukar Trivedi, MD • Thomas Alapatt, MD • Jayesh Kanuga, MD • Vaijinath Chakote, MD San Jose, CA October 7, 2012 A. Ari Albala, MD Janak Mehtani, MD • Srinivas Gunukula, MD 14 15
  9. 9. ISIC AND AAPI – Partnership to Combat Heart Disease in India About Shreya Ghoshal Shreya Ghoshal (born March 12, 1984) is an Indian singer. Best known as a playback singer in Hindi films, she also sings in other Indian languages including Assamese, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya,Tamil and Telugu. Dear Colleagues: Ghoshal’s career began when she won the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa contest as an adult. The Indo American Society of Interventional Cardiology (ISIC) Her Bollywood playback singing career began with Devdas, for which she is privileged to participate in the AAPI/Medtronic multi-city, received National Film Award for Best Female Playback Singer along with educational tour in September/October 2012. Sameer Mehta, MD, Facc, MBA Filmfare Award for Best Female Playback Singer and Filmfare RD Burman Founder, ISIC ISIC was founded in 1998 with a mission of providing education- Award for New Music Talent. al, scientific and research opportunities for its members and for Since then, she has received many other awards. Ghoshal was also honored the Indian community. ISIC has pioneered novel and innovative from the U.S. state of Ohio, wherein governor Ted Strickland declared June philanthropic programs such as Stents for the Underprivileged 26 as “Shreya Ghoshal Day”. Ghoshal caught the attention of director Sanjay and Bidirectional Interventional Cardiology Fellowships. Leela Bhansali when she participated in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa for a second time, I must acknowledge the tremendous role that has been played in these activities by Dr. Samin Sharma and the Mount Sinai this time as an adult. Hospital in New York City. In 2000, Bhansali offered her the opportunity to be the voice of Paro, the lead Together, ISIC and AAPI will foster a partnership that is committed to preventing death and disability from the burgeoning female character of the film epidemic of metabolic syndrome and coronary artery disease in India. Millions of young adults in India are facing the scourge Devdas, that was portrayed by Aishwarya Rai. of coronary artery disease as their genetic pools have been overwhelmed with the rapid westernization of their life-style and diet, from stress and smoking and from the lethal risk factors of hypertension and diabetes. Ghoshal sang five songs in the film. Her performance won the Filmfare Award for Best Female Playback Singer, as well as Filmfare’s RD Burman Much will need to be done to make a dent in our beloved country’s cardiac health. I call upon our members and the members of Award for New Music Talent. She also won the National Film Award for the AAPI to follow their conscience in committing their intellect and philanthropy to such outstanding endeavors. song “Bairi Piya”. Best Wishes, She has received Filmfare awards in Hindi, Malayalam, Bengali, Kannada, Tamil, and Telugu industries and State Film Awards from Malayalam, Tamil Sameer Mehta, MD, FACC, MBA industries. Founder, ISIC She debuted in South through the song “Yen Chellam” in Vasantha Balan’s Tamil film Album and she got response after singing “Munbe Vaa” from Sillunu Oru Kaadhal under composer A. R. Rahman. She debuted in Malayalam through a studio album of composer Alphons Joseph and later gave voice to his song “Vida Parayukayano” from Big B. Her songs in Malayalam film Anwar became hits in Kerala and topped manyMedtronic Lecture: “Current & Future Considerations for Interventional Treatment charts for weeks. In 2010, Ghoshal sang for the English independent film of CVD in South Asian Populations” When Harry Tries to Marry. City Date Speaker Charlotte, NC September 21, 2012 Kintur Sanghvi, MD Shreya Ghoshal’s Team New York, NY September 22, 2012 Ravi Nair, MD Columbus, OH September 23, 2012 Ravi Nair, MD, Nishit Choksi, MD Orlando, FL September 28, 2012 Aravinda Nanjudappa, MD Houston, TX September 29, 2012 Samin Sharma, MD, Hafiza Khan, MD Atlanta, GA September 30, 2012 Samir Kapadia, MD, Nishit Choksi, MD Washington, DC October 5, 2012 Vinay Kumar, MD & Kintur Sanghvi, MD Dallas, TX October 6, 2012 Hafiza Khan, MD, Davendra Mehta, MD Prithvi Gandharva Jeffrey Iqbal San Jose, CA October 7, 2012 Aditya Jain, MD 16 17
  10. 10. We Celebrate Every Star Charlotte, NC September 21st, 2012 And when they align, great things happen. We are proud to sponsor the AAPI and the 2012 Shreya Ghoshal concert series.18
  11. 11. Charlotte Convener’s Message Charlotte Organizing CommitteeIt was my privilege to lead a team of dedicated individuals whospent countless number of hours from their busy schedule toplan and successfully execute this educational and entertainmentprogram. None of us involved in organizing this concert areprofessional event planners, but all put in their best to meet Dr. Sam Bhagiathe expectations of many and to maximize the fundraisingeffort of AAPI and AAPI Charitable Foundation. I would like to Convener Charlotte Sam “Sarjoo“ Bhagia, MDacknowledge our organizing team for their valuable contribu-tion in working diligently to make this show a huge success. The Convenereducational program started on time at 4.00 pm, with a social hour.We had 21 vendor exhibit table in the exhibit area, which were wellvisited by more than 100 physician attendees. While the medicalmeeting was proceeding, the non-physician spouses enjoyed social networking without worrying about their children, who weresupervised by a complimentary professional child care service.The entertainment program started at 8:30 pm sharp, with a brief introduction followed by recognition of key committee members.Plaques were given out to the local organizers and national sponsors by the AAPI Vice-President, Dr Ravi Jahagirdar. The concert startedwith the emcee Jeffrey Iqbal introducing male singer Prithvi and the dance troupe. After a couple of dances and solo songs by Prithvi,the crowd was clearly ready for Shreya to take the stage. Shreya made her appearance with the romantic dance number “Teri Meri…”. Thedance troupe enhanced the effect by adding color to the performance. Shreya performed her original melodious and romantic songs – of-ten solos and some duets with Prithvi. She made the remark of being a Phd in romantic songs. One of the songs that pleased the crowdswas “Bade Acche Lagten hain…”. The grain and range of her voice was heard very clearly over the entire hall.Jeffrey Iqbal took the stage for the “half-time”. He awed the crowd with his high pitched solo “Mitwa” – sung on Karaoke, while musicians Nimish Patel, MDwere taking a break. His range and pitch surprised everyone and he won a lot of admiration from the crowd. He proceeded with a Punjabisong of a similar high pitch and accompanied his singing performance with an enthusiastic dance. Folks loved his performance and con- Chairnected with him. Jeffrey got a standing ovation – showing how much the crowd admired and loved his performance.Shreya came back in a western outfit – ready to rock with faster numbers. The crowd got what they had been asking for. There was a lotof jubilation and people were dancing all across the auditorium. Shreya invited one of the dancers from the crowd to the stage. The localdancer was very good and got the rare opportunity to dance to Shreya singing “Dhola Re Dhola”. Shreya seemed to connect very well withthe crowd and at times, she asked to turn on the auditorium lights to see the fans. Her interaction was well appreciated and she won a lotof fans as a stage performer. Her voice and the selection of her songs were clearly loved by the crowd. She squeezed in a Lata ji song thatshe said she loves “Lag Ja gale” and dedicated to her audience. The show ended as planned at 11:30pm, followed by a brief photo sessionwith the artist.Charlotte is one of the smaller cities in the nine City educational and entertainment program and held its own amongst other largermetropolitan cities. The support of our local sponsors for this event was critical for the success of this event and we would like to givespecial thanks to each of them. The collaboration with Festival of India was another symbiotic relationship helping promote the Indianculture to the Charlotte community, showcasing the diverse culture and heritage of India. It was humbling to note the response from thecommunity and we had people traveling three to four hours distances for this concert. Toni SwahneyWe collected $185,952 from ticket sales and sponsorship. I am hopeful that the success of this event will set a precedent for similar Co-Chairprograms in Charlotte in the future.Sincerely,Sarjoo “Sam” Bhagia, MDConvener, Charlotte Program 20 21
  12. 12. Charlotte Organizing Committee Charlotte Local Sponsors Platinium Sree Hotels, 704-364-6008 Treasurer Ticket Sales Kare Partners - Compleat Rehab, 704-824-7800 Sarjoo “Sam” Bhagia, MD Kenny Mahtani Carolinas Medical Center, Pineville Nimish Patel, MD Rajni Patel Medtronics Praful Mehta, MD Rajiv Saddy Gold Advisory Committee Food OrthoCarolina, 704-323-2000 Amit Shah, MD Toni Sawhney Palmetto Medical Group, 803-548-7007 Sanger Heart and Vascular Institute, 704-373-0212 Vishin Lal Priti Bhagia, MD, FACP Carolina Furniture Concepts 828-454-9293 Navin Enand, Chanchal Saddy, MD Kamlesh Pardasani, Realtor, 704-299-1790 Dhruv Vyas, MD SunTrust Private Wealth Management, 704-362-5840 Stage & Time manage Gentiva Home Health, 888-Gentiva Reception Committee/ Rajiv Saddy Gilead Sciences Physicians meeting Toni Sawhney Priti Bhagia, MD, FACP Silver Shephali Patel, MD Local MC South Charlotte Pediatrics Sunil Nagpal, Financial Advisor, 704-540-6860 704-248-3226 Parag Dalsania, MD Toni Sawhney Summit Plastic and Hand Surgery Truoptions Business Consultants, Tami Kannan, MD 704-405-4407 919.957.3333 Anuj Sharma, MD Audio-Visual United Sleep Medicine 704-377-5337 Interim Healthcare, Shantala Gopalakrishnan, MD Nayan Patel Rich Interior Design, 336-613-8777, (803)324-4166 Babita Bhargava Rajiv Saddy 336-613-1020 Kowa Pharmaceutical Learn to sing Karoke, Sashi Hariharan, Biotronik Souvenir Ads/ Local Publicity 704-644-3728 Abbott First Light HomeCare, Sanofi Medical Exhibits Anand Kothari 704-893-8979 Astrazeneca Nimish Patel, MD Ganatra Foundation Janssen of J&J Sarjoo “Sam” Bhagia, MD Accomodation and Pushpa Discount store - Hassani family Merck Transportation Richa Graphics, Boehringer Website local manager Anand Kothari 704.944.0232 Ramakrishna Kanchar Bronze Shiland Family Practice, 803-329-5131 India town, 704.494.0422 Anish Shah, Realtor, 704-449-LIST(5478)22
  13. 13. New York, NY September 22nd, 2012 Breadth. Value. Unimagined Opportunity. The Medtronic Cardiac and Vascular Group The Cardiac and Vascular Group (CVG) at Medtronic is strategically aligned to address today’s changing healthcare environment. Beyond offering the industry’s broadest portfolio of technologies, CVG delivers programs and services to drive economic value across the cardiac and vascular care continuum. ©Medtronic, Inc. 2012 UC201300652 EN 24201300652EN_8.5x11_bleed_1-8th.indd 1 7/23/12 3:30 PM
  14. 14. New York Convener’s Message New York Organizing Committee “DREAM COME TRUE” By The Dream Team of American Association of Physicians from India (AAPI) Leadership Ajay Lodha, MD Convener New YorkPresident Narendra Kumar had a wonderful vision, a dream of conducting a large scale fundraising event, to bring all the chapters,physicians, and communities together; which would bring financial stability to the AAPI organization.This vision has been successfully executed and brought to fruition. Today, the nine city tour of the famous Bollywood singer, ShreyaGhoshal is the talk of the country. She has been magnificent with her mesmerizing voice, beautiful personality, and has won the heartsof audiences at every venue. Each event was received with open arms. Each audience left with a filled heart and a smile on their face.The talk of the country is also of how well organized the events have been. People have gotten tremendous joy from these shows. Asphysicians, we were able to show that we are capable of establishing and organizing events that are outside of our realm of comfort as longas we show the same dedication and attention to detail that we do daily to our patients.Underneath the glamour and glitter were the hard work, commitment, and dedication of several core team members who workedtirelessly. They sacrificed professionally from their practices and personally from their family life to make this an enormous success. Thiswas done with the guidance and leadership of President Narendra Kumar.I still vividly recall the cold, snowy day when Sanjay Jain, Thomas Alapatt, Krishan Kumar, and I were searching for the right venue forthe show for people from New Jersey and New York. Along the way, there were many challenges that we overcame as a team, comprisedof Fed President and Chair Dharmi Kanuga, Secretary of AAPI Seema Jain, Regional Director Krishan Kumar, BOT Shashi Shah, Financeperson Jayesh Kanuga, President Elect Rakesh Mehta, Editor Vinod Sancheti, Co-Chairs Sanjay Jain and Thomas Alapatt, Presidentof AAPIQLI Sunil Mehra, and Treasurer Vaijinath Chakote. There have been many planning sessions, some lasting hours, with dailymeetings at my house.The most memorable times for us were the sales for the event. I still remember selling the first $500 ticket to a young Guyanese girl, whospent one week’s salary to see her idol. I still recall the 100th ticket we sold and selling out the show completely. This was all attainablebecause of the team work, above named members, the Federations of AAPI in New York and New Jersey, and the support of the NationalChapter.We achieved our goal of bringing all the chapters of New York and New Jersey together. We also had the honor of hosting TheGoverning Body, which was very well attended and we had the distinct honor of treating our guests as ‘Baratis’ with the wide variety offood delicacies and a musical evening on Friday by Dr Chopra and Ms Geeta Setia. The Medical and non-Medical seminars were wellattended by more than 100 physicians. Souvenir came out very good, thanks to Vinod Sancheti for his great work, was more than 70pages and was distributed to all the 2100 guests. The musical evening was honored by the presence of H’ble Counsil General AmbassadorPrabhu Dayal.My thanks to the Marriott, and to the event organizers Shyam Gajwani and Chander Sukhwal.As physicians and more importantly devoted people we are capable of achieving anything that we set our sights on, no matter how loftythe goal. I hope that this propels us, as an organization, to realize higher ambitions and goals.Thank you.Ajay K. Lodha, MD FACPTreasurer, AAPIConvener, Shreya Ghoshal Show NY/NJ 26 27
  15. 15. New York Organizing Committee New York Local Sponsors Mount Sinai Heart Samin K Sharma Atlantic Dialysis Ganesh Bhatt Bank of America Merrill Lynch Navika Group Of Companies Naveen C Shah Xavier University,School Of Medicine,Aruba Dayan Naik,M.D. K. K. Mehta CPA ,Associates,PLLC Teva Pharmaceuticals State Bank Of India Takeda Pharmaceuticals Novartis Minolta/Konica Health Care Partners. Barnabas Health Community Medical Center NJ heart institute CMC Mann shore imaging Ocean orthopedic Sue clothing Coldwell Bankers Sangita Sancheti28
  16. 16. Columbus, OH September 23rd, 2012 Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc. is dedicated to developing new treatment options for patients and their families living with mental illness is a registered trademark of Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma Co., Ltd.30 Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a U.S. subsidiary of Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma Co., Ltd. © 2012 Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc. All rights reserved. 2/12 SUN013-12
  17. 17. Columbus Convener’s Message AAPICO Executive Committee Dr. Gautam Samadder Convener Columbus Gautam Samadder, M.D.September 23, 2012 was remarkable in the history of our local chapter in Columbus, Ohio, as we hosted the 10thannual charity program, which concluded with a Shreya Ghoshal concert. This program was borne out of President ConvenerDr. Nahrendra Kumar’s remarkable vision to bring education and entertainment together in an expansive nationaltour. The tour traveled to nine cities, including Columbus, and I’m happy to report that it was very much enjoyedby all who attended.The Columbus program was held at the Ohio Theater. The 2,000 seat theater was nearly sold out, and the totalrevenue from the show was nearly $200,000. This is an incredible achievement, particularly because Shreya Ghoshalperformed in Columbus just two years ago. The educational program included medical and non-medical lectures,exhibits and booths and was followed by a charitable dinner program before the concert. Shreya Ghoshal’s perfor-mance was extraordinary, and I’m quite sure everyone enjoyed it.I personally thank the national organizing team and the executive team for the success of the program as well as forsecuring significant national sponsorship. I also thank co-chair Dr. Suri Suresh for his sincere and selfless work andhelp in spearheading this program. I would like to thank the central Ohio executive committee, AIPO and our localsponsors who worked hard to make this event a reality. I give special thanks to each of them.The program was a unifying, communal experience, and I sincerely hope that it brought all of our members evencloser together. I look forward to more opportunities to experience the incredible unity of our organization. Suri Suresh, M.D.Sincerely, ChairGautam Samadder, MDLocal Convener, Columbus 32 33
  18. 18. AAPICO Executive Committee Columbus Organizing Committee Convener Ticket sales and Printing Gautam Samadder, M.D. Suri Suresh, , M.D Anjana Samadder, M.D Chairman Neil Patel Suri Suresh, M.D. Venugopal Reddy Co-chair Food John Johnson, M.D. Anjana Samadder, M.D Rajbir Minhas, M.D. Ketki Desai, D.D.S Sateesh Kathula, M.D. Tandra Bhanja Satish Mahna, M.D. Ravindra Nath, M.D. Stage Romi Bhasin, M.D Host chapter E.C BOARD Samir Arora, M.D Bipin Desai, M.D (Chairman) Anjana Samadder, M.D Bhapaiah Koneru Yeshwanth Reddy, M.D M.C. Nikesh Batra, M.D Anand Kantak, M.D. Anjana Samadder, M.D. Nikesh Batra, M.D. Yeshwant Reddy, M.D. Advisory committee Anjana Samadder, M.D Vice - President Secretary Treasurer Dalsukh Madia, M.D Decoration Sushil Sethi, M.D Aruna Suresh, M.D Khanduja, MD Lata Koneru, M.D Sanjay Sandana Shalini Reddy, M.D Reception committee Susmita Sadana Monika Chaudhary, M.D Sound Ila Madia , M.D Manish Koyawala, M.D Deepa Mathur, M.D Fouzan Narvel, M.D Lata Johnson Animesh Bhatia, D.C Finance committee Local publicity Yeshwanth Reddy, M.D Gautam Samadder, M.D Mukesh Rangwani, M.D Suri Suresh, M.D Anil Parekh, M.D Rajesh Kanumury Sunil Vaidya, M.D Venugopal Reddy Utpal Bhanja, M.D Vinny Gupta Accommodation and Transportation Bharat Patel, M.D Souvenir and exhibit Avijit Paul Nikesh Batra, M.D Gautam Samadder, M.D CME Committee Milroy Samuel, M.D Uma Gupta, M.D. Taral Patel, M.D Sai Sudhkar, M.D. Bipin Shah, M.D.Animesh Bhatia, M.D. Utpal Bhanja, M.D. Bipin Desai, M.D. Bipin Shah, M.D. Website Manmohan Katapadi, M.D. Shailesh Patel, M.D Members at large Members at large Past - President CME Coordinator Nikesh Batra, M.D Rajesh Kanumury 34 35
  19. 19. Columbus Local Sponsors AAPI approves American Platinium Gautam and Anjana Samadder Suri and Aruna Suresh and Sridhar Guduri University of Antigua Sanjay Sadana and Satish Barapatre Manish Koyawala and Sambit Barua Utpal and Tandra Bhanja College of Medicine as Gold OhioHealth Venkat Gaddam - Sunrays Cardiology the leader in International Manmohan Katapadi Amberleigh Group AAPI Cincinnati Sai Sudhakar Medical Education. AAPI has determined that based on the strength of AUA’s curriculum, Narendra Kumar Pain Care Specialists resources and faculty, as well as the success of its graduates, it is the first and only international medical school worthy of this exclusive approval. Sushil Sethi Amit Patel -Casino Chandan Sen - Wexner Health Center Charan Gowda Thoratec Silver Animesh Bhatia Raj Tripathi/Raju Gaglani Bipin and Ketki Desai Neil and Jagruti Patel Josh Davda Nick KulshreshthaYeshwant and Shalini Reddy Citizens Bank Milroy Samuel Kegler Brown Dilip Shah Dalsukh and Ila Madia AAPI’s partnering with AUA to establish the AAPI and AUA College of Medicine Scholarship Sunil Vaidya Ohio State Medical Association for Students of Indian Descent was with an understanding of AUA’s history of excellence and Asian Indian Alliance Huntington Bank a firm belief in the institution’s future. This scholarship has and will continue to provide a stellar education for students of Indian descent who aspire to be physicians. Mary Jane McFadden Federation of Indian Association Susanta Chatterjee Bivik Shah Roger Clemens AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF ANTIGUA Believe. Begin. Become. COLLEGE OF MEDICINE AAPI Ad.indd 1 6/19/12 12:56 PM
  20. 20. Orlando Convener’s Message Friends, Here in Orlando at the Orange County Convention Center Linda Chapin theater, the real music started by 8. 40 PM. Hall was packed. Thanks to AAPI vice-president and our Aravind Pillai, MD leader: Ravi Jahagirdar & Vraj Panara, steering committee Convener Orlando chair, host committee president Dr. Nikita Shah & cochair Dr. Amish Parikh . We hit the target. We brought all chapters together. AAPI has improved its image to the highest level.Orlando,2012 FL Medical seminar was attended by almost 220 doctors. It was a team work. The souvenir was of excellent quality and was distributed to all. Sponsorship video was played for almost one hour. M.C introduction and recognition was very brief took only 5-8 minutes. Music was a blast.. Non stop for 3 hours. Final photo session was satisfactory. Audience support was excel- lent. Not even a minor incident!! I want to thank local chapters BIMDA & FAPI for their participation & help. My September 28th, special thanks goes to Sreenivas Jarugula owner of AROMA Indian restaurant for providing food & transportation to artists, and Mr.Rahim Paracha for helping with marketing , selling tickets and arranging A/V. THANKS TO AAPI PRESIDENT! HIS TIRELESS WORK IS BEING PAID OFF!! TOTAL INCOME(rough estimates): $300,000 Total expenses local: $75,000 Income(profit): $225,000 Sincerely, Aravind Pillai, M.D Florida event coordinator Cell 407-718-8733 39
  21. 21. Orlando Organizing Committee Orlando Organizing Committee Aravind Pillai, M.D. Convener Ravi Jahagirdar, MD Steering Committee Ticketing AAPI President: 2012-13 Beena Parikh Narendra Kumar, MD Steering Committee AAPI Vice- President Food & Drinks Ravi Jahagirdar, MD Srini Jarugula Mahendra Shah CAPI Preasident & Hospitality committee Nikita Shah, MD Souvenir Ravi Akela, MD Booths & Pre concert meetings Ganesh Ramachandran, MD Amish Shah, MD Vraj Panara, MD Advertising Uday Desai, MD Operations Tino Patel Atul Madan, MD Nipun Shah Audio-Visual Ram Reddy, MD Website Sudhir Bhaskar Rajesh Patel, MD Vraj Panara, M.D. Media Relation Steering Committee Aravind Pillai, MD Aravind Pillai, MD Chair Shobana Daniel Vraj Panara, MD Ravi Jahagirdar, MD ADVISORY COMMITTEE Mahesh Soni, MD Vijay Narsimha, MD Sudhir Nayer, MD Abdul Karim, MD Rao Emandi, MD Suresh Shah, MD Ashok Shah, MD Kiran Patel,MD Ashok Joshi, MD Mr. Glad Kurian, Hemanth Shah, MD Mohan Gupta, MD Vipul Kabaria, MD Ravi Kancha, MD Harish Madav, MD Akshay Desai, MD Amit Vijapura, MD Chandra Venugopal, MD Vibhuti Singh, MD Arun Gulamni, MD Mr. Suresh Gupta, G. Ramappa, MD Muni Padman, MD Mr. Anil Despade, Nanda Kishore Shah, MD Humayun Sheree, MD Mr. Sharad Mehta, Mrs. Jasbir Mehta40 41
  22. 22. February 22nd & 23rd, 2013 Orlando Local Sponsors AAPI NationalA very special “Thank you” to the following sponsors: Golf Classic The Villas of Grand Cypress Golf Resort Orlando, Florida Florida Hospital, Orlando Orlando Physician Specialists: * Resort Reservations: Call 1-800-835-7377 * 3-4 hour CME on Friday & Saturday afternoon (Drs. Kalpesh Bouvt, Tom & Sarah Katta, Ravi Jahagirdar) Group code: AAPI Golf Outing or 2nd round of Golf if CME not needed Drs. Kiran & Pallavi Patel *Unlimited Range Useage * Special Packages Include - Hotel, Breakfast, Taxes, Mr. Anil Deshpande Resort Fee and Bellman Gratuity Dr. Nikita Shah * Special Lessons Available Dr. Amish Parikh * Professional and Social Networking Mixers Mr. Suresh Gupta(Park Square Homes) Dr. Ram Reddy Drs. Srinivas, Ramesh and Harinath and Sheela Vijay Adappa, MD - Chair Naren Kini, MD-Chief Patron American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin Dr. Lisa Pattanayak Dr. Jay Chowdappa Mr. Ash Sahwany Dr. Atul Madan Dr. Raj & Suvarna Hippalgaonkar CAPI, FAPI, BIMDA, TIPS, IAMA, PBIMA, IPOF (Federation of Florida chapters) January 1-3, 2013 Honorary mention: International Convention Center, Mr. Rahim Pracha Cochin, India Mr. Neelkanth Kapadia Mr. Nipul Shah Registration Now Open Online Mr. Srinivas Jarugula visit: Mr. Jay Kozhikotte Mr. Dipal Dave www.AapiGhsIndia.Org 43
  23. 23. Houston Convener’s Message Nik Nikam, MD, MHA Convener HoustonHouston, TX AAPI/IDA FIRST EVER FUNDRAISER TO SUPPORT CHARITY MEDICAL SERVICES. September 29th, 2012 On behalf of the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) and the Indian Doctors Association of Houston, we humbly express our gratitude to the Indian community for overwhelmingly supporting our first ever fundraiser (through Sensational Shreya Ghoshal – Magical Music Nite,) o support charity medical services here in Houston and all across the nation. Several physician volunteers spent hundreds of hours to make the Sensational Shreya Ghoshal -- Magical Music Nite turn into a reality, in real-time and in techno-color, on September 29, 2012, at the Cullen Performance Hall, University of Houston. We made every effort to provide the best sound, light, and video system, so the audience could have a memorable experience. We express our gratitude to Kulwinder Bajwa, MD; Ashok Tripathy, MD, for superbly executing the educational seminar which was attended by more than 200 people. We also recognize Dr. Freemu Varghese for his support for the program. We appreciate Madhu & Dr. Bobby Wadera, Usha & Tej Ganju for helping us with the box office. In addition, we are grateful to Dr. Manish Gandhi, Dr. Uttam Tripahty, and Dr. Subodh Chuchan for their assistance with the project. We applaud Dr. Raghu Athre for putting together an outstanding brochure. Our national AAPI officers Dr. Narendra Kumar and Dr. Jayesh Shah deserve our admiration for their ingenuity in conducting a nine-city program. We have prepared a video highlighting the AAPI’s charitable initiative in conjunction with the Sensational Shreya Ghoshal -- Mystical Music Journey 2002 to 2012, a 15-minute documentary. On YouTube, it has reached in excess of 22,000 people from more than 121 countries. Our message has reached far beyond the concert halls and the shores of USA. We will continue to spread our message and strive to help fellow human beings in dire need. As far as the concert, even though the venue was small, our ambitions were life-size. The Sensational Shreya Ghoshal performed beyond our expectations and turned the “Nite” truly into a magical one, despite heavy rains and slippery slopes. The concert hall was packed to capacity, thanks to our volunteers and their diligent efforts to reach out to thousands of people during the course of the year. Houston, you have excelled in your benevolent generosity. Thanks! NIK NIKAM, MD, MHA Houston Chairman: Sensational Shreya Ghoshal – Magical Music Nite, Houston. 45
  24. 24. Houston Organizing Committee NIk NIkam, MD Convener Houston Local Sponsors TARA ENERGY ONE STEP DIAGNOSTICS Freemu Varghese, M.D. Chair GLOBAL IMAGING KOHINOOR DIAMONDS Kulvinder Bajwa, M.D. FREEDIA ENTERTAINMENT Co-Chair BOLLYWOOD SHOWS 4 YOU Ashok Tripathy, MD Raghu Athre, MD Manju Sachdev, MD46